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LIVE BLOG: Manchester United v Bayern Munich



  1. NBI Red 21 says:

    Tommy – but you always fancy beating Everton. Never looked at Everton home or away and had a chill of fear. Yes they were organised, predictable and usually shit in attack, relying on Cahils long range hits or Fellanis chest thumps, elbowing and fouling players. For me I differ, I would say Everton was a mid table team that gave you a game but not a fixture to worry about.

    If there were levels I would say we needed our A game to beat e.g. Chelsea, but our B+ game to beat Everton away and our C+ game to beat Everton at home. It’s all relative, I get what you mean, they could be tough at times but no it was not hard to beat them, that would insult the genuinely hard teams.

  2. OpikBidin says:

    Tommy and others

    At Munich, we have to chase a goal, a 0-0 draw would make Bayern go through. so The game will be more open, especially the mention of including Nani, Januzaj, Kagawa, and other attacking players. Which means, there are also more space for Bayern to exploit and counter.

    In this situation, would you trust Rio and Vidic? they will just be outpaced by Bayern players. There is also a Mandzukic problem if we defend deep, as he is also a good header and has great movement in the box. Rio can’t defend against him for the goal right?

    with more crosses that will be Mandzukic’s food, opting for a stronger and younger Smalling is better option.

  3. Tommy says:


    Vida plays all day long, no need to go gung ho, the game plan will remain pretty much similar I think in the first 45 mins, If I was given 0 0 at h/t next week I would take it, Munich would then get nervy hopefully, Vida will play its just a case of who he plays with, if its not Rio and Rafeal is fit its likely to be Jones, no way will Smalling or Evans play unless we are down to the bare bones with injuries, They have been out for a couple of weeks, Vida and Rio used all their experience tonight, every ounce of it and with Evra next week, those 3 will have extra motivation with it likely to be all 3 players swansong in the champions league this year, I say all 3 will roll back the years next week.

  4. ElPajaroMeaPrietas says:

    I was thinking about Chicho’s goal “celebration” the other day. I think it was more of a “Moyes, I’m here, too” type of reaction. When he came on today, he was running like a bat out of hell. He almost broke free but was knocked down. He still wants it and he still loves this club.

  5. m09538061 says:

    A draw v 2nd best team in europe (after bitters – obviously) isn’t too bad.
    This tie is far from over.Reminds me of the situation we were in when we
    played Juventus in 99.
    All we need is another … ‘A captins goal from Nemanja Vidic’. and we’re
    through…Simple !

  6. NBI Red 21 says:

    LOVE Pea. Chicarito is one of the most under appreciated players at United, even by fans who like him, people fail to remember how many games he made the difference in. He used to have John Terry in his pocket when Chelsea were someone.

  7. NBI Red 21 says:

    I think the pressure also got to Bayern today a little bit. They have only really been back as a big team for a year and the pressure is one them to retain their title, they have huge hype and to me it looked like they were a bit edgy.

    It also helped that Fellani’s blocked the vision of any Bayern player he loomed over. Robben tried to dive but got tangled in a loose strand.

  8. Gazzer says:

    I loved the look Rooney gave Schweinsteiger when he was waggling his finger at him at the red card.
    It was as if to say, yes I can cheat too just like your precious Robben.
    They stole it from us a few years back and perhaps now we might steal it from them at the moment of their greatest power.
    That might have been the most satisfying moment of the whole night for me.

  9. Trafford_Lord says:

    I am sure Ferdinand will be able to take his kids to school or walk to the store with his head held high, both he and Vida acquitted themselves with distinction. The entire team did even David Moyes got the tactics right today. Welbeck may one day learn to have the same composure Sturridge finally learned also, his anxiety in front of the posts leads to all the slipping, falling and indecision. Regardless of that I thought Danny was great today.

    Here Stateside the commentary by Eric Wynalda was puke inducing…he kept stroking Bayern’s ego, and kept referring to us as Man Yoo. I wanted to step into the TV and slap the shit outta his face. He was painfully pro-Bayern it was pathetic. Why he is doing game commentary at Champ league level, only FOX knows. He was pathetic.

