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LIVE BLOG: FC Basel 2-1 United FT

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. manutd7 says:

    wow that was really embarassing. 250k per week for rooney. how much have we lost from todays elimination then? pathetic.

  2. Fred says:

    Dave Mack – Now all we have to do is find some money and try to convince Champions League-calibre players to come and join our Europa League-calibre team. :oops:

  3. Dave Mack says:

    mamutd 7 … you have no idea what Rooney is paid but no one in thier right mind suggests its 250k. Whatever it is its aleast 50k per week than he could have got elsewhere so show some respect.

  4. 68Devils says:

    Why it feels like someone close to you had died

  5. man utd8 says:

    Don’t worry, we’re still going through lad’s.

    B E L I V E

  6. Nasko 1 says:

    This is shit this is not united
    F..k off

  7. Nasko 1 says:

    when some one say Man U I whont to kick him in the ass ,ehat is Man U Idn !!!!
    But I know I LOVE Manchester United

  8. StatesideAussie says:

    Despite everything, I still don’t think this day is as dark as the last time we got knocked out in the group stages, exactly six years previously, an event which occurred only a few weeks after Keano’s sudden and acrimonious exit, and not long after a humiliating 4-1 loss to Middlesbrough. I remember at the time thinking that was it — that we were facing a long period, possibly years, “in the trenches”. Yet, in the five CL campaigns between then and now, we have been a quarter-finalist once, a semi-finalist once, a losing finalist twice, and the champion once.

  9. fergies faith says:

    gettn smashed still think im having a fucken nightmare

  10. Tannor says:

    Ok OK OK, Come on folks,
    You fellas should know better (especially those who want to burn the sea),
    It is stating the obvious by saying we are all gutted massively but I am just surprised at the reactions by most of us on here, the writings is been on the wall all this while yet we show such behaviour when what we have been waiting to happen happens.

    To those taking advantage of this and spewing all kinds of shit to SAF and the Club, i have only this for you…. FUCK OFF
    These are horrible times for the club but I know we will rise from the ashes and walk on golden streets again.


  11. marshawash says:

    JUST 1 focken qn… Where da fock are the regulars on here who sugar coat our performances week-in week-out.? I hope they see now that city, crystal palace (our general team performance) is crap. No Guts, skill etc. Majority of the 600+ msgs above this just put it all in perspective. Am sure even the ‘clique’ is hurting. FOCKEN DISGRACE!!!

  12. hoggy says:

    that wasnt a one-off bad result…these kind of results have been coming since last season when we managed to win the league by default…We r a club in decline…when it comes to our biggest assets our PLAYERS

  13. jesmonta says:

    Since playing stoke, our performances have been poor. There is no consistency across the board. The writing was on the wall for this defeat. We do not have depth in quality meaning that we have to play with Evans , Kiko and the rest. They are not up to standard. Rio have passed his best and Rooney need to sort out what is wrong with his performances. If he is thinking of ever landing Europe`s player of the year prestigious award ,forget it. Well Man Utd pay him enough in wages so he can buy a replica of the golden boot.
    Come January the gaffer needs to dig deep in the transfer kitty and get rid of a couple of no nos. We need to concentrate on our domestic competiotions starting from the league if we do not want to end up empty handed.

  14. eckyBecks says:

    I’m A Big Your Fan’s MU,

    But today i’m still not believe for what the hell with you ??? Lost With basel ??? Ohh noo …

    Fergie .. please to look back again, that from the first MU always have at least 2-4 players who have the qualities of the world.

    sometimes I think, if MU has gone bust?
    MU is now being stockpiled or money?

    Sell ​​Rouney – Berbatov – Diouf and put your gigs as a assistant.

    And maybe We need players like silva and CR7 again or like old MU icon “Beck’s”

    Sell ​​Rouney – Berbatov – Diouf and put gigs as your assistant. Regenerate MU … !!!

    And maybe We need players like silva, CR7, baloteli and kaka maybe or like old MU icon “Beck

    make A SUPER GREAT UTD !!!!!

  15. redbilly says:

    tannor 6.28.Good point re reaction. We all feel pissed off , gutted and angry, the writing has been on the wal for some time , no doubt about that. Why so many vitriolic reactions?. Surely its not a complete shock?. How far would we have stuttered on in the CL?. Win it this year if we were in it?

    The gnashing of teeth will pass. Change needs to take place. As the saying goes He who stands still loses ground.

  16. redbilly says:

    are we all to boycott the prodigious Europa league?.

  17. yunus ahmad says:

    Let truth be told we dont have a creative midfield player only Giggs and we cant depend on him his is now 38 yrs must to hire world class midfielder to save our season

  18. YorYor says:

    If Berbatov was the one who missed, the entire 500+ posts dissing the team would’ve focused on him. But because it’s Rooney, the blame falls on the rest of the team.
    To be honest, I’m not THAT gutted, because since the start, I’ve always taken this season to be one of “tear down and rebuild”. This young team will surprise a few in 2 – 3 years – I’m not sure of that, but I’m looking forward to it happening. Unlike some who seem to be sure the club is in decline.
    Are you a supporter, or a condemner?

  19. Gooner says:

    Anyone know when the round of 16 draw is revealed, so u gonna support a true English side like arsenal or a buy the league club like chelsea?

  20. Tannor says:

    redbilly 9:35, mate you have asked the right questions, honestly, we wouldn’t have gone anywhere this season and everyone on here has known it since the beginning of the season.

    We are in second position in the EPL simply because most clubs are shit

  21. redbilly says:

    Gooner- Arsenal

  22. James21 says:

    I have respect for your club so if by any chance you can stop the Rentboys I’d be greatful.


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