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LIVE AUDIO BLOG: West Ham United vs Manchester United

Today Republik Of Mancunia is trialling Fandio, a cutting-edge interactive audio broadcast of the game, where fans can experience the live match together. The audio broadcast will commence at 16.45pm UK time once the chat room opens.

There are several ways to get involved;

a. Click on the link above which takes you directly to the chat room, and you can simply sit back and enjoy the live audio broadcast. So basically instead of being subjected to Michael Owen’s monotone reflections, you can listen to the miscellaneous Mancunian musings of @JonathanShrager and @SergeFagelman plus several other Reds before, during and after the game, as they dissect and evaluate United’s performance.

You’ll also be able to view participants’ text chat within the chat room as it unfolds during the game.

b. Options b. requires you to sign up on Fandio, a very quick and simple process. This will enable you to actively participate, either via contributing text chat, or via being invited to partake in the audio broadcast. You may be added to talk at any point during the broadcast, pre-match, during the game, half-time or at full-time. Please note that in order to speak on the live commentary, you’ll need to be using Chrome as a browser (you can listen, and participate in text chat using any browser though.)

So, we look forward to interacting with all you fellow Reds from around the globe. Please bear in mind that this is the first time we’ll be using Fandio, so be patient Reds.

Viva David Moyes, and let’s secure our second consecutive victory heading into Tuesday’s derby.



  1. Blacksocks says:

    Tony V cannot play right back – remember the city game earlier this season.

    Carrick would not get in the Chelski, Liverpool, City or Arsenal teams, so why does he play for us? He’s been great the last few years granted but his lack of mobility means that against the best teams the match tends to pass him by.

    I stand by what I posted, all those players I listed would not be considered by our biggest rivals. So why then are they good enough for us?

  2. wayne barker says:

    Smalling started at RB against City?,Tony V has played plenty of games at full back under Sir Alex so is quite capable of doing a job if needed.Anyway think you’re missing the whole point didn’t say either would be guaranteed starters i said i’m sure both will accept lesser roles so you’re not even reading my comment properly and yes both Tony V and Carrick would make the first team squad of all the teams you mentioned.

  3. Fletch™ says:

    Our problem for the last several years is that we can’t have a string of games with 2 fit CBs.
    We simply have to get in 2 quality CBs, Keane and Thorpe could do, but they have to stay for the year, not go on loan. Fact Rio plays one game than is crocked with his back says it all and has done for past 3 years.

    Vidic suspension a travesty as well.

    Smalling and Evans if fit, but hardly match fit.
    Expecting Jones and Carrick again.

  4. wayne barker says:

    Fletch think Smalling is out for a month or so

  5. Fletch™ says:


    Moyes takes p*ss v WestHam:

    Considered putting 5’9″ Patrice Evra at CB because of injuries to all 4 1st choice CBs!


    We’re Man United! We’ll play who we want ! :twisted:

  6. Fletch™ says:

    I know son. That’s why I said “hardly match fit”

    But Smalling on crutches >>>> Evra at CB

    Thorpe back from his head cold? Moyes would probably be sacked but would love to win w a reserve CB! :lol:

  7. gra mar says:

    The Fellaini stamp is bullshit. It was a legitimate attempt to go for a 50/50 ball. He caught Tompkins and the ref was right there and didn’t even give a foul. No malice or dangerous play. A simple footballing incident.

    Allardyce is full fo shit. Pissed off no doubt that Andy Carroll didn’t get a sniff because Fellaini had him in his pocket. Claiming fouls in the lead up to both goals and now this. He’s trying to take attention away from the fact that they played shit. Potato head tosser.

  8. wayne barker says:

    Vidic was one game wasn’t it? he should be back tomorrow

  9. Gary Mitrovic says:

    While tomorrow’s result is irelivent in the grand scheme of things, we will of course still want to throw a spanner in the works for City and finish the season strongly. If we do lose (which I think we probably will) at least it’s a kick in the teeth for Liverpool. I could not stand to see that scouse cunts win the title above anybody else. The thing is the scousers have the momentum and the easiest run in. Anyone but them pricks

  10. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Vidic is still suspended for tomorrow.

  11. wayne barker says:

    Gary i really don’t want any of the 3 cunts to win,i guess bullet to the head i’d say Rent Boys but even as i write it can’t believe i’m saying it,just fucking hate all 3
    Have give Mata credit could’ve easily stayed at the Rent Boys till the end of the season and maybe collected a medal,he came to us knowing he’d not be winning anything

  12. wayne barker says:

    k reading online saying Vidic was available must be wrong then

  13. Mark Reid says:

    @Blacksocks could be not sure hope so.Theres a lot of young lads I forget about not seeing them or reding about them on a regular basis I should try to keep up more on that.

  14. wayne barker says:

    Well if reports are true the Kroo’s negotiations broke down again Bayern are balking at paying him 150k.Might be wrong here but the nucleus of the Bayern squad has been together for a while,when contracts come up for extension think Bayern are going to run into problems unless they start paying wages like every other big team.Let’s face it how enjoyable can it be for a player to continue winning a non competitive German league every season especially if the wages aren’t that great,Bayern unbeaten in 50 odd games 23 pts clear,can rest half the side before CL games and still win easy,you’d think these players would want to test themselves.

