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LIVE BLOG: Manchester United v Olympiakos



  1. Fletch™ says:

    Class act Blanc:

    Blanc, who ended his playing career with the Old Trafford outfit, revealed he was keen to face David Moyes’ side when the draw takes place on Friday.
    “It would be nice to face Manchester,” Blanc said.
    “Their qualification I am sincerely pleased for because they live in difficult moments, they were able to re-group and there should certainly be an amazing atmosphere.
    “It would make me happy to visit Old Trafford as it would make me happy to visit other stadia”

  2. Mav says:

    So who do y’all want tomorrow? Its a really loaded draw but I’ll personally take atletico, PSG, or barca?

    Chelsea brings familiarity

    Bayern are basically a better Barca than a few years ago, and we all know how those stories ended up.
    Dortmund’s pressing will be like Bilbao all over again (and I think they spanked us more than barca did)
    And Madrid just look to formidable.

  3. Mav says:


    Whilst what he said may be true, I feel he also knows we are the weakest team in the last 8

  4. wayne barker says:

    I’d like to knock Klopp out shut some of fuckers up who jack off to him everyday

  5. Fletch™ says:

    Mav, Sure, they all want us. But Atletico would be much easier.

    Blanc would have been asked about us because he played here for a season and a half.
    Some called him a bit of a flop at United, but that is a bid harsh. Still managed to play enough games to have a share of the league in 2002-3. ;)

  6. ElPajaroMeaPrietas says:

    Bye bye Chicho and Kagawa….not even a sniff. I wonder what they did to get in Moyes’ doghouse?

  7. samuel - united WE stand says:

    WeAreUnited – janko has all the physical attributes and technical side to go straight into the first team.. Let’s see how he develops, it’s certainly encouraging to see these players with potential, hopefully they get a chance.

    I’m watching spurs – benfica, keeping an eye on garay and looks impressive.. composed on the ball, reads the game well, strong in the air. He’s developed well at benfica after real madrid sold him. Keeps getting linked to united, hopefully something can happen.

  8. wayne barker says:

    ElPajaro why are they in the doghouse? Would you have started either over the 11 picked?.Nether are players a team would normally bring on as subs if protecting a lead

  9. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    Fletch – it was a good win, but still lets be honest, it was olympiakos, their record in England is dreadful. I am happy we won, but? I feel we will be exposed by better teams, and I do feel the standards in Europe the bar has been raised. When you look at the weakest teams to win the CL, like Porto 04, liverpool 2005, Milan 2007, chelsea 2012, there was not that many good sides in europe, so the weak teams had the luck.

    Look at porto 04 – the 3 sides that have been the standard bearers for years back then since 1997, united, madrid, Milan, juventus, they all were in decline, it was a year where that trophy was there for the taken, and porto took advantage

    Look at Liverpool 05 – how many top sides in europe were there of that era between 2005 – 08, barca? chelsea? united? the italian and the german sides were poor, Madrid were not really even there to be feared has their stars were incharge of the asylum, the french sides were a meh even though Lyon were awesome to watch, arsenal were making up the numbers

    Milan 07 – I feel the quality was the same, the only top sides of that era – united, barca, chelsea – Milan, Madrid, liverpool, united arsenal, the german sides and french sides were all poor

    Chelsea 2012 – the standards were getting better, but chelsea had the luck, and some how Bayern failed

    I look at europe now, I feel its like it was back in the 90′s and early millennium, there are allot of top european sides who can really blitz united. I look at chelsea Madrid, barca, Bayern, I look at PSG and Dortmund can still give united problems.

    So why it was a nice victory, we got to put things into perspective, Olympiakos I call in a normal united season, a typical bread and butter win. We have seen this season, when ever we have faced a top side apart from getting 4 points off of arsenal, has for the rest? we have been destroyed. I just do not see us having enough quality through that spine we currently, to even stand a chance of winning the big one. The defense is too weak, our midfield is just to immobile to get the better of a barca or Bayern, and guys like Ronaldo can rip that backline to pieces, ronaldo vs evra that scares me has a united fan. I just feel this current spine just does enough to get the better of teams like Bayern madrid and Barca, heck chelsea ripped us apart. We saw in 2009 and 2011 what a team like barca can do to united’s midfield, and I do not see that changing

  10. m09538061 says:

    Trying not to be negative,but remember the 2 Leverkusen games after them we played crap but i agree we looked sharper last night apart from poor full back play…Hope we kick on now.

  11. wayne barker says:

    For me the league is done not going to finish in the top 4 and I don’t want the Europa league

  12. TopRed123 says:

    This gif ( is pretty grim on Valencia’s part. RVP has a clear path in front of him, yet Valencia doesn’t even raise his head. I think many of our players, bar Giggs, has the same problem. They do not look for a simple through pass which in 9/10 cases is more dangerous than the mindless crosses or hoofs OVER the defensive line.

  13. Marko Maric says:

    @ DeGeaWeTrust…that is what i’m talking about. If we were invested in club when other clubs were in decline, we could take CL at least 2 more times. But we didn t, we were waiting. Oh sorry, wasn t value in the market.

