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LIVE BLOG: AIK vs United

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:22

That’s it from me this evening. Thanks for tuning in, I hope you enjoyed the coverage.

If you want to hear more from myself, follow me on Twitter: @Shaun_Payne_7 – and don’t forget to continue reading the Republik of Mancunia blog.

Thanks all and enjoy the evening.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:21

Nani, Anderson, Henriquez all stood out.

Vidic also very solid. Bebe with a very promising cameo. Options for Moyes when he finally has the whole side back together.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:20

Lively spells in the second half for the boys in Red – a good workout for the squad ahead of of the Community Shield at Wembley this Sunday.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:20

FULL-TIME: 1-1 – the whistle is blown.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:19

Van Persie good work on the edge of the area, out to Bebe on the left, but his cross again hammered out.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:19

Freekick deep in United’s half to the Reds. 30 seconds remaining

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:18

91′ – AIK play it through the defence but Smalling snuffs out the danger.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:18

The home side have the ball and play it across the back.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:17

Away but back out to Bebe and fired back in but headed away. Back in from Carrick but the keeper collects.

2 minutes added time to play.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:17

Bebe takes the corner.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:16

About to come into the final minute. Bebe crosses, away fro a corner.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:16

88′ – Ball in to Van Persie from Bebe again on the left.

It’s a great chance. Headed straight at the goalkeeper. Positive again from the Portuguese.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:15

Corner for the home side.

Met with a header wide.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:14

86′ – Bebe offside. Ball through from Henriquez.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:13

Bebe pulls a ball accross the box but there’s nobody on the end of it. Good ball from him.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:13

Evra loses the ball in midfield but adjudged to have been fouled.

Immediately played through to Welbeck who cant control the aerial ball. If he controls, he’s in.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:12

5 minutes left, still 1-1.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:11

Anderson has also worked very hard tonight. Perhaps another relishing the chance to show the new manager that he is capable of starting in this side.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:10

Henriquez very much being looked for by United every time we’re on the ball in the final third.

Great that the side are showing great confidence in his ability to make something happen.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:09

82′ – Bebe looking lively and very confident. Receives the ball on the left, teases the full-back.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:09

Welbeck trying to create an opening. Bebe crosses to Henriquez who spark a goalmouth scramble, Anderson can;t convert.

Great initial ball in from the Portuguese winger.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:07

10 minutes remaining in the Friends Arena.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:06

78′ – clash of heads with Vidic. The Serb comes off the better, the AIK striker looks less enthused.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:05

SUB: Welbeck has also come on replacing Zaha.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:05

Bebe has moved over to the left side of midfield.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:05

77′ – SUB for United. Giggs comes off with a rapturous reception from the home crowd and is replaced by Bebe.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:04

76′ – Van Persie meets the corner, just passed the post with his glancing header at the near post. May have done better, but did well to escape his marker.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:03

Another change from AIK before the corner is taken. Another Swedish teenager enters the field.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:03

75′ – corner for United. Giggs attempts to volley over the keeper. Blocked.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:02

75′ – United crowd out a the lone striker of AIK.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:02

More pressure being applied by United.

Jones and Bebe being readied to come on. Rafael looks a little uncomfortable.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:01

Evra crosses into Henriquez, out from the home side.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:01

Sub for the home side again, they bring on a 17 year old Swedish midfielder.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:00

Amos hasn’t had much to do since coming on, aside from picking the ball out of his net from an unstoppable strike.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201320:00

72′ – AIK probing again. Smalling ushers the ball out for an Amos goal-kick.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:59

Dangerous cross into AIK striker Kamara but Smalling beats him to it and nods it away.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:59

Attendance: 30,012 read out by the stadium announcer.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:58

70′ – Giggs delivers, the header is met by Vidic again but he couldnt keep the ball down and it’s well over for a goal kick.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:57

Evra pours forward and hits one from the edge of the area. Blocked, corner for the away side.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:57

United still looking to score, another magnificent bit of skill from RVP puts Henriquez in who has the ball caught under his feet and is eventually met with the keeper.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:56

68′ – 1-1 – good spell from United.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:55

Henriquez, who has looked fantastic since coming on bags a poachers goal from Zaha’s cross across the box in the air. Left footed aerial tap-in.

Great for the young lad.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:55

GOAL !!!!! 1-1

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:55

Birthday boy Van Persie fires into the wall.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:54

Henriquez with a great turn on the edge of the area. Brought down. FREEKICK for United. Van Persie lining up.

