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Lindegaard: There’s Footage Of Me Talking About United Dream

Manchester United’s new goalie, Anders Lindegaard, has revealed there is footage of him from a few years ago saying that he wanted to play for a club. Since signing, he has reiterated that he has been a United fan since he was a little lad, with posters of our players, including fellow Dane, Peter Schmeichel, on his bedroom wall.

He believes in moving to United he has not only fulfilled his life dream, he’s made the club who didn’t believe him in realise their mistake.

After working his way up through the ranks at Odense, he was first kept out of the team by Arek Onyszko, who now plays for Polonia Warszawa, a midtable club in Poland’s top division.

“I was sold for pennies to Aalesund because Odense made a mistake,” he said. “But you can find TV interviews from when I played in the First Division in Denmark as a 24-year-old where I am saying into the camera without blinking that I want to play in the Danish national team and I want to represent Manchester United. I honestly believed I had the ability to do it. I had never been tried on the highest level of Scandinavian football but I always believed it was possible. Sometimes it has been hard to see the clear path but deep inside myself I always believed in could happen.”

It was when Odense brought in keeper Roy Carroll, of all people, that Anders realised where he stood in pecking order and decided to leave.

“They could have found someone cheaper than Roy Carroll but he was brought in as one of the biggest names in Danish football and as one of the best- paid players,” he continued. “When they brought him in I put two and two together and realised I was not going to make my way there. I went to the directors’ office and asked them to sell me because I couldn’t see me succeeding at the club. Luckily, they accepted my wish and I was sold a week later to Aalesund. The rest of the story is like a football fairytale!”

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  1. TonyBee says:

    lets hope he is up there with VDS and Schmeicel and not Foster and Taibi

  2. TonyBee says:

    OOh 1st ….and 2nd….

  3. TonyBee says:

    going for a hatrick ….

  4. TonyBee says:

    tee hee…….

  5. corgo23 says:

    I hope he’s alot better than Roy Carroll im from the same town as roy and he wouldnt even make the local team any more he’s shocking!!!

  6. bruce thomas says:

    He’s saying all the right things. We may have got lucky here.

  7. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Ok, so we get that Anders is a reds fan since the COS (coming of Schmeichel). Fair enough that he thinks he is better than Roy Carroll, but then so is my one legged, one eyed, cane wielding gram. As Ronaldo said to a certain noisy player, time to shut up and start playing!

  8. RedScot says:

    Jaysus fuck i thought when i saw the headline we were going to see him on a clip.
    “Picking his nose” What with his Goalies gloves on?
    Anyways I see a lot of groupies on here as normal Lindergaard to fight for his place! Yes and he will.
    There is only one cunt at United that does not need to fight for his place.I will repeat and it was mentioned bye me and a lad on here ROM during real game at the Spuds game is sad to witness this demise.
    Reference fully debated on Tuesday on another United Forum.With out fear or favour.
    He needs to get his head in fucking gear and find his touch, do as it says to be a United player right now he is fucking passenger, avoiding all criticism.Why. Ji Sung has one bad game lambasted, Gibson one poor game , axed. Dimitar Berbatov that wonderfull player who can control the ball with elegance and drift past 2 or 3 players, ridiculed on this forum.
    Yet the Bulldog gets off with fucking crimes to football.
    Do you not see the Hypocrisy? And the inability to read with out your cacoon.?

  9. ole20 says:

    Off topic, but lets give a good atmosphere on sat! Going to the game with the missus and she likes to wind me up about OT being quiet etc etc etc.

  10. RedScot says:

    My point proven. Good night and goodbye.

  11. Costas says:

    Off topic, but the ratings for Piers MOrgan’s show on CNN on his third night plunged. As if there was any doubt…

  12. smartalex says:

    His new slot will be a S & M show Pearce My Organ.

  13. antogriffin says:

    RedScot, do you come here often? Yes, we tend not to abuse our players here, but there is certainly fair criticism, including of Rooney. Perhaps vitriol is best kept for other forums, or when a rogue Bitter finds his way here.

  14. United1990 says:

    @ RedScot loool, that’s what I thought too :p

    Who’d ever see success with a club that finds Roy Carroll a big name?

  15. MG says:

    Listen you lot stop taking the piss of Mr. Morgan


  16. smartalex says:

    I don’t know if any of you lot received an invite to some soiree that FletchTHEMAN was going to. I’m so bad with redirections.

  17. Costas says:




    Yeah, sorry. He does a fine job of it all on his own. CNN will be begging Steve Bower to replace Morgan within a month. That’s how desperate they will be.

  18. slim says:

    OMG piers FUCKING morgan on cnn, what in Heavens name were they thinking;still i can’t help chuckling to my self

  19. ole20 says:

    Surprised Piers isn’t on Fox News, they like people who talk absolute shite on that news channel. Bittersweet news on Hargreaves that.

  20. smartalex says:

    Good news on Hargreaves really, some progress. I’m very glad Wes is not going, although it never felt likely. Maybe SAF and Wes can move past whatever it was.

  21. Costas says:

    Thans willie. It’s the Wes Brown news that gave me more hope to be honest. Ferguson makes good points about the form that Rio, Vida and Rafael have been, but Wes has been overlooked even for a spot on the bench this season. Hopefully they’ve moved past it.

    As for Hargreaves, like the article says, time is running out. If he puts together 3-5 performances for the Reserves, it could open the door for a 1st team return, but it’s a long shot at the moment.

  22. Kevin says:

    I hope this kid works out for us. He says the right stuff but all that really matters is his performances on the pitch. He might get his chance against Southampton on the 29th. It will be interesting too see if he does get that game or one in January but I hope the young Dane can prove the Big Dane wrong.

