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LIVE BLOG: Manchester United’s transfer deadline day news

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. coolred says:

    wakey 100% correct every thing he says about pogba some player now wanted 25k a week fergie would not give it to him,unreal end of season for juve.worth 15million now.

  2. Ricky147Redman says:

    I think everyone needs to calm down. Fallani was always gonna join United. It was just a case of when not if.
    Theres been too many changes at United (non playing staff) Ask yourself this. If you were a top player would you take a gamble on United afyer a legacy that was fergie? I think you would wait and see what he can produce this year. When fergie turned round and said give him time this is what he means. So all you shallow fans calling for him already your no better than the fans at chelsea or most other clubs. You either support this team or you dont. You can 100% garuntee new players will come next season. They will have to.

  3. Red Neville says:

    Here’s some clips of Fellaini, he’s 6’9″ with the afro.

  4. dMuzikManUnited says:

    Just so love the way United is being underrated. Sure could have done better, but we’ve got a fantastic, fairly balanced squad. This is Manchester United we are talking about. No need to fear. I’m excited. I think RVP. I think Rooney…, Kagawa(a two footed ozil), Nani, Carrick, Zaha, Chicharito, Adnan, Rafael, Welbeck, a solid balance in defence, and now Fellaini? Awesome. By May we’ll be the benchmark for how to properly sustain success. Could have done with a few more new faces but if the few names above will form our main team, i’m super excited. Manchester United!

  5. Dave Mack says:

    @dMuzik … @ Ricky 147 …. great well balanced, positive comments.

    Yes, we are UNITED!!

  6. Tommy Taylor says:

    To think that all these glory hunters that only show up on here when we lose and on the last day of the transfer window to moan, were here only 4 or 5 games ago celebrating our 20th premiership success and saying what a wonderful time it was to SUPPORT United……..Wankers!!

  7. Marq says:

    Well, I hope Woodward is paying the extra 4.5m out of his own pocket. Could have gotten Fellaini at 23, because of his incompetence we had to pay 27.5. If just shows the desperation. I dont know, I might have feel better if we dont win the league this season but Powell & Adnan gets 20 games each in the middle of the park instead of this oanic buy, because this is exactly what it is, a panic buy

    PS, the Herrera imposter story is just too funny. As much as I dont trust the media, it just makes more sense if you tell me its Ed trying to cover up

  8. Wee Toms Ligaments says:

    Let the weeding begin!

    Would love to see a higher paced squad at United but really? Quitting on the team because a sugar daddy club can spend money? I think United will find a willing replacement for your season ticket.

    I wonder if these same doom and gloomers were the same shmucks calling for Carrick to be dropped a couple of seasons ago? Guess we cannot wait for our young guys to come good? Throw Zaha in now and bash him when he does not become world class by next season?

    Seems like a double standard to me. Throw the kids in but do not give them time to develop? Rafael and De Gea are prime examples of why Sir Alex was better at this than the average fan.

    Seriously. Move along if you have no faith.

  9. Canada says:

    What I’ve taken from deadline day:

    Moyes obviously had identified several players to be in for. Many of them we’d be happy to see in a Utd shirt.

    Woodward obviously has NO CLUE what he’s doing. We have players begging to come here and he can’t close the deal.

    Moyes in.
    Woodward out!

  10. theadamsegal says:

    I think it is a HUGE achievement that we have not lost a single top player.

    When a manager of SAF’s stature leaves a club, it wouldn’t be surprising to see players looking for greener pastures.

    We managed to sign a midfielder who fills a missing hole. Yes the PR was a nightmare and Woodward is a shmuck but I don’t think it’s as bad as the media and some plastic fans will have you believe.

  11. coolred says:

    oh please give us a break wee tom,dont tell me or the rest of the united fans that carrick was a world beater.last season he was very good but for all the other seasons he was pretty poor talk about fickle fans take a look in the mirror wee tom.finally we as fans want the best would carrick get in real madrid team or barca dont think so or bayern.however he is our best midfielder no doubt but its nothing to gloat about were man utd the biggest club in the world with no longer the best manager or players face the facts over for a while but i will always support the team,but will not refuse to boo players who are alan brazil,peter davenport,gary birtles,recent ones djemba,klerberson and a few more like anderson and young who have been my money and if i club or manager is wrong will vent my anger before it gets out of clubs can fall into decline very easily by appointing a bad manager giving him loads of money for 2 or 3 seasons and he buys a pile of shit then sack him do the same thing over again,miss out on champions league THIS IS HOW U DESTROY A FOOTBALL CLUB LOOK AT LIVERPOOL,LEEDS AND MANY MORE.AS FANS WE CAN PREVENT IT AFTER ONE OR TWO SEASONS.


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