66 mins gone.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:53

65′ – Rafael through to Henriquez, collected by the keeper.

An injection of energy in this last 5 minutes from United.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:53

Regarding the penalty – the GK looked to have got the ball. Seen them given.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:52

64′ – offside Henriquez again. Looks a poor decision from the assistant referee.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:52

More play in the AIK box from United, Henriquez bought down, no penalty given.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:52

Giggs through to RVP who shows some great skill to pass with an outside drag-back through to an offside Zaha.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:51

The crowd making some more noise now. Plenty of Reds in attendance.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:50

62′ – Henriquez offside. Looks to have a good eye for a run like Javier Hernandez.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:49

Moyes also out on the touchline barking advice and encouragement.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:49

Welbeck warming up on the touchline.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:49

61′ – Rafael forward, Zaha overlaps and crossed to RVP but the big defender for AIK heads away. Reds maintain possession.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:47

Bit of space as Giggs is given the ball in the box, blocked. Fired back in from the Welshman, but the keeper again collects after it bounces. Good pressure.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:47

Decent effort from the edge of the right of AIK’s area from Henriquez, it’s just blazed over.

He’s working hard and looking to take his chance to impress. He hasn’t looked out of place thus far.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:46

SUBS for AIK being made here. Two changes.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:45

57′ – United are trying to get at the AIK defence, eventually out for a throw.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:44

56′ – Giggs crosses on the left into Henriquez but the keeper just collects ahead of the Chilean’s reach.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:44

More threaded passes on the edge of United’s area but they’re matched with red shirts.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:43

Giggs’ chip forward to RVP headed away. AIK move forward again. A burst of pace on the right eventually met with Vidic to clear.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:43

55′ – Good work on the left to retain the ball by Henriquez again on the left as United look to probe again.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:42

It’s a powerful effort to Amos’ right, it has dip and swerve but just goes wide. Unlucky.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:42

54′ – dangerous freekick for AIK on the edge of the United area. They’re lining up to take this.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:41

3 subs left for United – Bebe, Jones and Welbeck all awaiting their chance.

Let’s hope they won’t be forced changes.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:41

Corner and Vidic heads into the ground at the near post, it just bounces over, clipping the top of the bar on the way out. Very good effort from the Serbian.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:40

Henriquez meanwhile has forced a corner. 52 minutes gone.

Smalling will finally come on as Evans gives in. He’s wincing as he limps off.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:39

Evans looks uncomfortable but signalling to the bench for another minute. Smalling sits back down.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:39

Goal kick to the home side, Rafael poured forward.

Evans is limping off, a possible thigh or hamstring injury. It doesn’t look serious but no risks will want to be taken.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:38

The home side are pouring forward again, a great fast passing move but it just trickles into Amos’ grasp.

Evans looks to be struggling with a knock. Smalling being readied.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:37

It really was a fantastic finish. United respond with a half attempt from the kickoff.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:36

It’s a world class goal from AIK, intricate front line movement and passing and their number 15 curls one in to Amos’ top left hand corner. No chance.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:35

GOAL!!! 1-0 AIK

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:35

47 – throw in deep in the AIK half for the home side. A tentative start from both sides.

‘Oh Robin Van Persie’ chants can be heard in sections of the crowd.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:33

AIK have also removed their top goalscorer this season (they’re midway through their league).

No outfield changes for United.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:33

Seconds in and a heavy challenge on the halfway line from Evra. Freekick.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:32

AIK have also made a change in goal.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:32

Teams out for the second half.

Ben Amos is replacing Anders Lindegaard in goal for the Reds.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:27

Nani’s first half highlights being shown – backheels, runs, incisive passing. Looks like a new lease of life for the Portuguese.

Let’s hope for United’s sake he finds some consistency this season. When he finds it, he’s a potential world beater, but as we know, when he’s not, he can be very frustrating.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:26

A star from the United ’99 Treble winning side, Jesper Blomqvist is a guest on MUTV for this one.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:21

Time for a brew for all – we’ll be back shortly ahead of the second half.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:19

It’ll be interesting to see if Moyes tinkers with the team at half-time.

The home side have caused United problems.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:18

No surprise that Nani is not risked ahead of the new season. If he begins the new campaign looking as lively as he did tonight, it’ll be no time until he’s firing.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:17

Whistle blown for half-time. Good half from both sides, Nani sadly off after a lively performance.

