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LIVE AUDIO BLOG: Everton vs Manchester United

Today Republik Of Mancunia is using Fandio for the second time, a cutting-edge interactive audio broadcast of the game, where fans can experience the live match together. The audio broadcast will commence at 15.50pm UK time once the chat room opens.

There are several ways to get involved;

a. Click on the link above which takes you directly to the chat room, and you can simply sit back and enjoy the live audio broadcast. So basically instead of being subjected to Michael Owen’s monotone reflections, you can listen to the miscellaneous Mancunian musings of @JonathanShrager and @SergeFagelman plus several other Reds before, during and after the game, as they dissect and evaluate United’s performance.

You’ll also be able to view participants’ text chat within the chat room as it unfolds during the game.

b. Options b. requires you to sign up on Fandio, a very quick and simple process. This will enable you to actively participate, either via contributing text chat, or via being invited to partake in the audio broadcast. You may be added to talk at any point during the broadcast, pre-match, during the game, half-time or at full-time. Please note that in order to speak on the live commentary, you’ll need to be using Chrome as a browser (you can listen, and participate in text chat using any browser though.)

So, we look forward to interacting with all you fellow Reds from around the globe. Please bear in mind that this is the only the second time we’ll be using Fandio, so be patient Reds.

Cheers, we hope you enjoy the commentary, and get involved if you fancy.



  1. samuel - united WE stand says:

    The fact danny welbeck is tempted to leave the club says it all.. He loves the football club and the idea of leaving would never have crossed his mind but more key evidence that he has lost grip with the man management side too. There have been several murmurings all season.. Falling out with giggs, rio etc, key players that have played a huge role in united’s history

  2. OpikBidin says:

    Smalling at RB, carr-Fletch at CM, and Roo at striker in RVP absence isn’t SAF’s template?

    Do people expect Nani-Kag-Mata to do something when they don’t have runners and a pass target to aim at?

    samuel – united WE stand
    If Roo is preferred and can remain on the pitch the whole 90 mins, ofcourse other players will fallout, I don’t care if Moyes fall out with Rio, Vidic, Evra, Giggs, Carr, Fletch, Roo or RVP. They also have failed even if they play. They should backup their murmurings with their performance.

    can you see how frustated the Jones and Evans were when Fletch and Carr just dilly daily in front of them? or how Mata and Kag often play the striker role and become the most advanced player because Roo decided not to play as a striker?

    Moyes has been right shoving them out, waiting to see Carr, Fletch and Roo disappear too, and Giggs kicked out from the bench. It must be frustating for young players because the oldguards get a free pass even if their performance doesn’t back it up.

    Do people seriously think Giggs warrant a place at the bench after that Bayern performance?
    Do people seriously think Rooney warrant a place in the starting XI after that Bayern performance?
    Do people seriously think Carr-Fletch warrant a place in the starting XI after that Bayern performance?

  3. trevor knightsmith says:

    OpikBidin .

    Do people seriously think that Moyes warrants remaining manager at United after his performance this season ?

  4. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Opik – i think you underestimate the work of a manager in motivation and generating the extra drive needed to be winners as a cohesive unit.. Your tactical analysis is commendable, you are presuming what moyes wants to do whilst we are dealing with reality and evidence. The only fall man here will be moyes.. You know it, I know it.. Every man and his dog knows it. The laughable idea that the club will dismiss players who are assets to the club and just give moyes a bath-tub of cash to squander is bemusing. Moyes has no credentials of winning, no basis to even claim he’s important to the football club.

  5. Jose says:

    If there is any sane true red out there who thinks moyes should be ”given time” please contact your local NHS mental health unit.
    From 1st to 7th with a squad upgrade of 65m plus wonderkid adnan januzaj and a resurgent fletcher is simply unacceptable.

  6. Mark Balfe says:

    My friends father who works at mufc! Went to the game with the Everton directors yesterday it was frightening the comments they said about moyes!!! They said he has lasted longer than expected! They said David moyes obe he replied knighted? they said out before Easter!!! They went on to say the lack of tactics and ball time that the attackers recieve In training due to his over intense defensive drills. And numerous nothing fall outs with senior players! This is bad this guy is running the biggest club in the world and people are laughing like fuck at us. Surely it’s time for him to go!? I seriously can’t keep taking this!

