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LIVE BLOG: Liverpool vs Manchester United



  1. Cool Goat HOT POTATOE! says:

    Shirt sales maybe. Who the fuck would want to wear the shirt of that feckin guppy. He looks like hes being continually kicked in the stones. I cant see the japanese or those in the far east going for that one

    ^a fuckin joke

  2. Wee Toms Ligaments says:

    Just watched the game again. liverpool defended for 87 minutes with at least 9 players back.

    I agree that United should have pressed more after 60 minutes gone but to suggest that Cleverley was the problem today is just lazy analysis. A 4-2-3-1 does not expect one of the CDM to be the creative force. I saw the issue of Young and Giggs not beating their man and playing square to Carrick or Cleverley. Seriously, you cannot win in a 4-2-3-1 without a better penetrating wingman creating space.

    Moan all you want about Moyes destroying the side. I think he set the team up to contain and counter. It did not work that way due to a lucky shoulder flick. Counter attackin liverpool at Anfield is exactly how you beat them.

    I do not know the solution of breaking down a solid 10 man front. Maybe United need to push Carrick up and protect the back 4 with Anderson and Cleverley? Maybe. Until Kagawa and Rooney return of course. Then the attacking 3 MF can be Rooney, Kagawa, and Nani. Not a bad setup once everyone is fit.

  3. ahjs says:


    He only has about 80-90 assists in the last three years. Not the type of player we need, apparently. Couldn’t hack in in the Prem, apparently.

    A very different player to Bale, but can anyone say he’s inferior to Bale? Very good player. Real signed Beckham and all of a sudden Makelele etc were on the market. Then Robben/Sneijder a few years ago. Very good day or two for Wenger and Arsenal, pretty much overshadowing all Spurs’ efforts with one win and one signing.

    Mind you, Arsenal and City aren’t in crisis anymore so to the press it’ll be us in crisis over the next week or two.

  4. WilliamAR says:


    That’s because you don’t know anything about it. I’ve fought in Northern ireland, kosovo and afghanastan so i know a fair bit about it. I can tell you that football has nothing to do with it

  5. Cool Goat HOT POTATOE! says:

    Wee Toms Ligaments
    Exactly how I saw it.

  6. Cool Goat HOT POTATOE! says:

    You are right it doesn’t and its a figment of speech. I was a signaler myself.

  7. Glazers out says:

    Sky are reporting arsenal in advanced talks for ozil? Why the fuck are we dicking around if he is available we should have been in for him. Just when I thought this transfer window couldn’t get any worse think we are in for a long season and the most depressing thing is we don’t even look exciting to watch at the moment. Pray I’m wrong but think we will end up with fellaini and he is not the creative spark we need also we need to sort out what we are doing with kagawa as he is supremely talented but completely misused. Gonna be a long season this one….

  8. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Why can’t we just admit that we were beaten FAIR AND SQUARE by Liverpool today? It wasn’t a “lucky shoulder flick” like many of you are trying to force, Sturridge was very smart on that play and got himself in the right position. If that was Van Persie we would be praising him for his superb movement but now that it’s sturridge it’s lucky? Fucking hilarious rubbish.

    And even on the judge of play their win was by no means “Lucky”. How many times did we work Mignolet? Don’t worry i’ll wait. Our clearest chance fell to our best player and he missed it in the 86th minutes, Four mins to the END of the game. We did not deserve ANYTHING out of the game cuz we were very poor and did not put the ball to more efficient use. Simple. Tired of everyone constantly putting their tinted glasses on. There comes a time when you need to take them off and face the realities. This is that time. We absolutely MUST strengthen tonight/tomorrow or else we face a serious battle to even finish in the top two this year. And oh yeah, don’t look now but Spurs are coming and Arsenal, by the looks of it, are strengthening tonight. We better get going.

  9. matt says:

    SEPTEMBER 1, 2013 AT 21:31
    Wee Toms Ligaments says:
    Just watched the game again. liverpool defended for 87 minutes with at least 9 players back.


  10. theradlegion says:

    “Faggots online too fucking cowardly to add there names to the list”
    Why do I even fuckin care to have my name on the fuckin list goat?

