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Lindegaard Speaks Out About Homosexuality In Football

Anders Lindegaard has today spoken out about homosexuality in football, rightly suggesting that footballers are too afraid to come out because of the treatment they would receive from the fans.

The last footballer to come out was Justin Fashanu in 1990 but it would be ridiculous to presume there haven’t been any gay footballers since then.

Lindegaard, who is in a long-term relationship with Missé Beqiri, believes that footballers would be accepting of a team mate if he told them he was gay, but the acceptance from fans would be more difficult to achieve.

“As a footballer I think first and foremost that a homosexual colleague is afraid of the reception he could get from the fans,” he said. “My impression is that the players would not have a problem accepting a homosexual. Homosexuality in football is a taboo subject. The atmosphere on the pitch and in the stands is tough. The mechanisms are primitive, and it is often expressed through a classic stereotype that a real man should be brave, strong and aggressive. And it is not the image that a football fan associates with a gay person. The problem for me is that a lot of football fans are stuck in a time of intolerance that does not deserve to be compared with modern society’s development in the last decades. While the rest of the world has been more liberal, civilised and less prejudiced, the world of football remains stuck in the past when it comes to tolerance. To turn a blind eye only indicates that one is not recognising that there is a problem. Of course there is a problem if young homosexuals, who love football, have to quit the sport because they feel excluded. That is in every way an unpleasant trend that does not belong in a modern and liberal society. Any discrimination towards people is and should be totally unacceptable, whether it is about skin colour, religion, sexuality etc. Homosexuals are in need of a hero. They are in need of someone who dares to stand up for their sexuality.”

Read Lindegaard’s view in full on this blog.

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  1. bayoRed says:

    Gay football players should just stay in the closet. Dressing room would be pretty uncomfortable otherwise. (Okay it would be different to what we football players are used to now).

  2. Goat Peticoat says:

    Shall we tell the kit man to not unpack the shirts on match day just leave them in the closet. As soon as the players arrive tell them to take the shirts they need and those that stay in there can stay there.
    I find your logic somewhat confusing, team talks would be a piss take and if theres a giggle eminating from the closet Sir Alex wouldnt know whether they were laughing at his accent, his tactics or whether someone had slid a goose feather up another ones japs eye. Very off putting.

    I say if its important to share with each other where you shove your penis then Im all for that. I like to fuck my wife up the arse but shes a bleeder. I like to wank online, Im not a fan of bronnies but do like to masterbate on macca pacca. I masterbate into my antique vases and Ive given myself a paper cut on my todger.

    Your turn!

  3. Dela says:

    I really don’t care what a footballer does in his spare time with his genitals as long as he doesn’t commit a crime (hurt someone etc.). I only care what he can do on the pitch, his sexuality is none of my fucking business.

    That being said I agree with some comments above about politically correct police. They don’t realize that they are part of the problem, not the solution. Some of the new-age feminists groups, for example, are known for witch-hunting and overstating problems. For example, I was arguing with one of these women about how men chat up women at a nightclub, and I said as long as the guy goes away or stops if he is told to, what’s the problem? If he is harassing her, then the bouncers will chuck him. If he sexually harasses her, the police can take care of it, but we all know 99.9999% of cases nothing untoward happens at a nightclub, most men just aren’t like that. Do you know what her reply was???

    She said I was a “rape culture apologist” and that I’m blinded by “male privilege” and couldn’t possibly understand.

    My response… “You are FUCKING crazy!”

    But ye, these groups first of all self-appoint themselves as leaders of a group in society, and while they claim they are looking for equality and social inclusion, they are actually defining themselves as a distinct group of people in society and seeking to silence the freedom of expression of others. They also seem to assume that every gay, black, female etc. person is too weak to live in a society that tolerates freedom of speech.

    Now I know with football its more complicated. The pitch is the players’ office! They work and earn their living on the pitch, so when Luis Suarez repeatedly calls Patrice Evra a Negro during an argument, he does need to be reprimanded the same way a white guy at a post office would be if he called a black colleague a negro. Would be the same if a player was gay and an opponent kept calling him a faggot, Call him a bastard, twat, cunt, prick, asshole etc. all you want, but when you turn to discriminating against an aspect of who they are — particularly when such discrimination is historically linked with oppression, slavery, genocide etc. — you’ve crossed the fucking line.