0-0 at the break.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:16

United just keeping the ball.

An attempt to play through to RVP called offside.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:16

Approaching half-time now. Moyes parading the touchline, hands on hips.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:15

Ball over the top to Zaha who has popped up on the left, plays it in but easily cleared again from the AIK defence.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:14

Corner away, but United keep the ball.

Rafael tries to cross but it’s blocked

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:13

42 – Corner for United

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:13

Very open game so far. Both sides have looked threatening. The home side have had the better of the chances.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:12

Ball is popped out to the left and some audacious step-overs from AIK’s number 9 beats Carrick but it’s blazed over

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:11

It didn’t look offside from Henriquez. Great control from him

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:11

6 minutes until the break

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:10

Giggs’ corner is deep and Rafael picks it up, gives to Carrick who plays a sublime ball over the top to Henriquez who controls but is adjudged offside.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:10

Van Persie forces a corner

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:09

Seems like Henriquez will play wide left support RVP with Zaha.

Good early run from him but no joy in escaping from the full-back

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:08

Zaha back on the right tries to cross but its cut out and cleared. AIK playing the ball across midfield.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:08

More fantastic interchange up top for AIK but the chance is hit well over. The home side certainly looking dangerous. United need to be wary.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:07

Corner to AIK – danger cleared but AIK retain possession

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:06

Intricate play in United’s box from AIK and their number 21 hammers it from close range at the near post straight into Lindegaard who made himself big.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:06

Henriquez seems to be playing close to RVP, formation not very clear at present

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:05

33 mins gone now – United looking to get forward

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:04

Zaha looks to have popped up on the left hand side for now.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:04

Good chance for Angelo Henriquez, the young Chilean striker. With Rooney’s future in doubt, striking options will be welcomed by all.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:03

Disappointing for Nani who has put in an encouraging shift.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:02

Sub for United: Nani off, Henriquez is on.

Seems to have picked up a knock

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:02

Effort from AIK from the edge of the area. Well over

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:00

Freekick away and United break, AIK manage to clear the danger.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201319:00

Dangerous freekick for AIK. Moyes & Neville look unhappy on the bench.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:59

Challenge from Rafael draws a foul.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:59

A fantastic long through ball from Giggs to Nani, but the defender intercepts

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:58

27′ – the home crowd have come alive a little. Still slightly tentative from both teams. A good contest so far

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:57

CHANCE! A fantastic ball through the defence and AIK beat Rafael to the ball, forcing a strong save from Lindegaard

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:56

24′ – Reds pressing higher up the field

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:55

Smart pass in midfield from Carrick to Giggs who runs at the defence, throw-in

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:55

United looking very positive in our wing play, with Nani particularly looking for the ball as often as possible.

Anderson also central to our positive attacks.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:54

Zaha turns on the right but cannot force a way through the defenders who have doubled up on him.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:53

22 mins gone in Stockholm

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:53

United probe but as the AIK defender hacks clear the danger

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:52

United slowing down the possession across the backline, easing it in midfield, inviting the home side to press

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:51

19 gone and another effort from RVP on the turn, generates a smart save from the keeper

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:50

Nani feeds through to Anderson who then feeds through to RVP but he is challenged to run for another goal kick

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:48

An easy effort saved from Lindegaard but the reds break and Van Persie flashes one across goal which is just wide of the keepers right post

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:45

The reds are looking livelier now, some good, sharp passing across midfield. Nani looks hungry for the ball

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:44

Nani beats his man to the by-line and gets a cross in which is hacked away by the defence

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:43

11 mins gone and Zaha runs with pace down the right wing and cuts in giving it to Anderson who is unlucky in not crafting a solid chance.

Ball fell out left to Nani who’s shot was eventually blocked

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:42

Some fantastic but dangerous trickery from AIK’s number 9 at the edge of his own area by the corner.

Zaha sticks a foot in to let it run for a goal kick

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:40

Some good pressing in midfield wins back possession for United

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:39

8 minutes gone and the home side are looking comfortable at the moment. AIK are midway through their own league season and so looking very sharp

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:38

Another effort from AIK this time was met with several blocks from Vidic and Evra before finally going out for a goal kick

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:38

First opportunity of the match and it’s from the home side with a strong effort from the goalkeepers left which ended up flying past the right hand post

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:37

Nani has looked lively on the left hand side with some trickery and interchanges with Evra/Anderson trying to probe his way through the AIK defence

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:35

We’re underway in the Friends Arena and United have controlled the possession thus far

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:34

Apologies for the delay, we’ve had some technical issues.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:22

No Wayne Rooney tonight of course. He was expected to return this evening but has been ruled out with a shoulder injury by the club.