  11. matt says:

    SEPTEMBER 1, 2013 AT 21:31
    Wee Toms Ligaments says:
    Just watched the game again. liverpool defended for 87 minutes with at least 9 players back.

    No they didn’t they won because they were better in the middle of the park. Henderson,Gerrard and Lucas were better than Cleverley, Carrick and Giggs and agger and Skrtel snuffed out the one or two half attacks United created. Liverpool were better on the day, it doesn’t mean they will win the league or finish above utd but they were better today.

  12. WilliamAR says:


    if you were a signaler then you should know better. you’re someone who’s represented your country and acting like one of those yobs who just goes to matches to fight isn’t what you should expect from yourself. your comments about the 96 were pretty awful and even if you did mean it as banter it’s no joking matter.

  13. Cool Goat HOT POTATOE! says:

    I think there is a distinct possibility we are being left behinde. United will end up being the grandparent at christmas who gives the grandchild a £2 postal order, completely out of touch with todays valuations. Ive always championed Sir Alexs frugal stance and the unwillingness to spend 30 million on decent but not world class stars but I guess that time is up. Money has gone made and we have to be stupid just to catch up with the stupidity. The days of Scholes, Raul, Del Piero and Giggs are dead, now we enter the world of Rooney, Ronaldo, Eto, and the biggsest scum bag of them all Anelka. Suits the modern money crazed youngsters but certainly makes the gulf wider between the old and modern football. I suppose its the way its supposed to be, Bridge for me, lol.

  14. RedEric says:


    My grandpa always told me ‘hunger’ and ‘war’ are worst experiences for human in this world.
    He was involved in Bama {spl} and Japan. I don’t know why I like war songs he used to sing. Touching words with message of encouragement.
    My Cousin was at Kosovo and told me they were offensive as bees and defensive as a brick wall Roomers say Afghanistan are stealthy, I still don’t know if that’s. My question is which one is hard to deal with?

  15. Cool Goat HOT POTATOE! says:

    We are all different, with different journeys. I WAS a signaler, I WAS proud of my country, I USED to care about my fellow man. Things change. No remorse, feelings of guilt or apology’s here.

  16. zaha says:

    I’m praying that Di Maria becomes available cos it looks like we need a wide man and he’s better than Young and Valencia cos he can actually dribble and go past a couple of players.

  17. TheCANTONA says:

    with rooney out i actually think kagawa will get his chance today, but moyes (again) decided to play safe with giggsy and young. i know giggsy is a legend, he bring calmness and experience but experience alone won’t win the game, u need pace, stamina and sharpness things that unfortunatelly our giggsy lacks of these days. now apparently we wont make any signing this transfer windows (big thanks to our american dealer woodward), i really hope moyes able to maximaze the squad, give more game time to the youngsters (zaha, januzaj, lingard, powell) yes they might lack of experience on the top level but we know they have potential and i believe they cant do worse than valencia, young or even giggsy did…

  18. RedEric says:

    “rumors” sorry not “roomers”

  19. TheCANTONA says:

    time to take more risk moyesy!!

  20. WilliamAR says:


    That’s a difficult question. I think it really depends on the individual who’s deployed. I would say i felt more on edge in kosovo but i felt the tasks I had to do was harder in afghanastan. It also depends on which part of the military you are in, for example if you are an army surgeon and your in afghan, some days you will get cases where your own troops have been shot and it’s pressure to for them to fix you up quickly before they can fly you to the nearest hospital ship but other days they can get wounded enemy troops from the taliban in who spit in their faces as they are being taken in to the field hospitals, but by law they have to give them medical care. your question is so hard to answer as there are so many different tasks for different soldiers.

  21. slim says:

    Unconfirmed reports, but 42 Million for Ozil is pretty steep. Thats almost half the reported Bale fee.
    Less that 24 hrs to the close of the window, will we make any moves? Can we make any move?
    I can’t believe we dropped the ball on this. That said, i’d like to see how Moyes handles the same problem SAF had. We’ve looked , in the past, as poor as we did today. I ‘d like to see how Moyes reacts.
    I said it over the summer that Moyes has to be his own man and should be the star signing to really kick things for us. I’m still hopeful that the man is willing to change things up.
    Kagawa not being fit must be the dumbest shit i’ve heard anyone say on here in years. It beats the lot of the foul shit i’ve heard in the is place. Not fit eh ? Yet Rooney pissing off the summer and no competitive match or training is fit start the season . Add to that ,two injuries that kept the Golden boy at home.
    Collision with Phil Jones my arse. He got decked.

