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Live Blog: Manchester United vs Liverpool



  1. The Truth says:

    Let’s have a straw poll lads – take 9 points from Chelsea, Liverpool and City in the league or progress to the fourth round of the Capital One cup?

  2. RedBorneo says:

    Great.! each of our player is MOTM for me. Rafa, Smalling, Evans, Jones was a great, i don’t think we need Baines because we already have Buttner, he just need more games.
    little bit disappointing didn’t see Zaha playing today, Kagawa and Hernandez deserves get more games than Young.

  3. Hamster says:

    The truth r u just going to moan all night we just beat Liverpool Ffs , Maybe this will be a springboard for the rest of the season Moyes has been in the job 10 weeks of couse he’s not going to know what his best team .

  4. Gingerprince18 says:

    Did anyone noticed that Rooney is enjoying his football. He even smiled after a lung busting run. Keep up the good form Rooney.

  5. The Hound says:

    Anyone thinking this game was more important than those 3 league games is either pissed or deluded or both. But those games are gone now so we can’t linger on them and tonight was a lot more positive. Would swap it though for even 3 more points out of one of those games but like I said the past is the past have to move on now and start given the players mentioned more game time.

  6. lecho says:

    Pretty much good performance all around, albeit Smalling and mostly Evans left too much room for Suarez here and there. Showed how much superior Nani and Kagawa are over Young and Valencia in terms of creativity and combination play while still being decent when it came to defending.

    Want to see them play on Saturday along with Rafa. Too bad that Zaha didnt came on, but glad to see Adnan getting his minutes against tougher rival than Palace.

    @The Truth – considering it was a game against LFC and its a league OR the cup, I take the win. Just imagine them taking the win at OT.

  7. lecho says:

    *I take the cup.

  8. Squeaky says:

    @The Truth

    Neither Nani or Kagawa was 100% fit for Chelsea, Liverpool and City – so thats a daft strawman poll init?

    Think what you what, but instead of rushing those 2 back unfit, im glad Moyes chose to get them ready for tonight, and our next games v brom, Shakh, Sunderland, Southampton….

    Call me crazy but 1 point from 9 doesn’t look so bad when we’re 3 points behind City and Chelsea with Arsenal still to play. Full stop.

    Considering our better players were unfit at the start of the season, Moyes made the right choice gambling a fit Young and Valencia in those games. Thats what squad players are there for.

    I’ll take todays victory, and having so many top players coming back any day. Getting 9 from 9 against Brom, Sunderland and Southampton could see us return to the top.

  9. vinnyacardo86 says:

    the word “deluded” is becoming overrated and overused…smh

  10. Jesper Olsen says:

    Considering we got a win with only 3 players that played in the derby it was a great result…Now I’m going to be honest (and probably be slaughtered) but I thought we were poor tonight and better finishing from lpool was a welcome relief. Nani was piss poor, the ball was like a hot potato with smalling and at times it was key stone cops defending in the first half. Kags is till not fully effective for me but his ability is all there for everyone to see and I really hope we can get him going…..There was pressure tonight to get a result make no bones about it and Moyes would have been slaughtered if lost giving his team selection so well done Davey Moyes and great to hear the stretty singing his song……..

    With our up and coming fixture we can really get going now and get our confidence going!!!!!!

  11. LoneStarRed says:

    Thuycidides said it:”Superiority lies with he who is reared in the severest school”. Moyes is getting that rearing right now. And the squad is as well. So as I said in another post, we will probably get a few more bloody noses. So be it. That is the price we must pay to be Champions.

    Shinji, Chicha, Buttner , Evans, Smalling (in position)and the rest showed that they have the warrior spirit to FIGHT and WIN. GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED.

  12. rajunited says:

    some fans here, can never be happy.

  13. blacksocks says:

    For what it’s worth my thoughts on tonights match:

    Selection: Brave by Moyes to make so many changes from Sunday especially with Liverpool picking the strongest side they could. Should faith in the squad and gave some match time to players that need it. Not sure about Giggs more on that later.

