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LIVE BLOG: Manchester United v Manchester City



  1. midfield-man says:

    NBI, it’ll feel like it. My prediction, 4:1 at OT, and 6:0 at Bayern.

  2. WeAreUnitedd says:


    great comment, the first line is perfect “The club just need to put Moyes and everyone involved with the club out of their misery. It’s going to get nasty if they let it go on any longer and I personally don’t want to see that. ”

    I am once again at 10% with Moyes, one step forward 2 steps back, he should have started witrh Kagawa and too kthe game differently, when he took Clevs out it was already too late, the game was over cause as we saw, the second half was nothing like the first

    And people, all in all, oru first half was not that bad, be honest, BUT was it good enough? HELL NO. but I am sick of this also, it’s not a justification to win 1 out of 13 games against the top9

    if nothing, then that is what gets people fired.


  3. iamMatty says:

    KevarD so in your expert judgement, same players that won the league with 11points and games to spare suddenly became shit 4months later?
    You are deluded!!!!
    There have many articles highlighting the difference in moyes’ style of football and saf’s philosophy. For one they explained how saf’s play revolved around clever interplays, one-two’s and players giving the man on the ball a passing option. WHILE moyes’ tactics revolves around spreading a 4-4-2 formation to cover the pitch and keep the wingers as wide as ever, thereby creating massive distance between the man on the ball and the passing options and the gaping hole between michael carrick and our strikers/midfielders. Explains why we have relied on longer balls and way too much crossing to create anything.
    Read up mate, broaden your horizon and stop making up bullshit theories about the same squad of players who have dominated the league for 5years.
    Yes the team needed a midfield nuclues and a cover at leftback, but you pointing out almost every position? Now that’s plain wrong!!!

  4. midfield-man says:

    The way we’ve played this season is like a professional boxer going into every match drunk.

    Moyes just keeps giving us more whiskey to sober up.

  5. WeAreUnitedd says:

    huffing and puffing is not enough in our standards. aspiring to be City is one of the lowestthings a ManUtd manager could say, lowest.

  6. Fletch™ says:

    Cheers mate. Kind of think the club will wait until smr unless Moyes resigns. They won’t have a ready replacement and Round or Phil Nev just wouldn’t be suitable.

    Imaging the catastrophy for Fergie if he came back and there was not improvement. Get the picture?

    Naw mate, we are stuck till summer unless Moyes packs in.

    This one is down to United corporate. They didn’t have the expertise to make their own assessment.
    Hard that anyone could have foreseen what has happened. A calamity of errors. Now just need to ride it out.

    I still think there is a very decent chance Moyes will be in charge at the start of next season.
    Not my choice from the off, but club is really and truly in capable of making a decent footballing decision at the moment. There are probably 2 camps, Glazers Woodward v Bobby and Alex on the board.

    Wouldn’t we love a fly on the wall for that! Oi me!

  7. midfield-man says: – fuck me – this kid gets it. Samuel – him and you could talk about Failaini for hours.

  8. iamMatty says:

    So basically your logic is
    Last years champions + 70mil = Not still good enough!!!
    So we should give moyes 5years and 200million to get into top4?
    Fuck!!! Its people like you that piss the fuck out of me! Where were you when brains were giving to everybody else?
    Fucking hell, give me 200million and I too will get united into top 4.
    Heck I might even actually win away to one of the traditional top4 clubs to smear mud all over mr moyes’ disgraceful records.
    Ps> yes we hate him, but even benitez did not need 200mil to compete.

  9. Koketso Brian Kupe says:


    That’s the tip of the iceberg mate. Moyes is far more measured and cunning than he gets credit for. Almost everything he says during bad periods has a hidden purpose of saving his own skin. Let me give you an example.

    Moyes writting to fans and consistently thanking them for their support. Now he is well aware that the biggest threat to his job security is the ardent fans turning their backs on him. It has nothing to do with thanking fans but is a mere tactic to say “please keep supporting me because if you don’t I am well and truly fucked”. I don’t know if you noticed but he was visibly more shaken after the city loss than any other this season and to me this suggests it was the fans reactions.

  10. midfield-man says:

    the sad part with Moyes in charge, there is absolutely no belief. After City scored in the first minute, I think most fans thought ” game over”

    What’s moyes going to do buy in 4 or 5 players that won’t play for him too.

