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LIVE BLOG: A-League All Stars 1-5 United FT

Minute by minute action for Manchester United’s friendly game against the A-League All Stars in Sydney.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. WeAreUnited says:

    @samuel 12:02

    you brought every player up whom Iwanted to mention. and spot on, on your review about Welbz and other upcoming players . they sjust will need their chances and truly hope we sign an extension to all those you mentioned and tell them they are impoirtant for the future.

    I think if Rooney leaves, it could be a blessing in disguise for Welbz and Chicha and also the likes of Januzaj etc not to mention we have Kagawa aswell.

    All under 25 or turned 25.

    Kagawa, Chicha, Jones, Smalling Clevs, Welbs, Rafael, Fabio, Powell, Zaha, Januzaj, Lingard, Keane brothers, Henriquez, Larnell Cole, Varela.

  2. CJ7 says:

    RVP man of the match…chosen by the fans…lol…my choice…Lingard

  3. Red Robin says:

    Well, shouldn’t get carried away, but the youngest team we can throw in a game:





  4. WeAreUnited says:


    did you guys notice, how our youth reall ywanted to impress themselves today? you can see them wanting to play for the shirt. I love that!

    lets hope everyone will ge ttheir chances, it’s nto easy at United, but if you’re good enough you will play. and the best thing is Giggsy is now a coach also so he sees players from another perspective.

    CLASSIC fro Moyes yelling to Lingard “score that third”, gotta say, fro mal lthe players, Lingard was STUNNIGN 10/10

  5. ♛Real Vida♛ says:

    It turned out to be a pretty interesting game at the end. good job lads.

  6. Costas says:

    All about fitness at this point. And thata’s The Truth. :)


    That’s true. Not one dimensional. 2 of them are also built very well for their age and hopefully Adnan will beef up a bit in the coming years. Very happy for all 3 of them so far in the tour. Hope they will carry this form when the real games arrive. Not at once of course. It will take time.

    Also, happy to see Welbeck keep plugging away. I don’t care about his 2 goals. It’s the attitude that matters.

  7. Proverb says:

    The man of the match award should be going to lingard or tom clevz

    Van persie? For some other reasons maybe?
    Happy for him though fans acknowledging his importance and that privilege of wearing a man utd captains armband

  8. Red Robin says:


    Amos, Powell, Henriquez, Larnell Cole, Varela.

  9. mezza says:

    Brilliant performance by the future of United. Zaha and Lingard… i mean those kids gonna be the best in the world under Moyes.

    Commentator cought up with Van Persie right after the final whistle with this question-

    “Would you like to see your former teammate Fabregas join Manchester United?”

    Van Persie with a big smile on his face and no hesitation “Yes, ofcouse! “

  10. WeAreUnited says:


    that’s the TRUTH indeed :P great pick.

  11. Warringtonred says:

    Cleverly’s only problem was Kevin the hatchet Davies putting him out for almost an entire season. Nothing much was made of that challenge but it was brutal from behind and didn’t even warrant a yellow. Minutes later he went through Evra and was booked. Before the game, Davies and Robinson both made quotes about teaching Uniteds young players a lesson. Cleverley got one that day but looks stronger for it. England fans wonder why he gets picked over Barry and Parker etc and as Sam UWS said it’s because of his possession and keeping things short and ticking over. Not things England fans are used to.

  12. CJ7 says:

    Noticed that too…from the first minute till the last…really good interplay…Zaha, Lingard, Janazuj, Wellbeck…all played with great intensity. I know its just preseason…but this is first game in preseason where the youngsters really grabbed their oppurtunity.

  13. WeAreUnited says:


    yeah, and we need that because this is how the team goes forward, when every palyer wants to become the best in the world and impress.

    btw I wanted Thiago to come here, but I think we have our own Thiago on our hands, Januzaj! amazing palyer , he seems liek does not care at all what happens around him, he just plays and plays very well.

  14. Dan-young says:

    whoever it was that said cleverly is nothing more then a squad player .. he just pissed all over that! he played 3 different midfield positions today and played a huge part throughout for the victory

  15. Diego says:

    Dan-young says:
    As much as Cleverley played a decent game take into account that we just played against a team assembled particularly for this fixture, the players hadn’t played with each other and these weren’t even the Aussie league’s best players. I was much more impressed with the young players making their first appearances for the club.

  16. Costas says:


    Watch how he will bitch about the fact that we didn’t win 10-1 today.