Although speculation has mounted he refused to travel for the game in order to force through a move to Chelsea.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:18

Also potential for a more traditional 4-3-3 formation with Giggs patrolling a central midfield role alongside Michael Carrick & Anderson.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:17

It’s still unclear how United will line up for this one. Potential lineup of 4-4-1-1 with Nani and Zaha occupying the wings and Giggs sitting behind Van Persie.

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:12

Subs bench this evening: Amos, Jones, Smalling, Welbeck, Henriquez, Bebe

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:10

United XI starting tonight’s game against AIK of Sweden:

Lindegaard; Rafael, Evans, Vidic, Evra; Carrick; Anderson, Giggs; Nani, Zaha, Van Persie

Shaun Payne August 6, 201318:10

Good Evening all – around 30 minutes until kick-off from the Friends Arena in Sweden.



  1. Proverb says:

    Issue with Ronald…*

  2. AlphaRS says:

    United are in decline. No future with Moyes. He’ll be sacked within 2 years. We won’t win anything. The Evertonisation of Manchester United. Top players don’t want to come to United. Eventually we’ll lose our best players. City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, Monaco, Anzhi are the clubs United are the way forward. United should be looking up to these clubs but they are falling behind. The interest and support for United will dwindle due to our poor preseason form and lack of success over the next few years. Sponsors will value their deals with United as worthless. Future sponsorships will be worth very little. The Glazers will not be able to service the interest payments on the debt placed on the club. United will then be no more. YAWN…!

    Is there anything else the trolls on here would like to add to that? All doom and gloom. It’s all getting a bit boring now but keep up the good work in your attempts to predict a United downfall.

  3. spidey says:

    You mean Dortmund right :P yea you have a point.. He would be good if we get fabregas.. And another interesting thing is the role he played for Japan, starting out on the left and drifting inside he can receive the ball in those pockets ot spaces and wreak havoc.. Anyway bet on him having a much deeper impact this season..

  4. Diego says:

    So, Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has confirmed the club received offers from England, Spain and Russia for Gustavo (ergo, he probably is for sale). Since the Spanish offers are very unlikely to be from either Madrid or Barca I’d say that if we wanted to, we could quite easily get Gustavo who would be a vast improvement on what we now can stick beside Carrick in MF.

  5. Proverb says:

    Rooney’s ‘injured’
    Suarez’s ‘injured’
    Bale’s ‘injured’

    Why can’t Ronaldo be ‘injured’?!?!

    Kagawa and fellaini should stay uninjured. If you know what I mean

  6. enzophonics says:

    Good write up on Fellaini – obvious key strengths highlighted. Food for thought. Reminds me of a couple of seasons when we had Fletcher in mid doing a proper midfielder’s job but as fans mostv would’ve welcomed a steller name *insert brazilian/spanish/dutch* and not Darren Fletcher – captain of the Scottish Natnl team.

    Fellaini has a similar profile – our Darren was played on wings, rightback, etc but its that grit, determination and long term development curve that I honestly believe Utd would be making a great signing. He will never be a Fabregas, perhaps not even a Toure – but alongside our other players, he will give something that title wining teams need – graft, presence and a fucking afro!

  7. Proverb says:

    ^ this!

  8. Proverb says:

    Fellaini > Fletcher
    Lazy > energetic

    Fletcher successfully marshals our backline as indicated still has energy to move forward and keep the fluidity going. Carrick is not that fast although he can out for that ‘deficiency’ as he can certainly pick a pass at stationary can read the game which makes JOB easier for him whereas fellaini bloody fellaini…. Enough said!

  9. Proverb says:

    Make out*

  10. MUFCJord says:

    Its a shame Nani picked up that injury. I hope he recovers quick and gets back to fitness.

  11. mjcRED says:

    Not sure this is the way forward and pretty certain it’s not going to help us make any in-roads into developing a team or style of play that has the ability to get any where near europe’s top clubs and the standards that were shown towards the end of last seasons competition.

    Surely we can produce a player that can do the job Fellaini does? Even Tunnicliffe, with his limited abilities can do the spoiling role that is the core of Fellaini’s game?? Is this not the same player who for the majority of last season made Gibson look like Xavi?

