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Lindegaard: Woods very different to Steele

There was a lot of disappointment from United fans when they learnt that Eric Steele, our goalkeeping coach, had chosen to leave the staff. Having enjoyed so much success with David de Gea, helping him become the best keeper in the league last season, it made sense for him to continue working with the Spaniard.

Chris Woods is Steele’s replacement and Lindegaard says that despite being different, the new coach is doing a good job.

“It is very different with Chris compared to what we are used to,” said Lindegaard. “All I can say is that I have had a very good impression of him. I don’t want to go into details but everything is different. It has been a very good experience because he has done a brilliant job. He slid into his new role in Manchester really well. I am enjoying working with him.”

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  1. bayoRed says:

    Moyes seems confident too that his team will pass the test.

  2. gadau says:

    Despite the comments by Lindegaard,i think that Steele was far ahead compared to Woods.That’s why David De Gea improved faster.

  3. keanoisdaman says:

    gadau….and how do you know steele is far ahead of woods? de gea was always gonna be a top keeper…….woods was an England keeer in his time and played at a higher level than steele,I reckon we should all stop harpin on about how good the old regime was and get behind the new one ffs

  4. spidey says:

    The disappointment was because all of the sacked staff were proven people , world class coaches and the incoming coaches were not yet proven for a big team.. Only time will tell..

  5. wayne says:

    He wasn’t sacked he decided to leave,jesus people just write fucking rubbish, make comments and pass judgement without having any fucking clue

  6. Uche chukwuma says:

    Is d sackn of steel 4 d improvment of our keepas or 4 d decriment of dem.Wood is notn cmpare 2 steel.We’ve lost our treasure. Shame 2 dt scotish tin

  7. Red Mist says:

    Our 2nd choice thinks he’s great but what does De Gea think?
    Woods is second rate compared to Steele so the fact that Lindegaard rates him worrying.
    Six months until they break De Gea?

  8. The One says:

    keanoisdaman, well said!!

  9. wayne says:

    Red Mist just proved my point talking out your ass and having no fucking clue.Don’t know if you think coming on here and posting negative shit with no basis is clever,it’s not,just make you look like a cunt
    Want to write Woods is 2nd rate compared to Steele give some proof and depth to your argument.Any daft troll cunt can write negative shit doesn’t mean anything just shows a lack of imagination and get’s tiresome

  10. Kagawabungabunga says:

    Average Wood from a wee club

  11. Rukky says:

    Lol people go önline to football blogs but dont read football news. Steel left!! He left!

  12. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    No one should read to much into this. Players at the club are not going to say anything negative. They can’t. It will take time to see how things pan out.

  13. NSC says:

    This man single handedly turned Tim Howard ino the failure he was at united to a top keeper at everyone (or at least contributed to the cause). Give him a chance, at least ddg has matured and developed in such a manner that he can utilize some fitness ad strength training – something moyes is notable for encouraging (physicality) in his training methods.

  14. spidey says:

    Mike Phelan and Eric Steele were told that they cannot be part of moyes’ plans hence the word sacked Rene on the other hand was offered a position but he moved on..

  15. wayne says:

    lol Eric Steele could have stayed,he decided to leave

  16. spidey says:

    Allright my bad.. I was never judgemental though, my point was that people had a right to be worried because they hadn’t worked with such a big team before and with players of such calibre.. Only time will tell.. But i hope that they do concentrate on developing the youth like Rene helped in doing

  17. wayne says:

    Look Moyes and this group of coaches have been developing young lads and players from lower divisions into prem players for years why would it stop now?.It’s pretty obvious by what they’ve achieved at Everton with no money to work with how good they are,just don’t throw magic dust at a player and he becomes quality overnight

  18. spidey says:

    I am not saying they are bad.. They have developed premier league players for Everton but we are Man Utd and there a genuine difference in level which I hope they can make the players reach.. Its justified for a fan to be worried but as you said coaches don’t do their work in a day or two, they need the time which I am sure will be given to them before any judgement is made..

