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LIVE BLOG: England v Italy

Good evening all, welcome to the Republik of Mancunia World Cup LiveBlog coverage of England v Italy. Wayne Rooney and Danny Welbeck start for England, with Chris Smalling and Phil Jones ready on the bench if needed, so there is plenty of Manchester United interest on show



  1. John says:

    England played well comparatively to the big tournaments in the past and they may still get through the groups. The players in that squad in Brazil are talented bunch, not world beaters but a good blend of youth and experience.

    I don’t think Carrick has been missed at all personally because when the team lose excuses and blame games begin. Always the case.

    Solution is simple: Sack Roy Hodgson and company and give the job to manager who has progressive vision.

    England should follow Manchester United path. Use Gary Neville like United are using Giggs.

    People blame Rooney, Gerrard, this and that but that’s just the excuses and escape goats. Problem is people like Fergie in FA board level. Passport appointments and patriotic fucknobs who live in self-denial.

    With people like Roy Hodgson, Steve Mclaren, that Swedish coach, what you expect??!! And comes Italian tyrant Fabio Capello, the other extreme of the spectrum!

    So answer to England problem is follow Manchester United track and recent choices and decision making patterns like little obedient puppy dog. Simple as that.

    Give job to someone who is tactically astute and let G Neville be his assistant.

    What is the difference between the squad level of Holland and England? It’s Not much. So what’s the difference? Louis Van Gaal or the manager.

    With Roy Hodgson like manager, you will be made sympathetic towards him only like moyes but you win nothing. You can print that! :(

  2. wayne barker says:

    not a question of Carrick being missed but England lack players like him i personally think he’s better than Gerrard in that deep lying role,yes he had a off season but most Utd players did he also had a serious injury to deal with which doesn’t help any player.Jones can play DM and is more aggressive but doesn’t have the same technique or passing range of Carrick.Carrick is a very cool customer and is good at keeping the ball moving,England simply lacks a player like him and Lampard was a wasted pick imo.

  3. Teezed says:

    word comin out today that the shaw deal is off….no surprise really considerin how bad our negotiation skills and transfer dealings are and have been recently.

    whilst ed woodward is sittin on his arse, liverpool have bought 2 decent players and chelsea have bought 2 of the best in europe to an already world class squad and manager.

    what happened to getting all of our business done before the world cup?

    its a total joke.

  4. ashtheking says:


    I agree with the frustration but I feel LVG will already have talked to two or three Dutch players and they may be coming the moment World Cup is over. Blind and martins indi could be very well signed. LVG doesn’t want to make it out as that would cause distraction. LVG is a tough customer , he won’t tolerate mediocrity. He won’t accept failure because of Woodward. I fell media is trying to act smart but in truth they no nothing about us. Even giggs that day as a pundit looked hardly tensed regarding united. He knows wht happened last season won’t happen again.the myth that we need many players is wrong. We need couple of midfielders and a lb and maybe two central defenders. Don’t forget LVG loves playing youth so he will have an eye for academy players. I say let’s enjoy the World Cup. I won’t worry until LVG or giggs themselves show frustration regarding non signing of players

  5. John says:

    It’s bit tempting to get few players by now and the whereabouts of Ed Woodward is as well a mystery!

    We are being linked with half a dozen Bayern players to Cavani to Shaw to ( you name it! ).

    I don’t know whether this might sound bit silly but let’s say the deal for Luke Shaw or Sanchez or Hummels or Schweinsteiger(spell it plz! :) ) is already done but look at the scenario of our dear manager being involved on great mission of replacing tiki-taka by total football and most players being involved ! Even for players if aren’t there involved in Brazil if we sign and announced by club then in the press conference before Australia Vs Holland imagine the reporters questioning Van Gaal regarding the player instead of match.

    So surely there must be some gentlemen agreement between Dutch FA, United and Van Gaal to do things in a sensible way atleast the announcements!

    I expect few very wise signings alongside Van Gaal in his first official press conference as United Manager before World Cup!

    Ed Woodward is the mind behind mata deal, hopefully surprises us this summer with atleast 2 such signings. Woodward, however, seems someone who can deceive Almighty God himself. :)

  6. trevor knightsmith says:


    I think you are correct . I think any signings have been done but won’t be announced until LVG’s stint at the world cup is over .

    I cannot see him coming and not making any big signings. I would imagine any transfer dealings are being kept under wraps out of politeness .

  7. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    England fans are so stupid. You play a striker on the wing and play a winger central and you’re complaining when the striker underperforms? HAH. Rooney was never a winger. PLAY HIM CENTRAL or don’t play him at all. Plus he was nowhere NEAR the worst player on the pitch. Gerrard was played in position and did sweet fuck all. Baines was ripped to shreds, Johnson was equally useless as well but Rooney gets all the blame. Cannot fucking understand it.