  22. The Hound says:

    RedEric, I would be very interested to hear your grandfathers stories. I’m a self confessed history geek from medieval to modern times and have admit to being greatly fascinated by war if at the same time repulsed by it. I’ve probably read more books on world war 2 though than any other war and in particular on the battle of Stalingrad. Pictures and stories can’t replicate what it must have been like so you can only immerse yourself in that subject to try and get an understanding of the madness and suffering that caused to innocent people and tools of war. I’ve been to Japan a few times as well and can honestly say visiting Hiroshima peace memorial park for the first time had a huge affect on me. They pull no punches in the museum and found the stories almost unbearable and I’ve never been moved like that before. I went and sat down in the peace memorial park at night and just looked at the Hiroshima Dome (the only building left standing at the hypo centre) and tried to take in just exactly what had happened on that spot. Was a very strange feeling and one I’ll never forget. It literally took a monumental tragedy like that for Japan to completely change their ways. We can only learn from history, but sadly there will always be power crazed monsters out there and circumstances that will allow them to brainwash people even now in this day and age.

  23. Cool Goat HOT POTATOE! says:

    nice touch

    read the comments section and tell me how nice the scousers really are.

  24. babzcorleone says:

    WE ARE APPARENTLY ONE OF THE 4 BIGGEST CLUBS IN THE WORLD along with Barca, Real and Bayern;

    Real Madrid – Gareth Bale, Isco
    Barca – Neymar
    Bayern – Gotze, Thiago, Lewandowski (next season)

    Infact apart from RVP..who was our last world class signing?

  25. RedEric says:


    Thanks I understand. Just like I thought Afghan feels nervous. The Tilibans and their Islamist believes {sorry no offense to Muslims}, the Alqueda link, Illegal trade in drugs and fire arms,lack of Governing body, Guerrilla warfare and the climatic condition of the region, are least to name and too much to handle at the same time.

    @The Hound

    No problem mate, better to Email it though, but now its already passed midnight at my country. Please let me type it tomorrow if you don’t mind.

  26. Mav says:

    WHAT THE FUCK DOES THIS EVEN MEAN? Like I am so confused as to the connotation of him saying this. Ugh

  27. Maltamanc says:

    A couple of signings today… Young, Welbeck, Clev and Giggs out of the side, Kagawa, Chicharito, Nani, Rooney and Herrera in.

  28. Maltamanc says:

    To be honest I wouldn’t pick Young, Welbeck, Clev and Giggs to start in the Maltese League which is medoicrity of highest order and nauseous to watch.

  29. gd says:

    Said earlier that we began with a conservative set-up, but was happy to see Moyes replace Jones with Valencia and not Smalling. As Wee Toms Ligaments mentioned, Liverpool sat back a lot after the goal esp in the second period, but didn’t see a change in tactics much?

    That said, we will surely improve once our attackers return to full fitness. Does anyone know how long Rooney will be out for?

  30. Chris says:

    Jesus wept, we are three games into the new season and already people are getting their panties in a twist. I know it hurts to lose to the scousers but I think people need to get some perspective, we have a few injuries, we have a new manager trying to find his feet but above all we didn’t actually play that badly in the second half and didn’t give Liverpool a sniff, had RVP had his shooting boots on we could easily have scrapped a draw, possibly even the win.

    Now I’ve made no secret of the fact that I was pretty underwhelmed by the Moyes appointment but give the poor bloke a chance to prove himself before jumping all over him. Moyes isn’t responsible for transfers either though he would/should have identified his targets leaving Woodward to wrap up the deals, if anybody should be copping flack its Woodward, not Moyes.

  31. Debred says:

    Loosing to liverpool is always bad, really bad, all of us I am sure have had a terrible time since last evening. But I am not going to say its the end of the world. Its only three games into the season and we will respond. The only thing that troubles me is Manchester United havent scored for 180 minutes now, any idea when was the last time this happened?


  32. Danizizu says:



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