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LIVE BLOG: Man City vs United



  1. brett1985 says:

    I quite like welbeck. It’s not the young players to blame in this type of situation. Another thread of analysis would be that we simply did not have enough matchwinners on the pitch. The only hard to contain player was Rooney. Think of the danger from all areas with giggs scholes Beckham yorke Cole Irwin. Feces Rooney Ronaldo giggs hargreaves etc. Times have changed.

  2. RedTide says:

    One of the things that David Moyes was said to have in his favour on joining United was an ability to motivate sometimes lesser players to high levels of performance, but on the evidence of the two derbies so far this season (Liverpool and City), his motivational skills are either grossly overrated, or, perhaps more likely, are falling on deaf ears amongst some of the players. If he can’t get the team motivated for games against our biggest rivals, then he should go: if the players can’t be motivated for whatever reason (age, years of success, lack of challenge for their position, personal comfort) then they should be moved on, to give hungrier players their chance. No reasonable supporter can complain about an away defeat to a close rival IF they are assured that their team gave it their best shot… sometimes we have to own up that our opponents were just better on the day… but to be told that “we were flat today”, or “we just didn’t turn up”, is hard to swallow, especially when just “moving on to the next game” seems to be the stock-in-trade answer. Complacency amongst players or management isn’t an acceptable response for this club. We all know that the team needs refreshing, and that some of the current squad are not good enough to compete at the highest level, but let’s hope that some of the new recruits/youngsters CAN raise their game when it matters.. we need more big game players just as much as talented ones.

  3. chicho the lesbo says:


    You said, “Hernandez – ridiculous. We were having trouble keeping possession even with welbeck and you people want hernandez? Remember barca 2011?”

    You’re bringing up a match from 2 years ago. I can counter with “Remember his match Vs Stoke when he scored a backwards header? It won’t have anything to do with yesterday.

    Your point was “trouble keeping possession”. We also had trouble scoring.

  4. The One says:

    Well, that was my view as well, shitty wanted it more and it showed!!

  5. The One says:

    One more thing too, we’ve been slow out of the blocks and we need to fix this. Teams know our weakness and fly into us from the go. We can’t be giving teams a leg up on us which is the case in many matches over the past 2 seasons and we need to fix this quickly.

  6. Diego says:

    I really hope this “bench all creative players” streak can end now because there aren’t many people who have the patience to watch us play with the trio of welbeck, valencia and young plus a CB at right back. We have pretty much proven that the back-trackers and hard workers will get spanked or simply doesn’t have the ability to create chances against the better teams so why not play those with some actual footballing ability? This British approach has to end now. Football has moved on and we should too.

  7. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    FellainI pass completion percentage yesterday was 92.3% Better than just about every single midfielder on the pitch yesterday for EITHER SIDE. I said it yesterday and I will say it again today. He was poor, he was not “shit.” For the most part, when he got the ball, he did what he was supposed to do. He can’t create a defense splitting pass if nobody is moving off the ball. sigh,

    Anyways, enough of that. I’m looking forward to wednesday. In spite of the disastrous result yesterday, I STILL hope we play the youngsters and others who haven’t got enough time on wednesday. I want to see Hernandez, Kagawa, Nani, Januzaj, Zaha, Cleverley, Evans, Fabio, Rafael get game time . Maybe we can partner one of Carrick or Fellaini with Cleverley wednesday just for some steel and play Van Persie with Hernandez up top. I don’t really care too much if we win or lose but it sure would be nice to get a win just to soften the pain from Sunday. Welbeck, Young and Valencia should get absolutely ZERO time tomorrow regardless of scoreline.

    And as for our centre back pairing, I think it;s time to permanently give Evans the starting spot over Rio. He is now the better defender and he is much younger too. Rio has been below par so far this season and clearly the opposition are taking advantage of the aging center back pairing. Vidic is alright for now but Rio should become a squad player like Giggs has become. It’s time to start playing Smalling, Jones and Evans more in the CB positions and only playing Rio occasionally.