  7. Jose says:

    The most annoying thing about david moyes is his shameless ass licking of wayne rooney.he was extremely poor vs bayern due to his toe injury maybe but yet played full 90mins..10 days later with chicha or welbz gunning for a start an unfit wayne rooney starts again and offers an absolutely shit performance yet everyone’s surprise except moyes and his inept backroom staff,rooney plays 90mins.
    Can you blame chicha if he leaves?or welbeck even going by the rumours?
    Rooney is a god in moyes eyes.Saf was ready to fuck him off but moyes convinced him to stay and offered him ridicoulous wages tht his overall performances dont warrant.
    I rate rooney in the dzeko,villa,mandzukic,tevez or higuian category of strikers.brilliant in a couple games but ordinary in most.
    He is a long way off the level that world class strikers such as suarez,RVP,zlatan,costa or aguero have set.
    And to think moyes is going to make him captain if he stays beyond the summer?makes me sick in my stomach really.
    Rooney currently starts all games irrespective of form and never gets subbed,what about when he is permanent captain,guess he will play even on one leg.
    What message does rooneys prefferential treatment by moyes send to chicha,welbz,mata,kagawa,rvp,wilson and even januzaj??
    No wonder most of them dont give a fuck about playing for him

  8. Capitano says:

    Even if you give Moyes £200mil, as long as there is no plan, he will fuck us still. When you hear that he want to sign significantly before the world cup?? “does even know where the problem is?”

  9. Izham Ikram says:

    can we get klopp pls….

  10. Capitano says:

    Simon Kjaer of Lille, the best centre back in ligue1 so far this season.

  11. Red_G says:

    Would be one of the great travesties to see one of the great legends of the club in Giggs call time, whilst Moyes continues to manage the club.

    Laughable how moyes tune has changed from when he took over management of the club to now….

  12. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Samuel, some very good posts over the course of the evening/early morning. I found myself agreeing with nearly all of what you said about the current state of affairs.

  13. Jose says:

    Moyes tactics when we are trailing;
    get as many strikers on the pitch as possible.

  14. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Every interview I have watched with Moyes for a long time now he almost in everyone scratches his head at the start of them. This is clearly a nervous habit and a way of dealing with the tension of the situation, because he does in literally every single interview which suggests he’s completely uncomfortable with the situation and being interviewed.

    This is really not healthy for Moyes or Manchester United with the way things are going and someone or the Glazers have to be responsible enough to step in and put an end to the situation. It’s like we’re determined to destroy ourselves at this moment in time.

    Yes we offered Moyes a 6 year contract, it looks very naive now, but so what? The people who appointed made a mistake and guess what – we all mistakes. It’s a lessons learnt and unfortunately for Moyes he is the fall guy in what is no doubt an extremely stressful position which he’s clearly severely struggling to handle. He will be housed by rival fans and press alike after his dismissal when it comes and I feel sorry for him on that front because he isn’t a clown like he’s being made out to be, far from it.

    I’d wish Moyes the best whole heartedly in the future and hope after a break he can revive his career for his sake, but as a supporter of MUFC I want what’s best for United ultimately and David Moyes is just not what or who is best for us.

  15. m09538061 says:

    “Manchester United are rebuilding”, says manager David Moyes…
    Demolishing Buckingham Palace & refurbishing a mid-terrace in Hulme David?

  16. sir liam matt says:

    This season was always going to be unpredictable but finishing 7th, letting Liverpool win the league and seeing Arsenal end their trophy drought within 12 months of Fergie leaving? Moyes must go before mediocrity becomes the norm at Old Trafford.

