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LIVE BLOG: Belgium v Russia

Welcome to this afternoons Live Blog coverage of Belgium v Russia, as RoM continues to follow the progress of Manchester United players at this World Cup. Victory today for Fellaini, Januzaj and co will put them through to the knockout stages, and given the quality throughout their side, they surely start this game as favourites



  1. Gary Mitrovic says:

    I see our transfer target Thomas Vermaelen has hobbled off injured before half time, he will fit right in with the rest of our defenders. Jones, Evans, Smalling and Rafael needed a new face in the treatment room to chat to for the coming season. We better make sure we have enough bandages and crutches for them.

  2. tallestreD says:

    Gary lol my sentiments exactly.

  3. Gary Mitrovic says:

    TallestreD, you watching this? This has been the best international tournament for a good while in terms of entertainment, but the Belgians have contested two of the worst matches of the tournament so far. I’ve been very underwhelmed by Beligium, there’s no zip to their game, even Hazard has been non existent.

  4. ashtheking says:


    Agreed. Hazard has been real bad yet Chelsea fans feel he is like. Ronaldo or Suarez. Januzaj should be playing but Wilmots has ego. I heard somewhere he is miffed win januzaj as he didn’t choose Belgium earlier. Poor decision by Belgium coach if you ask me.

  5. tallestreD says:

    Yea I agree re Hazard, maybe its because of the team’s setup. De Bruyne and Mertens has had more influence in the game. Surely Hazard should be given a more freer role. Lukaku rightly subbed off.

  6. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Hazard finally came to life in the last 10 minutes and made the difference in the end.

    Fabio Capello is the highest paid manager at this World Cup, just like he was at the last one with England. He has served up some utter dross with both Russia and England now.

  7. Tommy says:


    Capello is an old fashioned Italian manager, a knick a goal and defend, hes always been the same and always will be, the problem is Russia dont have any decent forwards to get him that goal. I do think Capello personality suits Russia though, hes not the happiest of chaps and the Russian people tend to be too serious as well lol, theyve got him for another 4 years apparently hes said hes building the team for 2018 yet picks the oldest squad in the compeition lol, On Belgium ive been dissapointed with them, struggling in the easiest group of all is not good for the so called “Golden generation” if they were in another group on these performances they could already be on their way home, Lukaku especially has duissapointed me and my dream team, I expected a few goals from this group but hes barely had a shot.


    He came to Adnans defence, Mirales questioned the managers decision to select him in the squad and Wilmots told Mirales to mind his own buisness so I cant see that being a reason to leave him out although I do think hes their for experience, maybe he will start next game now they are already through

  8. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Tommy, who you doing your dream team with? Yea Lukaku has let you down mate, I’d be flogging him in the transfer window if I was you! I stuck two Belgians in my team as well for fuck sake, though thankfully Courtois just kept me a clean sheet, and Hazard may have squeezed the MOTM with his late cameo, there weren’t many contenders for it anyway!

  9. Tommy says:

    Gary, im with the sun mate, 7 people in our league and I am currently 2nd, 4 points off top, I was hoping a Lukaku goal would put me top, hes defeinatly gone, most of my team is argentines and French because of their easy on paper groups and with transfer i will make changes depending on how the draw pans out but Lukaku is definatly gone

  10. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Tommy, yea me too mate. I never read that rag, but I’ll jump on the dream team for a bit of fun. I’ve got Griezman of France and Messi from Argentina. My team is quite spread out amongst countries, got two Brazillians in Neymar and Thiago Silva, the two Belgians I mentioned. Thankfully I chose Muller, though he was one of the first names on my team. It’s a shame Reus got injured before hand, I’d built my team around him!

  11. Mark Reid says:

    Ok boys shout out to the USA today football has arrived been a log time coming.United United United.Place down the road from me Bethlehem Steel.Built all of WW2 ships tanks etc.Closed in the 70s.Because German and Japanese steel was cheaper.Boggles the mind.However they kept the Steel stacks and built a stage around it,and tonight about 10,000 fans will watch the team try and do the impossible ,no matter what football wins.

  12. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Mark Reid, glad to hear football is growing in popularity with ever year. I went to Vegas 4 years ago for a stag do and was surprised how many Americans there watched the premiership to be honest.

    It’s a shame Portugal v USA is the late kick off here. What the States lack in quality they make up for in effort and commitment it seems. I think Portugal will win, though I wouldn’t put my house on it.

  13. Tommy says:


    My current team is Romero, Garey, Evra, Coentrou, Juanfran, Pogba, Honda,Xavi, Messi, lukau and Benzema, Not bad I suppose, scoring goals with messi and Benzema

  14. m09538061 says:

    Nani just scored… Gotta be worth £300k per week ??? Yes ???