  14. Fletch™ says:

    I am a glass half full man my self. Best year in many to overturn Barca. Dortmund got to the final last year on a whim and a prayer. Might not be all that. Just saying. You have to show up at games. The only reason we lost to OlyKOs in the first place was, we didn’t show up on the day. Coulda shoulda won that tie as well. Any team can beat any team on their day. For me, it’s WHY NOT?!

    It would be fun to see Roy Keane’s reaction to your numbers gallery. Think he wouldn’t stand for it for one minute.

    You seem to be off your feed son. I suggest a couple hours of Roy Keane video to get you back in the swing of things ;)

    Just sayin.

    P*ss on the negativity!

    We topped our group and only Real did the same. We had one bad game v OlyKOs and everyone is saying we’re sh*te. Stuff that talk lads. We are here on merrit and make no mistake. Old Trafford faithful are as p*ssed as the lads about the league form. They will show up as well. 12th man? You bet. Teams like Atleti and PSG would be put off by Old Trafford. We just need to hold our nerve at when we play in their back yard.

    Me, I think our lads can score anywhere. We might leak a few, but if we can score, we have a great chance in any tie.

    I’d love to see a draw of PSG (never played em), Atleti, Barca, or Dortmund.

    The others as well. On our day, why not! :twisted:

  15. Fletch™ says:

    One more thing. Making the final 8 of the Champions league is no mean feat.
    THIS WILL help us recruit talented players this summer. Now that the Glazers are loosing the purse, players will be tempted.

    Not going to take this negativity one minute. We are here on merit.
    Being in the final 8 will do us no harm at all.

    If the lads get stuckin, I’ll take that bet.

    Speaking of bets. United to win the CL is at 20/1. Might just put a cheeky 5ver on that beauty.
    Robin for a hat trick in Lisbon? Why not! :lol:

  16. Fletch™ says:

    Right, all you bags of negativity.

    5 players in the UEFA CL Team of the week? Looking pretty red, even without my red tinted speks

    How do you like us now? :twisted:

  17. Fletch™ says:

    Right, I’m off.

    Here are the ref assignments for the weekend and the derby.

    West Ham v Man Utd
    Referee: Lee Mason
    Assistants: Bennett & Collin
    4thOfficial: Mike Jones
    Sat Mar22 [KO 17:30]

    Man Utd v Man City
    Referee: Michael Oliver
    Assistants: Burt & England
    4thOfficial: Phil Dowd
    Tues Mar25 [KO 19:45]

    Red Dreams to All!

  18. WeAreUnitedd says:


    great stuff over here, love the positivity, I myself also remain positive, I just fancy us, maybe red tinted and a bit delusional but the feeling is great haha

    joking aside, i know our chances are a bit slim, but players will rise into the occasion, especially when it’s top8, so no worries up there, just as you said, if we can keep a good sheet outside of OT, we might nick one at OT even though our fortress has been in a mess this season

    we’ll see, I myself predicted barca to play against us, but i expect real madrid and I want chelski to knock mourinho out of the perch, so we’ll see.


    when that action happened, me and my dad, were stunned, how he did not see the clear path for an assist, imagine januzaj or mata, would have bee nan assist, this being said, when a man plays with one eye shut like in a boxing ring and gives his heart out after 2 bad seasons in an important game, hats off for the old-Valencia, hats off.


  19. Gazzer says:

    Yes, his eye was pretty puffed up. I’ll give him a pass too. He played his heart out

  20. Gazzer says:

    Very happy with Fellaini too. Maybe he’s not good enough, but he certainly got stuck in more than anyone else. And in the last 5 minutes they couldn’t get the ball off him. It was almost as good as watching the Brazilians!!

  21. ashtheking says:

    If we have to have any chance of reaching later stages or winning champions league then we. Need our players to perform really well. I think if we somehow get past the quarters then seriously even our players will start believing that yes we have a chance and winning this could redeem our season. They have to give their all. If you go out, go out fighting.

    I don’t want us to face Chelsea in quarters , I would take barca or Dortmund . I would also avoid Real Madrid and bayern. Maybe in semis or finals but not in quarters.

  22. wayne barker says:

    ash unless they’ve changed the rules Utd can’t get Rent Boys till the semis

  23. The_red_devils says:

    Unless uefa changed the rules yesterday, team from same country can face each other in quarters. United can get chelsea

  24. gra mar says:

    Teams from the same country are only separated in the first and second round.
    I don’t care about getting Chelsea. I don’t care about anyone really. Just glad that
    we’re there and if your’re there you have a chance no matter what. We should be well prepared for those games. We have no other distractions so lets see what the coaching team and the players can come up with.

  25. Fletch™ says:

    Morning Reds.

    Up early to celebrate 8 years of Twitter!

