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Lescott: Nev Told Me To Keep Away From The Chocolate Cake

After a brilliant season for Gary Neville working for Sky Sports, with even the most passionate fans who hated Neville throughout his United career acknowledging how good his punditry is, Roy Hodgson asked the former United captain to join the England coaching staff for the Euros.

“A lot of people thought he might be biased towards Manchester United but, watching the games and hearing his opinions, I don’t think he has,” said Lescott. “He probably has (said bad things about him). But he’s very professional in what he does. His comments are fair and valid. He is level across the board, so it’s easier to take the criticism if he’s giving you any.”

Lescott used to play alongside Gary’s brother, Phil, when he was at Everton and so was already familiar with the Neville work ethic.

“He told me to stay away from the chocolate cake which was there for dessert. It was just banter,” added Lescott. “Gary gets his message across and addresses everyone in the squad individually. He’s been brought in to communicate with the boys. He passes on his experience of games he’s been involved in over the years, so I think he’s a great addition. I know Phil more than Gary and they’re both natural-born winners. He is definitely someone I respect with what he has achieved in football and the way he conducts himself. Knowing Phil, they are both very professional in what they do. They sacrificed a lot to get to where they are, so he is someone I look up to. If coaches and staff feel it’s the time to address you, they will. But it’s more natural for Gary to do that and he will feel closer to the players. It can come across a bit differently from Gary because he’s only been out the game a year or so. I’ve not worked with him before and I’ve enjoyed his punditry over the last season so hopefully he can bring that level of humour into the squad.”

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  1. Albert Ross says:

    ‘Yesterday Neville threw himself into his new role. He played in a robust training match and was barking out orders to anyone within earshot.’

    Asked if their new coach looked tired at the end of the training session, 29-year-old Lescott quipped: “He looked tired before training.”

    A masterstroke by Hodgson, Gary will be worth his weight in silver(ware).

  2. Myram T Firebucket says:

    Who cares about Ingerland? What’s happening in Mancunia land, dude?

  3. Oz Red says:

    United articles anyone?

  4. Albert Ross says:

    Myram T Firebucket

    In Manchester right now there is a man called Gary Neville coaching for the first time.
    He played for United a few times, so his first day as a football coach is of interest.

  5. Albert Ross says:

    Oz Red

    Have you not heard of Gary Neville?

  6. Giles Oakley says:

    I just hope our Gary Nev isn’t improving all our rivals’ players with his red hot coaching tips. Save it for United, Gaz!

  7. AK47 says:

    Nev also says get that forehead sorted out you dumb brummie

  8. TheCANTONA says:

    Fair play to Lescott for his comments about Neville’s brothers.
    Gary, will u come to United? No need to waste your time with ex Livfool’s cunts on Sky. United needs your passions!

  9. CedarsDevil says:


    RedNev is only gaining a bit of experience so he can eventually be Ole’s no 2 at United!

  10. Dovers says:

    That Citeh shit! Romancing our very GNev?????????

  11. TheCANTONA says:

    How are u sir? Wish everything is OK.
    I HOPE so. The only reason that i didn’t really opposite with Gary’s decision to joined England bcoz i hope He could gain little bit experience at the international stage. That’s better thing to do than wasting time on skysporst with any fuckers on Skysports.

  12. Jippers says:

    I for one couldn’t really give a flying fuck about England…..naturally if we win I will be pleased but I personally would rather see all the nations with our players in them get knocked out ASAP so they can rest over the summer.

    United > England

  13. covyder@malaysia says:

    It would be interesting to see how Gary progress with England……my only worry is the blaming culture of English fans whenever England did badly in International competition. The one to blame / slate has always been Man United player……and now with Gary as coach!!!!…i just don’t know but hopefully he kick all those cows ass and makes them work….

  14. gazzer says:

    I think his forehead is due to an accident. I’m going to cut him a break on it

  15. Fred says:

    Fair play to Lescott. He’s a great player and his boys deserved that league title. Even I cheered for that Aguero goal. Bloody fantastic.

  16. MancunianRed7 says:

    Fred, you cheered a city goal? If your a United supporter please fuck off and support them as you obviously dont understand the rivalry very well. No doubt city deserved the title no shame in admitting that but to cheer their goal are you fucking deluded.

  17. Fred says:

    Don’t tell me who to fucking support you twat.

  18. tom c says:

    are you even the original Fred? the Fred of old woulda never cheered a city goal, nor would he have dubbed their players “his boys”.

    what the fuck.

  19. Evans says:

    why dont you fuck off to the City site and write that shite where it will be appreciated. dumb ass

  20. King Eric says:

    I suspect Fred was taking the piss. Fuck me.

  21. Albert Ross says:

    I also suspect that Fred was taking the piss.

  22. Fred says:

    Thanks fellas (King Eric and Albert Ross) I was obviously taking the piss, but it’s funny to see people get apoplectic about it. I’ve never even seen Aguero’s goal, let alone cheered it. Gullible tools.

  23. King Eric says:

    Fred – Ha. I haven’t seen the cunts lift the trophy yet! Cannot stomach it. Some folk don’t get irony or sarcasm on here mate.

  24. Albert Ross says:

    I’ve not seen a moment’s footage from city vs qpr. Not even the Barton incident.

    The moment they scored their third, I started thinking about next season, and what the transfer season was going to be like.

  25. Albert Ross says:

    I’ve not seen a moment’s footage from city vs qpr. Not even the Barton incident.

    The moment they scored their third, I started thinking about next season, and what the transfer window was going to be like.

  26. Albert Ross says:


  27. Myram T Firebucket says:

    So an ex-player is now coaching. I think there will have to be a lot of space linked to the exploits of Ole (legend), Sparky, Bruce and the rest to match your coverage of Gary.
    I can’t help but say I’m more interested in what’s happening at our club today (or, even better, tomorrow).
    Is that too much to ask?

  28. Albert Ross says:

    Myram T Firebucket

    Far too much to ask.

    Why are you even asking for anything at all? Have you given yet?


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