  15. ashtheking says:

    Man this Portuguese striker eder is a real shit. Bebe would have given more option and would have been better.

  16. EC7 says:

    Nani doing to the Portugal fans what he does to us on a regular basis. Moments of quality followed up by utter dross. He must be the most frustrating player I’ve ever seen at United as he has got bags of talent. Happy for him he’s scored tonight!

  17. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    Eder is a bum, bebe is 1000 times better than him. Bento fuckd up

  18. EC7 says:

    I must say that William Carvalho looks a pretty decent player. Simple but effective passing, some decent tackles and is built like a brick shit house. He’s almost looks to big to be a footballer. That lad definitely has potential to be a top player.

  19. Trafford_Lord says:

    Thats why the World Cup is so special. So many jokes about the MLS but USA topped their group in the last World Cup in SA with England in the group as well! In this World Cup they have just done Ghana and almost dumped Portugal in back-to-back games. USA will never get credit, but they play as a team…as a unit, they don’t whine, players play wherever the coach puts them, the press generally don’t hound the team a la Chris Wallace. A little naivety in bringing Wondo instead of a defender to see the last minutes out. Ronnie class cross, class finish from varela….WOw

  20. Trafford_Lord says:

    Waddle*** not Wallace lol

  21. Teezed says:

    well well well…ronnie real moment of class.
    nani just full of shit as usual…he infuriates so much.

    best thing about the game was william carvalho for me. what a big and tackles effectively with good passing. has the body and presence of yaya toure! sign him up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. warrored says:

    Well, fuck me after years of peddling shite on MOTD eventually Mark Lawrenson let’s his mask slip. He clearly hates Nani and Ronaldo and didn’t hide his disdain. The Gerrard slip really has got to him.

    I can forgive his scouse cuntishness, but if I ever see the cunt in public I’ll personally let out my inner Wayne on him for his unforgiveable comments about Nani being like someone playing with a brain injury. It’s a cheap disgusting comment. It’s a typical scouse cunt comment but they try to keep it hidden.

    Imagine any fucker calling Gerrard a brain injured useless cunt, there would be a recall of parliament and apologies from the queen.

    His delight when Portugal were losing with minutes to go were obvious AND he even admitted it on air!!! Why the fuck other than his Abu shit would he be bothered?

    Haha the Portugal goal must have sickened him. Well fuck you Lawrenson you saskwatch looking chump…………WAYNE…….Kill him!!!!!!

  23. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    Eder Eder Eder Eder Eder Eder. Playing him is like playing 10 men against 11. He’s a big minus. Nani did ok, at least he’s still better than all united wingers except leave Nani alone. At least he dazzled at times unlike our other wingers. Like the guy who hadn’t been able to cross a single ball since the tournament started, cos he’s a one trick pony with his stiff body like a block moulder or the other guy that wasn’t even taken to the world cup who usually ran with his head on the floor and never looks up whenever he’s on the ball. Pls, tell me how they are better.

  24. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Eder held Portugal back severely in this game. So many promising counter attacks he ruined because he couldn’t control the ball and make a simple pass either side. Portugal’s midfield is so slow and sluggish. You get a ball and you have acres of space in front of you but you choose to go sideways when you can start an attack by simply running forward. That’s the kind of rubbish we did a lot last year. No confidence to take a chance. Always trying to play it safe.

    Ronaldo wasn’t much better either. Up until the cross (which was absolutely brilliant btw), he did absolutely nothing. Portugal’s best players were Nani, Beto and Costa. Good to see Nani on the score sheet again. Gave the ball away sometimes but for the most part was Portugal’s most dangerous player.

    Credit tot he USA though. That’s a very good TEAM. They play with a lot of heart as well so it makes up for any lack in talent they might have as opposed to the other team.

  25. Tommy says:


    To be honest mate, youre what I expected, well organised, hard working but avarage, Ghana should of beaten USA really and Portugal are what I said before the world cup, very poor, If Portugal win then the USA will barring a smashing against Germany go through if Ghana beat portugal, they will most likely go through

  26. warrored says:

    @Mark Reid, sounds like a monument to the past like our old cranes and mineshaft lifts. You can’t beat the history. Can imagine the battleships right now. Good luck in the tournament. Us English would be better supporting the USA for our mental health haha

  27. Tommy says:

    @dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT

    Ronaldo was injured, most players would not of even played, the guy looked like he could barely move

  28. OpikBidin says:

    Still with Nani bashing and Ronaldo praising

    I only watched the 2nd half, and I see Nani was the best player. Sending good crosses that somehow the attackers can’t get their head on, or that cross that led to Meireles chance. He also did good throughballs that was usually messed up by Eder and CR7 was constantly a threat down the wing with Ferreira.

