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LIVE BLOG: Aston Villa v Manchester United



  1. LoneStarRed7 says:

    @ Wayne Barker

    Thank you for the GNev piece. SO true.

  2. wayne barker says:

    LoneStar G.Nev true Red and legend explaining what supporting the club and manager is all about

  3. LoneStarRed7 says:

    @ Wayne Barker

    Welbeck was named MOTM but it should have been Valencia methinks. He DESTROYED their defensive formations and open up gobs of space for exploit.

  4. NBI Red 21 says:

    With respect to GNev, what the hell does he know about managing. His brother was Moyes Captain and now works for him as do some of his best buddies, he is hardly going to say anything negative about him. Love GNev but I am not interested in his opinion when he is conflicted. United is not different to other Clubs on managers, SAF was a one of, United do not have a tradition of keeping managers for 26 years, if you take SAF out United have fired managers in the same fashion as most Clubs.

    Top 4 for me is essential. I can’t see how we will retain and attract players to compete to win titles without it. Part of the problem is there is so much TV money in the EPL these days that even lower Clubs can buy players that would have been out of their league a few years ago, particularly from abroad. I Normally lower clubs would get local players and maybe an odd overseas player. Now even the bottom half of the EPL has overseas international players. It’s just getting harder. RM and Barca have way more money from TV. If we go down we will lose TV money and win money and the effect while tolerable in the short term is serious if we don’t want end up being a Club competng every year for 4th place.

    For me how Moyes gets the team playing and how we look end of season, allowing for the fact he is a slow learner, will influence my support. Today the players decided to play 451 again despite the manager setting them up as 442. It is Rooney dropping into MF that is making the difference not the way the manager is setting us up. The 442 with both strikers holding position high up was when we were awful. Against Villa where players sat off us Rooney had time drop back to fill gaps and link play and leave leading the line to Welbeck. I think Rooney has decided that he would rather win that stay up going for glory. I see this as a response from the players. The management just does the same thing with different players and hopes it works.

  5. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Slim – rooney can do it, he can fill in central mid but he shouldn’t be converted permanently, I think in this form, he is proving potent and we should leave him there. No doubt, this january could be crucial, I think if moyes can go in and find quality central mids, maybe not big names but the right calibre of quality potential that can spark the team forward.

  6. wayne barker says:

    LoneStar thought it was hard to separate 3 or 4 players,no doubt Tony V was a beast today i also give a lot of credit to Rafa makes a big difference to Smalling playing RB

  7. wayne barker says:

    Knows a fuck of a lot then the twats who come on here and their sole purpose is to put down the club and Moyes.The article isn’t about managing a club it’s about what Utd are about and what it means to be a supporter instead of a plastic cunt.

  8. ys says:

    Dear NBI

    Do u have sources in the dressing room ? Did Rooney call you up n told U that he does not want to play as a striker in a 4-4-2 but a mid in 4-5-1 ?

  9. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Welcome to the premier league adnan.. I think teams have spotted his quality and potential, adnan will have to grind on and let his quality do the talking.

  10. wayne barker says:

    wasn’t just Januzaj dirty cunts were late all over the pitch

  11. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Feels great to get a win again. Couldn’t see the game. Heard Welbeck was outstanding as the primary striker. Great news. That is the ONLY position he should be playing in. Its by far his best position. I also heard CLEVERLEY played well. Thats a miracle. Keep it up Tom and I might let up on you. But the best news was FLETCHERINHO’s return. played for 20 mins too. look forward to seeing him start on Wednesday and again next weekend. GREAT DAY. We’ve FINALLY won a game in the league. Fantastic. Hopefully we kick on now.

  12. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ ys – unless you have been living under a stone from which you have recently been evicted, Rooney has publicly stated he did not want to be played out of position and that this was an issue he had with SAF.

  13. NBI Red 21 says:

    But the games we have looked best in is when the players decide to play 451 and a striker/someone like Kags drops into MF and we have a lead striker. And Rooney has been dropping back into MF more and more as the season has gone on when there is another striker as he needs to for us to play well given the limitations of the MF players we have.

    The way Newcastle and Everton flooded our MF was painful. Alot of our forward passes come from players like Rooney dropping back to demand the ball from someone like Cleverly and then play it on. I think its still kicked out to the RW too much and better teams will shut that off but that’s working for us this game.

    Now for Stoke in the CC. They can be a bit of a challenge. Then West Ham at home. Looking forward to seeing Morrison. His team are doing badly though and look relegation fodder. Easy win for United. Another 3 points in the EPL. Hull and Norwich also another 6 points. I can’t see us dropping points in any of our next 3 EPL games unless we make a huge cock up and we can’t afford that.

    We have Spurs, Swansea, Chelsea and Cardiff in Jan. So getting all 9 EPL points in Dec is critical and should be something we should walk. Tougher games ahead. City on 1 March will be one I look forward to. They are the form team right now, beating Bayern, savaging Arsenal, right now I see them as the best team in the EPL if their form holds.

