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Let The Battle Commence – Fergie Stats On Benitez Already

Rafael Benitez, the man who lost the plot when Sir Alex Ferguson beat him with mind games, has only been back in the Premier League two minutes and our manager has already started.

When Benitez was sacked by Liverpool, he took over the job at Inter Milan. Jose Mourinho won the treble with that team months earlier, but Benitez managed to drag them 13 points behind AC Milan, the team they finished 12 points ahead of the season before.

Benitez was sacked for the second time in a matter of months but not before he won the FIFA World Club Cup with them, beating Congolese side TP Mazembe in the final.

In a few weeks time, Chelsea will compete in the FIFA World Club Cup and Ferguson has claimed Benitez is lucky as he might win the trophy again, despite it not being his group of players again.

“Rafael Benitez is very lucky,” Ferguson said. “On his CV in two weeks he could have two world championships and nothing to do with the construction of the teams.”

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  1. gnuh says:

    Haha classic Sir Alex. First btw!!

  2. Ralph Milnes left foot says:

    Its a perfect match a joke of a club with a joke of a manager, I’ll give the FSW 2 weeks before he loses the plot and 6 months max before he gets booted out back to his spanish restaurant

  3. Dela says:

    That didn’t take long lol fergie has messed Rafa up with mind games before so let the games begin. Rafa deserves it anyway for his rants aimed at fergie while at the pool.

  4. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Hughes Sacked by QPR:

    Mark Bowen & Eddie Niedzwiecki will take charge of QPR against #MUFC tomorrow, after the sacking of Mark Hughes. via Steve Bartman

    OfficialQPR Queens Park Rangers Football Club has today (Friday) terminated the contract of manager Mark Hughes with immediate effect

  5. wayne says:

    Ha Sir Alex just doesn’t like or respect FSW loves fucking with him.The way Hughes treated Fulham don’t feel sorry for him Karma is a bitch,can’t see him getting another job anytime soon

  6. wayne says:

    Everyone even the Rent Boy fans think this signing is a fucking joke,Roman has lost the plot and with the FSW just reeks of desperation taking a 8 month contract

  7. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    United will be trying to run up a cricket score against QPR to celebrate Ferguson’s anniversary so maybe it’s better Hughes is not there for that. That said I don’t think we’ll run up a cricket score.
    Can’t see Rafa turning it around at Chelsea. They have some excellent players so it’s inevitable that they will get some decent results but I certainly don’t see him as a saviour. Until Chelsea get rid of Terry, Lampard and Cole they can’t start fresh as the negative shadow they cast over the first team will mean the manager is always undermined.

  8. Singh7 says:

    @Bobby …..have to agree with u there mate I’m glad he’s gone so now I won’t feel guilty when we smash em to pieces..

  9. Gandalf says:

    hey you all – any online link for Fergie’s statue unveiling? thanks!

  10. FletchTHEMAN says:

    @Bobby, Cheers mate. You well?
    Wonder if Cole is still bringing his fire arms to the dressing room? Rafa has a a sty full of sh*t to clean….. and that’s a FACHT! ;)

  11. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Neil Ashton claims Harry Redknapp is the new QPR Manager.

    That could make the QPR game very tough.

  12. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    Howya Fletch – not bad thanks and that’s a facht!
    I’m finding it hard to type these words but I hope city beat Chelsea – I don’t care if it’s only one nil,
    i just want them to outplay the chavs so I can see what rafa has to say for himself after and hear the abuse he gets from his own fans. It also might make Mata think about getting away from that nest of vipers and as a long time fan of his I’d love to see him in a United shirt.

  13. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Just watching the 25 years piece on MUTV online.

    They said that efforts to replace Fergie in 04 had progressed “to quite an extent”.

    Does anyone know who, or was there just “a list”?
    Amazed that lips have been so tight.

  14. Ralph Milnes left foot says:

    FletchThe man – Apparently it was Sven Goran Erikssen, Fuck me if it was indeed true we certainly dodged 1 hell of a bullet there

  15. kanchelskis says:

    Anyone else got a horrid, horrid feeling about the QPR game?

    Sometimes those games that seem the most winnable can go so horribly wrong…

  16. Costas says:

    And Benitez actually lost the one club world cup he earned the right to challenge with Liverpool. :lol:

    Nice to see Fergie hasn’t forgotten.


    QPR replacing their manager as well as Fergie’s milestone could make it a tricky one. But surely after the Blackburn debacle our players will be smart enough not to repeat the same mistakes. I am usually nervous but surely we can’t fuck up in such an embarrassing fashion again.

  17. kanchelskis says:


    The Blackburn game does play on one’s mind in these situations. New Year / Fergie’s bday, game against worst team in league…

    But assuming Rooney doesn’t take himself out for a pissy meal tonight, we should have a pretty strong team out and you’d think they can’t fuck it up.

    It’s just that these teams always have a game where their either turn it round or pull out an aberrant result, and there’s so little pressure against the big teams that they play with much more freedom.




    Cleverley (maybe Ando?)


  18. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Costas, The boss doesn’t miss a beat does h?! :lol:

    Ralph Cheers son….. Heard that rumor I guess, but honestly just never believed it. Oooofffff!
    Like getting a rectal exam that? 8O

  19. Bobby Charlton's combover says:


    I think we’ll win comfortably, not necessarily scoring a hatful of goals but I think we’ll dominate the game from start to finish. I have dodgy feelings before some games (i,e. Norwich last week) but at home tomorrow I think we’ll have far too much football and firepower for QPR. They’ll have to wait at least another week for their 1st win as far as I’m concerned.

  20. kanchelskis says:


    Your confidence is comforting – thanks!

    I suppose when you look back after the Norwich result over their last few games, you realise that they’d actually really shored up their defence. The QPR defence is utter shite and they haven’t seen a clean sheet since – believe it or not – playing Chelsea!

    Every rational argument points to a stroll tomorrow, but I still just have this niggling feeling…

  21. Xyth says:

    Hughes or no Hughes, I want the lads to humiliate QPR just for the way they bent over and let Shitty screw them in injury time in the last match of the last season.

    As for Rent Boys vs Bitter, a boring 0:0 will do!

  22. kanchelskis says:


    Boring? Nah, bloodbath is what we want. Kompany, Silva, Aguero, Mata and Hazard out for the season, please!

  23. gaz says:

    watching the unveiling of the statue by Lady Cathy brought a tear to my eye what a incredible club Manchester United is, Thank you Sir Alex for all you have done and continue to do!

  24. Red Robin says:

    Chelsea to win 3-0 and a red card for Kompany will be great. Like Fergie has said, “It happens time and time again when a new manager comes in that a team win their first few games.”

    Their first few games! :)

  25. redbilly says:

    How could you want anything other than a chav win, my though we detest them, a strategic win would be useful.

  26. Daniel88 says:

    benitez’s CV is hollow – that is why he has been looking for a job for so long.

  27. belfast red. says:

    His hollow c.v will go along well with Chelseas hollow success then. Match made in heaven :)

  28. sheppertonni says:

    Id like to see the team be more fluid, inter changing positions, we havnt seen enough of that. we’re to rigid at the moment and its boring to watch


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