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Like The Sound Of This Da Silva Chant?

One thing that always impresses me about United’s support, despite the flack our fans receive, is the vast songsheet we have. New songs are churned out on a regular basis with a lot of these being sung weekly at our home and away fixtures.

It always amazes me when the away fans sing a song or two, then repeat them for the rest of the match. The usual generic chants are always heard, along the lines of “We love you *insert team name here*, we do” or simply chanting the name of their team over and over. Boring.

A new chant was flagged up on the RoM forum this week and I wondered what you made of it…

“Viva Da Silvaaaaa
Viva Da Silvaaaaa
Running down the pitch
Can’t tell which is which
Viva Da Silvaaaa”

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  1. spencer says:

    Not too keen on it tbh

    I read they don’t like to be lumped as one and liked to be thought of as individuals so I don’t think its going to impress them

  2. Drew Vader says:

    Has there been a Viva Wayne Rooney chant? I think I hear those few lines but then I cant make out what the rest of it is…Any help

  3. DuudeLove says:

    it’s clever but i’m not a fan of old songs getting remixed. The tune has a John Terry twist to it already, so i think it would be best to have something original for these lads to keep things fresh. Plus I’m sure if this chant does get a few rounds in, it would wind up Ronny boy even more.

  4. redforlife says:

    love that, as it would show Ronaldo that he’s not the favourite any more……

  5. RedMist says:

    I prefer new player songs to be new songs. Not keen on one’s we’ve ripped off other teams…ala Hargreaves, so don’ t think we should rework an existing United song. Lack of imagination, tbh. Give the lads their own song, or one each each even, but a proper new one.
    Thats my stinging crtiique.
    But what do i know?

  6. bossdem says:


  7. Gary says:

    Not a fan of this, like others above I feel it tarnishes the Ronaldo terrace chant with the same tune. We need something more original

  8. Tre says:

    I like the fact that it may wind ronny up. Not a bad chant, but I would agree that something more originial is needed for these two special players.

  9. suhayl says:

    Why do guys keep mentioning disparaging remarks about ronaldo. If we sing this..he will know he’s not our favourite…or it will win ronny up. We all know what he did and may not love him the same. but last time i looked he was the best player in the world and wearing a utd shirt and wearing a utd badge. For fucks sake…you try to win a player up and not make him loved..who does that fuckin help??? the team??

    Please lets just fuckin support each player….and whatever ron may have done or not done…he’s a utd player as it stands and a player who has given us 5 wonderful years…2 incredible ones. A player who is vital to our aims and successes. Wind him up??? where’s that going to lead..him sulking, not enjoying his football…a bad atmosphere with fellow players. Which means we dont get the best out of him and lose such a vital cog and vital weapon in our armery..infact lose our best weapon.

    Leave the bullshit what happened in the summer. Now is the time to get behind all the lads and pull in 1 direction…supporting each and every player that wears that united badge.

    And before i get the vitriol on what he did. Yes i was sickened too and dont love him as much. And hated what he did. But for fucks sake he stayed..SAF trusts him..he wears our shirt. Hence whatever goes on off the pitch i couldnt give a fuckless about. I care for my utd and what they do for my team. All pulling in the 1 direction to our aims. May not love him as much….but still do…and i dont hate him or wana wind him up.

    Win some dippers or rboys up. But not our own players

  10. suhayl says:

    And if you’re reading win….i forgot the D on the word winD ups a few times. Cos im getting pissed with people slating our own players.

    With some morons…giggsy’s too old
    With some tevez is too expensive and sell
    With some its boo ronaldo.
    With some rooney was too shit a month ago

    etc etc etc etc etc etc. Fuckin show some loyalty..atleast fans can and get behind the team…WHOEVER PLAYS FOR US

    For crying out loud thats what glory hunters do.

  11. Stephen says:

    Any player who wears the shirt should at all times be supported, Ronaldo pissed me as much as anyone in the summer but he is a United player, and I support anyone who players for my club, no matter what.
    I even cheered Hogg, Milne, The Gibson’s, Bellion, Djemba Djemba, Pleberson, Prunier and Arthur Graham so I think I can stomach Ronaldo who is the best player in the world!
    Come on boys get behind OUR lads!!