    I’m tired of hearing things like ‘he’ll be a good addition to the squad’ or ‘he can play in a number of positions’ when the reality is we need a specialist who will make the position of creative midfielder his own. We have far to many squad players and not enough that truly deserve to be wearing our colours as regular starters and who we can build our game around.

    If this transfer goes through, why are settling for a player who is obviously our 3rd or 4th choice? All I can see is that he would be another limited and destructive player who will be blocking the chances of one of our youngsters with good technique from having game time. We would become even more direct than we were last season, a ploy that helped us in the majority of games but did not help us in the majority of key one-off games, both domestically and in the champions league.

    I’m trying not to lose sight of the positives of our pre-season, which has been all about the obvious talents of Zaha, Lingaard and most exciting of all Januzaj. But there hasn’t been a whole lot more, on top of which is the disruption of Rooney and the club’s inaction in granting him his wish to fuck off.

    I’m trying to see the positive side of Fellaini’s likely arrival, but i can’t help think that we are showing that we’re content to settle. What worries me is that I cannot say the same thing for any of our domestic or european rivals.

    In a summer when we lose Scholes we gain Fellaini. Frightening

  12. says:

    I understand what your are saying but this is Manchester United and we will always fight to win everything!! It’s gonna be one of our hardest season in many years as there has been a lot of changes, ie one of them is mr ferguson!! Maureen is coming into the epl again when a lot of teams are in transition as he did the last time and when times got tough and they were mid table he left as he did before?!? Anyway we have a young squad and a mix of top players which need to stay injury free, our new manager will get time as that’s the way our club is run, so if it takes a season for it to gel then so be it ” but I tell you one thing about moyes he a fighter and he ain’t gonna give up our league title to know one” we won the league last year and we didn’t even hit top gear so when it clicks this season with the wingers and the hole team, expect goals and expect great team goals! The title is staying in the red part of manchester! Screen shot this punk lol

  13. says:

    I hope we don’t sign Fellaini…. He ain’t gonna improve the team!! I’d rather wait for the enforcer mr fletcher to make a full recovery but to be honest cant see him being the same!! Anyway charity shield this weekend and then to Swansea next weekend to see our boyz kick ass and retain our title!! Can’t fucking wait! One united

  14. AlphaRS says:

    Scholes and Fellaini are different types of players. Using that logic you could say the same about Ronaldo and Valencia. United don’t have a Fellaini type of player. Slot him in next to Carrick and it will free him up to use his range of passing.
    I think you are doing United players a massive diservice by saying we have too many squad players. Most the players in the squad would walk in to most of the teams in Europe.

  15. enzophonics says:

    Why compare Fellaini to an attacking midfielder which he is not. He can attack/score goals and may have been used behind the striker due to his height/ability to score but he is a defensive player who can play box-to-box.

    Am not advocating that he is the best player in his position – but neither has Fletch been judged to be by people outside United. Most of these types’ hard work and contribution to the team usually go unnoticed anyway.

    My own opinion but I’d take an experienced EPL player right now while we groom the younger lads for this position – but if the David Moyes feels someone from within is ready – will happily support him.

  16. mjcRED says:


    I haven’t seen anything that Fellaini does that Jones couldn’t do when played in centre midfield, even though Jones priority will be to achieve consistent opportunities to make the position of centre back his own this season alongside Vidic. I guess what my issue is is that going back to last season, I cannot remember a time when we chopped and changed our starting 11 so frequently. Every team sheet seemed to throw up a surprise and players who had played well previously were suddenly dropped. As a consequence of this, I think our consistency and style of play suffered, with the only ever present player being Carrick.

    If we are to sign Fellaini, I still cannot say who should sit along side him. Cleverly still seems lightweight and fails to consistently impose himself on the opposition and Anderson clearly has fitness issues that prevent him from influencing a game right through. Kagawa would seem to be the most logical. As he could offer the range of passing, guile and drive missing in Cleverley and Andersons’s game. Would this mean Moyes using Fellaini as a battering ram type centre forward alongside Van Persie?

  17. Nesh says:

    Ando played another 90 minutes! this must be it guys…

  18. Evans_KickingSkills says:

    I’d prefer using Januzaj in midfield compared to signing that fugly steamroller known as Fellaini.

