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LIVE BLOG: France vs Honduras



  1. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Wilson Palacios is a fucking disgrace. Stamping on Pogba and then feigning injury to try and get him sent off. He even rolled onto the stretcher for all of 10 seconds. Footballers should be done for this gamesmanship afterwards.

  2. m09538061 says:

    People still going on that Rooney took a pay cut?
    Still too much money whatever he’s paid. If we have Mata at no.10 next season and Rooney can’t play anywhere else we don’t need him in my eyes. Hopefully Van Gaal has someone in mind for less money and doesn’t hold the club to ransom everytime he wants a pay rise. He’s past his best,his qualities have gone the older he gets. He will be another overpaid player we cant get rid of. We need big clear out as we all know.

  3. Tommy says:


    Totally agree, I think Henduras were a fucking disgrace, even in the friendlies theyve been a disgrace with their tackles, they could of been down to 8 men, did you see that tackle on the far side that knee high tackle, dont even think the lad picked up a yellow. If I was Honduran I would be embaressed by their nations tactics, Good start for my 28/1 Benzema bet though.

    BBC pundits were Henry, Seedorf and er Robbie Savage. Now theyve got Neil lennon on the Argentina game, Anyone else think the BBC are running out of money?

  4. Tommy says:

    And on the England game, their pitchside expert was Danny fucking Murphy

  5. ashtheking says:

    Anyone watchng Argentina game? Don’t know what happens to messi in such a big tournament, it’s not about the goal also but he has been pretty poor . It seems Rooney was better yesterday. I really want top players to perform. The reason this World Cup so far has been good is because all top players for big country have stood up. Be it Neymar or rvp or robben or balotelli or pirlo. I do hope messi, Ronaldo and Rooney score some goals.

  6. ashtheking says:

    Haha just as I say. Typical messi. Good one lad.

  7. Tommy says:


    I wasnt impressed with Argentina, for large spells they were avarage, I was quite dissapointed with their performance. Think youre being kind mentioning Ballatelli as a player who has stood out. I think he did very little apart from a free header at the back stick. I thought yesterdays game was a poor match, The Italians werent great they didnt need to be but England were as I expected shocking. Only 1 world class footballer in either squad and thats pirlo, he was just taking the piss all game. Everything goes through Pirlo, their game plan is get the ball to Pirlo, without him theyd be poor, both nations living on name and name alone. As bad as England were they were not even the worst in the group yesterday, that goes to Uraguay and if Cavani is a £50million player then I might get my boots out, every time I see him he dosent look a footballer never mind a £50million one, but credit to Costa Rica, they played exceptionally well as a team

  8. The One says:

    @m09538061, I share your view on rooney, just hoping LvG gets rid of him. I think somehow, he doesn’t quite fit in even though he appears to be putting in a shift at times. He’s been too disrespectful towards our club and our legend too.

  9. ashtheking says:


    What I meant was top players have joined the party by scoring or playing well yes balotelli wasn’t great and so was t sturidge . Very much agree on cavani . Another player for clubs like Chelsea or City.

    Also just a thing that popped out, what if against Uruguay England gets a penalty. I know tht ego maniac gerrard will take but if there was a sensible captain then he should let Rooney take. Let Rooney score a goal and bring his confidence. Look at messi how confident he became, after scoring. England need to get the attention out of Rooney. But gerrard being a fool is will take the penalty himself and celebrate like he is the best

  10. m09538061 says:

    Paul scholes sees it and says what he sees, I like that.
    Rooney has had his day has not done it the last three years.
    City 2012
    RVP 2013
    City 2014

  11. m09538061 says:

    David de Gea is unavailable for Spain due to an injury to his buttocks.Strange, I thought Casillas would be the one who was walking funny after Van Persie and Robben had finished violating him.

  12. MobiMulla says:

    @m09538061 haha m8 funny one LoL..

    Breaking news..vermaelen agrees to join united? What do you think lads?

  13. Tommy says:


    I noticed England had a free kick with about 10 mins to go Bainez missed, now Bainez is the best free kick taker in the squad and he was removed after 1 free kick for gerrard. I was thinking if England got a pen and lambert was on the pitch do you think he will take it? No fucking chance. Lambert scored somehing like 32 pens out of 32 so is easily the best taker in the squad bu if hes on and they get a pen theirs no chance of him getting it

  14. Tommy says:


    I dont know where you have got that from mate, club confirmed nothing, sky sports are not even reporting it, think its juist rumours mate

  15. gra mar says:

    It’s been reported about Vermaelen in a few places but until he’s wearing the shirt I won’t believe it.

  16. m09538061 says:

    In their World Cup game against Honduras last night, France used Arsenals Olivier Giroud…
    Still no place in the squad for his brother..
    Chim-Chim Giroud.
    ‘We hate those bastards in claret and blue’.

  17. MobiMulla says:

    @tommy mate..I think its that he’s agreed a deal with united to join us..its just that united and arsenal need to set a price yet..its reported on daily mail and its going round on Twitter.. OK doesn’t make it sound true but it’s still believable

  18. wayne barker says:

    Tommy prior to the game you were talking about how you figured England would beat Italy so you wasn’t expecting them to be shocking
    It wasn’t that bad of a game and England wasn’t as bad as you’re making them out to be.I know you bet did you have a decent bet on England to win?

  19. John says:

    Thomas Vermaleen is represented by Kees Vos, the same agent who represents both Van Gaal and RVP as well. So the deal might be already wrapped as Varmaleen’s case is similar to RVP , only 1 year contract left with Arsenal. Plus he isn’t first choice in Arsenal either.

