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Le Havre Update: What United Sent To Parents, FIFA’s Stance and His Mum’s Opinion

Paul Pogba’s agent and mother, as well as FIFA, have spoken out about the recent claims made by Le Havre about our supposed tapping up.

“So far, no contractual claim against the player Paul Pogba and/or the club Manchester United has been lodged by the French club, Le Havre, at Fifa. The matter we are currently investigating concerns the request for intervention submitted by the Football Association on behalf of its member club, Manchester United, in relation to the international clearance for the player in question, following the refusal of the French Football Federation to issue the international transfer certificate of the player.”

The agent – Gael Mahe
“Of course, it is a nice contract. But not only money makes a young player and his parents change their country. They also look at the way people talk to them, the seriousness of negotiation, the respect shown. Did you know what Manchester sent to Paul’s mother? Not a big cheque, but a bunch of flowers. It cost €30 but the mother has been moved. She felt trust. The father received a book about the club’s history, while Paul got a shirt with number 6 and his name in the back. It is a symbol, but they felt Manchester respected them.”

The mum – Yeo Pogba
“That house story made people laugh in the hotel. Why would we be in a hotel, if we had been given a house? I can assure you Manchester United didn’t give us anything. Le Havre didn’t take care of my son. When Paul missed classes because he played a tournament with the team, we asked to catch it up, but Le Havre didn’t care. We understood the club didn’t have faith in him. They proposed contracts to other players, but nothing to Paul. Trust was broken.”

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  1. aig alex is god says:

    ha ha.David gill really is a brillinat Chief executive to have.what a beautiful way to convince someone.CHELSEa take note.thats the way you do it.

    Does anyone have any update on the compliant filed against us by Fiorentina????

  2. Chris Ant says:

    As far as I am aware, the italians don’t really have a case, as any young italains are free to move clubs under the age of 18 as there is a rule in Italy in which the players can’t sign a contact until they are 18.

    I have not got any worries about any of these cases including the pogba one as I trust that United are not stupid and everything is done to the rules.

  3. devil@singapore says:

    thanks for é updates scott! damn feel ashamed of myself now for worrying we had screw this up like chelski! Woohoo! a bunch of flowers! classic! haha…eat that kenyon!

  4. Booraz says:

    From what i’ve heard Fifa didn’t find sufficent evidence to pursue Fiorentina complaint

  5. Red Dave says:

    gentlemen, thats who this club employs
    fuck off Le Havre
    the french Manchester City

  6. kel says:

    After reading, i’m really delighted. United is like a big family and despite becoming global club, the members of the club are all modest and all players are down to earth. You can’t find any thing like this.

  7. Bobby says:

    FIFA has given a go a head as they found nothing wrong in signing the young star. In nutshell they found Feriontina has no any legal binding contract with the player.

  8. ash says:

    has alberto mascassi joined united.heard he was a talented player.

  9. aig alex is god says:

    @bobby and everyone else

    thanks for the updates .good to read that we have done nothing wrong

  10. Dimitar Berbatov is King says:

    I think they are just jealous. I would have changed my country if I did not get a contract from my hometown club and suddenly Man Utd comes in for a contract…

  11. bobkoh says:

    David Gill is a classy gentleman unlike the previous one whom he replaced.
    Honesty, truthfulness & respect is the way to go. That’s why ManUtd has so many fans who are fans for many years……its not just the football.
    Glory, Glory ManUtd!

  12. theboogeyman says:

    Does anyone else feel as proud as me when we see our club referred to as Manchester instead of Manchester United?It’s just a sign of how big we are and how small and inconsequential City are?

    Anyway,I didn’t think we did anything wrong and now I have been proved right.

  13. willierednut says:

    Thats good news about pogba, united dont need to offer inducments to any player, our club sells itself. ps kenyon says the rentboys done well breakng up the united and arsenal cartel winnng the league the difference was chelsea had unlimited money united arsenal didn’t

  14. RedAlert260599 says:

    I wonder if Kenyon has his CL final losers medal hanging over his mantel piece? No class that man – and no shame.

  15. red1990 says:

    Bunch of flowers, a book about the history of man utd, and a manutd shirt with his name and number in the back

    Touch of class

    Le Havre = Bunch of lying french twats

  16. sppibsihmkcrkg says:

    guys listen to these two classics. Guess who the classy chelsea bunch are blaming for the kakuta affair now? Kakuta’s mum. It’s her fault coz she told them she had never signed contract. Shame on her for lying ha! And according to mark the new wenger hughes, bellend was protecting himself when he ran twenty yards towards a restrained fan and put up an arm to protect himself. Are these ppl for real. Makes me thankful i’m a united fan

  17. willierednut says:

    He has no class at all self confessed united fan but left us for the rentboys becoz of the money, he’ll probaly end up at city.

  18. willierednut says:

    Bellamy’s a cunt and he’s got previous for this sort of thing, although the fan shud’nt ave been on the pitch. I dont think fifa will buy that 1, chelsea seem desprate blaming every1 but themselves. ps sparkys face wen owen scored fcuking priceless.

  19. Red Dave says:

    whats this about Marek Hamsik?
    check his wikipedia page
    it says hes been linked with a £8 millions pound move to us from today

  20. RJ says:

    @ Red Dave, most likely a very large lie la.

  21. OTRed says:

    IF what they’re saying is true, then I support Gills idea that we should sue the idiots Le Havre for slander. What a load of rubbish they came out with.

  22. Gudjohnsen says:

    Gill knows his way around the ladies, flowers for 30 euros did the trick, nice touch!

  23. Red Dave says:

    i think you may be right haha

  24. Fze123 says:

    This is a relief. good to hear that there’s nothing fishy in this deal. even I would be moved if I was sent flowers by anyone, but to have it sent from utd, hell, i’d be ecstatic!

  25. SupersonicWarrior says:

    Imagine if Chelsea sent someone a book on their history?

    I can guess their response after reading all 2 pages…

    “How come there is nothing mentioned in here pre-2004?”

  26. ctaw says:

    Have anyone heard of Eden Hazard..!
    I have watch him many times playing with his team Lille in france,i think United should get him quickly possible coz arsenal is closing in to get his transfer.He is the best talented player in France aged only 18.

  27. King Eric says:

    Red Dave – We have been linked with him but I wouldn’t believe what you see on wikipedia. In the summer it said we had bought Alexis Sanchiz. If you look in an hour or two it won’t be there.

  28. willierednut says:

    Instead of gazza we got wazza always an upside.

  29. gooDevil says:

    Pogba is French.

  30. OneRedWeevil says:

    I hear Chelsea & Peter Kenyon messed up by sending flowers to Mon. Pogba instead of his wife!


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