    He also is disciplined and showed his brain. He didn’t only attack but also defend when needed. the Portuguese Right flank was by far the most safe area as Nani also tracked back. Nani also frequently swap places with the CMs, meaning he became sort of a right sided CM sometimes.

    He had a goal, he made great crosses that led to chances, He also had a penalty denied.

    I would say CR7 was mostly useless, as he was on the LW, the Left flank was freely attacked by the USA. CR7 was also a huge liability in attack as he was mainly offside and didn’t do too much, unlike Nani.

  29. Neil Moore says:

    Warrored. Yep heard Lawro saying Ronnie made a meal of a tackle. Doing a pike he said. It was a fucking horrible tackle you scouse cunt.

    See Belgium dogshit again despite being massively bigged up by the press purely because they’ve got household names.

    Fair play to the USA. a very well organised , hard working team.

  30. m09538061 says:

    I get embarrassed when tv pundits compare Nani with Ronaldo, if they compared him with me or you I could understand. We got rid of Bebe for how he played like that? Ronaldo does not want to be Portuguese it looks like he hates all his team mates when he plays?

  31. Tommy says:


    Yep mate, Belgium really have been poor in their 2 games.7


    That does baffle me mate the constant comparisons, hes got skills similar to Ronaldo apprently lol, he scored when it was harder to miss but apart from that, he couldnt control the ball, his distribution was poor, enough with the Ronaldo comparisons

  32. Tommy says:

    Nigel de Jong is the latest player to be linked with United, he would be a good signing I think

  33. The One says:

    USA > england, fact!!

  34. kingshadieofafrica says:

    I cant see portugal beating ghana, especially if eder starts that game. seriously, how is that guy better than bebe.

  35. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Nani could score 5 goals in one game and some of us would still criticize him. I don’t know who the hell compares Nani to Ronaldo. I’ve never heard him compare himself to ronaldo, I’ve never heard Fergie compare him to Ronaldo. Nani is Nani. He’s not trying to be anyone else. We make excuses for Ronaldo on the basis of injury but get irritated with Nani despite his well documented injuries. Football fans are a funny bunch. If Nani was shit, Fergie would have got rid a long time ago.

  36. John says:


    Mate, how many goal Crynaldo scored against is?? :) :) Yeah he saved his ass with that cross for equaliser but other than that? Oh yeah he is injured! Or else he would have taken us to cleaners. :) That doesn’t work in football.

    Germany and we will play for draw and Ghana and Portugal will draw as well. Goal difference?? So, CRY 7 is all set for going to see miss bumbum early than expected. :P

    Some people seem to think Messi and Ronaldo will singlehandedly crush teams like Iran, USA, Costa Rica just because they are who they are. Amazing!

  37. Tommy says:


    Im not expecting Ronaldo or Messi to walk all over teams like the USA at all mate, Ive said it all summer Portugal are a poor side, with or without Ronaldo, but he was injured no getting away from that. The USA did well, I did think Ghana deserved to beat the USA and I do think their a better side than you guys and I fully expect them to beat Portugal so its up to USA to try and fix the game so it ends as a draw, but good luck anyway.


    I am childish, I base every players game on its merit and i felt Nani was like his team avarage, his ball control was shocking, his passing was hit and miss and thats how most saw it, On him comparing himself to Ronaldo, ive heard him say loads of times how him and Ronaldo are the best 2 wingers in the world, thats come from his mouth and the comparisons are regular mentioned by pundits

  38. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    Eder Eder er Eder Eder Eder Eder Eder Eder Eder Eder Eder…..hahahaaha..lmao. the worst thing i’ve ever seen in football is Eder! I laughed too loud yesterday just watching that fool. With him Portugal were 10 men playing against an 11men USA.

  39. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    @dannysoya..pls tell them.

  40. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    i’d like to see some proof that Nani has said that he’s amongst the best 2 wingers on the planet.

  41. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    @dannysoya..pls tell them.Nani this, Nani that. Even sir Alex refused to sell him to arsenal during his last season. He even called him a match winner. At least Nani’s poor form can be attributed to the injuries he’s been sustaining. Can anyone tell me the reason for valencia’s poor form cos he was playing me, I believe it’s cos he was found out.always running to his right part like a headless chicken.too predictable, every opposition knows he always run to his right hand side. Even in the world cup, he’s not been able to run at fullbacks and deliver crosses. He’s only manageable on the right back position. No one brings it up, instead they cover it up, that he’s a hard He’s too limited, and it’s a bad thing for a winger to be too predictable. Some wise fans are already voicing their displeasure about him getting a new contract. They are expressing their grievances. Am sur very soon, even Ashley young will be awarded with a 5 year contract. Lol