  17. Jose says:

    a decent article in goal on the rooney conondrum.
    “Nothing positive came from Manchester
    United’s trip to Everton – a defeat which
    permitted the Merseysiders a league double
    over United for the first time in 44 years. This
    was the same story as it has been all season.
    They had good possession but were inept when
    it came to finding forward passes and
    conjuring chances. One of the chief reasons
    for their inability to penetrate was Wayne
    He was named as United’s main striker on the
    afternoon but is not capable of leading the
    line. He does not have the discipline or
    intuition to play there. He never has. Danny
    Welbeck, for all his flaws, or Javier Hernandez
    would offer better alternatives to Robin van
    Persie when he is injured.
    Moreover, the position in which Rooney
    fancies himself, as an off-the-shoulder
    playmaker in behind the main striker, suits
    him no better and, instead, shows him up as a
    one-dimensional striker who struggles when
    not playing in a 4-4-2. He repeatedly gave the
    ball away in the Everton half and, often,
    popped up to waste passes in the positions in
    which Juan Mata or Shinji Kagawa would thrive.
    Those two, along with Adnan Januzaj, have
    looked good on the rare occasions they have
    played together. But the £300,000-a-week
    man has become the elephant in the room for
    David Moyes. He is a dressing room ally to
    Moyes, probably due to the fawning
    indulgence the beleaguered manager has
    shown the England man since arriving at the
    club, and under no circumstances will he be
    dropped or even substituted if it can be
    helped. This was evident at Goodison and is a
    fundamental drawback for United.
    It has been another poor season for Rooney.
    He has scored 15 league goals. Aside from his
    consolation against Manchester City in
    September, only his double against Tottenham
    Hotspur in December came against a top-eight
    team. This is a season in which United have
    picked up only seven points against the rest of
    the top eight so Rooney’s goalscoring tally
    stands out. It stands out as an indicator of
    Rooney being the main man at a mid-table
    The odd brace against Aston Villa or blast from
    the halfway line against West Ham will not
    disguise his flaws. Those are not the moments
    United fans will remember. Primarily, they will
    remember the contract renewal. He has
    managed to feather his nest by virtue of a
    sizeable pay rise despite the turmoil which
    engulfs Old Trafford. It is the biggest folly in
    this season of follies.
    Rooney may have decorated matches here and
    there but he has not been a leader – certainly
    not to the extent expected of a man earning
    £90 million. Neither has the 28-year-old been
    the man to turn to when the chips were down.
    Where has he been in the big matches? The
    manner in which he blamed Welbeck for his
    miss against Bayern Munich a fortnight ago
    hinted at his current attitude.
    He remains on course to top United’s all-time
    scoring chart and that will not sit well with
    many fans. Rooney seems to be going through
    the motions and United are tied to him, for
    better and for worse, for another five years.
    He has held the club to ransom twice to better
    his contract. Next up is the captaincy and an
    ambassadorial role. United and England fans
    must surely despair.
    Watching Rooney in action at Euro 2004 was
    frightening. There was an awesome specimen.
    He scored four goals and threatened to win it
    on his own before injury struck. He was, then,
    a much better prospect than Cristiano Ronaldo.
    That individual battle of dedication and
    professionalism has only gone one way. Rooney
    can now be lumped in with Rio Ferdinand,
    Nemanja Vidic, Patrice Evra and Michael
    Carrick – key men for Sir Alex Ferguson but
    who are now labouring from match to match.
    Roy Hodgson will too indulge Rooney in Brazil
    at the World Cup. He will play him at every
    opportunity despite the evidence borne out at
    every international tournament since 2006.
    Rooney has not got the class or the ability to
    lead England through a tournament summer
    just like he can’t lead United when it matters.
    He will go to Brazil on the back of an injury,
    on the back of a 50-plus-game season and into
    the sultry heat and humidity. He will surely
    With Liverpool playing as well as they are -
    boasting Raheem Sterling and Daniel Sturridge
    - Hodgson must realise that even the
    occasional burst of bright, inventive football
    can get him far at a World Cup. It is fitting
    that stodgy old England will go to the World
    Cup with the stodgiest “world class player” of
    them all as their leading man.”

  18. Gary Mitrovic says:

    OAIdiall, if that’s true that is just wrong. Although MUTV has a duty to be positive and a tad biast, it should also be honest enough to let their pundits speak their minds if it’s not in an over the top manner. It’s pure propaganda and reminds of a senile person who refuses to admit they have a problem rather than facing it.

    David May should be aloud to speak his mind and give his honest opinion, rather than lying to himself and the world.

  19. OpikBidin says:

    samuel – united WE stand and all

    we are the ones who underestimate SAF’s influence. A man that can mae Aberdeen above Rangers and Celtic plus defeating big clubs like Real Madrid and the winners Cup, plus bein in the club for 26 years and have rebuild the squad numerous times is a different entity from other managers.

    Yes, Moyes Warrants the place, he also warrants the freedom and an environment with no pressure to force him becoming someone he isn’t

    Dicth all the SAF ways and let Moyes work his own game. Retire and shove out the old guards, the old tactics, the United way, the wingplay, and get him his own gameplan. the fans, the board, SAF should back him.

    All the pundits saying Moyes is out of his depth is bullshit. It is clear what style and tactic he wanted Manchester United perform against Everton. But the force of the old way is too strong. so he kept playing Small at RB, Carr-Fletch as CM, Roo as FW.