  17. CJ7 says:

    Agree…just hope oppurtunities wont dry up after preseason…in sayin that Moyes seems like a manager that want to give every player a fair chance and doesnt seems scare to use a player who impresses…no matter his age…

  18. WeAreUnited says:

    @CJ7 been saying for a while history will repeat itself, maybe not with 11 young players starting the game but still.

    @costas , you now what, he might be right, we should have won this 10-1 :P so many chances. I don’t know how to take that lad, I am just trying not to communicate with him then I will avoid stress :D

  19. Dela says:

    Wasn’t gonna watch the game today but happy I did, nice to see the young lads being brought on. Good result, though I won’t put too much weight into it, pre-season tells you very little if anything about how players will be against constant top level opponents. Pre-season is just for commercial and fitness reasons. That said, decent game to watch.

  20. WeAreUnited says:

    @dela haven’t seen you here for a while or I myself haven’t been here that much.

    I agree that pre-season is more of a fitness test commercial and basically that’s it.
    but for the likes of youth and those that had a disappointed last season, it’s also a time to impress and gain that confidence back. And I say it as a ex-footballer.

    anyway as you said, nothing to put weight on it. only for the youth. peace.

  21. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    The opposition was poor and cobbled together. 4sho. Their defence was all over the place.

    But it was a perfect pre-season game and great run out for the lads. Also what an opportunity to see some of the younger players.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but today Lingard reminded me of a young Rooney, that second goal he scored is the type that Rooney would score and still can, but his pace, touch and movement, link up play, were a joy to watch. Also mentally unfazed. You could see the talent at youth level and its early days to put pressure on the lad but boy, can he be an exciting player…one to watch 4sho, he should get a run in the Carling Cup minimum. Shouldn’t Pea be back?

    Zaha continues where he left of from Palace, he was the star of the Championship, used to being the big man, and its good to see him playing with freedom, control and decisiveness. His decision making I thought was quick and good, some great crosses!!! Great movement. Looked at home. Compare Oberton. Finally. Looks a player and being in the Championship he has been double teamed and roughed up more than he would be in the EPL, but tested against technically better full backs and defenders we will really see what he can do. I would love to see him v Cole for Chelsea game but doubt he will start that.

    As someone said – Januzaj our Thiago…could be – he needs to sign that contract now. Was a bit worried when Woodward said they were not looking at any contracts as his agent was hoping they would sign a new one before SAF left, he put the delay down to SAF retirement but United need to move to keep this player, early days 4sho, but how many player start in the first team like that after being the cream of the reserves. Moyes sign him up fast! Before we get someone sniffing round turning his agents head and on his performances that won’t take long.

    Welbeck will be a star for United, some of his build up play and positioning are just ridiculously good. The composure in front of goals must come. If the guy can pick a pass in a tight corner and play quick one touch footie under pressure he can find the back of a big wide net. Just a mental thing now. This should help, you could see his expression was more relief than joy when he scored.

    Good game. Entertaining. Now for Japan madness with Kagwa. It is also impressive the impact RVP has had in such a short time, top shirt seller last year, knocked Rooney off top spot there by a distance, also Kagwa shifts loads, now the reaction in Australia he is bigger than I thought 4sho. What’s surprising is how for a former Arsenal player and captain it kind of feels like he’s come home.

    How nice is it not to talk about Rooney.

  22. rymo says:

    It was great to see zaha play 90 minutes what a trust moyes has on this guy hope more reserve players the likes of powell and friends will have the same opportunity

  23. matt says:

    Was fucken great to see the boys live again, its been 16 years since I saw them last. Nothing made my night more than sitting with my Arsenal supporting mate who was stoked when RVP muffed that 1 on 1 with the keeper and let all the United supporters know it too, only for RVP to put it in the net about 10 seconds later. By the way, I dunno if you could hear it on the TV but fuck me, the United supporters spent the entire game singing the 12 Cantonas.. I loved every second of it.

  24. TheCANTONA says:

    Dan-young says:
    As much as Cleverley played a decent game take into account that we just played against a team assembled particularly for this fixture, the players hadn’t played with each other and these weren’t even the Aussie league’s best players. I was much more impressed with the young players making their first appearances for the club.

    err, it was clev who partnered carrick in all of our big games last season.

  25. zigoo says:

    clev played well but it was against a pub team tbh..

  26. izac is red says:

    great game! here is hoping the young lads get a sniff of first team football next season basing on today’s performance. tbh I am more impressed with zaha and januzaj although lingard is also a gem


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