    The only thing good out of that City match is just another excellent showing from De Gea who in my opinion is the best keeper in the world. If he deteriorates, it’s only the fault of the new coaching staff.
    If it wasn’t for him and some good fortune we’d be 6:0.

  11. Martin Thomas says:

    Roy Keane was right when he said that Fergie (in recent years) has put his own interests before those of MUFC. His (continuing) sucking up to the Glazers, that absurd racehorse nonsense, banning X Y & Z from the OT press room, his BBC embargo, his open contempt for supporters groups (IMUSA), and favouring family members,and specific agents when doing United related business, and of course appoinitnig a manager who no United fans really wanted…. Why was it up to him (or Charlton) to choose his successor?! Apart from Gill’s suggestion of Mourinho (which was poo pooed by Fergie and Bobby!) I don’t believe that any other names were even considered to be Ferguson’s appointment… Fergie says “I say it’s Moyes! Like it or Lump it! (and if you don’t like it, go and watch Chelsea!”).

    That is no way to run a football club.

  12. Koketso Brian Kupe says:


    Man I think its FAR more than a possibility that he’ll still have the job next summer. The fundamental problem is this for me. Which of Uniteds decision makers are qualified to judge moyes based on his tactical approach in the modern game? The glazers? Woodward? SBC? Heck even fergie for me doesn’t cut it considering the worldclass coaching staff he had doing most of the work in latter years. It seems to me that all of those “powers” are judging the results based on individual performances from the players. They carry the belief that with his own players things will change. I sincerely don’t believe any of those decision makers take tactics into account at all. Their focus is on shit like man management. Attributes that mattered in their hayday.

  13. KevlarD says:

    iamMatty-I don’t know why you can’t disagree while maintaining a respectful tone but whatever. I don’t think those players are of the same quality. Vidic, Rio, Evra, and Giggs aren’t the same players they were last season. I have read the same articles and agree that those ideas have to change. Totally agree he hasn’t gotten things right each match tactically. I know all about Moyes views of segmenting the pitch and trying to keep the defense spread out. I would love to see him switch to the ideas your describe. Maybe he can’t change, won’t change, or might prove us both wrong but for me it is “deluded” to believe this squad is good enough and that is truly (how did you so eloquently put it, oh yea) a “bullshit theory.”

    With your last point about me saying we need to remake the whole squad I never said that. I mentioned us being weak in defense and midfield. We lack players who can close down space and look for forward looking passes. We have been for sometime. Even last year how many games did we win with late goals after going down earlier on? Was that not a sign the defense was weakening. How many times did Rooney or RvP bail us out with late winning goals? Where did I suggest that we need to replace EVERY position? I say nothing of that sort. Simple we need to add to our defense and our midfield. Would you not agree we need a new CM, CB, LB, and winger? Would you not agree Cleverly, Young, Valencia, Chicharito, Evra, Anderson, Rio, and Vidic should or will probably leave at the end of this season? This squad needs refreshing, that was my point not a complete overhaul. If you are gonna have a go at me at least try and do so with some level of respect and some level comprehension of my points.

    I am mad too. This season isn’t good enough. I am looking for answers, just as you are. I don’t believe Moyes is the ONLY culprit. This squad hasn’t performed, Moyes hasn’t adjusted well enough, the back room staff hasn’t helped, and the board/gm haven’t brought in players we needed to give us a real chance of winning the league. We shouldn’t be in 7th, that isn’t good enough and if Moyes is let go, I won’t complain. But that won’t fix the problem. We need players with the capabilities to be brought in to be able to play effectively the tactics you suggest and I agree we should use.

    Oh and one final point, a squad has a life expectancy of 5-6 years. Ferguson strongly believed this and rebuilt teams every 5-6 years. So if this is “the same squad of players who have dominated the league for 5years” then doesn’t it stand to reason it is time to freshen things up and build a new squad?

  14. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ midfield-man – wish I shared your optimism!

    My worry is this, City and Liverpool beat us 3-0 while barely looking like they were out of 3rd gear. Bayern spanked City. Bayern are better than both teams.

    I think Pep will be more ruthless than City or Liverpool because he has already told players he wants the game finished at OT.

    I don’t see United scoring against Bayern unless its a lucky punt, I hardly see us getting the ball, I expect a red card if Fellani plays.