  42. Tommy says:

    @Paschal Agwunobi

    Give over mate, SAF would of sold Nani and Rooney had he not retired thats a fact, Nani even tried to get himself a move to Russia but priced himself out of a move, if theirs one thing I hate its players who are never fit for their club but as soon as internationals come their always fit, Hes barely played in 2 years for United yet never misses a Portugal match, coincidence? I think not, people voice their displeassure on social media or on blogs like this matter diddly squat as I keep saying its those in the stadium that matter, it may shock you but Valencia cant hear what you say from this blog but they can hear voices like mine in the stadium and thats not insulting non going fans before somebody jumps in and says that, thats just the way it is

  43. Kris Okechukwu says:

    Tommy comes here tells us rubbish and want us to believe him. I hate when someone’s sentimental hatred towards a player is affecting his judgement about that player. Nani barely featured for us in d last 2yrs but never misses any portugal’s match. So how many portugal match did Nani play this season?. I never heard Nani said him and ronaldo are d best two wingers only tommy heard it. Saf was going to sell nani and rooney as if u are saf PA. Nani is our best winger, if u doubt it let’s do a poll and let’s see how it goes. How on earth will person compare nani and young or valencia. Total ABSURD

  44. Tommy says:

    @Kris Okechukwu

    Yes because I randolmly just make things up, how about that, I also remember him saying me and Ronaldo are amongst the best wingers in the world, I dont make things up, I also cant remember Valencia being booed by the OT faithful (Not missed a home game for years), Nani gets it all the time, by the people with all due respect the fans that truly matter, nothing to do with hated and it was so obvious Fergie was getting rid along with Rooney but Moyes handed them rediculous 5 year deals

  45. kingshadieofafrica says:

    I love what van gaal and the netherlands are doin in this tournament, they seem to be winning with minimum fuss, every player in the squad plays like he is a regular first team player who has been around for over a decade, including the youngsters. for example they played without martins indi and rvp yet blind and memphis sloted in seamlessly as replacements. this team is unpredictable.
    i usually go into international tournaments supporting england as well as my home country until england gets knocked out, then i pick any other team that captures my imagination and in this tournament it has to be holland.

  46. Kris Okechukwu says:

    Tommy we all know tribalfootball and caughtoffside are shits, so pls next time if u wanna give quote use Bbc, skysports or to some certain cases Espn. A player plays and score all u could see was is shortcomings, if I may ask how many times have AV7 no AV25 completed a pass. All he does is run like a headless chicken and patch unto d ass of d left full back.

  47. Tommy says:

    @Kris Okechukwu

    I orignally got the quote a while back from a british newspaper mate so these unreliable sites pick up the quotes from elsewhere and that was the one I happened to come accross today, Its not just Nani thats poor in portugal, sadly for them the whole team apart from Ronaldo is avarage, I said after about 5 minutes even though portugal had scored that they were their for the taking and had the USA been able to keep the ball better and had the ref not added 5 mins on when their was barely a stoppage thats how it would of panned out, Lets be honest hes 28 now and is still inconsistent and these days he is more bad than good, he does not even offer hard work whicch is the least anyone requires when a man is struggling, the simple fact hes not done anything for 3 years apart from annoy fans with his lazyness and playacting, thats just how I see it

  48. OpikBidin says:

    Coentrao at LB
    Pepe and Bruno Alves as CB
    Moutinho, Carvalho at CM
    Nani as RW

    The team has its strength.the problem is the team don’t act as a team, the USA team is far worse.

    For hardworking, Nani was tracking back and defended whenever he could, unlike CR7 on the other side who just stays upfront and just leaves the LB exposed. He was also Portugal chief creator as the attacks mainly come through his side, because Nani can send a good pass, unlike the other players who were so rubbish.

    CR7 was so selfish and can’t get the team going at all.

  49. Tommy says:


    Portugal are not a good side at all, The players are an avarage bunch with the exception of Ronaldo, Theirs a lot of problems with Portugal, theyve not a top quality forward in my lifetime and im 28, Nuno Gomes the best in that time and he was no better than decent. The midfield is slugglish, they have no pace in the side, none of the team has fucking balls, they look to give Ronaldo the ball even when hes injured all the fucking time, why dont the rest of the team take responsibility for a change, and to top it all off theirs a lack of work rate, USA want it more than Portugal, It was a game played between 2 avarage sides, difference is USA showed heart, desire, spirit and deserved better than a 2 2 draw, surprised no one has mentioned where the ref got 5 minutes of injury time from. Ive never known in my 28 years, 1 team, 1 nation be carried by 1 man like Portugal are and when that man is injured then you get poor performances, simple as that


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