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LIVE BLOG: Manchester United v Aston Villa



  1. ashtheking says:


    No need to prove your innocence to fool like him. Don’t worry in some day you will also become all Ouse 70000 people screaming their lungs out in old Trafford as they also have the opinion that you and I have which is different from some negative lier here. Hey we both are also one. ;)

  2. GingerPrince18 says:


    I knew it. you would just attack someone personally if you have been found out lying. Great argument mate.

  3. NBI Red 21 says:

    Dwayne – D/wayne – wayne/D – listen fukwit, you can’t seriously be that deluded to think most fans support Moyes. Let me help your little brain because you are a very stupid boy:

    – Scot who runs this blog has posted articles calling for Moyes to go
    - a vote on here that had well over 1000 different voters called for Moyes to go
    - RedCafe, Red Issue – all solid fans sites that backed Moyes strongly initially have polls for him to go and comments are all negative about him, bar a few
    - credible journalists like Mark Ogden state Moyes has lost majority of fans
    - most matchday fans no longer sing for Moyes
    - the plane protest was organised by match day fans
    - even SEF – Kilby – said on hindsight maybe SAF would not have appointed Moyes

    You are completely deluded if you think there is a majority of fans supporting Moyes continuing at United. Some fans will give him more time, but no one thinks he is doing a great job and fans who back him do not do so because of any objective reason, they back him because they think they will look “spoilt” if they don’t. I.e. they have the mental reasoning skills of a chipmunk. If there were in an abusive relationship, they would think it was a sign of weakness to walk out.

    Can you get that through your think brain?

  4. NBI Red 21 says:

    Lol, GingerPrince – be original! It is me who started the comment about personal attacks and now you and wayne even steal my lines. How desperate are you stealing the words and ideas of your arch enemy moi, without regard to the fact your pointless attacks only ruin this blog for most fans, but then that is the point isn’t it, you’re from that other badly failing breakaway fansite that tried to ruin Scots blog and who he banned from here. Sad, I am sure most fans are sick of reading this abusive shit, but you as usual with your fellow trolls are only here for one reason to disrupt the blog and maybe by responding I give you air that don’t deserve. Go get mental help. You need it.

  5. slim says:

    No brain inside

    Gawd, don’t you see how ridiculous you sound. Wow , so posters shouldn’t comment because we won. And you have the cheek to call fans happy with the result trolls? You’ve been looking might stupid these last few days. And the lies man, you really need to rein it in. You’re losing whatever credibility you have. shocking stuff from you

  6. Dwayne O Linn says:

    @wayne barker

    I’ve seen it man, last year when all was Rosey in the garden I never seen half or heard of half of these names. I was never a big poster before, but I honestly can’t listen to this anymore, when every man worth his salt in football is saying different, idiots on this are just speaking absolute rubbish, I just wonder how it has been allowed to get this awful. Surely Scott knows there are only around 20 posters on here nowadays. It truely has gone to the dogs.

  7. Red_G says:

    “We need to aspire” to be like city, we are “underdogs” at home to liverpoo, these are the words of a muppet who understands nothing about managing this great club. We need a manager with presence, personality, ego, who is not overwhelmed by the job……..Moyes will NEVER be that manager. He may have the support of some sheep inside the ground but on a global level which is what United is all about he will not get the respect. His negativity, lack of tactical nous will only continue the mediocrity of what the club has become. Make no mistake we will smashed against bayern exposing all the usual flaws in Moyes management. The clown’s got to go.

  8. wayne barker says:

    There’s a big difference in backing our manager and being a supporter,while the club feels he’s still the right man as supporters it’s up to us to show him respect,not call him a fucking cunt and god knows what other filth has spewed out of your gobshite mouth

  9. GingerPrince18 says:


    Now you own the right to use english word? You really are running out of ideas to make up new lies. So let me get this right. If any supporters dont ask for Moyes to be sacked is a Troll? I guess you also invented the word “Troll”. You would make a great dictator mate. You hate opinions that differs from you.