    Our home game v Bayern my prediction is 5-0.

    Our away game at Bayern similar. There is no home advantage for us, in fact the way Moyes sets United up the width at OT that we used to play to its strengths has now become an issue for us as we are too poorly set up to use it. And as GNev noted there is no identity to the team in the way we play.

    Bayern will also be well rested having won the league and come to a weary and mentally beaten United. I am sure the players will play for pride and I hope Giggs plays. But yeah, I expect a Bayern win with an absolute hiding unless something amazing happens and the only amazing think I can think of is that De Gea, our defence and Giggs play out of their skin and lead on the pitch.

  15. KevlarD says:

    One last point, the challengers last year where not nearly as good as they are this year. United has had much better sides who won the league by a lot less because the league was more difficult to win in those years. Chelsea is better with Mourinho, City with Pelligrini, Liverpool is miles ahead of where they were last year. Last year City and Chelsea struggled at times.

    IamMatty – why are you looking for a fight? Am I really so annoying that to believe this squad isn’t good enough? As I said i have no problem with someone thinking Moyes isn’t good enough. I said it three times now. If you don’t believe he is that is fine, I can’t argue based on the evidence of his time at United. But his time at Everton shows he can build competitive teams with limited funds. For me that fact, the staffs backing, and my gut is enough to believe he can do the job given time. BUT I don’t blame or judge anyone for thinking differently. I certainly don’t allow myself to resort to personal attacks because I disagree with someone else’s ideas. I also never suggested we should give Moyes 5 years if we aren’t performing. For me, he has till the end of next season to build a championship challenging team.

  16. KevlarD says:

    NBI – I completely agree that we face an unbelievable difficult task and I have no feeling we will come out of it with any kind of good result. I’d sadly take a close loss and be happy which is sad for everyone that we have dropped so far. No real chance of United going through over two legs. They will be focusing there preparations on us. They have no cup matches to worry about and two incredible easy games in the Bundesliga against Augburg (8th) and Hoffenheim (9th).

    Does anyone know what the situation with Nani is?

  17. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ Koketso – yeah agreed 100%. I think he thought he had the fans sown up and that SAF’s plea and all his shit would mean we just shut up and put up. His confidence in this no doubt grew with the incredible patience of fans as records and results tumbled. The City game was a wake up call for him, he knows he has lost the fans and the anger was in his face and finally he can see that the fans are not going to sit there and take a complete lack of standards, fight and play any more.

    What I find disappointing is that he and the Club obviously know fans want the Chosen One banner down, but he has no problem with stewards guarding it to keep his “image”.

    To me that is a weak person. If you are a manager getting £10,000 a day playing at a stadium where some fans who watch you are too poor to buy food at the prices they set and sit there without food or drink just backing their team after counting pennies to buy a ticket – you let them have their say! And you deal with it like a man!

    One think about Jose, he never hid from the RM crowd, never asked the Club to make him look good, he fought back and answered the abuse but he never told fans they should back him or that he was rebuilding. No top manger begs fans and suppresses dissent they deal with it. Look at Benitez at Chelsea, the abuse he got was vile. Look at some of the shit Arsene gets. Yet Moyes gets his bloody banner guarded and security around him to make sure no real fans ever get close.

    I agree with Gary, put us out of our misery this has already gone on too long and its getting stupid.

  18. midfield-man says:

    @NBI –
    “I think Pep will be more ruthless than City or Liverpool because he has already told players he wants the game finished at OT”

    agree on that point. I”ve posted earlier that one of my buddies who’s a long, long time Bayern match going supporter said that Pep instructed the team to finish the game at OT, which can only mean a demolition. I think we’re still capable of a goal from a set piece though on a bright side.

  19. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ Martin – Yes there is no doubt there were some things SAF did that were questionable but his success has given him a pass on those. I think Keano’s point that after SAF retired that he’d still be there trying to exert power and control things is worrying but true. I have no doubt from his statements that SAF is full tilt campaigning behind the scenes for the Club to keep Moyes and that he will influence how long this goes on. He is still there making key decisions on the Club’s future.

  20. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ mid-fieldman – I hope you are right, but I just can’t see us scoring. We are too predictable, Bayern will read and outmark and out manouver us like babies.