    The reason I never had a problem with gay people even as a teenager is I realized that a gay person must look at a person of the same sex the same way I look at a woman. They simply are gay, that’s just how it is. Even though the idea of gay sex acts is repulsive to me, I know I’m not gay so that’s normal anyway, and it’s incredibly unfair to limit homosexuality to sex anyway, it’s not just a form of sex, it’s a form of love… these people like each other like we love our girlfriends/wives…. and it deserves our recognition and respect.

    It’s good to have someone like Lindagaard come out and say this – it would be even better if a more prolific player would step up and repeat it – because it is breaking down intolerance the right way. Attempting to legislate tolerance only creates problems.

    Here’s a great video from the late Christopher Hitchens about freedom of speech in society…

  4. Goat Peticoat says:

    My god, somebody with a brain, I’m shocked. Im gunna have to lie down now, I wont think of you. That would be gay, lol.

  5. Ash says:

    Eventhough linde has a point but I think football is a game of men. Yeah there is a women footy but thats different. I don’t hate gays but I feel they are not normal people. It is against nature and we should not encourage such practices. I know many will say everyone has a right to do whatever he wants but if that is against nature it should be condemned . Encouraging gayism and other such silly things is not correct. Period

  6. Diego says:

    Ash’s comment:
    Please excuse me while I get the popcorn…

  7. belfast red. says:

    The only gay footballer i can remember was p. Van hoydonk. Forgive the spelling its wrong but its how you would say it vineticly… Anyways he played for celtic wen i was in school i remember the shock of hearing that. But tbh every1 i knw still thought he was a fantastic player and i cant recall it effecting his game.

  8. Goat Peticoat says:

    I love the way you think gays are not normal people but didnt bring me up with my japs squint samari or wanking on the underground stone dweller from the childrens favourite macca pacca.
    Nothing wrong with you then, lol.

    Belfast red
    I grew up singing Gary Linekar plays with a tampax up his arse. I didnt know anything about pillow biting or scargilling (uphill miner) but I thought that was pretty gay. Didnt stop me chearing for England, I know better now, lol.

  9. King Eric says:

    “scargilling” Fucking quality Goat. Ha. Macca Pacca. Fuck me our lad watches that “In the Night Garden” How the hell do you know about that programme?

  10. domunited says:

    Sexual orientation is just another thing that the media, opposing fans, your own team-mates, and anyone else can use to destabilize a player and/or the club. Racism is still quite rampant in football despite “progress”, so why would one think that he would be treated well if he came out?

    The footballing world -emphasis on world, the entirety of it- is just not ready. I admire Anders for taking a stand on the issue, but it would would take a player who was considered GREAT to come out in order to make even a smidge of difference. For some squad player to come out won’t change minds, as the real issue is the mentality that gay = weak or gay = dreaming about mens bits all day, and no average player declaring himself a homosexual is going to make a neanderthal rethink his opinion about gays. That’s the world we live in, and really, that’s sports.

  11. Goat Peticoat says:

    King Eric
    I have a young lad that was into it a while ago fella. You dont forget these things. I remember I took the boy to a toy shop and they had a giant Upsy Daisy. When he saw it he blushed and looked totally embarassed. Cute to say the least first time I ever saw him embarassed but at the same time dead proud that he had also had dreams about drilling the little brown girl. Just like daddy, lol

  12. King Eric says:

    Goat – Ha nice one pal. Yeah we have a fucking giant “iggle piggle ” on kitchen table. Freaky bastard. Its one weird show that. They MUST have been on acid to make that up.

  13. Giles Oakley says:

    Oh dear, we have a goalkeeper to be proud of for his courageous speaking out against homophobia and then all the old playground prejudices come tumbling out here to spoil the effect. Neanderthal hardly does it justice.

  14. wazza!!!! says:

    Anders u sick in the head!!!


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