  10. FBr David Lee says:

    good games by the team and moyes. saved by De Gea, Buttner and Kagawa. Welbeck missed that goal but he’s runs exposed bayern weakness, as rightly highlighted by another RoM member here. Here’s to believe that we can beat bayern on their turf!

    heard elsewhere that we need a yaya toure as DM. well long legged players cant defend short/medium built players who plays on passing game. IMHO, a player like keane’s height will be sufficient to defend. look at schweinsteiger, de jong, their body are better suited for defensive mid.

  11. ashtheking says:

    The attitude that the team showed was commendable , imagine if we showed even 70% of the passion of yesterday rough out the season. I bet we wouldn’t have beeni In 7th. Even he players would have realised this.

    Yesterday’s game reminded me very much of the final in wembley against mighty barca where we just couldn’t do fuck. So yesterday we did brilliantly. Yes I will again say bayern are in another levell, it’s funny to see people suddenly saying bayern are nothing great, they are not Barcelona etc etc, for me he current bayern are equally stronger to that barca, if not better. Bayern have 11 quality players but barca had 2 or 3 world class players. Barca,s game was built around messi , I Iesha and Xavier but bayern are more unpredictable. Ask pep even he would agree that he is enjoying in managing bayern more than barca. A team that has Goetze I the bench shows how strong their midfield is.

    Bayern will always be favorites going into their yard but nothing is impossible atleast after yesterday I can say that. Just give yesterday like performance then bayern will have to work really harder again.

  12. Trafford_Lord says:

    I BELIEVE….we are favorite to go through now. We can score in Germany, and we might just want it more, need it more. Bayern have already won their league, they won the champions league trophy last year…they won’t mind the rest. United, our players will be desperate to not let the season end.

    Who knows….I just have this sneaking feeling :)

  13. Trafford_Lord says:

    Even if Evra is available I would leave in Buttner for the return leg….Evra would have been mince meat today. Fellani made the one mistake, but Evra would have let the door open several times today. I have been watching him all season, going forward he comes alive but at the back he just switches off especially during set pieces he just stands there and watches.

  14. aashish thapa says:

    fellaini shoud not start big games and I don’t like the way Valencia gea played well.rafael’s back in squad will make us more strong and still thinking that danny should have scored that goal.

  15. gra mar says:

    DDG -played well.
    Jones…stuck to his task well and did a good job.
    Rio..Vidic…excellent display. Both stood up strong and defended well.
    Buttner – did very well and hope he’s there next week. He had the pace to cope with Robben
    and just needs a bit more composure.
    Carrick…only ok for me
    Fellaini…didn’t have a good game. Poor passing and even in the air.
    Giggs…little impact and maybe the groin thing was made up to save face.
    He shouldn’t play next week.
    Valencia ….did well, worked hard…lucky not to get red.
    Danny…was excellent a real threat. always backs himself which I like. The finish..well…..
    Wayne…did well…worked hard and getting Schweinsteiger the secodn yellow might have been
    a master stroke
    Kagawa…instant imapct but faded a bit in the last 20 minutes
    Young..did well down the wing but a few characteristic lost balls
    Chica…another possibly telling yellow card for martinez.

    It’s not a bad result and we’re still in the tie. I’d leave Buttner and bring back Rafael.
    Move Jones to midfield instead of Giggs…maybe fletcher or Kagawa instead of Fellaini.

    We made so many basic mistakes last night…poor passing…not showing for a pass and bad decision making gifting the ball back to bayern time and time again. They’re weren’t what people expected and credit to us for that. It was the right set up and we frustrtaed them into taking a few long rangers that Pep doesn’t like. The fans were great too. Great support all the way through.

    The tie is very much alive and I think we’ll go through. They’re missing their first choice midfield and we’ll be stronger next week and give it absolutely everything.