  19. samuel - united WE stand says:

    People talk about fellaini but no concrete proof that moyes is interested and if he has gone back for him? It’s purely because he’s ran out of options, he’s never been a priority signing that moyes deems will enhance the quality of the central mid, I wonder how fellaini feels about being the last resort?

  20. mjcRED says:

    Cannot see where he’ll fit in. He might end up being our Andy Carroll. Who next ‘big Sam’ appointed as our technical director?!

  21. Yorke, Cole, Sheri, Solks says:

    “And your job now is to stand by your new manager”. SAF

    You know what I love about Manchester United. That it has decency at its core. Decent, noble, even courageous human beings – Fergie, Charlton, Busby, Gill, etc.

    I hope our fans can do the same. Sometimes the curse of comparison makes the pressure unbearable when we watch other clubs, their transfer activities, their pursuit of glory. But I always remember when Sir Alex upon receiving His FIFA award say that, “at United, we always try to win. We don’t always win but we always try to win”. And I think that if the current team, present or about to be added, adheres to that, it will always stand our club in good stead, in excellence and in winning ways.

    Lets stand by our club and cheer them on in every season. BELIEVE.

  22. Yorke, Cole, Sheri, Solks says:

    *what I’m trying to say is, lets not get too despondent about our preseason, our transfer activities, but lets keep believing and keep even our fan based conduct congruent with the United way.

  23. lordrt says:

    Not a very flattering result for our boys, although they played well. I am however feeling pessimistic for the community shield match, as well as for our first few games in the league

  24. The Truth says:


    I think even below par, off form and jaded after being flown all over the world for the past month we should have too much in our locker for Wigan. I’m not underestimting them though, they are the same team that made mugs of City in the FA Cup final and Owen Coyle knows something about springing an early season upset over United, if you remember the Burnley game in August 2009!

    Like Swansea they’re already playing competitive games and winning handsomely. People like Dela may scoff at that but we’ve come unstuck against every other team we’ve faced so far who were in the middle of their competitive season (AIK, the Japanese teams, Singha Beer XI) and their comparative match fitness was seen as a valid excuse by some for our bad performances. So by the that logic Wigan and Swansea should be tough games for us. But of course people won’t hear of that and will call me a troll for even suggesting it. As I said though, I think we will beat Wigan, but wouldn’t be surprised if they beat us either.

  25. thymm50 says:

    Why can’t 3 or more clubs come together and do bargains. eg, Man Utd, Chelsea abd Barca agree thus: Fabregas to United, David Luiz to Barca and Rooney to Chelsea in a 3 way swap deal. I like to dream.

  26. Markowire says:

    Another shocking result and performance pre-season. We should be putting 7 or 8 goals past these clowns friendly or not. Not impressed.

  27. IamWiLL says:

    As we know, this summer’s transfer window is reaching new heights of lunacy, so hows about this one for a theory…

    Barcelona have today made a bid for David Luiz, the guardian reports this to be £35million, in a straight cash deal.

    Yesterday after the AIK game: David Moyes when asked about the Fabregas debacle replied “I can’t talk about that.”

    United have been debating whether to go for a third bid for Fabregas… supposedly upping it to around 35million.

    Barcelona spent a significant amount on Neymar, and yet now suddenly have a significant pot of money to splash on a defender, albeit a position they do need to strengthen.

    Where did the money come from eh?

    I’ll let you decide.

    With theories like this, I should be working for the Daily Star.

  28. King Eric says:

    Marko. Err no we shouldn’t be putting 7 past these. Grow up. Sick of cunts on here. How many who’ve played in pre season will actually start at Swansea?

  29. WeAreUnited says:

    @dela mate I have nothing more to add at your comment August 6, 2013 at 21:39

  30. says:

    Hope your theory pans out that way!!!

  31. The Truth says:

    Couple of shit Everton cunts on the way according to tomorrow’s Guardian. I’m sure most people on this blog will be delighted with that.

  32. vinnyacardo86 says:

    @thetruth STFU!