  8. d_arblay says:

    People need to stop putting all the focus on Moyes. His Everton team very rarely ever got a doing. United’s record under Ferguson was not unblemished when it came to such results either. 3-1, 4-1, 5-1 and 6-1 defeats to City (mostly poor City sides), 3-0 vs Newcastle only 20 months ago, 5-0 to Chelsea and Newcastle in the 90′s, 4-1 to Middlesbrough and QPR. It happens… to good teams, good managers and good players. It’s not that surprising really. The DNA of the club like ours is to attack when we lose goals and, on occassions, like yesterday, such a philosophy can bite you on the arse. One could reasonably argue that United (on another day) could have had at least 3-4 goals in that second half (the Rooney freekick, the Evra header, the Fellaini shot, and the Rooney sitter over the bar). City actually tired soon after their 4th goal (hardly surprising), and had we been fortunate to keep it at 2-0, with 20 minutes to go, I’d have fancied us to get the draw.

    Personally, there are times I’d rather lose 4-1 having had a go than 1 or 2-0 having sat back, preserving embarrassment. Yesterday was one such day. In contrast, I think the 1-0 defeat to City in April 2012 was more disappointing… not just because losing gave them the league title, but more because we had no attacking intent or ideas whatsoever that night. We created nothing. It was so disheartening. We didn’t fight. You can’t say that about yesterday (at least not in the second half). Moyes is still learning in this type of job, yes, but the result has little to do with any inability or naivety on his part. As I said, even to the best, it happens. His Everton team wouldn’t have been rolled over like that… because they’re a different standard of players with a different philosophy. The final scoreline yesterday was not down to Moyes or United being too conservative, it was due to their natural gung-ho approach and in-built offensive reaction to losing goals…. oh and missing your best player hardly helps either.

    It’s not the end of the world. We’re 3 points behind our main title rivals, in September, having already had 3 of the toughest fixtures we’ll get all year, with a good run of fixtures coming up. I’ll be surprised if we’re not level with the rest come October/November. Believe.

  9. Wee Toms Ligaments says:

    @Truth – disappointing to see you back. It took guts to troll as hard as you did in the preseason and it looked like you were good for your word. Guess not.

  10. RedEric says:

    The writing is on the wall. Black and white, there is no hiding place for any one involved.
    Fellaini; should be selected depending on tempo of the match.
    That says it all; he’s immobile, limited below the standard of expectation and his age dictate
    minimal improvements.
    Young; I even don’t know where to start. Anyway, 5 min sub for his defensive qualities. No more.
    Tony V; cover RB when Fabio and Rafa absent. apart from that, same apply as in Young case.
    Danny; much as I like him to start games the reality is we’re not doing rehearsal. 10 min sub pliz
    Rio; One game in a fortnight
    So, in five matches we’ve witnessed {without doubt} the standards of these players and therefore can not rely independently on them for crucial games hence the need to;
    1} Analyze our opposition team to guide our team selection
    2}Maintain players to their usual position
    3}Give Nani Kagawa and Hernandes opportunity to prove themselves otherwise
    4}Also test our up-coming-youth with some games. if they are good enough,
    they are old enough and lastly
    5}Identify in advance our play maker target with whom should join the team in the next
    transfer window and with no fail to it.

  11. WeAreUnited says:

    it’s a sad approach. The Truth is trying to poison everyone, it’s not like we are against the critisism cause to be fair the whole team was lazy and did not want to fight, Rooney not included, but that does not mean t obet against your team or be the happy one when we lose, because it means everyone who supports with the meaning of the word are wrong and the ones who thinks otherwise are right.

    I also have alot of things to complain about and don’t agree with Moyes, but I don’t bring that negativity here to glow infront of everyone, I try to see the positives and collect the negatives and discuss them in a proper manner and not glow because Iwas right.

    I read that @joints juniors article and found this

    “Six of Manchester United’s 13 Premier League titles have seen them win only two of their opening five games. Marathon.”

    that says it all for the righ tminded and patient supporters. YES, everyone will get angry after such a shitty display from us, where we did not show any signs of wanting to win, but it does not mean it’s all over, we have great players waitin for the chance, should they have been handed it earlier? YES, and because they did not, well, now it’s time for Moyes to get another approach and show the rest that we never die.

  12. In David We Trust says:

    that team that Moyes out on paper should have been good enough to compete with shitty. Attitude and performance by allot of players, was appalling, No energy, no pressing, could not string 2 passes together.