    Critical games for us:

    - Everton away
    - Newcastle away
    - Liverpool
    - Spurs

    I can’t see us finishing higher than Arsenal, City or Chelsea. In a fight for 4th I struggle to see how we can beat Liverpool unless Suarez is injured. No points to waste. We really need a consistent run of wins. They said Moyes teams do badly start of season and better second half, lets see.

  14. WeAreUnitedd says:

    @nbi firstly you’re a very negative person on many occasions, even though they are you opinions, so it does not matter, but you’re one for negativity.

    Secondly, with this kind of performance, I would not change any of the player for the next game,
    that’s why I stated, what I stated. I thought this bunch of players put one of our best performances so why change it. That being said obviously Nani is one of our talented players, but looking at his form, he’s not for the best eleven at the moment. left or right.

    My best eleven for the moment also based on form and availability and partnerships,
    for example Jones and Cleverley seems not to work and cleverley with giggsy does,
    vida and jones for me for some reason does not work but with smalling does, so for the defense I leave it open.

    As for Giggsy I would not play him as a midfielder that often BUT we lack options so he is our first choice amongst Jones. Januzaj because he’s a playr to watch and because Kagawa and Nani simply aren’t offering anything on that left, I see Januzaj as a better option, of course the lad is young and needs rest and therefore the latter two will get their chances.

    As for attack, Welbeck pushed himself ahead of chicha right now, but RVP is RVP so if he’s on, then he’s ON.

    best eleven

    Rafael Smalling/Jones Vidic/Evans Evra
    Cleverley Giggsy/Jones
    Valencia Januzaj

  15. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ WeAreUnited – You are a very aggressively judgemental person on many occasions, even though they are you opinions, so it does not matter, but you’re one for attacking people and then talking about how positive you are. I think my views are reasonably balanced, there are people alot more critical and a lot less critical on this blog as well as those who appear to put ideology ahead of objectivity. We are 8th in the EPL, there is quite frankly not a lot to be positive about, I have family and friends who are all United supported, everyone right now is too shell shocked at where we are to know how to react. No one I know other than people on internet blogs, is happy about where the team are or how we are playing or the decisions that appear to be made on transfer etc. That aside…

    In terms of our best game, I would say that was against Bayern L was our best performance. I think there something to be said for having a settled team but with matches every 3 says its hard to see how that will happen. The way we play Welbeck may be better than Pea in some games, equally he could frustrate in the next game.

    Re your best 11 = agree with much of that, but Januzaj is not our best LW by a long shot. Nani and Kagawa for me are better than him on the wing and Young offers more defensively but is so shit going forwards nowadays you almost ignore that.

  16. LoneStarRed7 says:

    @ Samuel

    Thanks for the link. In the past few seasons it’s quite obvious that teams look to get their kicks in early and often until (IF) the refs get a handle on it. Bolton’s Kevin Davies double foul on a then nascent Tom Clevereley ( early in the 2011 season has never seen young Clevereley’s career recover to that level of potential he flashed. MUFC does not want to see that happen to Adnan.

  17. NBI Red 21 says:

    Let me also add the people I know who sit in the Stretford End and attend away matches may do all the right things but as anyone can tell you the singing is less and no one is happy and much of it is not heartfelt. The spirit is well lets make the best of this now while we figure out what is happening. The abuse some players are now getting from our fans – Nani and Young is a symptom of the fact that there is a lot of frustration in supporters and they are taking it out on players who have hardly played and were certainly not to blame for our poor run of form irrespective of any poor games they had, the team as a whole, and in terms of tactics as shown by stats such as passing forward is going backwards at an alarming rate. That said, I trust the players to figure it out and to try to raise the level. But I don’t think the management is helping, they are clearly hurting the Club.

  18. LoneStarRed7 says:

    Am I the only one who enjoys seeing Daniel Levy (Spurs Chairman)unhappy?

  19. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ LoneStarRed7 – they look like they blew £100mn! Levy must be reaching for the egg nog on a daily basis.

  20. ys says:

    Dear NBI : ” Today the players decided to play 451 again despite the manager setting them up as 442. It is Rooney dropping into MF that is making the difference not the way the manager is setting us up.”

    I believer that is your comment. So you mean to say that Rooney ( as a player ) dropped deep, against ( used the word despite ) Moyes’ tactics. How do you know what Moyes thinks or planned to do?

    Secondly : “@ ys – unless you have been living under a stone from which you have recently been evicted, Rooney has publicly stated he did not want to be played out of position and that this was an issue he had with SAF.”

    I believer Rooney wanted to play as a striker but SAF wanted him in mid ( attacking mid or whatever U call it ).
    Conclusion (according to your statements ) : Rooney wants to play as striker , Moyes wants him to play as a striker , but Rooney ends up playing a mid.

    Either Rooney has serious issues , or you.

    PS: I wish I was still under the stone

  21. OJM says:


    – What a bellend you are. Moyes gets it wrong, you rip the shit out of him. Moyes gets it right, it’s down to the players and not him.

