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Kuszczak Is One Of The Best

Tomasz Kuszczak has had a rather eventful time in the two years and limitted appearances he’s had. The season before last he gave away a penalty against Arsenal, before going on to save it, and last season, as the subbed on goalkeeper, gave away another penalty and got sent off.

Whilst most United fans aren’t overly impressed with the Polish keeper, he’s had several decent performances for the club, and was our goalkeeper for the group stages in last year’s European Cup.

“We always like to sit down with all our young players as we want to look ahead and protect our future,” Ferguson said. “Top goalkeepers are hard to find and I believe we have three of the best here, and by securing Tomasz’s future we can consolidate our own.”

With the praise Ben Foster receives from the manager, it certainly appears as though it is the Englishman who has been lined up to replace Edwin Van der Sar, meaning Kuszczak would again be our second choice once Van der Sar hangs up his gloves.

Regardless, Kuszczak is impressed with the new deal, but still feels as though he has a lot more to prove.

“For the club to offer me an extension when I still have two years left shows the trust and support that I have from the club and Sir Alex,” he said. “I’m so happy as I have had a great time so far here, but there is still so much for me to prove and I want to continue working hard to ensure my position within this great team.”

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    If Ben Foster is fit… then i would get him involved immediately… EVDS is doing to many silly mistakes… silly but very costly…

    Kusckack… or how ever you spell it, really does cause our defence to be very nervous.

    Ben Foster looks like the complete package… ………….. Can he handle the pressure as United’s No1……..?? Well he has played for England…. and there is only 1 way to find out.

    What i can say about Foster, is that his kicking is awesome, unlike the other 2, he has the big presence which is needed……. very agile, looks very natural and brave.

    The only worry i have his with regards to his knee… if that is fine, then get him in net now.

  2. james says:

    kussak is shite! hes clumsy, hesitant and does nothing for our defence, rio n vida r always wary wen they have him in goal, and before the games he is always getting buried by the keeper coach! hes useless, but we shudnt rite VDS off yet, he always seems nervous at anfield, look at last seasons performance, hes bin the most consistent since big pete! every1s entitled to an off day!


    I know what your saying James, but he had an off day against the Geordies and now against the scouse…

    Points = Trophies…. and VDS has cost us some points recently mate.

  4. suhayl says:

    Agree with falisworth. Kushi doesnt exactly set the world alight..yes a decent shot stopper…but gets basics wrong at like calamity..he does get a rush of blood. For me a keeper isnt great if he makes finger tips saves or looks good diving. Its the keeper who does the basics right..handling, commanding, positional play, catching, kicking, bossing area, punching etc etc etc. Thats why even though david james is seen as a top shot stopper and hard to beat…he does the easy things wrong. and kushy im afraid is of that ilk. Foster has some serious swelling on his knee after the cruciate op he had. And remember many a player dont make it back after such a serious cruciate. And these setbacks will happen with the knee now.

    For me tho it has to be foster or buy some other keeper after this season. Cos even though VDS has been a legend and been there and done it all. In recent years he has become a tim howard. not commanding his goal…flapping at every ball. Last year he did it numerous times…v the dips also. And he did it twice v the dippers again. Also v the barcodes in the first game. He just doesnt wana catch and his punching isnt exactly instilling confidence in the back 4. Look at the kick to carrick…poor.

    For me a keeper has to be brave to get hurt…to take all and sundry out..whether it be your player or theres….and on sat he should have taken brown etc all out and caught ball. same v newc. But more often than not he is scared of runing his pretty face and hair. Im sorry he may have made the UCL save. But that doesnt buy you a free ticket to this season. Either start commanding the area and start catching and holding. Or go. Cause the like of rory delap and that stoke throw etc doesnt excatly fill me with confidence. And that goes for our defence…who are nervy because of vds….look at rio….he is baawling more and more each game at vds due to his errors.

    We cant keep a keeper who gifts goals like that….as failsworthdevil said…gaffs ad xmas gifts = POINTS DROPPED.


  5. Tom F says:

    Kuszczak is not shite at all, so have to disagree there mate. He can hardly be called shite when he never gets a run of games to prove his full worth and ability.

    My money would still be on Ben Foster to become Edwins successor. Foster has it all to lose, I don’t think he has to prove himself at all, rather keep up what he has done previously. Of course he’ll get better but his debut for the first team was a superb start!

    I think Van Der Sar is still capable of a full season this year but then I’d like to see the legend carry on behind the scenes at OT.

  6. suhayl says:

    Agree VDS has to sort his form out asap and then move into a coaching capacity at our great club

  7. Drew Vader says:

    Watching Foster at Watford a few years ago was unbelievable. I remember a game they had at home against Chelski where he made a series of some of the most unbelievable saves I’ve ever seen. Not to mention his two incredible saves against Derby last year that saved our blushes. Get him fit and lets see what he can do in the smaller matches. Kuz…well…he’s a competent back up in my opinion and nothing more.

  8. FailsworthDevil says:

    Kush is a shot stopper …. nothing more… he doesnt seem domineering in the penalty box… and is a really poor kicker…

    Like you say… Foster has it all to lose… as i reckon he has the making to be one of the very best in the world…

  9. Tom F says:

    He isn’t domineering, but then neither was Rio Ferdinand, games give you confidence and once TK has a decent run then he should be judged.

    Still, like everyone else, I still prefer Ben Foster!!!

  10. FailsworthDevil says:

    Fair comment Tom mate……… i know what ya saying…its just Kush’s judgements seem to be always wrong mate…

    Foster just seems the more complete package bud…

  11. Tom F says:

    Yeah, I was there to see Kuszczak’s bad judgement when we were playing Sporting Lisbon, that was one of his worst… but at least we don’t have Jemima in goal!

  12. FailsworthDevil says:

    Good call Tom mate…. but i reckon Jemima wouldnt mind a few blokes round her taking a few shots at her…. its gotta happen once in her life aint it lol

  13. FailsworthDevil says:

    I say get Gary Bailey or Jim Leighton out of retirement lol

  14. OTRed says:

    Kuszczak is a very decent keeper, he’s too eager to come out of the net sometimes, but he’s still good, but I’ve noticed, he’s very suspect when it comes to long crosses. However like others said, I’d prefer Foster, and I’d like to see him start on Wednesday(i think Fergie said everyone is fit…i don’t know if that includes Foster), but Foster seems to be a GK version of Saha and Kuszczak can be erratic, so i say buy someone new and promote Foster…though I’ll feel bad for Kusczak that he’ll always remain a number 2.


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