  12. Red-Manc says:

    Poor chant purely because i dont like us reusing tunes that we already use for other players

  13. Ste says:

    Id get behind Ronaldo if he even tried to look like he wanted to be here.

    Hes just a moody girl, doing what Berbatov did at Spurs

    And I think the chant is quality!

    Also Berbatov needs one. Everybody says he reminds them of The King.

    So what not Ooh Aah Berbatov?

  14. Haakon says:

    We don’t want to wind Christiano up, so no I dont like the new chant. Until he starts showing passion for our red shirt we should give him the silent treatment. However, apart from his body language and always trying to score any free-kick, he’s attitude has been fantastic as of late when it comes to attitude and team-play. He’s lost his edge at the moment, maybe due to weight training. But he will rediscover his form. Currently he’s trying to pass the ball to players in better positions, create chances, and participating in our wonderful free-flowing-football. We should reciprocate that behaviour by giving the Viva Ronaldo-chant a couple of rounds. If we do that, he’ll know what we’ll appreciate.

    In my opinion, Ronaldo is at his best when he plays out wide. That’s where we need him. If we reciprocate when he’s unselfish, he’d be more unselfish. If (when) Ronaldo rediscovers our form, Nani steps up (good signs against Celtic) and Carrick returns to action – who’s there to stop us? It’s the best United-squad in terms of quality during Sir Alex reign (and that says alot!). Give the lads our support, and we’ll reconquer both the English and European crown.

    Champions of Europe! Champions of England!

  15. spencer says:

    Well sad Suhayl, Haakon, Stephen etc.

    Quite frankly, the Ronaldo hate is making me bored. I wish to be a young boy again in the 50s, when the net didn’t exist and I didn’t have to read such rubbish and all supporters cared about was players working hard on the pitch and earning their wages. Times have changed for the worse.

    He wanted a move away and he went about it in completely the wrong manner. Like SAF said when told he wasn’t leaving, he got on with it in a professional manner, worked hard in training, came back a month early, worked hard in games etc. Now compare that to how Berbatov treated Spurs.

    I already went in to a long blog yesterday about why I believe Ronaldo isn’t smiling in games and I will eat my season ticket if its anything to do with United-Madrid.

    Now I understand some supporters were angry with Ronaldo for how he went about things, that is fair enough. I also understand there are others who are angry with Ronaldo for wanting to move. Some of them are the same supporters who think the sun shines out of Ruud Van Nistlerooy’s ass, who asked for a transfer three times. I didn’t mind that either. I cared about how Ruud treated Fergie, swearing in his face, his own words, when Fergie dropped him.

    This is Ron’s sixth season with us

    Players come and go all the time and if anybody seriously thinks that Ronaldo is the last ever regular top player for us that will ask for a move then think again and think hard. I have seen the dark days and the glory days and I know the dark days will come around again. Lets see who asks to leave then because I am telling you there will be players.

    Ron’s sixth season with us and he has always done the job.

    On the way back from the game yesterday, I remember what Fergie said . ‘We have SOME fantastic supporters’ but he also knows we have our fair share of rubbish ones and I can spot a rubbish supporter in a second.

  16. Tom F says:

    Unoriginal, quite amusing… there could be better, but it’ll definately catch on because the ‘Viva’ chants always do.

    They are so easy to sing!

  17. Gapi says:

    I like the chant but we should think of something new, be more creative.

  18. Natasha Folwell says:

    A song i just made up for Rafael de Silva
    (to the tune of hi-ho silver lining) ………

    your everywhere like lightening baby
    old trafford’s where your at
    running up and down the touchline
    with your skills n that

    flying past defenders
    then crossing with your right
    watch out he’s coming to get ya
    he wont give up the fight…… and its

    hi-ho rafa de silva
    everywhere you go, you’ll hear us
    sing your song, so stick with us will ya
    and we’ll make a fuss
    cuz your one of us

    Any thoughts on my song???

  19. Vivian Evans says:

    not bad natasha…

    Rafael is coming to town
    Rafael is coming to town

    u better watch out.
    you’ll get crossed out
    just ask fabianski wat he’s about

    Rafael is coming to town
    Rafael is coming to town

    (sung in the style of ‘santa claus is coming to town’)


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