  10. Dwayne O Linn says:

    Oh Christ NBI you overwhelmed me there with facts, haha
    1) Scott the red put up some articles calling for moyes to be sacked then he must be sacked( are you listening SAF and SBC
    2) oh no, a percentage of a 1000 voters on a blog (as valid as your worthless opinions) asked for moyes to be sacked ( the concrete evidence is so thick now)
    3) 10 fans clubbed together to rent a plane to fly a banner, old Trafford shakes.
    4) “respected journalists” I shit my pants laughing at that one
    5) most match day fans don’t sing anyway

    in conclusion the fact that NBI has used tried to use these points to back up an argument against David Moyes reinforces the idea of what a complete retard this person is, my responses highlight this. Anyone with a brain will agree with me. His logic again centres on around 500 people protesting and again this is being very generous

  11. Greeny1982 says:

    Red Issue just tweeted that according to Richard Keys he has it from a ‘solid source’ that the Glazers are in ‘Advanced Talks’ to sell the naming rights of OT to Nike for half a billion??

    Surely bullshit?

  12. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    I could not respond to everyone, as I went to bed. But like I say, this rebuilding job is going to take 2 to 3 years, maybe 4 years who knows. But for Moyes to even survive years 1 and 2, this summer is huge for Moyes, he must get the targets most required, at minimum a world class LB CB and a CM, he must require all 3 targets. I said in the past he should go, but I took a really deep breath and realize its way to soon to give Moyes a hard time. I had a good think, I had a look at the squad, and realized, this is probably the position we deserved to be in.

  13. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    Now today once again showed, Moyes has found his best formation which is staring him straight in the face, its telling him 4231 is his best system. If Moyes realizes this, his job will go from strength to strength, build the team round mata kagwa and rooney, these 3 can be the ones that can see us into the new project. And today we saw the best of kagwa and mata dictating the game, and rooney was scoring the goals

    So for me like I say, Moyes will need 3 years to get this squad up to speed, the 3 year construction plan, has he reconstructs the spine of the squad, replacing ferdinand vidic carrick fletcher scholes and giggs, which I feel kagwa and mata can replace scholes and giggs for influence on the field, once he gets this into place, I feel we will be in the right place to start pushing on and look like a title winning squad. But because the squad has been left to regress, its going to take Moyes 3 years to get this squad up to speed. Simple has that

  14. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Fucking Chelsea can;t do something so simple right. EVEN WE beat Palace away FFS.

  15. GingerPrince18 says:


    Good that you have come back to your senses mate. Lets leave the sacking and hiring to the board. Lets stay united and get behind the team through thick and thin. I know this is a challenging times and we all are hurt. We will be back mate.

  16. Matthew Fairclough says:

    Good win today for the lads, BUT I still retain the right to be somewhat critical of Moyes. I thought playing Young today on the right was to some extent the right decision – he did very well in getting back and helping Rafa/Jones out defensively. But as we saw with the introduction of Januzaj, quality balls into the box count. Januzaj managed to provide an assist in 20 minutes to match the only one Young has to his name all season.

    The chances we afforded to Villa today could have resulted in a very different scoreline, especially if Benteke had equalised to make it 2-2 at the start of the 2nd half. To that end, I think we were made to look better than we actually were by Villa’s inability to finish. Really Benteke could conceivably have had a hat-trick.

    the fact is that Villa are not a great team, so although we should celebrate the victory, we shouldn’t necessarily think that it makes us anything particularly special. Beating a team who are 12th in the league has been bread and butter for most United teams over the past 20 years, and although Fergie has gone I really don’t think we should be adjusting our expectations a great deal – United are a great club and they deserve a great manager.

    If we afford the likes of Bayern the spaces we gave Villa today I think it’s fair to say that we’ll be punished significantly more. As we’ve seen in recent weeks, when we’ve come up against decent opposition (Liverpool, City) who we would expect to be competitive against we just haven’t had anywhere near what it takes. 1 point from 18 against the top 3, 10 points from 45 against the top 9…this record really, really worries me, I have to admit.

    I know it was always going to be a difficult first season for Moyes but I’m seriously concerned as to whether he has what it takes to make the step up to be a top manager, let alone an elite one. I know we’ve enjoyed two decades of unparalleled success but to be quite honest I don’t see why we should sit back with that in our minds and let somebody else take over the mantle. Imo we should be aiming to retain our crown as the top dogs of English football, not just relinquish it for a while whilst gambling that Moyes might be able to become a top-level manager with us in a few years. I don’t think anyone can argue that he is one now – he’s never shown any ability to be one during his 17 year managerial career.