    Now what I wanted to say since the defeat
    Now me and Costas have been saying the same broken record for years. And I will put In pointers on the deep lying problems the teams faced for a very long time. Some could say, it started the day CR7 decided to leave the club. But I think it was a year later, when we knew for sure the direction the club decided to go

    1 The problems going back has far as the CL final vs Barcelona Rome 2009, and selling CR7
    For me, the deep problems have gone back that far, and that for me that summer should have sounded loud alarm bells back then in terms of the clubs transfer performance in the summer of 2009, and many summers to come. The club spent less than 25 million after selling the worlds best player. Lets not forget the club in the 2008/09 season won the PL, got to the CL final, won the carling cup, got to the semi finals of the FA cup, won the community shield, played in the super cup and 2 games of the world club cup and won that trophy. So the club played over 63 games that season, so the club made so much money that year. Yet the club spent 25 million that year

    2 CR7 transfer started the club’s era of value for money
    This reared its ugly head time and time again from fergie, between 2009 and 2012 before RVP transfer. Despite the sensational 2008/09 season, and selling CR7, hardly anything was spent. And our biggest summer signing was valencia for 17 million. Despite guys like robben and WS available in their prime, the club did not even do a deal with Real to bring 2 huge dutch stars to the club, who would have replaced ronaldo’s goals, with the similar impact, and made united a consistant CL threat. But the fact the club never even bothered to look for players to replace CR7, was a worry for me and an outrage.

    3 failure to rebuild the midfield
    This came home to roost in 2011, after being outclassed by barca, AGAIN, in 2011 CL final. For years fergie did not spend big money on midfielders that the club needed badly. So between 2011 and 2013, we got through games, with ageing duo of scholes and giggs, having carrick carry the midfield on his back, fetcher’s illness hit the team hard, and hargreaves should have been the final wakeup call to strengthen the CM

    4 reaction to back to back CL defeats to barca in 2009 and 2011
    Now this really does make you look back and say WOW, the club are either tight on cash, or fergie really did drop the ball big time. I think a combination of both. The club’s reactions to losing to barca in both finals, boggles the mind. We look at our transfers in 2009 and 2011 is WOW, in 2009 we get outclassed to barca, who do we sign? valencia owen obertan, and sell ronaldo for 80 million. In summer 2011, we get outclassed by barca what is the clubs reaction? we sign DDG young and jones. Now the summer of 2011 was a little better in signing DDG and jones, but the midfield remind untouched.

    Yes the clubs signed fellaini, a so called CM we will see with him. But for, at times he looks so immobile, passing never got going, and he looked no worse than what cleverly and anderson have done alongside carrick. The problem with the midfield, is not just adding another CM, but the wide positions are average. Valencia gets found out against a much better outfit, like barca 2011, and shitty today when on form, while young does what he does best. Kagwa we have no idea where to play him, nani and zaha hardly played

    Another problem is? the age of the defense, ferdinand vidic and evra looked their age. I think carrick looked a bit heavy legged, while fellaini looked lost. So it was a recipe for disaster

  13. In David We Trust says:

    So in the end, failure to rebuild the midfield will probably cost us the league

  14. WeAreUnited says:

    @joint jones this article

    clearly shows that all of our goals were included our wingers not t otrack back and defend ,imagine it being Nani, wow it would make everyone scream.

    Clearly all the goals the corner not included, one of the reasons why we conceded was because both of our wingers were slow tracking back. Moyes needs to adress that and change the approach.


  15. IamWiLL says:

    So, after gaining plenty of stick at work today, I’ve been racking my brains and come up with this…. and bar injuries… The only obvious weakness I can see is a possible lack of width if wing backs fail to get up… thoughts/comments?

    De Gea
    Rafael Ferdinand Vidic Evra

    Cleverley Felliani


    Rooney Van Persie

  16. Wee Toms Ligaments says:

    Every now and then a team gets outplayed and all the bounces go against them. Hopefully this was Uniteds “bad day” for this season and they can move on.

    A whole lot more desire was needed and I expect Moyes to address that failure come Wednesday.

  17. AlphaRS says:

    I’ve said before that Moyes values hard work over skill and technical ability.
    On the plus side United have 5 very winnable league games until they face Arsenal. If United can get 15 points then they will be there or there abouts soon enough.