    Just a while back BBC reported the deal being denied by Kees Vos.

    I firmly believe none of the announcements shall be made till our new manager is involved at the World Cup. So some surprises is a fair expectation as soon as World Cup is over esp for Holland and then the players we have silently signed already are done with World Cup.

    Blind is said to be preferred in left back instead of Luke Shaw is as well being reported recently.

    Arturo Vidal, Guarin and so on as well are heavily linked.

    All are paper talks. But Vermaleen IMO is a safe signing due to his experience, price tag and quality when in form. We need 1 world class central defender more but 10 millions on Varmaleen is wise choice in my book.

  20. John says:

    Arturo Vidal and Alexis Sanchez are the two players I would really love to see us signing.

    Tony Kroos is mystery. Robben is a new fantasy.

    All in all we are in for a very very interesting transfer announcements after World Cup.

    The further the Holland progresses, the better the positives outweigh the negatives for us in terms of our manager involvement and potential targets who are yet to be signed due to the positive attraction it generates due to the rise in profile of our manager.

    Couple of young Dutch players might tempt Van Gaal to bring with him as they show their worth as the cup progresses. Robben bald head might get turned towards Van Gaal instead of boring Guardiola, who knows. :)

    I wish Holland to go as far as possible in this World Cup and thrash few other teams. One target should be Chile.

    Based on my unreasonable logic of human psychology, the players of team being thrashed or genuinely defeated/outclassed are more likely to join the winner or cling towards the main personnel of the winner he secretly admires. Fabregas to Chelsea comes to mind. :) :)

    Of course, money talks but a good player can choose between atleast 3 or 4 offers these days anyway. :(

  21. John says:

    Also I am very happy, Van Gaal pulled the plug on Fabregas and Tony Kroos deal “if” that is the case! It shows he knows what he wants his team play and the profile of players “additionally” essential to fit in! We should not forget we need to ship out some dead woods and we as well have some quality players. And some deadwood thought so far might be turned into good players by Van Gaal.

    When it comes to Central midfield, the players like cleverly and Anderson might be improved with new manager. That doesnot in any stretch of imagination hold us back from signing two new quality central midfielders, one holding and one box-to-box. Strootman can join us in Jan but we need 2 new faces in the centre of our line up, not potential but absolutely proven one. Two central midfielders that can give a game to any opponent of this world.

    After those two players are glued in our new 4-3-3 formation ( default formation as our manager can outwit fuckers like Jose, his puppy dog in barca. :) ) we can then be comfortable.

    I wish we have signed them already.

  22. ashtheking says:


    I don’t Chelsea was fabregas first choice. He would have preferred arsenal and united. But arsenal didn’t want him and I don’t think we ever approached fabregas this season. Also I saw somewhere his girlfriend had a final say .so fabregas didn’t want Chelsea. It’s funny as last season we went all out for this fellow and wee even ready to pay 40 millions but now barca sells him for 27 millions. Joke

  23. Tommy says:


    I didnt think Italy were special and i said uraguay were pretty avarage before the games so I said it was far from the so called group of death I also said its the worst england side ive ever seen head to a tournament but its still a group that England could qualify from, that being said England couldnt hold on to the ball for 5 seconds and against anyone youre going to struggle with no composure on the ball. It werent great no team is this group will go far

  24. John says:


    Genius of Fergie Jr. me thinks. :) :)

    moyes would have made Glazers roll the bank to sign both Kroos and Fabregas and wondered how fixture list and bad lucks have contributed to bad results even next season not to mention unfortunate injuries to players that always happen!

    I some time wonder whether the choice of moyes with lenghty contract was a secret mission by fergie to chase away Glazers. :)

    No more income, No more Glazers! :)

  25. Tommy says:


    it started getting reported by a few sources after I wrote my message earlier, although I wouldnt listen to anything that the daily mil reports. Some guy on talksport says the only players on Moyes shopping list that LVG wants is Shaw and Vermaelan (apparently made a move for him end of january window) and others on the list Kroos, Fabergas hes said he dosent want

  26. wayne barker says:

    Tommy not saying England are great but not as bad as you’re making them out to be,i can’t imagine how the conditions effect a players performance.I was listening to talksport this morning some Italian commentator was saying the overall consensus of Italian press was England played much better than expected.He also said the main difference was Pirlo because of the way he can control a game something England don’t have.I’ve already mentioned this and i think you did as well, it’s Roy’s biggest mistake trying to completely accommodate Gerrard and picking Lampard instead of taking a proper deep lying midfielder
    The Italian also said it was so hot and humid he was feeling dizzy and faint in the press box,no one seems to taking this into account when assessing the performance

  27. ashtheking says:


    No point of making ifs and bits. Moyes is gone now let us move on. We have a important season to look for.

    Pretty excited for the match. Eager to see how Nani performs. World Cup performance could determine whether he Weill stay or leave. I hope he does well, so that atleast we can demand more for him and not sell him for 5-10 millions.

  28. gra mar says:

    Gerrard is rubbish. He doesn’t bring anything to the side. England need a young dynamic player.
    The difference for England on Saturday night was not having a top class midfielder and until that is resolved then they won’t progress.
    Not even able to suggest someone but Gerrard won’t do it for you. Lampard won’t either.
    Wilshire won’t. henderson? haha
    They had it in Scholes but shipped him onto the wing like Rooney to waste a good player.


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