  8. John says:


    I believe so mate. The announcement of Van Gaal as our manager itself was done just before World Cup and there are members of his coaching staff still to be filled. We will be dumb not to let him choose his coaches after watching game against Spain. I don’t think it’s wise to bargain for P. Neville and Butt in new coaching staff. I expect Directors in our board to be better than that! :) Giggs is wise decision both for Van Gaal and United, other might be Scholes but apart from them, let new manager have his way. Surely we don’t need “clash of titans” of great egos esp after moyes fuck up.

    Also, if we sensibly look into our squad, we are not bad as people make us. Squad with players like Nani, Kagawa, Janujaz, RVP, mata, De Gea like talents is not desperate for 7 or 8 players. Van Gaal is no mug. He will make sensible signings because he surely wants to sign out from football career with a bang and luckily it’s us who can see his last magic.

    Manchester United and Van Gaal is a match made in heaven combination. Ed Woodward is a canny bastard who knows well he can’t fuck up this summer. We are talking about shift of era here and Glazers won’t mess this up surely after losing more than 50 millions because of moyes blunder.

    Everything paves way for cracking next season for United fans. Let’s see.

  9. WilliamAR says:

    leaving Carrick out is not the reason England were poor at ball retention. Italy just have technically better players. Brazil, Holland Argentina Germany, Italy, Spain (yes I know), Belgium and portugal don’t have a carrick type player they have better movement than that as carrick is immobile by comparison. Expecting defencive duties from a striker is also a problem of Englands as you won’t see van gaal expecting such an impossible amount of running up and down the pitch from strikers. Englands problem is a lack of technical ability to take the ball in such a way that allows them to be composed. They just don’t do it sharp enough. and although carrick is good at receiving the ball he just doesn’t have the mobility. all the other top teams are excellent pass and move teams (including their defensive midfielders) Carrick is pass but don’t move leaving less and sometimes no options going forward. I think Ross Barkley shows the most amount of promise when it comes to recieving the ball in midfield and taking it forward but he needs to develop his game to also be able to play calm possession football. Carrick had a stinker of a season so didn’t deserve a call up it’s as simple as that. I think Roy hodgeson should use this world cup to give young players experience so England will be a much more difficult proposition in 2018. It’s proved that the old heads are just not good enough to win major tournaments so it’s time to develop and work on producing for the future. Raheem Sterling had a good game considering his relative inexperience and he can only get better so this world cup is good for him and that’s the same for shaw and barkley. people also talk about pirlo making it look easy and how he does very little to make it look effortless but what people don’t realise is it’s because he is mobile and his mobility gets him to the correct positions to make everything look easy. nobody stands still and does what he does FACT! Carrick is too static and that’s why he doesn’t make midfield play look as easy. You never see pirlo stop or walk he is always moving even if it’s a light jog he is still always covering ground and making space that dictates the flow of the game. England don’t have that and haven’t had that since Paul Scholes.

  10. denislawking says:

    I enjoyed England’s performance much better than in 2010 or 1012, at least we ‘gave it a go’. But it still lacked any form of identity. And even more of a concern was the blatant rape and pillage of our left side and nothing was done about it. Roy seems to think the tide was stemmed in the second half but the goal came from that side. Re Rooney he gets shit because he’s an easy target, has been considered our saviour this past ten years. My HO on that is if you aren’t going to play your players in their accustomed position because you want a certain system, don’t play them out of position. Remember Sir Alf and Greaves? Our #1 goal poacher by a mile but he couldn’t get back in the team, why, because Alf had a clue what he wanted to do and Greaves didn’t fit into that plan

  11. denislawking says:

    Oh and when we did have a midfielder as good as Pirlo what did we do? Played Scholes out on the left to accommodate Gerrard and Lampard. F***ing stupid.
    The only good thing is we have seemed to move away from the Watford model.

  12. Tommy says:

    Cant agree with anyone saying England played well, they were hopeless every single man (especiually the full backs) henderson and gerrard shite, Rooney shite, 1 cross is all he did and that corner could be the worst of all time. The 2 centre halfs shite, Pirlo the only world class player in either squad was taking the piss. Italy were not good themselves, they didnt need to be. As bad as England were they were never as bad as Uraguay, Cavani £50million for Cavani? I wouldnt pay 50p for him. His effort in the first half made me chuckle. Fair play to the Costa Ricans though, they are the team in the group after the 1st game that played like a team and deserved their victory, Joel Cambell our nemasis from Greece was outstanding

  13. Chris says:

    For those saying Rooney was played out of position Sky have shown that he spent most of his time playing centrally or down the right and hardly ever on the left so just accept it; he was total bobbins and should be dropped for the next game.

    Agree that Gerrard was virtually anonymous but Hodgson has tied his hands with that one because we need some experience in there, Cole should have gone instead of Baines and, on the seasons form, I would have taken and played Barry instead of Henderson.

    Pirlo was majestic and is exactly the kind of player England are crying out for, watching Pirlo play like that is an education the way he gives himself so much time and space.


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