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Lace Up, Save Lives

Today is World AIDS Day. For just £4 you can buy these very nice Nike laces and contribute to the fight against AIDS. You can get free shipping with voucher code JUSTDOIT.

What happens with the money?
1. You buy the laces.
2. 100% of the profits go to the Global Fund and to football based programs that help fight AIDS in Africa.
3. Funds are received by programs like Grassroots Soccer, which uses football as a framework to teach youths how to avoid contracting HIV/AIDS.
4. Funds are also contributed to the Global Fund which support the purchase of the life-saving ARV medication, training of medical staff, HIV testing and treatment to prevent pregnant women passing the virus to their unborn child.
5. Lifesaving services are received by those that need them in Africa.

The Republik of Mancunia has brought out a brilliant downloadable World Cup preview. It contains 20 articles written by football experts on the countries our players will be representing in Brazil. There is also exclusive content from this country's top football journalists, such as Sid Lowe, Martin Lipton, Sam Wallace and Dominic Fifield. All profit is going to charity. More info on the RoM World Cup preview can be found here.

Minimum price is £4. Enter your e-mail address to receive the download and the price you would like to pay.



  1. bigphil2003 says:

    Arshavin is hilarious, as anyone who’s ever read his website will testify. Good cause and I reckon I’ll snap some up even if I’ll look a plonker wearing them

  2. Alexander Danling says:

    Bought them :)

  3. Dec the red says:

    im sure big phil will pull off the red lace look superbly.
    think ill snap up a pair myself

  4. RED SAM says:

    when was the last time i bought a pair of laces?

  5. The Fly says:

    I actually remember when this charity/campaign was started but Bono. Always thought it was a brilliant idea.

    Kudos Scott for putting it on here

  6. RedScot says:

    Why is big Sol Campbell not in the advert! i notice arseshaving is approriate springs to mind. Joking.
    Great cause. It needs controlled it will be the death of us.


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