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LIVE BLOG: Chelsea vs United



  1. Tommy says:

    @De gea we trust

    Nani can say I have just signed a 5 year contract, I can stay and be a bit part player, Hes on a long contract if he dont want to go then theirs very little you can do unfortunatly

  2. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    Tommy – you lose Ferdinand he needs replacing, unless evans and jones stop getting injured, same with evra, he needs replacing, that is already 50 million that needs spending on a fullback and a CB, unless the scouts find another vidic and evra.

    The engine room, you got Powel a gem of a player, build the midfield around him, like Chelsea done with lampard, and Liverpool with gerrard. Zaha who could be a huge player he could easily do the same job valencia and young have done, if given the chance. We have Januzaj and kagwa, 2 very gifted footballers, but for me Kagwa and Powel are similar, and I feel Powel has more potential, you cannot play 2 number 10′s. Carrick like it or not, will need replacing long term he is 33 already. So for me we need to spend a good 45 million on a CM or 2 long term, as I do feel if we can find a box to box midfielder, get powel in the team, we could easily have carrick someone else alongside carrick, and push powell further forward in a midfield 3, with zaha Januzaj and one other upfront.

    But the problem is, the defence and the midfield needs rebuilding, and that is a big worry with these owners. But Moyes must take the blame for seeing such awful performances, and letting the side slump to 7 defeats

  3. united till i die says:

    @ Samuel 21:22

    With regards the current transfer strategy ex Liverpool player Steve Nicol said it best last week on ESPN in that Moyes doesn’t seem to know the caliber of player that is needed to play for the for the biggest football club in the world. It’s easy for him to go after top players like Fabergas and Ronaldo because he knows players like that are good enough to slot into virtually any team.

    It’s the level of player that a just below them that Moyes seems to have a problem deciding if they are UTd quality of not which is why he has them watched so many times then never follows up with a bid. It’s almost like he’s shit scared of getting it wrong and bringing in a player who ends up a bust. He’s so afraid of failing he ends up going back to his old team for a player who he’s already familiar with.

    I’m also trying to figure out what style of play he’s trying to play with the current team. I’ll be totally honest I’m concerned that in the summer he’s going to bring in big name players and try and get them to change their game to fit his “work hard for the team” style of play. He needs to figure out his future style of play ASAP because its pointless going into the summer market and just buying Radom players in the hope they can adapt to the way he wants to play.

  4. Tommy says:

    @De gea we trust

    Sure they need replacing but Rio rarely plays anyway and when he does its heart in your mouth stuff with him and I think Evras had his eye on a return to France for a while, They will need replacing as does Carrack as well, but thats what usually happens when players reach a certain age, others come in and take their place

  5. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    For me, the glazers need to sell now while their stock is high now, because I see the value of the club slumping. But like I say, even if Moyes was sacked, the real long term problems are the glazers, 2005-09 they were tolerated, since the CR7 transfer, they have been truly unmasked has the snakes in the grass they truly are.

    Go look at the 2008/09 season, we played over 65 games that year, off the success of a double winning season of 2007/08 season, and back to back titles with the 2006/07 performances, we made a fortune in ticket sales, TV revenue, between 2006/09, selling Ronaldo, letting tevez go, and all the club spent was under 25 million. That said it all, they really started to take money out of the club. 80 plus million, TV revenue, and ticket sales should have seen at least 65 million spent on players

  6. Tommy says:

    @De gea we trust

    I agree they should sell but I doubt they would get anywhere near the valuation, United are valued at almost 2 billion if reports are to be believed, Football clubs genrally dont make much, owners dont buy to make a profit, All these rich oil tycoons buy clubs who are in trouble financially because they dont expect out on their investmenbt, but I cant see anyone paying the value of the club to be honest

  7. KwesiOwusuJnr says:

    @Tommy. I dont buy the Glazers not providing funds argument. I think Moyes expected players to be eager to snatch the opportunity to play for our club and thus not pay huge sums for them. But no one seems to take that bait. He better start spending. Players like Hernanes and Gaitan wont be all that expensive and will be shrewd buys.
    And on the Barkley thing. The first time I saw him play for Everton, a season or two ago, I raved about him here on ROM that he’ll be the next big thing for England. I never saw him again and was at loss at why. I think it was injuries, but that’s Moyes for you.
    I blame Fergie for the midfield though. I think when his Veron move apparently failed, I loved that guy though, he gave up on the need of technical CMs and its overall relevance due to our dominant wingplay. He focused mainly on strikers and wingers, and very average wingers to be honest.
    I just pray Moyes gets an epiphany. Change your mentality Moyes. Plssss!

  8. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    united till i die – A dream scenario would be – the glazers, woodward and Moyes leaving the club, and seeing a more evolution in the way the club is run, and managed on and off the pitch

    realistic likely scenario if things continue to spiral out of control – the glazers and woodward stay, they sack Moyes within 3 years.

