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Let’s Just Look At What A Joke The FA Are… Lucky, Lucky Chelsea

One rule for United, another rule for everyone else. The ridiculous decision to ban Patrice Evra for four matches following the racist comments from Chelsea groundsman Sam Bethell has only again exposed the double standards the FA have where United are concerned.

This isn’t the first time though and it won’t be the last.

1. John Terry
It doesn’t seem to matter what this fella does, the FA will let him get away with it. His cheating and unnecessary aggression are always described as a ‘British bulldog’ nature, he’s a ‘brave, English warrior’, and anything else that excuses his unacceptable behaviour.

When Terry brought down Jo earlier this season, by wrapping his arm around his waist and pulling him to the ground, the FA saw to it that he faced NO PUNISHMENT. Conveniently, this meant Terry was available for the United game the following week.

When Terry tried to take a red card out of the hand of the referee’s hand at Old Trafford last season, he faced NO PUNISHMENT.

2. Didier Drogba

Drogba threw a coin indiscriminately in to a crowd containing men, women and children.

Punishment? Three matches.

Let’s put that in to context.

Three matches is the number of games both Wayne Rooney and Paul Scholes missed for getting sent off in a pre-season friendly, on the order of the FA. Scholes’ red card was for two silly challenges, whilst Rooney’s was for fuck all. The fact that Steven Gerrard and Neil Mellor both received red cards in the same tournament three years earlier, only to face NO PUNISHMENT from the FA, seemed to pass most people by.

Get it straight. Throwing a coin is bad. Swinging for a racist cunt is even worse.

3. Adrian Mutu

Mutu failed a drug’s test, testing positive for cocaine. He was banned for 7 months and fined £20,000 by the FA.

Rio Ferdinand failed to show up for a drug’s test, offering to return later that day but was turned away. Although the test he had independently showed he was free of drugs, the FA banned him for 8 months and fined him £50,000.

Mutu’s failed test came a year after Ferdinand’s missed test, yet he was banned for less time and fined less than half of what Rio was.


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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. King Eric says:

    Typical, it is a fucking disgrace. A 4 match ban for something that happened months and months ago and an incident i might add which was something or nothing. However Drogshite only gets a 3 match ban for hurling a coin which ultimately could have caused serious injury. A fucking joke.

  2. TonyBee says:

    Fucking FA cunts…. the sooner we get into a Euro super league and leave these wankers behind the better

  3. Gazza says:

    What a fuckin joke, FUCKIN DISGRACEFUL. Its unblievable. I didnt think it could get any worse with the FA. If you have an opinion (like all the united lads and staff will) then saying it publicly will get you into more trouble. Its time to make a statement. I know rio n rooney claim to love playing for england but its time to make a point to the FA. Whats the best way to do that? Well refuse to play for england. I appreciate i am a manc who hates england so it would be easy for me to say that i would do that in their position but its time for those boys to fuck england and show United comes first.
    Fuck England and fuck the FA


  4. Kings says:

    An absolute fucking disgrace. Still can’t say that I am surprised, them cunts are always looking for a opportunity to tuck us up. As King Eric rightly said, Drogshite hurls a coin into a crowd which could of caused a serious injury, even more than that, it potentially could of killed someone, but that only warrants a 3 match ban. Them fucking S.O.Bs at the FA will always look to stitch us up. Fuck the FA, rot in hell you fucking bastards.