    Tactics: We’re still not quite there, Liverpool found too much space in the first half, Kagawa clearly not at his best out wide but he has to dislodge Rooney from the centre. Giggs and Jones were outnumbered in the middle but Moyes clearly made some tweaks at half time, Rooney slightly deeper with Kags and Nani switching position and it certainly improved things.

    Substitutions: Liverpool were just starting to get on top again, Carrick but some extra control to the midfield and Januzaj, well lets just say I would start him at the wkend, the boy looks class. Glad Chico and Kags looked dissapointed to be coming off, that’s the sort of spirit all United players should have.

    Goal: Great strike by Chico and pretty much the only real chance he had and he took it. Well done lad. If RVP still not 100% I would reward him with a start at the wkend too.

    Positives: A good performance all generally against a confident and in form Liverpool who were no doubt bouyed by a returning Suarez and there recent victory over us at Anfield. A clean sheet is always good and the win is a step in the right direction.

    Negatives: I’m not sure Giggs is up to ninety minutes anymore, especially when he is one of two in centre midfield. To be fair when Carrick cam on and freed him up a bit he looked better but United do have alternatives. what must Anderson be thinking if Giggs is ahead of him in the pecking order. Liverpool out played us and kept possession for long periods in the game – our pressing needs to improve. Southampton were excellent in harrassing Liverpool at the wkend. Finally, I hope Zaha gets some game time soon, he looked good pre-season and would offer something different.

    Overall: A win over Liverpool is always good but the performace shouldn’t be ignored either. 7/10

  14. Random says:

    Better stuff. The line-up was exciting enough. Players like Kagawa, Nani, Hernandez were a little rusty. Rafael cannot be rusty, being Rafael. Rooney was pumped up, Giggs matched Gerrard’s maturity on the field; Jones was his usual calm self, snuffing out dangers and making football simple. A big shout for Evans who showed that he learned a thing or two under the great SAF. Smalling was good, though still room for improvement. Buttner needs to concentrate on his defensive work; he has a golden chance in front of him with Baines move failing. He should focus. De Gea’s long passing is Scholes level, really.

    Good win for Moyes. I hope he gives more time to Nani, Jones and Hernandez. These three guys have world-class potential, on terms with Ronaldo, Rio and RVN.

  15. WeAreUnited says:

    thetruth get the F out of here, really, you are not happy we won our rival? what do you think would have happened if we lost today? you would be here wishing for doomsday and singing how we could not thrash pool at home,

    piss off you poison wanker. really piss, off, you’re job is done, go support swansea now.

    @squeaky “Giggs was our best player imo. The stick he gets is unreal, but he was class and had a proper impact on the game. As long as he’s used in the same way, he’ll be important for us all season.”

    I think you watched a game from the past, cause giggsy was actually our worts player tonight, we kept overrun when he was with jones, no way in hell Giggsy was a MOTM, he was not BAD, but hell no MOTM.

  16. Wee Toms Ligaments says:

    Good win. United needed this as much as the supporters.

    Speaking of which, must be a sad day for @Truth. Poor Moyes played all the flair players and got the win. Still not good enough for you moaners.

  17. WeAreUnited says:

    and YES there are alot of typos

  18. WeAreUnited says:














  19. Random says:

    Btw, Kagawa’s turn and shot was a beauty.

  20. WeAreUnited says:

    some news on why Jones started, who btw I though did en exellent job and I usually hate seeing players played out of positions and still think Jones is our future CB.

    bad new though for Ando, who is not even mentioned in the same sentence, who I believe is playing his last season or even a half-season unless something drastic happens and he gains his form .

  21. The Truth says:

    @Wee Toms Ligaments

    Yeah, really sad day for me. Moyes did what I’ve been asking for all along and played the flair players, and lo and behold we won! Maybe if Mr. Negative had played them on Sunday we wouldn’t have got ourselves a new arsehole torn by City. Good old Moyes, proving me right again.

  22. mjcRED says:

    Well done United and well done Moyes!!!

