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LINE-UP: Southampton vs UNITED

Lindegaard, Rafael, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Valencia, Carrick, Cleverley, Kagawa, Welbeck, Van Persie.

Subs: De Gea, Evans, Giggs, Nani, Scholes, Hernandez, Powell.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. yustaq says:

    What ever tactics or formation fergie is using i don’t fucking care
    Why the fuck is hernandez not starting before welbeck
    hernandez changed the tempo of the game with pace and distrupt their 2-central back, they’re are following him around which open the box for RVP and other united player to come in

  2. yustaq says:

    Fergie is giving flamy excuses about de gea
    He just want to tell us he got å knock
    When was the last time he dropped someone cos of mistake?
    He was furious of FA abt young injury, so to say de gea is injured give othem teams some egde
    De gea was injured!!not dropped cos of mistake! FACT!!!

  3. keano99 says:

    @norman 85
    You have some very valid points but its not the points you make its the way u make them I’m like u I don’t rate rene and phelan as coaches since carlos left I think the standard of football we play has droped but saf is a god to me and to most people on here so slaging him off won’t go down well and people will turn their frustrations on you. The manager doesn’t send the players out to play shit and were not right that is plain to c but give it some time before u start makeing judgement on the team and manager as a whole but also keep making ur points on here just think before you type don’t let the frustration get to u.

  4. TK says:

    I’ve been a follower of this blog for nearly 2 years now and thought it was about time I contributed, so…

    Hello all! I hope this blog continues to flourish and grow so we can all share, discuss, argue, fascinate, imagine, dream etc etc about our wonderful club.

    In regards to the game today, I must admit that seeing Fergies’ team sheet didn’t fill me with much confidence. This is mainly due to the Cleverley-Carrick dynamic. I think, and I know there are others out there who agree, that this midfield combo will not serve us well throughout the season. Now this isn’t a knock on either player but simply that their abilities as a 2-some don’t seem to compliment one another. Ando- Clev, Scholes, Carrick (of the options currently available) would probably be the better midfield for a game like this, away from Old Trafford, where the opposition will pressure high up the pitch and try to expose the lightweight midfield we have. Ando throws himself around and breaks up play through any means necessary. Please don’t attack me with “what lightweight midfield?” or “oh, not another midfield weakness comment”. I think we have a good midfield but that Fergie needs to figure out his pairings. Maybe we will see this come to fruition as the season progresses.

    Also, dropping De Gea didn’t really make sense. Lindeegard was brought in to counter Southamptons’ aerial threat but we ended up conceding 2 headed goals anyway. I agree with all people on ROM thinking that chopping and changing goalkeepers for each particular game will just cause problems. I hope that Rafa doesn’t take the blunt of the blame today either.

    However, in the end we got the 3 points and the main positive was RVP getting his hat trick, making up for his foolish penalty. I love to see those penos smashed into the net, especially when a goal down!

    Anyway, if anyone’s read this thanks for taking the time to even bother reading this. Hopefully after the 3 pussycats international week we’ll all be able to celebrate a win without suffering strokes!

  5. DreadedRed says:

    TK – great comment, and welcome to the write side RoM!

    Fair comment on the midfield, the pairings you suggest are popularly held on RoM to likely be the best combinations. I’d even suggest that we have learnt that from SAF, via his selections. He will have seen the value and balance that they bring.

    Knowing who works well together is a different kettle of fish to selecting a starting 11 for a specific match. There are literally hundreds of factors that we don’t have to juggle when choosing our line-ups. We take a bit of knowledge, some gut feel, a fair bit of experience, throw in a dash of our latest bugbear, and viola! The perfect horses-for-courses team.

    I don’t know why Sir Alex chose the less travelled course by announcing that de Gea’s omission was because he made a mistake. My guess is that he’s injured, or has to have further eye-surgery. Hey, that doesn’t make sense! Exactly. Not to me or you or any manager in the Premiership predicting who starts when.


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