  5. TonyBee says:

    Hope you Chelsea cunts are reading this as your skinhead racist Bethel wanders around your ground thinking that all your black players are fucking immigrants as well…… but then again you fucking morons probaly think the same too . Shame on you Chelsea rentboys for still employing that cunt

  6. Five Brothers Fat says:

    Slightly off the Chelsea theme, but Chris Morgan almost elbowed some cunt in an early grave, in a game, with video footage from numerous angles, but according to the FA – ‘we can only bring additional charges in the most exceptional cases and only if it can be proved beyond doubt that the actions of a player were a deliberate attempt to injure an opponent’. Evra is banned for four games based on he said – she said bullshit with photos and film from the other side of the ground.
    What exactly have the banned him for? And how do missiles fired into a crowd and a missile aimed at the head of a fellow professional not constitute an equal measure of disripute?


    now im not one to say “the fa has it out for my team” because you do tend to think the teams outside of the top four are treated worse but honestly things like this make it hard for you not to think this way.

    i mean with rios drug case wasnt there also a charge to a man city player who didnt turn up for a drug test and he was only fined (i think it was negauai?)

    then we look at drogbas reaction to a fan just throwing something on the pitch (it didnt even hit him!) he just got annoyed by it “doesnt he know im a diving cunt with womens hair he cant throw things in my direction!” cunt

    and i would start on john “cry baby” terry but we are all meant to love and adore him for having that british grit that we thought was lost in our game! o how remember how brave he was to take that pen in the UCL final, putting it away in the bottom cor… o wait he missed before crying like a little bitch

  8. Xyth says:

    What can onesay. Cockney mafia at its best.

  9. Ryan says:

    No matter how hard they try we will always be the best team in England. Love to embarrass the FA.

  10. jamos9 says:

    Unfuckingreal, the F.A are an absolute disgrace, Pat’s in fine form as per usual i’m just hoping O’shakey can fill in without too much going wrong!?

    Have we grounds for an appeal?? or will them Chavski loving wankers that are the F.A just add extra to the fine and 4 match ban??

  11. Failsworth Devil says:

    I would send you article to the FA and see what response they give… they are BIASED TWATS and always have been…

    There is a conspiracy and dont care what anyone says… The FA and FIFA etc etc Blatter Platini, the whole lot of them are jealous cunts.

  12. james f says:

    Whatever they do isn’t enough to stop United from the 18th title. Evra will return fresher, to punish them.

  13. AC_MUFC says:

    What a bunch of incompetent pricks!!

  14. PeeJay says:

    GAM£ 39, the Rio Ferdinand debacle, Mark Palios & Faria Alam … The F.A are just rediculous.

  15. Sam says:

    it’s true what you say. the fa have short memories, united should no longer cooperate with them. It shouldn’t be like this because there are 92 teams in the football league and they should all be equal but fuck, we are the dominant team, the reason tv money is so high and the reason why english football is booming. I’m not asking for special treatment just the fa should be careful about fucking us over blatently. Evra pleaded guilty to all charges yet was stiched with a fine and 4 game ban. Would he have got a 6month ban for pleading not guilty? Guilty pleas are supposed to get lenient sentancing.

  16. Ryan says:

    I would LOVE IT if all of our players boycotted playing for England until this stops. The FA should not exist. It is a horrible organization run by idiots.

  17. FERGIES ARMY says:


  18. Jake says:

    I don’t think there’s an FA conspiracy against us, I think that’s pretty irrational but my theory has seriously been tested today… why the fuck else would evra start fighting some low-life cockney steward unless he’d been vitreolically abused? what about mike phelan’s evidence of over-hearing the prick calling evra a ‘fuckin immigrant’, the FA are complete jokes, i fuckin hate england and i fuckin hate the FA, overpaid wankers who can’t even get a world cup to the home of football in 40 fuckin years, while we are at it here’s 5million a year sven for a few quarter finals, useless twats….middlesborough (home), stoke (away), carling cup, he’s already missing tottenham and I don’t think the fourth game he’ll miss is too bad…we should be alright…maybe an appeal will get it down to three….oh and he returns for the chelsea game, that will do nicely…

  19. ChelseaR says:

    So the security camera shows a verbal argement between the groundsman and Evra. Evra pushes the groundsman with his chest and then hits him on the head. Other surround and it calms down and then Evra runs back and it starts agin and this time the groundsman also gets involved physically.

