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LIVE BLOG: Cardiff v Manchester United



  1. Redfrog says:

    Hi guys. That’s the first time I’m posting on this blog but I’m reading it since 4 years.
    Just have to say that under Moyes we lost our attacking flair and efficiency. I never seen us so boring and dull. That’s the thing that worry me the most. Our goal difference speak for itself. This ten unbeaten games are papering over he crack IMO. We have draw to many games in that period. I’m afraid Moyes is more scary to lose then willing to win. I’ve nothing against the guy. He is a decent coach but not good for us, not positive enough for us. I’m not expecting us to win anything this year. I think a top four finish is the only thing that we can achieve this year. I’ve seen a lot people saying that we are just 7 points off Arsenal. But we have a lot of teams above us. If City and Chelsea can put on consistent run we are in big trouble and risking to finish outside the top four, which will be a catastrophe.
    I’m not slagging the team anyway. There is a lot of things to be done and to have Sir Alex gone is a real blow. I’m just not feeling the same passion and excitation when we are playing this year. Yesterday was so boring. That’s the thing that is the more painful for me.
    We have two very hard away fixture next. Leverkusen is a must win (or must not to lose for Moyes) and Tottenham have been trashed this week and will want to make a good impression next week. Let’s hope we win both of them.

  2. Tommy says:

    RIP Bill Foulkes 688 appearances, European cup winner, Munich survivor, Very sad news!

  3. Mark Hamer says:

    disappointing rip bill foulkes

  4. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Just imagine we defended that one last cross against Southampton well and we defended that free kick yesterday, we’d be on 25 points. That’s good for SECOND in the league. It’s just really painful thinking about it. All I ask for is a little more initiative in our play. PASS THE BALL rather than punt it down field. You are giving the opposition defenders a rest by just punting it down field.

    If ANYONE tells me again that Cleverley is a good player, I might rip my fucking eyes out. Gave the ball away carelessly so many times yesterday, is basically minus one when it comes to defending set pieces cuz he’s too short and offers literally NOTHING going forward. I only support him cuz he still plays for this club but if I want to tell myself the truth, Cleverley is an average footballer that is only getting games at this club because Fergie refused to put his hands in his deep pockets and spend some cash on proper midfielders. At this rate we might have to bring an unfit Fletcher back into the line-up. We now need two midfielders in January instead of one.

  5. Jesmontanaro says:

    Not so many Teams cope with so many missing key players like we were vs Cardiff but still there is no depth in the squad and Fellaini is turning out to be a daylight robbery at £27M (by Everton). We still could have won it though. We need a central Midfielder and a Central Defender fast.

  6. Fletch™ says:

    RIP Bill Foulkes: 688 appearances and only 3 as sub.

    4th most apps at Utd.

    As Tommy says, won the lot as well!

    Nice tribute over at the ManUtd site, but doesn’t do justice to the grateness of the man. A real gentleman for me. From ashes to glory.

  7. Tommy says:


    No excuses because everyoeam would get into the Cardif side so injuries cant be used as an excuse!


    He will be sorely missed mate amazingly him and Harry Gregg played 2 weeks after the Munich crash, Top bloke, one club man, United through and through!

  8. GregSylent says:

    We use to be the team that would see out these kind of games! just like the southampton result we got sloppy on a set play and dropped two points. though the performance was horrible we still should of gotten all 3 points here. Rooney had a lovely chance at the end and welbeck had one to put the game away as well.

  9. zibbie says:

    RIP Bob

  10. zibbie says:

    2 points gone.
    Danny @ Wazza had, great chances. FUCK!

    Felleilli not horrible

    Evra giveth @ takeitawayith

  11. zibbie says:

    no I’m into my 8th version of ROM!

    STR has hurt his own product waiting so long to eliminate trolls.

    I will go buy a new phone so I can go to ND58 as well as ROM.

    I will always love this blog.

    like a wife who quit giving you sex eventually you look elsewhere.

    Jeet soon mate. I will update my phone this weekend.

    NBI so nice you are not around.

    def to trollS

  12. zibbie says:


  13. zibbie says:


  14. Fletch™ says:

    Hope we settle down v Leverkusen.
    We are creating plenty of chances but not putting them away.
    Top of that, just can’t keep a clean sheet with certain mixes of lads on the pitch.
    Both need sorting.

    Someone explain how Smalling is beating both Rafael and Fabio out of RB spot. Is Rafael’s injury worse than thought? My notes have him back in training weeks ago.

    Not the type to get critical, but giving up leads…. twice !!! Not right at all!

    We have only won 1 in 6 EPL games that Rio has played 8O DLWLLD 1W 2D 3L !