  19. Jorge Curioso says:

    Damning with faint praise?

  20. King Eric says:

    Red Mist. There you go again you fucking boring negative knob. As someone said earlier Woods played at a MUCH higher level than Steele so why should he ” break” De Gea. Your pessimism is a fucking joke pal. Digs at everything. You aren’t supporters, you wouldn’t know the fucking meaning of the word.

    Ha funnily enough it was Woods in nets that day for Wednesday when Bruce scored those two headers in 93.

  21. soccerisfootbal says:

    Some of you guys are full of shit. Tim howard has worked under both men and rates woods as one of the best in the world. Woods will help de gea and lindegaard get better, stop with the bias against everton, who are a decent side. They had one of the best defensive records despite not having the best defenders or keepers in the league.

  22. Little Red Ant says:

    FFS get behind DM and his staff – they are United now. How many shit keepers did we have after the Great Dane which weren’t improved by our coaching staff?. If they have the ability a coach can pass on advice and hopefully the player will take it in apply to his game. DDG had the potential and Eric brought it out. Has anyone on here actually worked with either Eric Steele or Chris Woods to be able to comment !!

  23. Red Mist says:

    Oh well “King Eric”, if Woods was in goal when Bruce won the title….we’ll be fine. Why didn’t you mention that earlier. Obviously with that failure he’s proved he’s good enough.
    Woods can work with a keeper like Howard at a club like Everton. Doesn’t mean that what he did is going to be good enough here, at United, at Old Trafford, in the Champions League, at the very very top of the game. None of these coaches have ANY experience at the highest level. Neville is practically wearing nappies for Christ sake.
    I think there are too many “top reds”, talking about you pair of cunts Eric and Wayne, that think that just because Fergie recommended Moyes, its a fore gone conclusion that he will do well, or because he managed on a shoestring at Everton, that that equates to some kind of success that warrants him having the biggest job in club football. Everton and what works at Everton is NEVER going to be enough for United.
    Moyes’ antiquated over reliance on physicality is a step into the dark ages. He has made no acknowledgment of the way United are known for playing instead claiming that winning is more important than how you play. Bollocks! How you win at United is very important, but not to him. ‘Cos all he’s concerned about is as he put it ” The Moyes era”.

    Soon as the share prices start to fall, he’ll be gone.

  24. redninja says:

    Moaners will always find something to complain about!

  25. Al_Ameen says:

    Everton defensive record last season is better than united’s. He left on his own so why bother ? De gea will be a world best keeper with or without a coach. GGMU

  26. keanoisdaman says:

    red mist…bore off

  27. UTD1999 says:

    As far as I’m concerned it is a fact that Chris Woods played at a much higher level than Steele, mind you Kevin Keegan played at a higher level than Sir Alex but we all know which one made the better coach (manager).

  28. Wakey says:

    Howard hasn’t worked under both. Howard joined Everton in 2007 and Steele joined united in 2008 after Coton had to quit due to injury.

    Mind you Woods has a much better CV as a player and tbh his coaching CV probally better if you remove Steeles years at United. Woods has done a good job at Everton and has spent the last few years also working for the USA national team. Steeles record before United really wasn’t the most impressive so if Steel ended up doing well then there’s no reason why woods can’t

  29. The One says:

    Spidey, you’re one of the many people who come on here to behave idiotically by slamming Moyes and his team. You know nought, so shut up!!

    Moyes may not have won anything (and with the team he had at everton, that was nigh impossible). Yet, it you look at everton, you’ll realise that he has excellent man management skills in being able to get the best out of his players, players who couldn’t succeed elsewhere. And your insinuation that Moyes doesn’t develope young players is absolute tosh. Rooney was a bright young thing when he was sold to United while others like rodwell and osman are too shabby either and they were linked with moves to unted as well.

  30. The One says:

    spidey, one more thing; you may question fans and their opinions here but you should realise that Moyes was hand-picked by Fergie who’s been in the game long enough to know that whenever a new manager joins a new club, he brings his own team. Needless to say, Fergie would know who Moyes would bring in and I’m absolutely certain he had no qualms about his backroom staff.