    Positives- Hernandez. Looked really busy and brought others into play well. I’ve questioned whether he can do it when starting but tonight he looked really at it. The shape, movement and improvisation with which he took his goal was top quality. Clear evidence that he is currently streets ahead in attacking and scoring ability than Welbeck.

    Kagawa grew and grew the more he took up positions in central areas, clear evidence that he cannot kept being shunted out wide. The angle and shapes he receives and moves with the ball and sets up play is unlike anything else in our squad. Just before he came off, he was really beginning to click with Rooney. He is the creative spark that we are crying out for, he mustn’t be compromised any longer for the sake of other lesser ability players.

    Top shout outs also for Jones, Evans and Nani. Rooney continued to be the catalyst of the drive and effort needed.

    Negatives- Why oh why is Giggs still getting the bulk of playing time and opportunities in a region of the pitch where his influence and drive is wilting and saps all the pace out of our game???

    Despite a much improved tempo and attacking drive to our game our retention and care of the ball still needs much improving. Despite the scousers rusty finishing, there formation and movement with the ball looked far more fluid than our rigid and dated persevering with an outdated 4-4-2 that hampers the effectiveness of our most talented and creative players. I still feel that Moyes is leaning a bit too much on the side of caution by sticking to a style of play and the need of players to be trusted to do a job rather than be allowed to flourish and take risks. With this said, It is still very early on and with more improvement and further nights like tonight Moyes will see us right. Trust the guy, resist the urge to whinge and keep reminding yourself we’re different from the rent boys and the Sheikh’s playthings of this world.

    Last point, the OT crowd tonight sounded amazing, I had to keep checking that we were playing at home?! They’ve clearly taken a leaf out of our travelling army’s fantastic noise levels.

    Kagawa, Nani and Evans are probably the clear trio of players that need to be integrated into the team for West Brom and for the foreseeable.

  23. blacksocks says:

    @The Truth

    Those said ‘flair players’ were not fully fit for the wkend so I would contend the result could have been even worse. However it is a purely inconsequential question so hardly worth debating. Hardly a case of Moyes proving YOU right!!!

    I know you don’t rate Moyes but at times you really do come across as someone who isn’t supporting the team or the club. Enjoy tonight for what it is – a victory over Liverpool and a bit of pride restored at Old Trafford. Enough to spring in anyones step!

  24. WeAreUnited says:

    really don’t bother answering thetruth, he’s a sad troll who has nothign else to do. probably the happy one in disguise

  25. Gingerprince18 says:

    I am starting to think we have a Dipper in disguise desperately wants to see us fail. Nothing makes him happy. He is spreading lies and wishing us to fail miserably.

  26. blacksocks says:

    @ mjcRED

    Good post and I agree with much of it. For me Kagawa is being played out of position, to get the best out of him he needs to be played in the centre but then what do you do with Rooney?

    From the little I’ve seen of Januzaj, he’s ready for the first team – what do you think?

  27. Random says:


    I am against bulk opportunities to Giggs, but I think tonight he was needed. Firstly, we have just come from a mauling against City. We need some experience in the team, someone to calm things down. (I was surprised by not seeing one of Rio/Vidic in the defence.) As for the young midfielders, Anderson needs Carrick alongside him, and we wanted to rest Carrick a bit. Cleverley was injured, Fellaini was cup-tied.

  28. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Cleverley out with injury!

    Moyes explains the choice of Phil Jones in MF.

    I wasn’t sure if I wanted to play Phil in midfield but I felt he played very well. He broke the game up for us at the right time and we tried to get him in the middle of the pitch as much as we could.”

  29. mara says:

    In most of keys when managers start to put players out of their positions they shit things up….Kagawa for example. Let him 2-3 games on his natural position and then make a conclusion. Always one striker will get injuried and then he has a chance.

  30. Wee Toms Ligaments says:

    If Kagawa plays behind the CF you can always shift Rooney to the bench. Moyes will need to see what United looks like without Rooney sooner than later, so no better time. I don’t think Moyes has the stones to sit a fit Rooney so Kagawa better learn how to play LW.