    In other words you can get a 3 match ban for raising a hand and touching an opponents face – Evra pushes, hits in the face and then comes back for another go and gets a 4 match ban. Why it took 7 months to decide this is beyond me but to say that Evra or Man Utd were badly treated is ludicrous.

  20. Chris Ant says:

    the fa are an absolute joke, they are full of total bias towards Chelsea. They go on about kicking racism out of football but they think its ok for Chelsea groundsman to racially abuse Patrice Evra and get away with it and then ban Patrice for standing up for himself. Luis Felipe Scolari can criticise the referee by saying the ref was on arsenals side, yet when Fergie criticises the ref he gets fined and a two game ban. John Terry gets his red card recinded, can anyone tell me when that has happened to anyone else? Its a disgrace that team can get so much bias.

  21. whiteknight03 says:

    The FA aren’t biased against United per se…..and they aren’t biased against the big 4…they’re biased towards London clubs. Case in point..West Ham. They cheat, play an ineligible player…then lie about it and get a small fine and they allow the ineligible player to keep playing for them. HUH?!? Chris Morgan can intentially try and kill someone and nothing happens…Big Phil can question the integrity of referees and nothing is done. And why 4 matches…if he did that on the pitch during the game it would only be a 3 match ban!! What an embarrassment!!!!!

  22. wiuru... says:

    Its all to easy to vent steam here but nothing will change unless they the FA are challenged .
    Evra was wrong to swing punches no arguement there. But ,if whats offered as evidence is true Racial abuse was hurled at Patrice, witnessed by the likes of Mike Phelan !!!
    Chelsea are stating this judgment vindicates them???

    Why then do United not take out a civil action on Evras behalf against Bethell.??

    If the FA insist on asking why we are not accepting their actions . There as we have read are more than enough presidents to show a lack of balance in the FAs judgements when it comes to United..

    What is more important here is Racism This judgement makes it even less than a secondery consideration.

    Or is this going to be a case of the men in suits not wanting to rock the boat.let sleeping dogs lie ?or any other excuse they can come up with rather than take a positive step to stamp out racism!

    Also for to long United have accepted these blatant ABU FA outcomes.

    Rant over until the next time (which there will be )

  23. Euroblue says:

    Typical of you lot. The FA came to the learned conclusion, having examined all the evidence possible, that there was no racist element to what happened. These are people who spent hours and hours scrutinising everything and cross-examining witnesses. Conclusion: there was no racist slur. AND YET, you, in your learned wisdom, on the basis of hearsay, consider it as FACT that a racist insult was used. Typical.

  24. Scott the Red says:

    Euroblue – if Steve Clarke, John Terry, Michael Ballack and Alex said they heard a United player saying something racist, would you say that they were liars and it never happened?

  25. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    scott whatever you do save what you just wrote cause it’ll save you time in the future when you have to add on more to it rather than having to write a whole new artical the next time the f.a. fuck up

    and euroblue what a pile of shit you just wrote.6 lines about 1 line that was wrote here and nothing wrote about anything else

  26. Sam says:

    well i’ve had chance to sleep on it and gotta say i’m still pissed off. Fair enough the fa cant get enough of retaliation and it’s usually the guy who fights back who get’s the worse punishment. What is annoying is what scott pointed out the fa are calling united liars by dropping the racism allegations. Like i said united should stop cooperating with the fa, not withdrawing players from england because that’s not fair on our lads who want to play. One thing is getting Sir Bobby off the world cup bid, then maybe david gill should quit his post with them. Let’s face it we thought he would be like david dean for us but that’s not been the case.

  27. olusanjo says:

    i am a nigerian and i live in nigeria, isnt there anything we can do against this absolute madness?

  28. PeeJay says:

    If all the English United players boycotted the National Team it would be fantastic. That would put the F.A right.