  21. NBI Red 21 says:

    Can you imagine the pace and space Robben and Robery are going to have? Out soft belly also provides room for Thiago, Kroos, Lahm, Sweinstiger so rifle through. Let’s make no mistake of our level here, we struggle to beat relegation fodder, City could have had a cricket score if they were bothered, Bayern will be ruthless and show us up for what our 2014 is and our 2014 form is currently relegation form.

  22. samuel - united WE stand says:

    The long tedious dragged out picking part on show again.. As if it wasn’t evident that some holes were already there.

    Yes there are some players reaching the end of their best, yes some players are average but there is also sufficient quality in there that when managed adequately as a whole, it would be enough to lay down a platform to build towards success.

    Moyes has had two transfer dealings and he along with his incompetent side-kick along with the puppeteer of the origin of this utter debacle decided to waste crucial months chasing fantasy players while acquirable and also quality players were avalaible in a crucial position. Moyes decided to squander 27.5mill on a player who clearly fell short of the level required, he also decided to buy mata and play him out of position which has resulted in the player looking a shadow of himself.

    People can pick apart the weaknesses of this squad as much as they want but it was never anything new but can anyone who is not in denial actually hold up a claim they expected united to drop and plummet at such an alarming rate into mediocrity? At the end of the season, most of what that was said was the team needed re-furnishing, couple of quality central midfielders (with the,right attributes) a left back and a quality centre half.. It was not and still isn’t the ridiculous complete overhaul being waved about by moyes, a manager clearly out of his depth and blames everything and anything instead of accepting his incompetency.

    Like I’ve always said, great managers raise everything around them with their demeanour, moyes stank of a small time stagnant manager from the start, the alarm bells were on constant ticking.

    The best managers do not bemoan their situation, they embrace the challenge and look transform circumstance into a path to success, none of which applies to the woefully limited Senor moyes. Best managers make good players into top stars and make top players into world class like i’ve always said.. What moyes has done is enlarge a minor issue, he has made the re-tuning out to be a drastic total clean up.. He is a limited manager that lives in a fantasy of “i need to spend more”… Manchester united are a powerhouse of the game, a jugganaut with a winning philosophy established and maintained for years.. Yes, the grand-master called it a day and yes his shadow will always cast upon whoever came in BUT a great manager would not come with the pathetic defeatist attitude and mentality moyes dragged along with his other many managerial baggage.

    Never embraced the big stage because he had no credentials to gain the trust of observers other than moral guilt tripping nonesensical crap.. He has been shown up for being a solid but stagnant and backward thinking manager who is dreadfully lacking at all facet of the important tactical knowledge at this level but also the winning mentality.

    Make up as much excuses if you want but his CV will have yet another shortcoming in his career.. Just not quite good enough, just not quite there, just a nearly man driving a chevrolet car and sitting on a sit far too big and high for his leg to touch the ground. Moyes is a doomed man walking, he can deny it as much as he wants but this is a results business NOT a school to educate limited managers. It is only a matter of when NOT if he gets fired.. He could do the decent thing and resign, make the job easier for a board more interested in upholding an ego filled tradition than maintaining the excellence of this football club. Moyes could help himself by walking away and he would find another mid-table team waiting to gamble on him, a club in which his limitation and negative mindset will be revered rather than castigated, a small time club for his small time predictable self.

    The impression is he’ll hold tight and hope the brewing storm cools over him and somehow, he’ll strut off like a turkey delighted but also arrogantly cheerful about escaping the slaughterhouse, that somehow he will indeed in all conclusion of his story become a raving success. Moyes is cooking himself in a soup of fantasy, this will only end one way and it will be him jeered and pointed at as he packs of his “no winning medals” cabinet of dust into the oblivion, back to what and where he really belongs.. As a mid-table managers counting every draws like a sack of silver cups.

  23. Martin Thomas says:

    @NBI Red 21 – I agree that Fergie’s managerial record is second to none (and we will always love him for that!). But if he cared as much as he used to (when Robbo, Archie and Kiddo were still around) he would know that Moyes (and that clown, Round) are not Manchester United material…. I know Fergie met Pep before he did the Bayern deal… Why didn’t he use all his man management skils and that old Fergie charm to get Pep to OT?!