  31. slim says:

    Suddenly seeing Welbeck lumped in with the”he shouldn’t be playing” group.
    He’s one of my favourite so i’m gonna stick up for him. He should be playing.
    He brings boat loads, not much by way of scoring(yet) but he’s aquality youngster who’s not afraid to try stuff. Not his best form so far but i reckon he come good as the season progresses. Its simple really. Like someone mentioned with respect to Kagawa, Dannys a much better player with other quality around him. I really do believe we can see a whole new side to our attackers when and if we get not just the midfield in order, but the whole squad changing their attitude when it comes to starving the opposition of the ball.
    This is something we have to get to grips with. No one single player is going to do that for us and i’m waiting to see how DM intends to achieve this. Playing a 100 miles per hour is great if you have the right players, hell playing kick and run or hoof the ball works so long as you have the players who subscribe to that ethos. Not quite sure what we’re about yet. When we slow it down, the magic is missing when its time to deliver the last ball or even the 2nd/3rd to the last.
    I’d say we’re more inclined to play at a blistering pace with the players we have. And that brings me to my earlier point about keeping the ball and starving the opposition.Its simply not up to scratch and thats the most frustrating thing for me.
    I also think we should have competition for places nailed down. Our attackers are dynamic and can play in a number of positions anyway but it’d much better n my opinion if we can string together a decent run with settled 11 and subs getting game time in a adaptive way as opposed to reactionary.
    Of course, it doesn’t always go to plan but the onus is on us to get it right so that we can grow as a team

  32. slim says:

    Gotta say Rooney looks up for it.
    Doing all the things i reckoned he’d forgotten about. His touch is much much better and he’s using the space around him and other stuff like flight and pace of the ball to good effect. Mean shooting looks back on. Freekicks are an added bonus. He’s been on target with most of them so far this year and i reckon its something we’ll see more of as the season gets on

  33. myter says:

    can you see now moyes how deadly chica in the box?? how he shake off the defender that mark him?? and go for ball…wellbeck should be below chica in pecking order….

  34. theradlegion says:


  35. theradlegion says:

    and arsenal could only draw with the mighty west brom..

  36. gazzer says:

    I don’t think it’s enough to say that Danny will be great, just so long as we surround him with quality players, same for Kagawa.
    At some point, some of these players have to step up, make themselves big, and BE the quality that other players can play with.
    I fear we have too many players who can step in and play a role, but can’t grab a game by the scruff of the neck.
    Anderson, Wellbeck, Cleverly, Young, Valencia, Chicharito etc.

    My big fear is that Rooney says thanks for all the complements, but no new contract for me. Then we will really be fucked

  37. Maltamanc says:

    That’s what happens when Welbeck, Young and Valencia don’t play…. VICTORY !!!

  38. chichagiggs says:

    can we PLEASE!! FUCKING PLEASE!! PRETTY PLEASE WITH A FUCKING CHERRY ON TOP!! can we PLEASE now give chicha the run of games he deserves…. can he please move up the fucking pecking order… it hurts me to see how he snubbed a chance to be the main man at Valencia over the summer, and is now sitting behind danny “can-only-score-for-ingerland” welbeck…

  39. Maltamanc says:

    @chichagiggs….. The sooner DM realizes that a one legged Hernandez is ten times more effective than ten Welbecks, the better…. And people saying otherwise must be blind…. And that goes for Valencia and Young too, players who are utterly ineffective…. Welbz, Valencia, Young OUT Chicharito, Nani, Kagawa IN… Also liked Buttner btw, should play more often.

  40. Mr C says:

    An encouraging perfomance and a decent win. However our more skilful players need more game time.There is no way Chico and Kagawa should have been subbed. Sorry but Danny’s had enough run outs to show he’s a decent utility squad player but not a main striker of United quality. Strikers score goals and that aspect of his game is weak. Perhaps he needs to add a little more greed to his game…

  41. LexxytheRed says:

    Its not about greed, he’s just a poor finisher. Not a poacher and will never be. And in terms of assists he’s poor, struggling to see why he gets so much playing time

  42. premierevent says:

    Decent performance and good achievement……….


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