    Anyway this is all general talk – let’s enjoy today’s victory. Congratulations to the players…nice to see Januzaj assist and Chico on the scoresheet again especially. And let’s wait and see what happens against Bayern on Tuesday (who are surely the kind of team we should be “aspiring” to be competitive against).

  17. Milos Lisica says:

    Read the article, all of you fans who don’t want Moyes out and think that he is not the main problem, just read this it sublimes everything, with good reasoning and arguments, fantastic analyzation…

  18. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ Greeny – if that is true it is a new low even from the blood sucking Glazers, this is what they are focusing on screwing money out of the Club and not performances on the pitch.

    - D/wayne – yeah I give up your logic is so good you must be right.

  19. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    GingerPrince18 – check the page on here, would moyes get more time at another club? I say everything that needed to be said on there, about how bad the squad is in general.

    Like I say, Moyes will only survive the job, is if he gets the 3 big signings needed to start the reconstruction this summer. If he fails to get the players needed, we are in big trouble, not just Moyes but the club itself is in big trouble. This club must get the signings most required. I said the big players that need replacing, 3 for me could replace scholes giggs and fletcher, which is mata kagwa and fellaini.

    Defense must be high priority, they must replace ferdinand vidic and evra, forget about smallen jones and evans, those guys have not proved to Moyes they can play week in week out. To injury prone for my liking. So in a perfect world, this club needs 3 defenders and 3 midfielders, 2 CB’s, a LB, 2 CM players, and a wide player.

    But for now, he must sign the 2 defenders and the CM most required, or we are all fucked

  20. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ slim – hell troll, I see you have taken courage from backing lol. The ugly trio is back.

  21. GingerPrince18 says:


    I agree mate. This summer is going to be the most important summer for us. It is going to be tough attracting players without the CL but we have the financial muscle to remedy that. I hope we sign at least 3 World Class player and a couple of players with potential.

  22. slim says:


    I dunno, 2 defenders ? The way i see it, if we get in 2 CB then one of Evans Jones and Smalling could face the exit. On the other hand, they may be content fighting their way back. They all look like they want to stay so maybe not such a bad idea. I think the back needs sorting out pronto. Almost as bad, if not worse than the midfield. I think there will be a couple of surprising exits in the summer. Would do us a world of good if we can tie up a couple of deals before season ends

  23. Marko Maric says:

    Hahah Mourinho lost, he’s gonna be pissed off…can you imagine his Mou’s face in dressing room? Hahaha

  24. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    Slim – Not all at once maybe, but slowly, I said the minimum this summer is? a CB, a LB, and a CM, all need to be top class. That is the standard needed for starters, once Moyes gets the 3 most required look to other area’s, but for now, a LB, a CB, and a CM must be signed, any less is a complete failure.

    But you cannot let vidic go without signing a new one.

  25. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    And Moyes must build this midfield round mata and kagwa, those 2 gems could be the heart beat of this midfield. And both players are 24 years old, that is years of service we could get out of these players

  26. Trafford_Lord says:

    Kagawa was magnificent, movement and vision on point. Mata as well, so glad he scored. Rooney at least has done what is expected of him, and has been driving force this season. Remember the scowl of disappointment on his face when Shitty scored their first. I still don’t think its right that Vida still wears the armband, he has a year or two (if managed properly) left in him and he made a concious decision to spend that time elsewhere. Rooney should be wearing the band…just my 2 cents.

    Congrats to the entire team.

    Onto Tuesday!

  27. ashtheking says:

    Kagawa and mata are the players who can help us in playing some attractive football. We needs. Strong midfielder the we can see these two along with januzaj perform brilliantly.

  28. Red Deviled Yank says:

    Always good to see a win even it should be expected. Too bad we couldn’t beat all the teams below us like this, it would definitely make the losses to Chelsea, City, ‘Pool a bit easier to take.

    What’s not good to see is the endless bitterness between fans of the same club over someone who never should have been given the job in the first place.

  29. Mark Reid says:

    @Slim LB,RB,CB,2 CMS.


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