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LIVE BLOG: Kitchee FC 2-5United

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. In David We Trust says:

    Costas – maybe united will have to bite the bullet hard, and sell rooney and nani, for Lingard and Januzaj can gain more first team experience. I feel, if you look at the places Januzaj and lingaard play, who is infront of them?

    the wide birth – valencia young nani giggs and now zaha

    upfront – RVP rooney hernandez and welbeck

    So you look at those options moyes has, Moyes has to move on one wide player, so Januzaj can get a look in, and perhaps a striker so lingaard can get a look in. Because has I see it, I do not know how any of the 2 will be able to get enough PL games

  2. Red Robin says:

    The truth is not out there.

  3. scholes18 says:

    What a finish!

  4. Costas says:


    Well Nani is with one foot out of the door anyway. But it still won’t be any easier for Lingard and Adnan. Moyes will have to rely on the experienced players at first. But if some of them disappoint with their performances, I’d like to see Moyes put his faith in those kids. It’s something that Fergie became more hesitant about at the end of his reign.

    Anyway, what are Lingard and Januzaj’s favorite positions? They seem to be occupying a couple each so far in the tour.

  5. thedonmassawe says:

    What a player this Januzaj kid is!?

  6. Andromeda says:

    So Fergie’s secret weapon has been revealed in Moyes wonder why am not so worried about new arrivals, you got Janujaz, Lindgard, Zaha, Buttner & Cleverly…these guys can together make up another history for this club.hat off for this energy and enthusiasm

  7. In David We Trust says:

    Costas – I always thought lingaard was a striker, and Januzaj was a wide player. But it seems all 3 of zaha Januzaj and lingaard seem to have no fix position but floaters who all can score goals, which may have Remember the 3 amigo’s the media went on about chelsea, these 3 come the end of the season and the start of this season could start to break through. But the 3 young stars of the tournament, have really put rooney nani valencia kagwa and young’s positions in real danger. I do hope if all 3 break through, they call could start together, risky but unlike valencia nani and young, these guys really add ability assists, and the freshness going forward that is really needed at OT. Kagwa giving hints he should be played in a certain position, and klop taping him up, let him leave, because these 3 really could light up the blue touch paper

    Yea I noticed fergie was doing that, remember our convo Costas about fergie no longer taking any risks, seemed like fergie was preparing for retirement by just relying on a squad regressing. Never in all of fergie’s years, did he stop refreshing the side up, last time he did not was when he was about to retire in 2002, when very little was bought in the summer of 2000

  8. Red In Taipei says:

    Cheers for the commentary! Well done the young lads. Deserving of game time

  9. Frankie says:

    Janzaj is an unbelivable talent. As Red Devil said the best player to come through the system since Scholes. He definitely should not go on loan, as he is already ready to be at laest an impact player

  10. Redial says:

    Didn’t watch the match but good to hear the scoreline and also that the lads performed very well. At least this should shut the mouths of people like the mail’s drayton. And from the look of things, it seems ando did well too!!

  11. Ludacris says:

    I agree with all them players apart from cleverley.He’s not good enough imo

  12. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    When are we giving Januzaj his contract? Stop wasting time and give this boy a five year extension. I am so excited for this kid’s future.

  13. Ludacris says:

    Looks likely nani will be out the door soon and fellaini is looking increasingly likely to join us aswell.Fellaini and baines would be good purchases imo

  14. AntiScouser says:

    Should’ve been 7. Moyes out.

  15. SpoonyPizzas says:

    Zaha has 143 games worth of experience…. he is ready. Don’t talk about him like he has just come through the youth team.

    Sure that was Championship opposition but in every game he was always creating chances or troubling defences constantly and more often than not a match winner.

    Let Zaha have a go….. less predictable than Valencia who just runs down the right and stops and passes back or Young who cuts in field at every opportunity.

    Nani and Zaha are still key…. hope we don’t sell Nani ;(

  16. bayoRed says:

    There are many youngsters not to different from Zaha in the premier league (& Europe) that have come with heavy price tags and tones of expectations(Hazard, Oscar, Moura, Neymar etc). That’s just the way it is. Expectations are not bad and expectations come when people have seen what you can do. Zaha is very talented and nobody can take that away from him. He will be trained by the best professionals at one of the best clubs in the world. There can only be one outcme…… he will be up there with the best.

  17. Costas says:


    Cheers. I couldn’t figure out if they had one prefered position. Both kids seem very versatile. You are right about Fergie. It did seem like he was relying on experience to make sure his career ended on the highest note. And he had enough stroke with the owners to get a player if he really wanted to. Moyes is in a spot where he has to rely on the academy. And we’ve seen the results so far on this tour. If he buys one CM, then the squad will be in very good shape.

  18. slim says:

    Sacrifice. If we’re looking to inject some much needed excitement some may have to be moved on. Said it last week when we played the Australian 11. You see what the likes of Lingard and Zaha are capable of. Support that cast with mature heads in the middle of the park and we’re good to go. The game is less forgiving on the flanks and i see no reason why they can’t be starters this coming season.
    What do we have to lose? One or two of Tony V, Young and Nani will probably be moved on, if not this year next season. They’re fearless at this stage and thats a heck of a quality to have in a player

  19. Rukky says:

    Pissed off bcos i Didn’t watch the match. N/b Scorers all under 25. If Ed plays with roo on a new contract there’s no issue, but januzaj…

  20. Proverb says:

    Good to see youngsters had another great outing on this asian tour….
    The future looks sparkling bright just like a shining diamond. Great sign off, everything starting to click, click! Europe could see us injects damages as youngsters get used to new boss’s tactics.


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