  29. wiuru... says:

    Still pissed at this . Are Evra and Phelan + others liars ? Uniteds defence of Patrice is based on racist insults hurled at Evra ! If it did not happen why did we defend him ?
    Point here is i believe completley it DID happen, as do those at United who are privvy to all the info on the incident .
    To roll over and accept this is to admit we are wrong.
    What happens now? The FA will shorten the ban as long as we do not rock the boat .
    Its a farce, and we UNITED are letting it happen .

  30. Jake says:

    Euroblue, idiot…the racist abuse ‘could not be proven’ according to the FA not ‘Conclusion: there was no racist slur’…. (could not be proven means witness statements alone are not enough and they needed to see front-on cctv)…half-wit

  31. Euroblue says:

    Racism? If there was such a strong ‘racist’ element to the incident, how is it that Manchester United never mentioned it or condemned it? The truth is the ‘racist’ matter was only ever hearsay.

  32. Sam says:

    no the truth is it was our 4′s word against bethel and his groundsmen pals. it’s like a penalty, the fa are only gonna charge someone with racism if they are 100% sure, that means audio of bethnel saying what he did. I don’t think united will appeal the decision, but i wouldn’t be suprised if evra took the matter further with bethnal now that the fa procedure is out of the way.

  33. Squiddy says:

    1. When Terry was red carded against Man City he received no punishment because the ref was (correctly) judged to have made up laws that didn’t exist and thereby had cheated against him. The red card stands on Terry’s record, even though he was seen to have committed no foul worthy of it. The ref was demoted.

    2. 50 coins were collected from the pitch all aimed at Drogba, as he failed to react to constant racial abuse. He threw one coin back that actuallyhit him. He was banned for 3 games. His abusers received nothing. Rooney and Scholes had no provocation in their incidents.

    3. Mutu had his contract cancelled and Chelsea were fined by the FA for enforcing action against him outside of the FA programme. Ferdinand was rewarded by playing for and captaining England (badly).

    Evra and Phelan were found to have made accusations they couldn’t back up after they were asked (and refused) to vacate the penalty areas which they were trampling on a few days before a CL Semi was due to be played. They lied, pure and simple. So determined were they to ruin the penalty area they were happy to start fights to ensure the could continue to do so when the groundsmen were doing their job to begin work on repairing them immediately. Being called a ‘fucking idiot’ for doing so is the least they deserved.

    It appears Phelan has got off scott free. He should be taking a ban and a fine like his boss is just serving for the repeated lies and abuse they give out when things don’t go their way.

    Then again, keeping the incompetent Phelan on the bench may be considered punishment enough.

  34. Scott the Red says:

    Squiddy – you don’t address the fact that the FA have one rule for United and one rule for Chelsea, unsurprisingly. I’ll respond to your points regardless.

    1. Laws that don’t exist? Wrapping your arm around somebody’s waist and pulling them to the ground is what any knowledgeable football fan would refer to as ‘a professional foul’, which you’ll note, carries a red card as a punishment.

    2. You clearly didn’t watch the video of Rooney’s red card, otherwise you wouldn’t try and compare Rooney’s non-foul to Drogba lobbing a coin at a crowd containing women and kids.

    3. Mutu tested positive for drugs. Rio returned to the training ground on the same day as he was due to be tested and they turned him away. He had an independent test the following day which came back clear. Again, you are trying to compare the incomparable.

    You sound rather bitter. Trophyless seasons can do that to you I guess. VIVA JOHN TERRRRRYYYYY!

  35. King Eric says:

    Fuck off squiddy you jealous bitter cunt.

  36. suhayl says:

    squiddy your mums calling you to wipe your rentboy arse…bye bye

  37. wiuru... says:

    Well we now know there will be no appeal. Can understand the reasoning it will only prolong the issue.
    However, United have stated clearly they are far from happy with the ban , Evra is still adamant no punches were thrown by him .
    What now will happen over the racist implication conveyed in Uniteds evidence? I suppose its over to the men in suits who will tie it up in legal detail. No further action.
    Im Sickened by the whole thing..F*** th FA


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