    The problem for me is NOT THE CBs mind. Easy to look at stats and think you can see a problem.
    The problem for me is a Midfield who can’t keep the ball, gives up the ball in our half and don’t keep the play camped in the other half of the pitch. We need at least 2 midfielders. Can’t see getting any top talent in January, maybe by summer though.

  15. RedHanams says:

    Was a painful view yesterday…still wondering how we’ll cope without Carrick and Jones for the next couple of games…Spurs especially. *scatches head*

  16. RedHanams says:

    Make no mistake about it Spurs got trashed by city, but watch them play the game of their life against us.

  17. John says:

    @Fletch…Hi mate!, got to ask you re managers selection just out of curiousity after Sir Matt…fletch, had any managers we appointed between Sir Matt and Sir Alex had won anything prior to their selection as our manager??..And, any of them have any similarities to Moyes of until now as our manager??..esp personality traits, playing style and so on.

  18. Seysha Suleish says:

    whats with man united and english players…???

  19. Tommy says:


    Will MaGuinness took over from Sir Matt but he had just been the youth coach and was only like 30 when he got the United job, Dave Sexton took over and he had won the FA cup and cup winners cup at Chelsea and fell out with a bunch of their players which resulted in chelseas relegation, he managed QPR and was only a point from winning the league their, before getting the United job, he had a reputation for playing dour football! Tommy Docerty came in before Sexton but he had won the league cup also at Chelsea and had worked in portugal for Porto he had been sacked a few times as well! Ron Atkinson came in just before Alex and he had not won anything but most people at the time said West Brom who he managed were the best team in the league and were unlucky not to win the league, always finishing 2nd and 3rd in league

  20. Seysha Suleish says:

    wayne rooney simply cannot play in the number ten position….he makes chicha look bad…even chicha did a better a job of assisting a goal smthng rooney should be doing…tht kick could hav had him red carded….and whats with rio…that guy is bad luck…open favouring of british players…no wonder players like silva nd the rest refuse to sign for man united…and moyes really needs to stop defending mentality makes us look bad

  21. Matt Martin says:

    Ferdinand, paired with Jonny Evans
    his first league start for two
    looked every day of his 35 years as
    struggled to cope with the
    acceleration of United old boy
    Campbell, a striker he would have
    eaten for breakfast at his peak. i
    think moyes got his substitutions
    wrong again against a cadiff side
    wit lot off pace, he should hav
    broth in Nani to replace Rio, why
    smalling move to d Center back
    with Varlencia at rite back and Nani
    replace valencia on the wings.
    think that wud hav injeted more
    pace to push caddiff back to there
    own half leaving space for united
    to play with the ball at the final
    minute. what do u think Guys?

  22. Matt Martin says:

    i just chek the EPL, table for the past 3 seasons. i think my belove manchester united is tuning into an Everton in Red.

  23. tope_aden99 says:

    We defo need a good result against leverkusen on wednesday because we have to finish in 1st place in this group

  24. John says:

    @Matt Martin…I think the starting line up was good enough to get 3 points but to me the problem is in central midfield, our formation and the defensive attitude we are showing atm..yesterday game was similar to the game against southampton in the sense we substituted to “hold on” to our lead instead of trying to nick one more and put the game to bed. Smalling is a centre back not a full back as he doesn’t seem to know how to combine with the winger ahead of him like when to overlap. I was expecting Ando and Nani atleast as subs. I haven’t understood yet why we put so much faith on cleverly instead of Anderson. We play outdated style and lot of things are yet to be seen.

  25. John says:

    @Tommy…thanks for the info mate!! actually it was for @fletch as I just wanted to know it from his personal first hand experiences. I mean, someone who have lived through it.

  26. Matt Martin says:

    @John.. read my post again i did not say anytin like the starting 11, i said Moyes Substitutions was wrong again.

  27. Matt Martin says:

    @John this is wat i said..
    think moyes got his substitutions
    wrong again against a cadiff side
    wit lot off pace, he should hav
    broth in Nani to replace Rio, why
    smalling move to d Center back
    with Varlencia at rite back and Nani
    replace valencia on the wings.
    think that wud hav injeted more
    pace to push caddiff back to there
    own half leaving space for united
    to play with the ball at the final
    minute. what do u think Guys?

  28. Tommy says:


    Aye I just thought I would answer it because ive got nothing else to do tonight haha

  29. John says:

    @Tommy…its ok mate actually your post had some info re what I wanted to know too…mate, other thing is the furchase of Felliani was more to do with kinda lack of planning re transfer targets and negotiations as far as we all know..However, the players we are going to buy in next 2 windows shall only truely reveal the direction we are heading towards interms of the style of play under moyes..what do you think??..since we all know the reply re defensive playing style of him while he was in everton manager was more to do with making the best and adapting to club budget and so players he had!!