    Like I say, the glazers and woodward are the main problems at the club, but Moyes still must take the blame for seeing how bad the team has performed on the pitch. 7 defeats is not good enough, his team selections boggle the mind, by playing both jones and young in midfield when they have hardly played recently. I never got the Cesc transfers, and the scouts need to wake up and find these gems, not the obvious

  9. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    KwesiOwusuJnr – what kind of club sells Ronaldo for 80 million, lets tevez go, has 3 of the most successful seasons united have ever had since 98-01, and decides to spend less than 25 million that year after selling ronaldo, and the following year we spent bugger all again. And what kind of club leaves a problem area like the CM, that in the end will hit the club like what happened to the Titanic with the iceberg warnings. Every fan said every season since 2009, the midfield needed strengthening, the midfield needed strengthening, I could buy the midfield in 2009, but not since 2010. We needed signings in CM, yet it was never strengthened, look at Blackburn at OT in December 2011, we ended up playing Rafeal in CM.

  10. Tommy says:

    I was talking to an Arsenal fan last week and he was talking about RVP and he said he dont like putting in those training sessions when recovering from an injury so hes always slow to come back, probably why hes taking forever to return

  11. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    @ in de gea we trust: why should cleverley stay? What good does he do to that team?? Passing backwards and sidewards…he should be the first to go.such a shite overrated english player

  12. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Some people on here are JUST as stubborn as Moyes it’s amazing. We are in a horrendous position and some of use continue to say we should keep going with the SAME OLD MISTAKES AGAIN AND AGAIN. Are you fucking blind? We’re 7th, cannot even sign a fucking chicken have the most stubborn manager in world football, have one of the WORST teams left in the champions league, have been humiliated more than 5 times this season and you think it’s all roses? What is this? The time for sentimentality went out the window a long fucking time ago. If we do not sign anybody between now and the 31st, we will finish no higher than 6th.

  13. trevor knightsmith says:

    dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT:

    I agree , we are now a laughing stock, moyes never had the credentials for the job to start with,and lets be honest, if we get past Sunderland on Wednesday (which i wouldn’t put money on), city are going to give us one hell of a hiding in the final !

    Why not give the youngsters a go, they can’t do any worse !

  14. sir matt martin says:

    I keep saying this, whats the probabilty of RVP coming back from injury, and not goin back injunred, due to the type of stone age training method. moyes keep useing durying his time at priston and Everton.

  15. HangInThere_DM says:

    Nick Powell, Ryan Tunnicliffe, Andreas Pereira, Tom Thorpe, David Petrucci some of the gems that are coming to fill the void in the CM area, couple of DMs complemented by the 3 AMs.
    Have patience my fellow united fans, those were the seeds that has been sown years before by SAF. With patience we’ll see them blossom into great players.

  16. Jackie Spain says:

    @sir matt martin: Apparently he also turned down Chelsea but for some reason you forgot to mention that.

  17. sir matt martin says:

    @ Jackie Spain
    Clealy chelsea, dont realy need him. as much as united.

  18. RedOne says:

    Well its happening for us…I gave up on thinking we will finish top 4. Maybe next season. I may be wrong a we do some breakthrough with Roo and RVP but i just don`t see it.

    Moyes just doesn`t pick tactics that would suit players. He is too stuborn it seems. He wants to play possesion game, but like some of u already said, its to static and predictable. We cant play possesion footbal…its fact. No proper mids with ideas to play that, also wingers that cant beat their man.

    Fergie knew that, that`s why we played strong def and counter attack. Some of u complaining about valencia. Well he wasn`t meant for possesion play, but for counter attacks. Back then u were complaining we play shity football. At least we had results.

    If Moyes really thinks this is the style he wants to pursue, he needs almost a whole new team. We dont have that strong def anymore as we used to and that hutrs us big time. And off is wrongly used from the start on. Set pieces have been the best point of our game this season and it is sad to say that.

    Also glad to hear Anderson is on way. If Moyes really wants to improve the team in the second half of the season, he needs to buy Cabaye who will be around 20-25mil pounds and alex sandro from porto, a good left back, price around 17mil pounds. A lot I know but probably only 2 good players that would come to united at this time. Moyes also needs to adjust tactics to opponent, not just play same old tactic all along. Having possesion doesn`t make u win games!!! Or right to comment on that that we earned more from the game….fucking pathetic excuse.

    Young should also be sold. Maybe that`s the plan of Moyes who is playing him to sold him. The only way to be sold….as he is on high paycheck and no one will want him if he is sitting. Would be really awesome if we sold him to big Sam, the only guy who likes rejects aka Carol, Downing….