    I think the pundits have begun realizing the United way and the oldguards are on the wane. But rather than support Moyes to stamp his own style, they say he is out of depth, Rooney is the best no.10, and other things that essentially slate Moyes. They are blind of the progress Moyes has shown against Everton, and keep banging on Kagawa, Mata, Nani, while not mentioning the real cause.

    They are afraid of criticizing their way of playing under SAF, even it means progress for Moyes, because they just want to protect themselves. If they begin to criticize the real cause, that is when they MUST criticize SAF, and they can’t help themselves to do it, they don’t dare to do it, they are just cowards who choose the easy way of criticizing David Moyes who is beginning to see the light and trying his own football style.

  20. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Gary – if moyes has a break-down then it will be on the glazers. The pressure is too much for the man, the job is too big.. He’s constantly smirking and scratching his head.. Expressions of a nervous man.. Apparently he tried to escape the press-room too, almost as if he wants to hide away under a rock. Moyes works better at a club with a limited budget with less expectation.. The standards are not as high and no one will question is tactical nous. As you’ve pointed out, ultimately people are more concerned about the club and where it is heading.. Not many want to sit by and watch a decline when it can be swiftly rectified now..

    Moyes would be brilliant at newcastle, they have the squad that suit his mentality

  21. OpikBidin says:

    Hearing the commentaries make me sick, saying Kag is useless and can’t defend against Coleman, when essentially no one, even Welb and Roo can defend it, because the real cause is the CM who should fill in and stop the RB on the counter.

    Why do they not see the real cause and the setup? it’s 4231, and with Kag cutting in, the defending of Coleman and Mirallas lies on the holding player(Carr-Fletch) and Buttner. Kag should just defend the other CMs (McCarthy, Barry, Barkley) and not defending the wings.

    Instead we see Carr-Fetch always in the middle and rarely defending, hey, even attacks form the middle directly reach the CBs, but no one criticize that. Roo also isn’t criticized for not being a striker.

    All I hear is Moyes, Kag, Nani

  22. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Samuel, it’s becoming more painful with every week that passes.

    Like I said I thought Moyes couldn’t set United up in any other way against Bayern and the players definitely responded to the occasion, but that was never going to be his real test. We were not expected to beat Bayern and people could accept staying compact and looking to break on their opponent when we were the inferior team, but against the lesser teams back when we’re expected to take the game to them the same problems keep cropping up with no positives to take from any game.

    I would be absolutely amazed if there hasn’t been serious discussions behind the scenes as to whether Moyes should be trusted with a huge transfer kitty and another season in charge. And once the doubts start kicking in within the people that run the club then usually there is no way back.

  23. iamMatty says:

    People dont understand the severity of the shit we have dug ourselves into. Somebody watch that david may analysis on mutv. He was practically hushed out of making an honest opinion on the everton game.
    Its all like the USSR government or something, they would do anything to shove david moyes down our throats and keep him there.
    And some fans think the glazers will wake up someday and just pull the plugs. The glazers are not football men, they dont any ounce of football knowledge in their system, their brain, eyes and hands on football related issues are SAF and SBC.
    The glazers would never go behind those two to make any decision concerning an appointment made by them for fear of risking fan’s anger and disapproval.
    So the more we force those smiles, cheer and sing the moyes songs(all cos thats what saf told us to do), we disarm the glazers and push them more into a tight corner from doing what they must do.
    Look at moyes’ interview, the man never looks in serious threat or pressure for his job. He knows uncle SAF got his back. . .and uncle SAF’s ego will keep in that job for atleast 3years more.
    The more we hold hands and sing the kumbaya, the more the glazers think our priority is giving the manager as much time as possible, and they wount risk a backlash from us or the figure heads of SAF and SBC.

  24. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Opik – the personality of fergie was strong no doubt.. He could generate that authority over players through his credentials and record.. Something has never had and never will. Secondly, with fergie’s departure, a drop in intensity and level was possible and expected.. He is the best manager of all time after-all but not to the point of dropping to 7th and having as good an home record as hull city.. This squad, including its gaping holes, was never a 7th placed side.. 4th at best. Moyes was given the lowest of expectation when he arrived. Continue the youth policy, lay down a playing philosophy, identify the right quality players for the top level, show continious progress and direction, adapt and man manage players at top level.. If you’ve noticed, no title was included in the expectation, other big clubs like madrid would have been livid with such mini expectancy but everyone lowered their view and yet moyes has spectacularly failed, all his expected deficiencies that were ignored in order to give a “good man” a chance has come to fruition.. He has been mercilessly exposed.