  30. John says:

    @Matt Martin..mate, I agree with you re sub, forgot to write “I Agree”..I was just trying to share my opinions with you as well in my post.

  31. LexxyOfficial says:

    Oh Well, Happy Solksjaer is winning! Moyes won’t be here for long am sure

  32. Fletch™ says:

    John @18:30

    @Fletch… had any managers we appointed between Sir Matt and Sir Alex had won anything prior to their selection as our manager??..And, any of them have any similarities to Moyes of until now as our manager??..esp personality traits, playing style and so on.

    Very interesting question ofcourse and not quite an easy one to answer. Here are some facts

    1st Moyes has a better win % than Sir Matt or Any other manager in between.

    That said, the most appropriate answer to your question is a resounding YES AND NO. Some had won FA Cups etc (see some notes below)

    I actually had Moyes as #4 on my list, but pretty much wrote him off because he hadn’t won anything. But he had been rumored to be Sir Alex’s personal choice for some time, so he wasn’t a complete surprise. He has now won the Community Shield, which he did in his first game. Not bad then!

    None of the list (O’Farrell, Docherty, Sexton, Atkinson) had any serious winning tradition.
    But that said, Only Fergie had significant hardware before coming. Not even Busby had won anything.
    Different times though. At the level of that era, we were hiring top managers. There wasn’t as much to win, no international game to speak of.

    —————————— win percenatage
    14 Matt Busby………………..50.5% Hadn’t won anything and hadn’t coached much as a manager. Was actually an FACup winner in 1933 with Man City
    15 Frank O’Farrell…………..37.0% Up an coming manager when hired. Won a league 4 and league 2 title.
    16 Tommy Docherty……….46.9% Up an coming manager when hired. Won Scottish League Cup w Celtic as a Player, Won the English League Cup with Chelsea as a manager, Took United to 2 FACup finals and won one of them
    17 Dave Sexton……………..40.3% Probably strongest manager we hired before Sir Alex or after Sir Matt. Won 1970 FA CUP and 1971 European Cup winners cup as a manager with Chelsea. Highly respected as a manager before and after United. But honestly, United played the most boring football I ever saw them play under Dave. Was so unpopular that he was actually sacked after a run of 7 straight wins.
    18 Ron Atkinson……………..50.0% Up an coming manager when hired. Won a league 4 and league 3 titles
    19 Alex Ferguson…………….60.1%
    20 David Moyes……………….57.9%

  33. samuel - united WE stand says:

    The fellaini doubts arise further… Slow, cumbersome.. Never the calibre needed at united. We just have to call a spade, a spade and accept it.

    Fletch – united won’t find a big name avalaible in january but you can get potential players. william carvalho at sporting is 21, potential but exactly the type of calibre of central midfielder needed. Dynamic, mobile, good passer, reads the game well. A modern deep lying central mid with drive, something united should be looking at. I pointed out fellaini’s lack of attributes all summer and yes, give him the season before writing him off but he hasn’t got the tools, he is 25 and will not change. He’s not in a developmental stage, he’s close to his peak, expectation rightly should be placed onto him.

    The central midfield issue has never been hidden, it’s by far the weakest area of united and it’s the area united have decided to be indecisive. Completely baffling that we are still patching things up.

  34. John says:

    Thanks @Fletch..that almost 58% of Moyes is quite a positive record amongst them. Hopefully he turns out to be a success and ,more importanly, serves us with attractive attacking football as defalut style in the process as well.

  35. John says:

    @Matt Martin…haha, subs inorder “to play with the ball at the final minute” seems to me a bait coz just for that final minute only no team does sub and why put offensive sub for that coz if we loose possession its more negative for “that final minute” given smalling was at fault for the goal..I agree re subs should have been that way when done while in 60s minutes of play not later say after 85 min “for that final minute”.

  36. kevk24 says:

    @Fletch, nice stats and input. He lost his job after 7 straight wins hehehe
    @John, Moyes has managed a few games so may be up to date then he is on 58% but we shall judge him alongside the above when he gets a season or two under his belt.

  37. Chris says:

    @John: I’m not sure that the manager is going to change his philosophy; Moyes has always been a negative manager with a penchant for direct (long ball) football and it will be a long time, if ever, that he becomes the attacking, attractive and above all progressive football that we have been wanting for quite some time now.

    That’s not an attack on Moyes, there are attack minded managers and there are defensive minded managers, they do whatever they think will win games. It’s just unfortunate that at United it is expected for the team to play with flair and panache, win or lose. I guess this is the price we pay for success at all costs; points or progression to the next round are all that matters nowadays.

  38. Chris says:



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