  33. soccerisfootbal says:

    what pisses me off is utd aren’t willing to spend the big bucks but run their mouth saying we want the highest quality. we want fabregas so we bid 26 fucking million pound.. 10 million less than barca paid arsenal (yes keeping in mind fabregas paid for part of his fee by taking a wage cut) joke. if you have any type of ambition nowadays you have to spend serious cash. just look at how much falcao and cavani went for this summer. sure, the market is inflated, and the money clubs are doing us no favors, but how can we be in 2013 and berbatov in 2008 for 30.75 million is still our record signing, and ferdinand in 2002 is our second highest signing. i mean look at all the clubs with purchases recently that match or exceed our record:

    city: aguero, fernandinho
    chelsea: hazard, fernandon’t
    liverpool; andy horseface carroll
    bayern munich: j.martinez, m.gotze
    barcelona – neymar, fabregas, villa, ibra – ronaldo, illarramendi, ~modric, ~alonso, ~benzema
    napoli – higuain,
    monaco – falcao
    psg – cavani, ~marquinos, pastore, moura

    obviously some of those guys were or will be flops, and some of those prices were inflated, but the heart of the issue is if you want quality you need to spend the cash and we are just sitting on our thumbs apparently. we were so fortunate rvp chose us over city, otherwise, whens the last time we bought a proven superstar?

    pretty soon we are going to see arsenal join that list. i mean seriously, penny-pinching wenger launched a bid for 40 million pound. have utd ever done that? ever? we want highest quality, but i don’t see us putting the money on the table for those premium talents. even when they are are decent prices, like thiago, or isco, or even cheaper guys like strootman, we turn our noses up. seriously, what the fuck are we doing in the market? we are turning our noses on the young talents and are bidding way below market value for the supreme ones. utd need to get their heads checked because i’m tired of scratching my head at some of these seemingly idiotic decisions. who is the moron who convinced us barca would be willing to sell of fabregas so cheaply? they’ve launched a bloody bid for davd luiz, a defender, that cost more than what we are offering for fabregas. i just have to shake my head here.

    watching chelsea get mauled by madrid today just shows me the gap in quality between our midfield and madrids. we just don’t spend nearly enough on quality to be competing with the likes of madrid and barca and even bayern munich. the deplorable state of our midfield is due to us only aiming to win domestically. we are getting left behind in europe with all these teams. even psg now has a much stronger squad than we do on paper. we’re going to keep getting knocked out early in europe now because all these teams have more quality and more depth and we’re so focused on having enough grit to win the league. we apparently have all this money and we’re the biggest in the world, but we’re still relying on 39 year old giggs and playing players out of position in central midfield and fielding average players like ashley young and i have to question the club’s eye for talent and possibly ambition and status in europe.

    i will be so dissappointed if we end up with a batteringram like fellaini and go for an extra leftback in baines. we are just going for squad players intead of tangibly boosting the number of high quality talent in our team. thats. two or three key injures (vidic, carrick, rvp) or losses in form and we look seriously weak on paper. having baines and fellaini will not elevate us to compete with the elite in europe, lets face the facts here.

  34. says:

    As u know so much about football and players,y don’t ya take your badges and apply for the united job!! I could see us dominating world football with your vast skill set and knowledge.

  35. says:

    Understand what your saying but our team which a lot of our own fans are giving stick about, should have knocked real out last season! We have a young team which will only get better and moyes can only improve as time goes on! Be patient lad… We will get the right signings that our manager thinks will improve the squad and team! Our fans know that much about football, then y don’t they take there badges and go for the united job.. Some people make me laugh!!

  36. soccerisfootbal says:

    Are you fucking blind mate? Real Madrid were in bad form when we met them, their team has way more quality that ours in midfield. and look at their additions this summer: Isco, Illarramendi, Carvajal (to make up for the weak link in their defense, slow Arbeloa), a proven world class manager in Ancelloti and now they are chasing Gareth bale. if Utd truly want to be in going head to head vs the likes of Madrid and Munich in Europe, you need to keep adding quality and retain their star players. If you stand still in football you bloody get left behind. either you start setting the expectations lower and rely on the academy a bit more than last season, or you go out and buy the necessary quality in order to compete with the biggest teams in the world. plain and simple. but this foolishness and idleness in the market, combined with us opening our mouths to be after the best players and to be Publically bidding on Fabregas, just makes us look like mugs if we don’t seriously pursue anyone with the cash we’e got from all these Sponsorships. The bids we put in for Fabregas were embarrassingly low. we’ve yet to bid on anyone for more than 30 million pound, yet us fans are dreaming of a Ronaldo return or signing Gareth Bale or some other nonsense that would cost us at least 60 million pound when even arsenal are showing more ambition in the market this summer by bidding 40 million for Suarat. It’s a sodding joke.

  37. keanoisdaman says:

    You can tell its the school holidays….a lot of 12 year olds on here.


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