    You talk about “let moyes play his own game”… I honestly do not know what everton you’ve watched for the last 11years but moyes method has never changed.. It is organisation, compact, work hard, stifle opposition, get the fullbacks to constantly cross to utilise a target man.. Tim cahill and marouane fellaini have been on the fore-front of that.. He has never played any other way and it is exactly what he brought to united. He knew he had to be more ambitious, he knew tactical limitations would not be tolerated but yet it is clear, he isn’t sophisticated enough to change. Don’t forget, moyes is at the peak of his managerial curve, he is now the complete product, he is not going to divert from what he truly is and that’s a solid premier league mid-table manager.. He had consistency at everton I will give him that but it was nothing special, nothing to catch the eye of the world game.. The idea that somehow he has more tricks under his sleeves is clutching at straws.

    Yes fergie had a certain way of playing which was ingrained into the club under his tenure but he has left and his influence on the playing side goes. David moyes has been handed all the keys, even given money to squander on players.. No one has controlled his mind, your idea us plain theory but if you are right and it does get swayed by media/fans then he is clearly weak and lacks belief in his own ability (because he knows he hasn’t got the assuredness to crawl out od his mess). At the end of the day, your defence of him is commendable, you can blame all the players who are grade A winners and have reached levels moyes can only dream of but the club mirrors the manager it has and so does the team. Manchester united as of now look lost, dazed, clueless and going backwards… Moyes will account for such mediocrity.. In the history of the game, the manager will always bear the brunt, whether you accept or not.

  25. iamMatty says:

    Used to think david moyes was a good man like everyone, but honestly now i just think he’s the greatest conman in the history of the EPL.
    Good men dont get paid in the excess of 5million per annum for being incompetent in a job.
    Good men dont con a million fans into believing a championship winning team needs 200million to make the top4.
    Good men dont cowardly apportion blames to everybody but themselves. And this is where the man’s craftiness comes into play. He knows if he directly says the players are not good enough, that the fans wount buy that, so what does he do? he first claims that he need 6players(more than half a team) to win the champions league. He blames the epl fixture list like a man that was giving a table spoon to a gun fight. He says the united job was harder than he thought, like he just discovered that all the laurels our players won was overexagerated. But when i finally caught on was when he finally claimed that “even SAF would struggle with this team”. Oh the balls on moyes!!! He wants me to believe that the same SAF that walked the league with a 65million less quality version of this side only 7months ago would also have us in 7th like he himself has done?
    He then tries to take credit for martinez achievements with everton this year? Martinez answered by debunking his claims on been handed an ageing squad, even highlighting the fact that second placed chelsea has a worse squad than us.
    I maybe be wrong, but my gut feeling is that we’re been conned by an expert trickstar who would do and say anything to cover up his inadequacies.

  26. MrC says:

    Has he gone yet?

  27. Redfrog says:

    I don’t know why Nani is slated so much. Rooney had a mare and is no fit to be a leading striker : welb or chicha would have been much better in that role. Nani had an all right start I think and was linking up with Mata, Kag well, even if he lost the ball from time to time. Nani’s only weakness is not to press enough while losing the ball or not in possession.

  28. Redfrog says:

    @IamMatty. Spot on about Chelsea squad. I think our squad is better in depth and quality compared to them. Just look at their strikers…

  29. Marko Maric says:

    “That’s the worst I’ve seen from them over 90 minutes,” Carragher told Sky Sports after the game.

    “When I played it was total dominance from Manchester United. I’m looking at this team and wondering why they didn’t play like that when I was playing.

    “Shinji Kagawa on the left wing must wonder what this English football is all about. Nobody seems to know what’s going on on the pitch or in the dug-out.

    “You can’t see what the plan is, what they’re trying to do.”

    You can like him or not, but he is right!

  30. Mark Reid says:

    Hey ya all the morning after ugh it wasn’t a nightmare after all.Awful performance,terrible coaching,time to fly the banner again it seemed to perk to team up if only temporary this time I’d stick Captain underwhelmings name on it.

  31. trevor knightsmith says:

    Just taken from the BBC website:

    ” Major news from the Premier League where a number of national newspapers in the last few minutes are reporting that David Moyes is to be sacked by Manchester United after a poor season. “

  32. Big Vex says:

    So glad he is leaving. Been one of the worst seasons in the clubs history without a doubt and I think we all want to draw a line under it.


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