    Since Mar 19 2006 ManUtd Fans tweeted to celebrate:
    5 EPL Titles
    3 League Cups
    8 Charity Shields
    1 Champions League and a few finals
    1 FIFA Club World Cup
    1 Ballon d’Or

    So while United fans have been tweeting away about 18 Trophies and 1 Ballon d’Or

    Liverpool have …..erm…..just the 2 is it? 8O
    and Arsenal ??? ..erm none? Honestly!? :lol: :lol:

  26. Koketso Brian Kupe says:

    It shouldn’t matter. But the joys of this victory for me are somewhat marred by the fact that the other 7 teams will be about as glad to get drawn against united as we were to have been drawn against Olympiakos.

    It seems ridiculous when armchair experts suggest that United may not get back into the top 4 anytime soon but the following season will be just as much “transition” as this season was. Not only will new additions need time to gel but we need DRASTIC performance improvements.

    So if we were to make it back into the top 4 at who’s expense would it be? If fergie was still in charge its my bellief that arsenal would be the team that would have dropped out this season. That alone should tell us how much work needs to be done here. It may sound ludicrous but under moyes it could take the duration of his contract to get us back into champions league at his rate of transition.

  27. Koketso Brian Kupe says:

    Ok guys here is a question. Let’s assume we stuck with Moyes. The team improved but for the next 2seasons we finished 5th narrowly outside of the top 4(a real possibility on current evidence). Then Wenger retires and Arsenal hire klopp. How many would feel united made the right managerial decision?

  28. trevor knightsmith says:

    Fletch™ .

    Last time the dippers won the league I don’t think the internet was invented , Blackberry, Apple and Orange were things you found in a greengrocers and not a phone shop.

    But one thing that worries me , if, and I hope we do beat citeh on Tuesday, it strengthens their hand for the league title .

    But if there’s a God, anyone but Liverpool please !

  29. trevor knightsmith says:

    Koketso Brian Kupe :

    Not me for sure, but here’s another question , a long shot I will admit, but what would we say if we won the Champions league under him?

  30. Matthew Courtney says:

    Really hoping for a decent showing by the team away at West Ham on Saturday. Provided that Moyes is locked in a cupboard and has nothing to do with the team selection, I think the following would see us right.






    Buttner will need game time ahead of Quarter finals. Kagawa needs to play full stop and Nani and Welbeck will provide the necessary pace and invention down the flanks.

  31. rvp is god says:

    @wayne no teams are seeded from here on in so yes we can get Chelsea

  32. Koketso Brian Kupe says:


    I can’t speak for others but everyone in world football would know a result like that would be 80% fluke and 20% effort. Speaking for myself it wouldn’t change a damn thing. I have few beliefs stronger in football than the fact that a top side NEEDS a strong tactician. Over a 38 game season pelligrini, wenger,mourinho and rogers will rape David Moyes.

    Yes fergie wasn’t the worlds strongest tactician but the difference is he sought the help of coaches that were the worlds best.

    Here is another question Trevor (full of em today). How many people can name a well performing football giant lacking a strong tactical manager? David Moyes is the weakest manager (tactically) managing a global superpower.

    A strong tactical manager will mask our on field dificiencies. He will know how to integrate youth. He will be more equipped to deal with injury and wil fight the likes of barca+bayern sword for sword.

  33. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    so we dodge barcelona and atletico so far. PLEASE GOD DORTMUND.

  34. Ian Nichol says:

    First chance to post after a great win on Wednesday. It was my birthday spent at OT so I couldnt have wished for a better present from RVP!! In my view the victory came from the will and pride of the players and the influence of stalwarts like Giggsy.
    It changes nothing for me in terms of the manager. Moyes still has to go at the end of the season. He isnt good enough and never will be good enough to manage a club the size of UTD. Seeing the Glazers were there on Wednesday suggests that if we had lost they were there to put an end to Moyes’s time at OT. I hope they and the Board have the will and foresight to do the right thing at the end of the season.

  35. Martin Thomas says:

    I agree that a tactician is required for the modern game, but that some can go mad with it. Mancini was obsessed with tactics at City, and some of the decisions in his later days at the Etihad were absurd. Pellegrini knows his onions, but he won’t let tactics and “plans” strangle his team and their skill, like Mancini did near the end of his time there…

    Even in United’s old days Dave Sexton was one for tactics and master plans on (and off) the pitch: Lou Macari once said this about it: “We were on the training pitch at The Cliff: Dave was trying this tactical and methodical plan for a corner. It wasn’t working, and we’d been at it for hours. Then Gordon McQueen says “I’ve got an idea, boss. Why don’t we just take the corner, it hits my big stupid head, it goes in the back of the net, and then we all fuck off home!”

    Every good boss needs a top notch No.2: Sir Matt had the great Jimmy Murphy, The Doc had the formidable Tommy Cav, while Fergie had Kiddo, Carlos, Steve Mac, Meulensteen… Who has Moysie got? Steve fucking Round!! You know the rumour about Moyes and Giggsy? Well Maybe Giggsy is thinking “I should be the fucking No. 2. Not this prick!”. If Moyes is going to succeed he needs some top people behind him and (Giggs excepted) he doesn’t have them, but that’s his own fault…


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