  16. Chris says:

    First half it looked like the Barca finals all over again and a damage limitation exercise but fair play to the boys in the second half when we looked a lot more solid even though we hardly had any possession. Thought that Valencia was incredibly lucky to stay on the pitch and while Rooney made the most of it Schweinsteiger deserved to go too.

    So I am ‘coveting other peoples cows’ now but how good was Kroos? The passing and movement of the Bayern players was fantastic and if Moyes can get us playing anything like that I will take back everything I have ever said about him!

  17. mjcRED says:

    Cannot believe those on here claiming Fellaini had a decent game. Really? He was slow on the ball and directionless in his movement. Every time the ball was lofted into him, be it in an attacking position or in the middle of the park not once did he use his key asset (height and battering ram approach) with an ounce of conviction. For the second leg I’d select Fletcher or Jones in favour of Fellaini, Rafael and Buttner (actually far less of a reliability than Evra now) at fullback and Kagawa in for Giggs. The rest as they are.

    A great effort, and a clear demonstration of heart, spirit and resolve that hasn’t been seen all season. That has to be acknowledged as being a good thing and will reaffirm all that although ability wise we are sadly lacking, the pride of the players was finally evident.

    Let’s not get carried away though, we were at home and we had the lowest ever possession tally of any team in this seasons CL. Possession isn’t everything but our inability to address our ball retention and use issues is alarming going forward. My big fear is that Moyes will now see this as the positive blue print of how he will set us up against even the mediocre of opposition. Until we stop thinking of possession and short passes as being dirty words, we’ll be fooling ourselves if we think this approach will move us forward.

    Moyes never got his tactics right and however you dress it up by relinquishing 80% of the ball at home means you’ll always be in the lap of the goods, content to being re-active rather than pro-active. Last night we got lucky. Let’s hope our well hasn’t run dry for the return next Wednesday. Going forward let’s hope we acquire a manager with the desire to see us develop a system and style of play that sees us imposing our game and being both skillful and confident on the ball, rather than setting out to feed off scraps and being dominated in front of our own supporters.

  18. mjcRED says:

    Lap of the Gods!

  19. slim says:

    Wow what a game. Can’t help but feel a little disappointed though (just a little). But before any crtitcisms i have to give it up for DDG, Super Danny , and the whole back four. We played with a lot of heart and Bayern couldn’t believe how difficult it would be to beat us.
    There has been talk of parallels with Chelsea vs Barca game, difference is we didn’t “park the bus”, we defended very well. We were always a problem for them so i don’t get how anyone can say we parked the bus. No one from their camp said anything of the sort. The closest to that kind of judgment was when Robben said we made it difficult for them to play through us. Fantastic performance from the team and good one on Moyes.
    Everyone has asked what is his philosophy, well you got a glimpse at his style last night. That was a Baseline and its not bad. Athletico play similarly, difference is extra bit of quality they have in key positions. This brings me to things that pissed me off : Fellaini needs calm the fuck down and play the ball out smarter. He was good breaking up stuff and was good at air battles that most of the time lead to an attack. But he has to improve on supply side of his game. Gets pushed off a bit easily too(found that strange) or maybe just gives up .
    Mr 300k needs to step shit up big time. Touches were awful and i honestly felt he was having a below par game. There were a couple of nice runs but overall he didn’t do enough (attacking wise).
    Danny needs to work on shooting and think less. He’s a much better player when he does stuff on instinct. Still not seeing enough of Kagawa. A couple of posters were eagerly creaming themselves on here last weekend. I thought he was okay, nothing special. Need to see more application from him

  20. lecho says:

    “Moyes never got his tactics right and however you dress it up by relinquishing 80% of the ball at home means you’ll always be in the lap of the goods, content to being re-active rather than pro-active. Last night we got lucky.”

    When last season SAF played the same way against Madrid it was called a tactical masterpiece.

  21. Marko Maric says:

    When i see what Danny missed, i would kill myself


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