  15. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Wayne, well idealy out of the three I’d also rather Chelsea won it. I hate all of them as well, but Liverpool is just a no no. I literally can not stand that club with their self pity fans and constant victim mentality.

  16. gra mar says:

    I was hoping Arsenal would win so it wouldn’t be one of the other 3 but they have completely capitulated again. Liverpool is an obvious no. I’d hate to see Chelsea win it and have Mourinho gloating about winning it the first season he came back. That leaves city and no-one wants city
    although having spent so much money and having bought their success it seems to hurt less.
    Fuck Arsenal anyway. I wouldn’t have given a shit if Wengre won it but the rest? Fuck me.
    I’d have to go for Chelsea if I was forced to pick one.

  17. tallestreD says:

    I would prefer ManCity won it because the rest would be a lot worse.

  18. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Yea I too was hoping for Arsenal, but I never really thought they could last the pace with their small squad. In my opinion Wenger has over achieved to have them in the rece up until the weekend. I couldn’t stand Wenger at first, but over the years I like most have come to respect him for what he’s done in the game and his loyalty to Arsenal. Rent boys it is for the title then, not for one second to like them, but it’s an obvious choice out of the three remaining.

  19. wayne barker says:

    Don’t want City to win anything their owners are fucking dictators every human rights organization’s have lodged major concerns about the country.These people imprision,torture and kill people bring in migrant workers as slave labor
    These fuckers are criminals it’s disgusting their allowed to own a team,should be in jail

  20. Fletch™ says:

    Vidic can’t overturn an incorrect red, but both Gibbs and the Ox get off without a ban?

    Where is the justice!

  21. 20LEgend says:

    Totally agree with Fletch. Once we have a settled centreback pairing who can understand each other, then more than half of our problems would be solved. The amount of points dropped this season due to individual defense errors and lack of understanding has been way too much.

    I personally feel that Smalling – Evans is the best combination we have right now. One provides muscle, aerial domination while the other provides reading of the game and organisation of the defence. And both of them are alert to danger and have pace in plenty. I have high hopes for Jones but for now i think he should be rotated and allowed to slowly grow in his natural position until he is ready to start games for us

  22. Gary Mitrovic says:

    There is so much blood money involved in football today makes it impossible to feel the same I used to about football. Like I said before, the decision to hold the World Cup in Qatar is just plain fucking wrong and the corruption to award them the World Cup almost laughable. Nearly 200 workers drafted in from Nepal have been worked to death while living in squalor and earning next to nothing. So when it comes around everyone will just carry in like normal and enjoy the World Cup while the same pricks who awarded them the World Cup for a healthier bank balance will turn up in their comfy seats in the stadiums to enjoy the spectacle. Makes me fucking sick. FIFA are a bunch of criminals.

  23. 20LEgend says:

    As for people questioning Moyes about Kagawa, the main reason Moyes hasnt used Kagawa much this season is Evra. The guy’s defensive nous and awareness have deteriorated at an alarming rate and it is suicidal to use Kagawa on the left as it would leave that side of ours totally exposed.

    Moyes knew this. Thats why he made signing a leftback the topmost priority last summer. Why wouldnt any manager in the world not want to use a player of the calibre of Kagawa? A lot of us were bemused as to why he wasnt after a central midfielder, but he knew that the leftback position was in more urgent need of fixing.

    But the transfer market was a bust. Hence the continual use of Ashley Young out there. And whenever Januzaj or Welbeck were played there, they were instructed to track back more than they wouldve liked. And the central midfield was asked to drop too deep. All because we cant depend on our talismatic leftback anymore.

    If you notice, he started Kagawa in the one match where we were actually playing a leftback who has pace and can run back, and we had two deep lying central midfielders who are good at running around and covering. He even instructed Buttner not to go on his trademark runs down the left hand side.

    As far as i can see it, the only way we can use Kagawa and Mata in the same team, is if we have a solid leftback to compliment Rafael on the other side, and/or a very mobile, strong and defensively aware pair of central midfielders. Otherwise it would be detrimental to our own team.

  24. 20LEgend says:

    And thats why the signing of William Carvalho (if its true) makes all the more immense sense to me.

  25. NefariousVirtuoso88 says:

    The central midfield is deep because Michael Carrick doesn’t possess a set of testicles. Its always Michael Carrick dragging the team back by playing as a third central defender. Leaving his midfield partner against two or three opponents. Their central midfielders can just waltz into space. This guy is cancer thats why our best form this season was when he was out of the team.

    I dont care who wins the Premier League as long as its not Liverpool.

  26. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    Gary Mitrovic – tomorrow’s game will see what team he plays tomorrow, did the win finally see Moyes see the light, and play a system that best suits the players. If he goes back to the typical tactics that have plagued united all season long, its back to the drawing board

  27. wayne barker says:

    20LEgend a link to Buttner’s comments,the lad’s full of confidence,hope he continue’s to prove some fans wrong

  28. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Something tells me Moyes will go ahead and start Giggs in midfield simply because he played well against fucking Olympiakos. I just hope to God that Moyes has the brain to realize that City’s midfield is FAR from Olympiakos. PLEASE DAVID don’t be tempted. Start Carrick and Fletcher/Fellaini in the middle tomorrow.