  18. AlphaRS says:

    @In David We Trust
    Another point to add is look how Tottenham invested the money they were going to get from the sale of Bale. Then compare it to how United spent the money they got from Ronaldo. Tottenham picked up a number of players to fill in for Bale leaving. What did United do?

  19. 20LEgend says:


    Read my post properly. I said Hernandez would probably have not made much of a difference because we failed to create any chances. Now if we were creating plenty of chances and Moyes decided to leave Hernandez out then I would have questioned him, but when we aren’t, Hernandez offers little more to what Welbeck does

  20. Coffee guy says:

    And Ferdinand gets his game why? I live in Ireland so maybe we have been watching a different Ferdinand than you have because the one I have been watching has been awful for a couple of seasons . Vidic has been carrying him for too long now . He was a disgrace yesterday , shouldn’t be on the team . This utd team seems like its jobs for the boys , evra, rio , young( One of the worst signings I have ever seen at this club) smalling , cleverly . Not good enough .
    I will support the manager no problem but he has to be showing signs of change or he is just fergie without the special ingredient to win no matter what .

  21. 20LEgend says:

    @ Samuel

    I didn’t mean Carrick as to push on as a Lampard or an Oscar. I meant let Carrick be the Alonso while Fellaini will be the Khedira. Also, with those two offering defensive protection, the front four can concentrate on what they are supposed to do.

    I still think there is a future to the 4-4-2. Now I’m not saying that it should be old school type with touchline-hugging wingers and crossing at the first opportunity. But with players like Robben and ribery on the wings, the opposition fullbacks think ten times before going forward. And then their central midfielders come out to offer extra protection to the fullbacks as they dare not leave them alone. This will open up lots of spaces in midfield and imagine what a player like Carrick can do if he is given that extra space. Also, if our fullbacks support the wingers then the entire opposition falls back.

    The problem is we didnt have a robben or ribery. We had a Valencia and Young. And we had a Smalling who didn’t support Valencia going forward. I hope in the coming days, it will be Nani the good old winger on the right and Kagawa on the left given a free-roaming role like Silva. Sure, on paper it will look defensively suscept but when the get their act together it will be a much better defensive measure. As i always say, The best defense is a good offense.

  22. man.utd20 says:

    People keep saying moyes is a suitable successor to sir alex. But i think moyes lacks the biggest thing sir alex had his ability and instinctiveness to take risks on and off the field when things arent going well. He is always on the front foot and didnt mind losing another goal just to get few more. Moyes lacks this killer instinct and is too placid and plays safety first. This is the biggest difference and i dont think he will change that because its in his character to play safe football.
    Moyes knew the tough start to the season and he could have rested rio/carrick/evra for the crystal palace game and then played them against leverkusen and city but no he played them in all the games and they looked tired in the end.
    He needs to trust other players and realize its a squad game.

    And i cant understand what kind of coaching we are getting from phil neville/steve round. In the game all we were doing is playing the ball left-to-right-to-left again. Nothing through the middle no combination plays no through balls. It was amateurish football. I hope moyes learns quickly from these mistakes and there is a lot of time to rectify it.

  23. man.utd20 says:

    Given the nature of the goals we conceded many of them due to basic mistakes. I feel the players werent motivated enough for this game or they were too scared. This might have actually rubbed off from Moyes since
    When sir alex sent a team out for those big games you could directly see the effect of his team talk on the pitch we would fight like warriors and very very rarely lost big games this bad where we didnt turn up.
    Yesterday we didnt have the desire to play football it was placid. I cant believe how the champions of england can look so ordinary

  24. slim says:

    Was going to get into it but after reading, its all been said. Looking forward to what sort of reaction we get on Wednesday.


    Top post at 2.21

  25. Dela says:

    I have heard today from almost everyone I spoke to about the game that Moyes had setup for a draw. I find this hard to believe.

    Basically, let’s look at Moyes for a second. When he had an inferior team in Everton, when did he setup to draw against City? Never. Since Mancini took over at City, Moyes beat them all but twice, 1 draw, 1 loss. He had City so much under his control that Mancini lost the plot with him one day, remember??

    Yesterday, he played two wingers, essentially two in the center, and two forwards. He meant to win the game. If the players ended up playing for too much containment or for a point, I strongly doubt that’s what Moyes told them to do. Just looking at the stats… City with 5 shots on target and scoring 4.. that’s a condemnation of DEFENSE and possibly goalkeeping. We also conceded a couple of those from counter attacks out defense should have dealt with.

