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Lampard: ‘Man U’ Bigger Threat Than Arsenal and Liverpool

Frank Lampard reckons Chelsea are going to win the league this season, a feeling shared by many before the season had even started.

Their home defeat to Liverpool, their 3-1 defeat to Roma, their home draw with Spurs who were woeful, as well as being knocked out on penalties by Championship side Burnley, suggests they aren’t as sturdy as some would describe them as. Although that said, it would be stupid deny the threat they pose to us retaining the title.

Lampard seemingly feels the same way about us, believing we are the side most likely to stand in Chelsea’s way this season.

“I do believe we’re going to win the league this time,” said Lampard. “Manchester United deserved to win it last time but with the squad we’ve got, the belief running through the players and the quality of the manager, I think we’ll do it.” The biggest threat? “I would still say Man U.”

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  1. Wrighty7 says:

    Not rocket science really is it?

  2. edi says:

    @Wrighty7: Nah mate it really isnt. Lol. I does show that the rent boy has some sense though

  3. smith says:

    absloutely true rentboy lamp. u and cech are the only one in chelsea who i respect , unlike some scums like ballack and especially terry-shit who loves talking nonsense.
    Viva John terry@!

  4. Failsworth Devil says:

    Does that mean that the Rentboys actually think they are as big as us by saying that??

  5. Gopher Brown says:

    Hi guys, sorry if this isn’t really an appropriate place, but I thought as you all have such great taste, you might like to watch this if you have a spare minute sometime.


  6. Gazza says:

    Who the fuk is man u?

    its MAN UNITED you fat bastard!!!

  7. Dagwa says:

    spot on Gazza, exactly what I was thinking

  8. olusanjo4manunited says:

    calling us man u actually shows the guy is a true rentboy. Man United all d way!!!

  9. OTRed says:

    He’s not a United fan(afaik), so he doesn’t owe anyone by saying Man U, as long as he didn’t say it to be derregatory, it irks me more when its our own “fans” who say Man U.

  10. Failsworth Devil says:

    What the fuck was the video all about the chutney muppets…for fucks sake if thats what ya do in your spare time… sad sad lob ons..

    Why the fuck are they posting it on here… surely they aint expecting us to big them up… all i can say is you put them in Chelski shirts and they would prob be a good advert for gay cockney porn or sommat !!

  11. Red-Manc says:

    chelski are a disgusting club. shit club no history, how they can claim to be a top club when they havent won the Champions league, and the only sucess they had was after 2004, all the money they have and have spent and yet they still havent managed to dominate football the way United have done for years. they have no history of world class players either they have no memorable european nights. yet frank lumpard thinks he can have any say in a title race. there not even the biggest club in london never mind england.


    Champions of england, Champions of Europe

  12. Manuel Alvaro Neville Utaka Tevez Dobbs Simpson United Clichy Kirkland! says:

    Nah.. don`t think we should fly through the roof because he (Fat Lampard) said so, could well be something he said to heap the pressure on The Mighty Reds…

    Fergie have done the same against Chelski. When it was only us and Chelski that had a real chance on the title. He went out to the press and said that the opponent he feared the most was ARSEnal…

    Not to sound like a Looserfool-fan, but it was they who beat Chelski at the Bridge, we only got a draw, undiserved though…

    I must say that it is actually the scouser twats that is ours and Chelski`s worst opponents in the title race. They have so far got a perfect record against the three other teams in “The Big Four”

    Here are the table so far between the “Big Four”:

    1. Looserfool 2GP 2W 0D 0L 6PTS

    2. ARSEnal 1GP 1W 0D 0L 3PTS

    3. Chelski 2GP 0W 1D 1L 1 PTS

    4. The Mighty Reds 3GP 0W 1D 2L 1PTS

    Not to be negative, but in recent seasons, the team who won this table won the Premiership…

    But I guess we`ll have to take 9 points in the second half of the season then…

    If u support Looserfool You`ll Never Walk Alone

    Hm… I`d Rather Walk Alone…

  13. 7master says:

    As Gunner fan i have to admit the result last week was lucky for arsenal. The game at stoke shows how strong united are in depth..Wow people should be really scared…Poeple talk about wenger kids but last two games we have seen probably the best new young players in Rafael and david..I think Chelski and Pool would drop more points than an arsernal who are simply not good enough in long run.

  14. Gopher Brown says:

    Well, sorry to offend you Failsworth Devil. I think doing something even remotely creative in my spare time is a good ‘waste of time.’

    What the hell do you do in your spare time that is so worthwhile I ask?

  15. Failsworth Devil says:

    Gopher… get off the website ya prick… are you a red?? If not do one, ya lob on…

    What i do in my spare time by the way.. is follow united… or spend time with my missus and my son..

    Aint ya got another gay porn ad to create of sommat… muppet

  16. Gopher Brown says:

    Of course I’m a red. I used to post quite habitually and somewhat frequently.

    An individual with a ‘missus and son,’ such as yourself, should know a thing or two about tolerance, so exert your acquired skill in this area and shut the fuck up. Don’t watch the video if you don’t want to, I don’t really care. I just thought as it was football related, you might find it slightly jocular and your son may enjoy said video.

    With deep dismay,


  17. Frank Lampard says:

    I’m fat.

  18. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    Love that last post. As for Failsworth Devil and Gopher Brown, chill out there lads. Yer both United fans that got the wrong end of a stick, dont have a go at each other, save it for the scallys and the gooners. We’re all friends on here!!!

  19. Failsworth Devil says:

    Gopher please accept my deepest apologies.. didnt realise you was red… thought u was some weird cockney student or sommat…

  20. may1010 says:

    familugba mayowa nigeria.up machester united.lampad i love u 4 ur comment we always strong. blues watch out man u is a strong team we will get u there very soon . u know that top position is our niga place.blues watch out. we will get u there.


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