    Who knows? Maybe he did?! But then Fagin Glazer hid his money…

    With Moyes (and his staff) it just feels like we are making do… And that just isn’t the United Way…

  24. ThymmEde says:

    An effigy of Clarence Sedorf was crucified on sunday. I think Moyes deserves a worse treatment by the fans. Moyes is killing our joy, something has to be done now by the fans. What do you do to a man that is stealing your joy?????

  25. AntiScouser says:

    I don’t know if anybody has already posted this, but it’s a great piece:

    Just look at the two images under 8. They’ll slaughter us.

  26. midfield-man says:

    What else is there to be said, that hasn’t been said a 1000 times over 20 different threads in different ways. Nobody has shed any new light on anything.

  27. midfield-man says:

    This forum will has become and will become a therapy and venting session for people – sad times.

  28. midfield-man says:

    Who believes we can finish this HIGH on the table end of the season.

  29. Mark Odeoshe Ajayi says:

    Man utd is becoming a joke. What is this club driving at? Pathetic following man city that. Moyes must leave or die. Idiot. I can’t walk with my head up anymore.

  30. NBI Red 21 says:

    We have shed new light on the new turning of the fans and analysed what went wrong re City plus we are moving as a fan body to a consensus which is cool.

    I think we will finish the season 7th or 8th. I don’t think we can catch Everton or Spurs unless things seriously change and those teams drop form. Top 4 out of the question.

    But I also think Newcastle is to inconsistent to reel us in.

  31. Koketso Brian Kupe says:


    Spot on. and so many here lament the players lack of fight but what do we expect when the manager is calling liverpool favourites at all trafford, saying we will “try” and put it right, saying we aspire to be “hard to beat”. As I read earlier there are two ways to deal with a job that is beyond your capabilities.

    1)Make yourself bigger

    2)Make the job smaller

    Psychologically Moyes is an expect at number 2. A long term plan by our standards should be figuring out how to put teams like Bayern+Barca to the sword. NOT fucking figuring out how to make top 4. That is a long term plan for the likes of everton + tottenham.

  32. NBI Red 21 says:

    For Bayern I would go 451

    Welbeck/Giggs, Mata, Kagawa, Carrick, Valencia
    Evra, Vida, Jones, Rafael

    Carrick is playing too deep and so is the defence, they used to play a much higher line, almost to halfway line, so that must be Moyes instruction. But if we sit as low we will get hammered.

  33. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    This club is gradually dying under Moyes, it may take very long time before we can become competitive since fergie is backing this idiot. Our beloved club might even end up like Nottingham forest or Leeds utd. RIP utd, courtesy of SAF and Moyes

  34. NBI Red 21 says:

    But I expect Moyes to play:

    Rooney Welbeck
    Kagawa Carrick Fellani Mata
    Evra Vida/Rio Jones Rafael

    Or some shit like that.

    Am sorry but I would back MF 3 of Kagawa, Januzaj, Mata if given time together to be of the standard of Oscar, Willian and Hazard. But no partnerships at all have been allowed to build under Moyes and the only one he tried to build RVP-Rooney failed as he does not understand how to train players to move in attack and create space for each other.

  35. Fletch™ says:

    v Bayern I would put out the same team as did the greeks, I would switch Nani in on the Right over valencia if Nani is fit for service.

    Then have Giggs and Carrick spay balls into the box and hope for a foul and a pen.

    Long ball, but who could be choosy at this stage.

    Want maturity at the back as well. I would suggest Rio if fit as more vocal. Lad still fit for big games.
    Danny needs to shepard Robben

    Hope our Robin is back sooner than later.

    Hope they have all the lads practicing Pens as we can’t count on RvP being back.
    Giggs my choice if on the pitch.
    After that Rooney, Nani, Rafael or Carrick.

  36. Mark Odeoshe Ajayi says:

    They say nobody is bigger than this club … Well, I know a few that bigger than this club and cares fuck all about this great club. Well, I can get crucified for this but I must say this.
    1… Ferguson- a dictator who just want everybody to bend to his will. The man did great but hat he is doing now or what he did is bullying of the fans by appointing the dog moyes. He is certainly bigger than the club.
    2….. SBC – for crying out loud this man is old, he needs to be taking care of by his great grand children. Well, he cetainly loves to be the soul of this club. Kudos to him. He is bigger than the club
    3….Moyes is too. He has the backing of the autocrat himself. Can’t be sacked. So he is bigger.
    We have old men that don’t understand the trend in football now. Let’s just enjoy cause our board has no clue.