    So the idea that we somehow lost because Moyes set us up for a point I don’t buy. It’s again, people looking for the simple explanation for something way more complex, we have serious defensive problems in our side, we had them right up to christmas last season before they got their shit together, it was just that we had so much strength in attack that got us three points more often than not. It’s not a new problem and yesterday, City attacked our weakness very well.

  26. stpercival says:

    please step off carrick and fellaini. The problem was that our wingers didn’t extend the field of play. This means that everything got congested in the midfield, and favored a narrow playing opposition, which is exactly what Nasri and toure did. Carrick and Felliani played against the entire team, of course they got over run.

  27. rickyshepp says:

    The cold hard truth is we seem to have taken a step backwards in all departments! We have been banging on about our midfield lacking “rightly so” but look at our defence! 30+club! We are falling behind! Simple!

  28. rickyshepp says:

    My starting 11 wed if poss injuries etc!
    De gea
    Rafa, Jones, Vida, buttner
    Zaha, Carrick, Rooney, kagawa

  29. Sparkz says:

    Our football yesterday was no worse than at times in the last 2 seasons so blaming Phil Neville and Steve round is just silly. Unfortunately our defenders fucked up and the scoreline looks horrendous.

    Said it yesterday – Carrick, Fellaini, Rio, Vidic… mobility in that central area, so we’re asking to get pushed back. Add to that the predictability out wide and you’re asking for trouble.

    I’m going to be watching Fellaini closely…one of the reasons I was fairly happy about his signing was that maybe he would allow us to play an attacking front 4. But looking at his lack of mobility, certainly in the big games, we maybe can’t afford to do that. So may have to play 3 in midfield like we did when Cleverley came on (where does that leave the Rooney & RVP partnership though?)

    For all the stick Cleverley gets, he’s put up a better fight against Yaya Toure than Fellaini did yesterday. Think Community Shield 2011. Think the 3-2 win last season. He lacks defensive nous and strength, but at least he presses and snaps at Toure’s heels a bit.

  30. Diego says:

    d_arblay says:
    “Personally, there are times I’d rather lose 4-1 having had a go than 1 or 2-0 having sat back, preserving embarrassment. Yesterday was one such day. In contrast, I think the 1-0 defeat to City in April 2012 was more disappointing… not just because losing gave them the league title, but more because we had no attacking intent or ideas whatsoever that night. We created nothing. It was so disheartening. We didn’t fight. You can’t say that about yesterday (at least not in the second half).”


    I really don’t know which glasses you were wearing, but by no means did we have a go against city yesterday. Beside the Rooney free-kick we created nothing, mostly because our wing play was so incredible inept it wouldn’t have passed for a Sunday league side. And the ONLY reason we got a little more freedom in the closing stages of that second half was because City had already annihilated us by that point. Their intensity dropped, let us have more of the ball and then strike on the counter (which nearly paid off too). It was the same with Barca at Wembley at 3-1. The damage was done and they took the foot of the gas. If you can’t see that, but instead go on about how we changed things in the second half you’re deluded.

  31. Esteban says:

    Yesterday was very, very bad, but it is a long season, and I take some comfort from the fact that the difficulty of our first five fixtures was very real – if you do Liverpool the favor of considering them part of the top 6, then we have played 3 top 6 games in the first 5 (two of which were away) as opposed to City (1 at home), Chelsea (1 away), Arsenal (1 at home), Spurs (1 away) and Liverpool (1 at home), but despite that we are only 3 points behind City and Chelsea (and Liverpool) and 5 points behind Arsenal and Spurs.

    In addition, extrapolating to a whole season from a low point makes no sense – the year of the 1-6, we ended up even on points with City and only lost on goal difference.

    The important thing will be to see the club’s reaction over the next month and half before our next top 6 league encounter Nov 10 hosting Arsenal. Hopefully, it will also punch Moyes in the mouth about the need to rotate the squad (we have the deepest group of center backs in the league, so he should be giving one of Evans, Smalling and when recovered Jones a game almost every week), the need to give youth a chance (Adnan and Zaha can’t do worse than Young and Valencia yesterday) and the need to give our most skilled players more of a chance over our most workmanlike (Nani/Kagawa over, again, Valencia/Young).