    Honestly of late Evra has been pure dogshit tracking back. Might as well give Buttner some more game time to get him ready for the nightmare he will face with Robben. He was decent against West Ham. Maybe he’s catching on after all. STILL need a big time LB in the summer window.

    Front four should be Mata, Rooney, Welbeck and Kagawa/Adnan. Nani coming off the bench for reinforcements in the second half.

    I’m not as pumped for this game as I thought I would be when I saw the fixture at the beginning of the year. Plus If City beat us, it will go a good way to denying Liverpool a chance at the title which I very much want to happen so either way I just hope we put in a passionate performance but i’m not as invested in the result as I was before. If we win, fantastic we get one over those bastards but if we lose then tough luck. I’m already used to the feeling of getting tonked at home anyways. Just want to see some urgency.

  29. WeAreUnitedd says:

    ALso Imagine instead of Ahsley Young, we put the oyung Januzaj who’s also a future #10 and can co-operate with those 2 geniuses OR the ever growing Danny Welbeck who has shown his true colours and has grown into heights or the forgotten man the ballon do’r nominee once player of the season Luis Nani who also can play that #10 role and usually loves playing with 1 -2 touches and interchange

    Maybe just maybe the days are ahead of us. Tomorrow/today it could be different and we could try something else, but I highly doubt that Moyes did not see how wel lthey worked and though the same thing

    IT is like God gave us Januzaj right in time, just as we maybe will evolve our football IF Moyes gets it, and Januzaj will lead the troop after 2-3 years like the likes of best robson charlton giggsy scholesy ronaldo did!

    CMON DAVID MOYES AND PLAY LIKE YOUR OWN BOYS! don’t fuck this up, make decisions and understand that you have found the way to play, with 2-3 tweaks, we are suddenly a force to reckon!

    peace and good night

    for the first time this season a STRONG BELIEVE

  30. WeAreUnitedd says:


    before I go nighty nighty

    Fellaini is coming well, and could wel lfit in, BUT this does not mean that he could be our first choice if we get the likes of carvalho etc, BUT hats off if he does! kudos where it’s due

    now peace. BELIEVE

  31. 20LEgend says:

    @ Wayne

    Dunno about others but i have hopes for buttner. I remember how terrible Evra was when he first came here. He went on to become the best leftback in the world. Evra attributed it all to culture shock andddifference in the way the game is played in the premier league. Buttner has the same problems. I really hope he can prove his doubters wrong.

  32. 20LEgend says:

    @ Weareunitedd

    I don’t think replacing Young with Januzaj or Welbeck will be helpful. Neither of those two help out defensively and most importantly, neither of them remain out wide and offer us the other option of and out-ball. Its highly essential that we dont become narrow. Sure our fullbacks provide width but theyll be given so much license to go forward only if our midfield is strengthened or if we get an upgrade over Evra.

    So for me right now, the ideal man to replace Young is Nani. He has all the attributes required and is more defensively aware than before. Lets just hope he can rise to the level thats expected of him.

  33. The_red_devils says:

    20 legend
    i don’t quite agree about replacing young with januzaj/welbeck isn’t helpful. A attacker should be first and foremost selected on the basis of his attacking qualities, defending should come as added bonus. Young might help defensively but when it comes to attacking, which is his primary job, he won’t offer much. We select attacker for his defending and expect jones, evra etc to attack? We don’t need to play out and out winger to provide width. Playing narrow through the center should be the way forward.
    Also what you said about welbeck isn’t true. Welbeck helps defensively more than young. And nani likes to play narrow, more as inside winger than out and out winger.

  34. samuel - united WE stand says:

    People laid into bebe at the start.. Neglecting the fact that due to his circumstances and footballing development needed time.. He has the talent but lacked all the training which is usually required from a much younger age.. He was thrown into the deep end far too quick and that blame lays on united. The pathetic clueless british media and mainly clowns were all over him, mocking and pointing. Bebe accepted that he did slack off and perhaps didn’t show the right mentality at first

    He has however galvanised his career now and has been consistent at paco de ferrierra in portugal, he has been one of the best players plying their trade in portugal that isn’t playing for benfica, sporting or porto… I think he could push on, whether he stands a chance at united remains to be seen.. United have endured the dreadful ashley young for the duration of his contract, why not give bebe another chance.

  35. ashtheking says:


    I said the exact same thing yesterday. Bebe has done a commendable job. The way British media bashed Bebe saying he doesn’t deserve to play football . I think he may be a late developer. Remember drogba, he was shit till 24 but he changed his career and developed late. Bebe is 23 and is doing a fine job. If he does become a success at united then my god that will be a story to get inspired for many people, but I feel even if he becomes a success at Portuguese football and represents his country one day then also he should be lauded. He deserves a big time apology from British media.


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