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Let’s All Laugh At City!

About Scott

Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. don says:


  2. royalr says:

    that’s true!

  3. gingerprince says:

    man shitty ….that’s not funny …….that’s the truth

  4. Kony says:

    hahahah he just said what we were all thinking..

  5. Mic says:

    Lol that’s funny, he said it right first time and wrong the second! Let’s all laugh at shitty!

  6. Aziz in Nairobi says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha mid table 4 life…….

  7. Aziz in Nairobi says:

    Where r u city,ur just pretenders,we r going 2 beat u as usual!who are the kings of europe,kings of england and next world club champions,city r u still in the Carling cup?

  8. Haakon says:

    It’s not a pity they’re shitty!

  9. Failsworth Devil says:

    We are the KIngs of Manchester

    We are the Kings of England

    We are the Kings of Europe..

    We are………… United …… the cock o the north… we hate the scouser and cockneys of course… and leeeeeeeeds…

  10. Failsworth Devil says:

    That video is quality… and ive emailed that to my works email coz the blue noses are getting that clip on Monday..

    Blue nose twats !!

  11. Tom F says:

    They aren’t shitty, they are the biggest club in the world.


  12. smith says:

    scott u are kind of overconfident. Hope we are right. And we will kick their ass again.

  13. Tom F says:

    The thing about this game is that the press are waiting for United to slip up so they can churn out a load of utter bollocks and ignore the fact that City have had a decent record against us recently BEFORE the take over.

    I hope, as I do each week, that we win!

  14. ste the heywood red says:

    strange how they remember the 5 1 but get amnesia when beaten 5 0 by us years later


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