  32. Triggerhappy says:

    Guess ther wont be any 5 quick reactions….again after a defeat.

    Well here are mine.

    1. I told u all that I would give Welbz 10 games before I would say something about his lack of skills. But hey….he isn´t United-material Period! I don´t car if his mother gave birth to him in the stretford end or not, he is a clownthat can´t put one foot in front of the other without falling plus he has a funny haircut.

    2. Young…what is he doing on the field? Without his falling tricks he is useless to us.

    3. Valencia…..WHAT the FUCK was that all about!!!! Not the best game to stop working in defence huh?

    4. Kagawa….the issue that shouldn´t be an issue. We have so many players in attack that are lacking form, give him a wing with the freedom to go central and we have someone that are able to create something constructive up front.

    5. Credit to those who deserve it. City that made all but Rooney look like ugly fucks.

    6. Pardon my useless english, it´s late, I had a few beers and my mind started spinning about the trauma last nite. Good to have it out of my system .

    Luckily we have some 30+ games to get better and to put some names in the reserves until they know better.

  33. man.utd20 says:

    @sparkz – We scored the most goals last season – 86 and in big games our combination play was good and attacking was incisive. So far i havent seen it yet this season with essentially the same players. Agreed its early season but i do think some of the blame will fall on the coaching staff if we cant get our offensive play sorted out. We were bad defensively last season as well but were very good going forward and won a lot of games coming from behind. So essentially defense needed to be sorted out as it was but now our offense needs some shake up as well.
    I agree with the thought that mobility in our midfield is less. It was the same issue as when we were playing with carrick and scholes in previous years. But our attacking play was always good generally speaking.

  34. United24 says:

    Esteban, everyone who knows anything about football has made these points over and over again especially the winger situation. I am flabergasted how a supposedly knowledgable coaching team and Moyes can’t see this. same with Sir ALEX and the central midfield. At tmes I was baffled…thought someone had cast a spell on them!

  35. RedLion says:

    @20LEgend “Hernandez offers little more to what Welbeck does”?? you must be joking! Chico offers one of the best scoring ratios in the history of this club! As much as you may like Welbeck for being a local lad, he does not come close to Chicos goalscoring talent period. If you think otherwise, than you are just as stubborn as Moyes, who apparently does not know his players traits and talents..

    This is not about losing one game to a good team, its how we lost that bothers me..

  36. scholes says:

    extremely bad day at office fellas, pathetic. some points to ponder

    1) kagawa needs to start even if on wing. with fellaini’s arrival and sort of two holding MFs, i am sure kagawa can be accommodated without any defensive headaches

    2) our MFs and defenders need to get bit of tackling going. there is too much of a tracking back and mere face-offs going on.

    3) team rotation is the key; players are kept on toes

    4) i loathe idea of welbeck starting in big games; had rvp played and rooney being tabbed by kompany, i am sure there was more room for maneuvering other defenders

    5) smalling is not a RB and without the use of his aerial prowess he gets found out. no overlapping and jittery defending. with the size that guy has, i was bamboozled how sissy player like nasri was given so much of a free run

    6) how in the name of god was aguero let free to take the ball, turn and run at defenders

    7) young did not put in a good shift but it has become unsurprising now. though he was not the main culprit in this game

    8) badly missed rafa and his style of tackling.

  37. LexxytheRed says:

    Great comments all round, am not one to criticise one for his or her opinion. If that’s what you think so be it.

    But am worried, worried about Moyes, he seems out of his depth, he seems clueless, he seems weak, and those around him doesn’t inspire confidence at all, Round and Phil Neville are not the ideal assistant managers a club of United stature should have, time to contact Rene and Ole Solksjaer to come help Moyes who is too pragmatic and scared to try new things
    Everton are playing Ross Barkley now and its showing in their play and results, they got rid of a similar player to Welbeck in Anichebe who was Moyes favourite over technical and quality strikers like Jelavic.
    Moyes being pragmatic and weak is what worries me, playing Young over Nani, Shinji, Adnan and Zaha should worry us. Playing Welbeck ahead of Shinji and Chico is worrying too and I have always said that Welbeck is at United cuz he’s a manc nothing else. He is a player that has nothing in his locker just running around nothing else.