  31. King Eric says:

    Red Mist. Another lie. Moyes has said he wants to carry on the United traditions. It’s a fucking myth Everton were just physical, they play some damn good football too. You have NOWT decent to say you boring cunt. Give him at least a season before you categorically write him off. What experience did Di Mateo have in Europe as a coach? Klopp? I havent seen you type one good word yet. Bet in real life you’re a right barrel of fucking laughs. Fuck all to do with being Top Reds as you put it. Funny that a number of other trolls have trotted out that line. It’s called getting behind your team. Summat you clearly know fuck all about you moaning spoilt little kid. Oh and when it comes to playing ” The United Way” you had your head up your arse last 3 seasons? Hardly been free flowing has it. It’s been turgid half the time and grinding out wins. Give the man a fucking chance. The fucking irony anyway. All I’ve heard from your like last few seasons is how shit our backroom staff are. Fuck off and watch someone else as you are no supporter, you’re a fucking mug.

  32. murt73 says:

    No doubt Steele imparted as much knowledge to degea as he could and im sure now degea will have more to learn from woods..Anyway A keeper at that level works on instinct mostly and if he doesn’t have the ability it doesn’t matter a shit how many coaches he has

  33. soccerisfootbal says:

    meh…close enough.

  34. Red Mist says:

    “King Eric”, let me just lol that response…LOL!!

    First up, you use of language is appalling. Clearly lacking the vocabulary to hold a conversation without swearing every other word. Hmmm, classy.

    Anyway, listen to Moyes when he was in Thailand, he said to a packed press conference that, No, winning in style and winning well is NOT important. Winning is important. According to Dave.
    It’s not a myth that Everton were physical team. A tall team who’s main threat came from corners and set pieces. Wow! Otherwise they would hoof it up the field to their “DM”, who strangely enough wore the number 10 shirt last season (what does that tell you?). That’s what you could call long ball.

    Interesting that you bring up Di Matteo. A man with zero coaching experience, but who Chelsea were brave enough to appoint in the first place that went on to bring a little piece of history to that shitty little club.
    Dave has been at it ten years and won sod all. One final, which he lost.
    An ass kicking in CL qualifiers and a few minor flirtations with the UEFA cup.

    Martinez, Laudrup and Di Matteo have won more than Moyes has, the first two on a shoestring budget too. And in a fraction of the time. And playing good football.

    Moyes, and his team have absolutely no star quality about them

    Whoever claims that because Woods has a better playing career than Steel, therefor he is a better coach please explain Steve Rounds presence in the back room team? A playing career totalling 9 (nine!) games for Derby. Is he good enough? Skilled enough? Experienced enough?

    Eric Steels has a well deserved reputation within the game that can only come with time and experience. Something Woods has neither of.

    Come the start of the season the lads will have my support and m pity. Moyes means nothing to me and until he can prove he has what it takes it will remain that way.

    IF you want to blindly accept another mans opinion as your own that’s your call, I however have a mind of my own and im not afraid to use it.

  35. Alvin is a RED says:

    I actually read all of the comments above, bloody hell. On a personal level, cant say I can agree or disagree with anyone… Thing is, it does not matter. We are United. Lets take a moment to understand the meaning of “united”.

    As Man Utd fans, we all have concerns about the new gaffers future, but whatever it is we need to get behind our team and do nothing less than support the team and the people running it. I dare say every huge decision made by SAF if the past years have always brought out the debaters and haters but always in the end, it was the right decision yet again by SAF.

    In Fergie we trust. Trust his decision with Moyes. Trust him behind the scenes for years to come. Trust our new manager.

  36. Canada says:

    @ Red Mist

    I take it you think Fergie was a moron who had no idea what he’s doing then?
    Cause it seems like Fergie picked Moyes. End of.

  37. Red Army 1999 says:

    @Alvin: great point, mate.


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