    Let’s be honest, you just have a hatred of Moyes and will never, ever admit maybe he did well or that you are wrong.

    Get a grip you fucking fairy…

  22. WeAreUnitedd says:

    @nbi why the hell you copying what I said at the beginning of your comment? I am aggressive? naah man, you’re the one being negative, I am not saying banish or leave this thread, did I ? I am just stating that you’re very very negative no matter what, I know that theyre’s your opinions, but it does not make any sense. but whatever

    as for looking the table and being happy of the 8th place? look man, nobody is happy, the difference between some people is that some actually see that we have a chance of climbing and being up there fighting,

    this does not make anyone better than the other, it just shows the difference between mentality, I am no betetr than the next supporter and even if I was, what the hell does it matter, everyone supports the team their own way, BUT supporting is not bashing and going through doom and gloom

    anyway, have fun.


  23. Mark Reid says:

    Rafael was the difference.

  24. Mark Reid says:

    A full back playing football was great bringing the ball forward fantastic hope he stays fit.

  25. NefariousVirtuoso88 says:

    I have been seeing many comments on social media to the effect … “where are the Moyes haters now ?” … just want to remind people we are still eighth.

    This victory has been the exception, not the rule.

    If anybody is still under the impression how a team plays isn’t 100% completely down to the manager please look at Liverpool. They just passed Tottenham Hotspur off the park with Lucas Leiva, Joe Allen and Jordan Henderson in their midfield. Look at that Liverpool team with the exception of Suarez and maybe Coutinho individually they are second rate.

  26. keanoisdaman says:

    NBIred21….with all due respect……you are a complete twat.

  27. NBI Red 21 says:

    Haha, I was wondering what it would take to get the cunt keyboard warriors would come back.

    @ OJM – the cunt of a keyboard warrior nice to see show your ugly face. Take your mother fucking head and shove it up your arse if this is the level communication.

    @ keanoisdaman – mate and you are the cunt’s twat. With no respect.

    You two idiots never make any football comments you just come here to stir shit. Both of you are probably armchair fans, if you actually were real fans you would know that at every match and in every pub and workplace in England real United fans have a variety of views and fortunately they are much more relaxed about disagreeing that you two immature prats who would probably get your heads kicked in if you popped up and spoke to people the way you type. Fans have different views, they are entitled to, deal with it.

  28. Tommy says:


    “Today the players decided to play 451 again despite the manager setting them up as 442. It is Rooney dropping into MF that is making the difference not the way the manager is setting us up.” How do you know the manager did not set them up as a 451? I highly doubt the players will go against the managers orders and start playing a different system.


    How can Welbeck be the worst striker in the world when he rarely even plays their?

    Top performance but judging by the comments on here you would asume we lost the game, Everyone was saying how great Rene is fir beating Villa 2 0 at home but fuck me we beat them 3 0 away and we get slated. Great to see Fletcher back and Valencia was our best player, top wideman who has a great understanding with Rafa, It was pleasing that Jones was out of the midfield and back in his proper position as a center half! A win on saturday and we could be 6th, must go on a run now!

  29. NBI Red 21 says:

    NefariousVirtuoso88 – Exactly. You get these idiots after every game we do OK in coming on solely to try to prove a point and try to act like baddass true fans when we are 8th in the table, rarely playing well and all but out of the title race. Yes its good to win, but Villa away is an easy win and no one expected us to lose there. I have always said I will see where we are at the end of the season before taking a firm opinion on Moyes and if he gets us in to top 4, great, if we are 6 or below I don’t see how he can expect unquestioned support. It’s not like the other teams have been firing on all cylinders and the bottom teams are weaker than last year. West Ham has been playing without a striker, Benteke can’t seem to score. This season our key competitors are not beating their points totals of seasons past hands down and have their own issues. But like I said, its not his fault he got the job, all he can do is his best and we’ll see if that’s good enough. Right now my view is that Rooney playing in MF instead of higher up as a striker in certain games is the difference.

    Agree re your Liverpool comments.

  30. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ Tommy – The reason people were happy for Rene’s win was as Fulham were not winning at all and he turned that around pretty immediately and they played some attractive football.

    On the game, a win is great. But to me a key reason we won and the same is in some articles analysing the game, was Rooney playing in MF. No one had a bad game, Evra was probably the quietest. I do not believe we were set up 451. Under SAF Rooney also kept dropping back which is probably why SAF just put him in MF for some games. He has always turned up wherever he felt he should be on the pitch. You are right, maybe Moyes told him to play in MF but I doubt it. I think he just dropped back and stayed there as he felt that was where he was needed and he likes to get on the ball. It’s not a criticism of Moyes, but alot of people have been saying 442 was not working and I think it is Rooney voluntarily dropping back rather than Moyes deciding 442 is out, either way, it shows people who were saying 442 was not our best appear right.

  31. murssheed says:

    Spare a thought for Kagawa and Hernandez. Welbeck played well, credit to him, but he has been given too many chance by Moyes, and he only delivered after numerous poor performances before. But Hernandez and Kagawa hasn’t been given enough chances


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