    I think it is funny how many of us are getting off topic tonight. I wonder if that is a statement of our interest to our new goalie signing? I am no better…

    With regard to Rooney, his touch is off lately (has been for sometime) and it is unfair that he receives a free pass for poor performances while others are not. I think it is impart to the fact he was an important part to our success in Europe and his ability to dominate a game. Some United fans will always have a strong affinity to Rooney because of those facts. I do think it is important to note Rooney at times has been our most creative/”best” player. Further the last game he came back from an injury and was moved all over the pitch due to the red card so I won’t jump on anyone for the last game. He does need to pick it up over the next months because we need him top form from March onwards. Wouldn’t it be great if he he hit top form around the top he got injured last season? Would be nice to have a top form Rooney for the final stage of Champions League, FA Cup, and the Premier League.

    Now this final point is completely off topic but I have no one to talk to this about so I am throwing a question up there.

    If Sergio Ramos is available, do we take the chance and sign him or stick with Rafael? I am leaning to staying the course with Rafael as I think he could a stupendous talent in the end and I already consider him to be the best right back in the premier league but Ramos is the first player I try to acquire in any game I play with United. I know it sounds ridiculous but I have grown to look at him very highly and I think he was sensational during the WC. Very few opportunities were created for the opposing team from his side of the field through the Spain’s dominance and has consistently been a first choice at a TOP club with high competition for places, all be it maybe not as high in defense. It is tough to make a choice but since Ramos can play in the middle too it makes the proposal even more interesting. Regardless I think back to what Fergie said about the cows and I do think Rafael is a future great and would love if he could become a future great at this club. I realize the entire transfer is pure speculation and hopefully you will forgive me of that.

    Anyways anyone care to help me sort this out.

  23. willierednut says:

    Thans Willie? Sounds like a Dutch man Costas lol. Ramos could sign for United, he does like a cow.

  24. Costas says:

    I think I am developing a lisp, lol.

  25. willierednut says:

    We find out later If Rafael will receive a further ban, lets hope he escapes with a fine. Could be a chance for Wes to let the boss know, he’s sill around. And on that note, good night.

  26. Drogahnus says:

    Lindegaard seems thoroughly passionate about wanting to be the #1 for United, and I sincerely hope he succeeds VDS. I hope we don’t buy another GK.

  27. wayne says:

    gotta love this guy’s attitude,clearly very driven and focused.lots of mental bottle thats what goalies need.i’m guessing been reading all the rumors about another goalie coming in and letting everyone know thats his job.his single mindedness to play for utd is fucking awesome

  28. hammons says:

    This article was directed at Mario Balotelli, but it really pertains to any young player – including Lindegaard.

    Listen And Learn Then You Can Achieve Great Things

  29. RedScot says:

    @ David, och Man i will. i read and read again, My purpose is to be a Journalist. innit

  30. YorYor says:

    Was there this amount of positivity when we signed Bebe? Or Taibi for the matter?
    Sure he sends the right vibes, but until we see him in action, isn’t it a bit early to want him to be our No. 1 next season?

    Thanks for the news on Hargo… really hope he battles through and then offers to pay-as-you-play at United just to repay the club’s worth in him. Show those noisy neighbours what it means to be a player at United!

  31. Eric the Red says:

    Reminds me of that Essien interview where he says it was his dream to play for United…then he signs for Chelski when Abramovich was spending the cash.

  32. FULLARD says:

    on a side note, has anybody ever heard of a more pathetic low life loser than the bloke that took all the time and effort into making this channel, i mean honestly, i almost feel sorry for him.

  33. Eric the Red says:

    Found the interview:

    1:55 in says his team was Manchester, Cantona was his idol.

  34. Chicharito14 says:

    the daily mail have listed contenders for the player of the year award.the names mentioned are brunt, vidic, nasri, bale, tevez and no nani.i can understand vidic , nasri and tevez’s selection but why is brunt and bale selected but not nani. chris brunt’s “brilliant” season consists of 9 assists and an odd goal, nani has 6 goals and 11 assists so its clear who is the better of the two and then bale, 7 goals and an assist one dimensional and keeps running straight at right backs.

  35. kk says:

    Thanks for the news on Hargo. I know he will come through.
    @RedScot, I thought we were to fight for our places in the team but some how somone is being given preferential treatment. If some say it’s coz what he has done for us in the past seasons he is given a leeway then as a club we wont be here. You are as good as your last match, not before that or 2 years before that. What can we say about Gary Neville, shouldnt he start as a result for his service to us? Chicha has done all he can and may be can still improve but I dont know if some would rather have someone who scores us goals than someone who doesnt. When Berba scores, he is the best, when he doesnt score he is the worst. When Rooney doesnt score he gave a good pass, he tackled etc, well he is a striker he should first put the ball behind the net then do all the other things as adding value. We dont need someone doing a midfielder’s job in a striker’s position.

  36. redcrab says:

    Am I the only one thinking “Yes Lindegaard we get it. You are a united fan. Now shut up, buckle down, and get some games under your belt!” ?

  37. redcrab says:

    Evidently I’m not, but I clearly have problems reading FletchTHEMANs posts.

  38. ManchestHairUnited says:

    haha @ TonyBee

  39. Tobias Masinde says:

    I hop Anders Lundergaart will realis what brought him in United, since Van Nder Sar getting retired. And as for Nani, im so sad of injury, hop a quick recovery for him!

  40. Tobias Masinde says:

    Glories Manchester United fans! Were lucky to have such a wonderful club all over the world. Its a wonderful gift from our Creater! Glories to our Creater, Glories to Mancheste United.


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