    Evra should be also let go, Id rather play buttner, really. He didnt get a run of games to prove his worth. But as far as def goes, he is more reliable than Evra. Alex Sandro would do the trick if he was brougth in this transfer window.

    So yeah Fergie knew how to deal with this squad. He also knew that the older players are in decline and maybe this “not value for money”, “there is no player avaliable” policy by the owners and bailed himself out the right time. Still Moyes get hired to be regulary reaching top 4. Well guess what, it was a mistake. I hope Im wrong but in the summer, Rooney is leaving, Rvp following him. Then with the squad we have, we re a from 6th to 10th place club.

    Doubt they will change Moyes, so lets wait and see what he will do in the summer. I predicting us finish 6th in the table and I`m not happy but still calm. If u think of Moyes and our squad, the way they are playing now and the fact that PL is tough league with tough teams, then 6th place really isnt such a bad spot=) I know this team have been champions, and 6th place is unacceptable, but the ways things are now, it will be a decent result.

    Unless Moyes beats himself and starts to think wider, there is nothing good coming our way.

  19. KwesiOwusuJnr says:

    @in de gea we trust. If you really believe there werent providing funds, then why does Fergie keep lying to us. He doesnt seem like a man who is pissed with ownership. Or is he also selfishly gaining from all this?
    Frankly, I dont see enough reasons to believe this. I dont think if Fergie had wanted to buy lets say iniesta, if he was available then, the Glazers wouldnt have given him money? I think the decision not to but CMs was solely on Fergie and how he saw our team playing. And he backed it up with results so we cant really complain. I just dont see why the Glazers will deny Fergie funds if Fergie really wanted it. And wouldnt it have caused strife and tension between the two entities? Except Fergie stood to gain somehow ,,thats the only way it’ll make sense since Fergie is still a prominent figure under their ownership.

  20. Mark Haslam says:

    i actually thought United played well against Chelsea. Chelsea only had a handful of chances and they took them and punished us. United had plenty of chances. It this level you have to put them away and for Welbeck and Young they failed to do that. If Rooney and RVP was there it could have been a different story. I think its clear Young and Welz are just not good enough. I really like Welbeck but his finishing is just not good enough and it shown against Chelsea. Also our Defense wasn’t much to talk about. We need a new left and right back and a new central defender of the highest quality. Also everyone is behind De Gea but history has shown us that new young upcoming keepers dont fit in and struggle. I think United would be more solid with someone like Casillas. He has the experience and lost his place in Madrid. He might be 32 but that’s not old for a goalkeeper. Look how solid United were with VDS. Experienced Keepers know how to control there back four. I think we all remember losing Schmeichel. After a rack of crazy replacements goalkeepers. United only became solid at the back when VDS arrived. I don’t think De Gea is ready yet. United need experience and also a leader.

  21. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    KwesiOwusuJnr – he lied about beckham in 2003 before he was sold and he said that everything was fine, until he was gone. He lied about rooney before the last home game of the season, so do not underestimate fergie will lie until the right time comes.

    Lets look at fergie shall we, summer 2009 united get outclassed by Barcelona, what was fergie and united’s reaction? we sell Ronaldo for 80 million, and sign Valencia obertan and owen, yea that was sending a clear message, and united won nothing. Summer 2011, Barcelona outclass united yet again, what was fergie’s reaction, he signs Ashley young, and united win that is right nothing. And tell me, since these so called results were working for fergie, and united were getting results, where are united now? lying 7th, so clearly the long term consequences have united like a ton of breaks

    I do not care we were getting results, what matters is now not what fergie was doing, and what matters now is that united are not getting results, we have lost 7 games already and its only January. So do not underestimate the fact, that fergie’s failure to rebuild the squad in the shape it needed to be in, so when someone like david Moyes comes in, who has not got the experience on great championship winning squad rebuilding, he has a squad inherited that is capable of keeping united not only in the top 4, but capable of competing for the championship. Moyes should be doing better, much better than what we are seeing, but still, what he was left with is still a shambles.

  22. Mark Reid says:

    It’s a load of bollix stop acting the fucking fool and stop treating the fans like some cheap Asian Whores invest you tight arsed bastards.

  23. KwesiOwusuJnr says:

    @DeGeaWeTrust. I wasnt trying to shift blame from Fergie. I have been one of his harshest critics due his adamancy towards a CM signings. But mate, he bought Zaha for 15mill or so and Young for more than that. Dont you think he could have gotten even Banega or Hernanes or Cabaye at one of those prices. I just think Fergie, aside his managerial brillance, lacked tactical and technical nous like most British managers, and so dont really appreciate that aspect of the game. Actually, what I’m trying to do is to question why every wrong decision is placed on the Glazers. Maybe, I’m not in on their dark-side, aside the debts. It makes Fergie and co get away with some things since everyone is ready to blame the Glazers.


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