  37. NBI Red 21 says:

    I think we are too big and presently too rich to fall like leeds or fall out of the EPL any time soon. Odd as it sounds, I think Woodward and possibly Gill will be the ones who will step in to end this mess. Neither of them are fools, the Mata purchase showed Woodward can buy players with skill, and I expect them to be much more objective and practical.

  38. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ Fletch – oh yeah Mata can’t play. In that case, I agree, Giggs in place of Mata playing with Kagwa and Carrick in MF 3 for me. Welbeck and Nani/Valencia on wings.

  39. ThymmEde says:

    somebody just shoot Mo.yes, end of story

  40. NBI Red 21 says:

    Koketso – one for you – – from Everton fan.

    “David Moyes was the greatest con artist of them all. His sleight of hand kept us in the dark, his well-timed quip, aimed perfectly for maximum effect kept Evertonians on side. He played the press expertly, better than almost any manager of the last 20 years, and that includes Alex Ferguson. No one dared to question him, he was held on a pedestal, he was the British manager fighting an almost loan battle against the growing tide of continental coaches. It wasn’t just the press who fell for it, we all did. When he announced his departure to Manchester United there was a huge outpouring of grief. It was hard to believe Everton would survive without him. But it wasn’t Everton who were about to be uncovered and revealed as a fraud, it was the man at the helm, David Moyes.”

  41. NBI Red 21 says:

    No point shooting Mo, he is already a dead man walking, and zombies can’t be shot, haven’t you see Shaun of the Dead. What we need to do is wake up the board and make sure they know this has to end.

  42. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    I’m personally resigned to the fact that Moyes will survive at least this summer as the board has clearly shown they do not listen to anything the fans say. It doesn’t mean I’m happy with what is going because i’m not and personally, he should not have been the manager in the first place. However, If he fucks up the window or we start off poorly next season, then i’m pretty sure he will be sacked. It is a very dangerous game we are playing and I hope the board can come to their senses and at least pressurize him starting from now. He acts like he’s literally under zero pressure which is fucking irritating. He’s just chewing up his money while fucking up the entire team and he’s not even under any pressure.

  43. NBI Red 21 says:

    SAF is our £2mn per year ambassador, he is the one all the sponsors want to meet at dinner. Woodward and the Glazers are not going to want to piss him off by firing his hand picked protege, which would also amount to a humiliation of SAF’s decision to hire him and make a mockery of his statements that Moyes will be given time. Very tricky for wise heads at OT.

  44. NBI Red 21 says:

    I think Moyes honestly believes he is 100% right all the time and no one could do better than him so he does not understand what the fuss is about. And he wants us to think like that to, brainwash us like he did Everton who never had a sniff of a cup. Even Rednapp and Martinez won a cup.

  45. Martin Thomas says:

    @Mark Odeoshe Ajayi – Spot on, pal… At this precise moment I just wish somebody would just buy the club, and get rid of the whole fucking lot of them… Moyes, the Glazers, Woodward, Fergie, Charlton… The whole bloody lot of them… None of them give a toss what the supporters think.

    Martin Edwards was no saint by any means: But would he have appointed someone like Moyes? I don’t think he would have… Fergie may have been a great United manager, but his ego and stupidity have cost us more than once (Jaap Stam springs to mind). But this latest example of pig headed stubbornness tops the lot… Maybe Fergie thinks he (himself) is Busby, and what he stood for? Well he isn’t, and he never will be…

  46. Fletch™ says:

    Wake up peeps.

    We are in deep doo v Bayern an make no mistake. Kind of game where lads need to stand up and be counted.

    v Bayern
    Good probability RvP still injured.
    Evra is suspended for the 1st leg so defo out of the picture.
    Mata as well, he’s cup tied.

    As I said, Line up like Greeks could work a treat, spraying balls into the box like giggs did.
    Hit them hard early.
    Buttner will be fine v Robben, it will be a career defining day for him.

    Be confident or get the flip out of my face!

    If we go down a couple goals put on the ressys and enjoy our day out.

    These are games that lads live for.
    March with me boys. We head for infamy :twisted:


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