    Finally, I fully expect Liverpool to give us a game come Wednesday night I fully expect them to go for the win and why not when you have Moyes on the coaching bench there is nothing to fear, he will probably play Valencia, Young and Giggs again.

    PS: Where is Wayne(the know it all)

  38. Red Devil Disciple says:

    Simple Man City are for now a better .They invested wisely.We didn’t. And until we do we will remain second rate that’s what we can and will achieve .Lets shake ourselves off and try again we are United .

  39. paddybacc says:

    carrick is average player always has been cant believe the crap I am reading hear about him. He was never a united player never had enough quality. Times change but if Nicky butt was still playing he would be a head of any midfielder we have now. And he was sold because there was no place in the team for him. The quality we used to have is no longer there suppose cant have world class players all the time.

  40. RedHarry4Life says:

    ne last comment.

    A set of supporters who should be shitting themselves England fans. What chance next year when city effectively dealt with the English front two, and made some of the rest look 3rd rate.

  41. Squeaky says:

    You what?

    Man City are a better team just because they outplayed us in one game?

    Don’t be so daft.

    We were outplayed v City, especially in the first half & we lost the match.

    Don’t get carried away with one result.

    They recently lost to Cardiff so does that make Cardiff better than City?

    Thats the bottom line.

    Yeah United do have to sort it out this season, but it was only one result.

  42. Phil says:

    Fellani lost his marker for two goals,game over.Buying him was great business,for Everton.
    We also got out of jail against Bayern.The first goal was offside,twice.The second and third goals
    were mistakes.We were no better than them.

  43. eltricolor2014 says:

    I just keep wincing when I see Smalling at RB, he definitely a defensive midfielder and Rio’s understudy. Big difference was how much City wanted this win to prove to themselves that they will regain the title this year. That said, one game doesn’t win you a title and you have to put this kinda effort for every single game and I don’t think with the personalities they have Pellegrini won’t be able to sustain them emotionally. United are confident even after a sloppy loss, confident enough to show quality in game and game. Pool is going down tomorrow, canibal or no canibal.

  44. d_arblay says:

    Diego says:
    “I really don’t know which glasses you were wearing, but by no means did we have a go against city yesterday.

    So we didn’t score, Rooney didn’t miss a sitter, Evra didn’t hit the post, and Fellaini wasn’t denied by a wonderful Hart save? Tell me about all of the chances we created in the April ’12 defeat. That’s what I was comparing and contrasting Sunday’s second half to (not the whole game, mind, just the second half). In all honesty, I don’t think Sunday’s performance was a lot worse than that other game in question (certainly in terms of attacking intent). And yesterday’s game was at least a hell of a lot less important.

    “And the ONLY reason we got a little more freedom in the closing stages of that second half was because City had already annihilated us by that point. ”

    Nothing to do with the fact they burst out of the blocks in the second half and were knackered by 55 minutes then? What? They wouldn’t rather have won 7-0 than 4-1? Of course they would. If sitting back when they had enough goals was their game plan, they wouldn’t have come out with such an attacking approach in the second half… without hindsight, it was actually a sizeable risk to take such an approach and risk losing an already wealthy lead. And it wasn’t just the closing stages we had the better of the game. It was near enough the whole second half. Would you rather we sat down and accepted we were getting hammered, or stand up and try and reverse the seemingly irreversible. At least we did that much.

    I’m not saying it was a great performance. City deserved the win. I am simply saying there was nothing more we could do in those last 40 minutes than what we did (unlike other occasions), and, on another day, might have been done enough to get a couple more and make a “drubbing” a hell of a lot tighter. It happens. See Newcastle vs Arsenal in 2012. Had Rooney not missed that sitter after an hour or so, it could easily have gone that way. “Football. Bloody hell” and all that.

  45. Jorge Curioso says:

    “Fellani lost his marker for two goals,game over.Buying him was great business,for Everton.”

    Three. He gave up on chasing Navas in the box and left him unmarked for an easy cross to Nasri.

    Fellaini is a lazy, undisciplined and dirty player. And he’s Moyes’ star signing.

  46. AndyK says:

    Laugh? I nearly bought a round, Moyes has got you playing like Everton already, mid-table team at best – and quote of the day Rooney was the best player on the pitch PMSL, priceless guys bloody priceless.


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