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LIVE BLOG: Marseille 0-0 United FT

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. willierednut says:

    We’ve doing it all season. I don’t blame Fergie for our turgid displays, when you don’t strengthen squad, it starts to show after a while. He’s getting the maximum out of this squad and still keeping United competitive on all fronts. We all know, the squad could do with one or two additions, but we have to make do, with what we have now. I don’t mind fans being critical of the manager. I’ve done on occasions, but calling for him to go, after all he’s done for this club is bollox IMO.

    It’s not like we’re fucking struggling in the bottom half of the table, is it? I would never doubt this great man, he’s got form for proving people wrong, including our own fans.

  2. Costas says:

    I agree with King Eric about Gibson. Definintely not our worst player out there.

  3. mattbw7 says:

    Just read this and thought it might lighten the mood

    The problem with Manchester City is their mewling paranoiaBy Martin Samuel

    Mike Summerbee has had too much of footballers scoring overhead, volleyed bicycle kicks to win matches, apparently. Who hasn’t? What a nuisance they can be.

    There you are, settling in your armchair for an afternoon of pure tedium, when up pops Wayne Rooney with one of those irritating goals of the season, and the next thing you know the whole country is off its feet in dizzied excitement wanting to see it again. Who needs that every week?

    The fact that Rooney, a striker for Manchester United, did this against Manchester City did not contribute in any way to Summerbee’s suggestion that Sky television is biased towards the Barclays Premier League leaders. He would have been equally unenthusiastic if, say, Mario Balotelli had appeared after months of ineffectuality to win the Manchester derby in such a spectacularly decisive manner.

    Divide and conquer: Manchester United’s George Best (left) and Manchester City’s Mike Summerbee outside their boutique ‘Edwardia’ in 1967
    Summerbee’s status as a Manchester City ambassador did not cloud his judgment at all.

    Sky only see United, he wrote in the City programme at the weekend. They certainly won’t be seeing too much of Summerbee after his temper tantrum over Rooney’s goal, that much is certain.

    The least appealing product of City’s rise to prominence is mewling paranoia. Roberto Mancini, the manager, has been moaning that some find his team dull. Who cares?

    Critics said that of Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea, too. No doubt Roman Abramovich would settle for a hefty dose of winning boredom now.

    Every fan thinks the media has it in for his club. It never occurs to them that partisan leanings cloud their own judgment.

    Boring! Wayne Rooney’s spectacular winner against Manchester City hasn’t pleased everybody
    Summerbee, a wonderful player, should delight in the talent of Rooney whatever colour his shirt. Instead, he is so one-eyed he turned over to Antiques Roadshow rather than watch a re-run of a brilliant goal scored against his club. It would seem Sky are not the problem here; it is the sky blues that need to see both sides of the story.

    ‘The media go on as if we don’t exist and that annoys me,’ Summerbee said. ‘I don’t mind banter, I don’t even mind jokes, but the progress we make is being ignored.’
    How true. Never hear a mention of City these days, do you? It is like Carlos Tevez has fallen off the map since he left Old Trafford. Is he

  4. Rai says:

    Wooo I just found out I’m gonna be a Dad that’s upped my mood :)

  5. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    On reflection Im not as upset with the game as I was straight after the final whistle and I think with a little after thought and examination I dont think we did too badly. The season so far has panned out that we are very good at home but having trubles away. Why is this. For one we have a terrible situation where we cant dictate a game using substitutes like we used to. What I mean by that is Fergie rarely ever made the first substitute in a match and used his players with far superior fitness to fuck up certain members of their squad. Usually the fullbacks, This he would do by swapping wingers over from left to right and concentrate on an individual. That player would be fucked and then substituted. Fergie then often substituted in a player that changed the formation for example.
    Take of a winger and add a central midfielder.
    This forced the opposing coach to make as soon as he could a tactical substitution to counter the extra man in the center of the park.
    Fergie would then make a substitution where he would take of a central midfielder (his new one adequately warmed up) and then add a winger and then the two wingers would gang up and shit all over the tiring other full back.
    This happened time and time again and always gave Fergie control of substitutions and formations. It also helped a great deal that alot of players can play in a multitude of possitions.
    This year however we have been in trouble with wingers. Giggs isnt getting any younger and when recently he played his fourth in a row against Wolves he shit the bed – too tired. Nani is playing more games than maybe he should. Parks been injured and in Asia. Valencia out all season and Fletchers beefed up a little and cant run like he did during the Keane years. It means that weve had to fuck about with un United formations like 4-3-3 qand 4-5-1.
    Im not going to have a pop at the midfielders, some of them are over worked in comparison to other seasons we have just been unlucky with injuries. Sure there havent been that many injuries but they have effected nearly all the wide men. Even Evra cant be used in midfield as Fabio has been injured alot and so has Rafael. With Valencia and Park back I have no doubt we will finnish the league strongly, win it, win the cup and complete the treble. And all this fuss about the midfield will be forgotten. Doesnt mean we wont try and better ourselves in the summer though.

  6. james21 says:

    You apologise then rip into the great man again. Granted you are welcome to your veiw as we all are. I’m certainly not one of those Utd Fans who’ll back you up with those statements. SAF Hands might be tied by higher authorities. He said in his Derby programme notes that he wanted to bring in a player in January but their Club didn’t want to do buisness until the Summer. Also most of Europes top players are cup tied so who would you bring in?
    I can see Balagi’s point here and I also get the hint that you’re not maybe thinking before you write.

  7. dannysoya says:

    WOW congrats Rai. Happy for you. One day that’ll be my story too hopefully hehehe. Have a good time mate.

  8. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    @ King Eric – He wasn’t but he’s the scapegoat for whenever we don’t get the result we want. He could have got stuck in a bit more with tackles 2nd half but nobody in midfield wanted to do that at all so he wasn’t on his own there but like I said on an a earlier thread. Lets all blame Gibson before the match kicked off. Regarding Carrick I think he’s got amnesia he’s forgotten how to pass forward and run with the ball.

  9. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    @willierednut, That is the same exact thing I have been saying. This squad is not top-notch and the whole world knows it by now. But show me which other squad in the Premier League is as good, then I will shave my head. I would not be worried even if we have to face the likes of Madrid or Barca, because to be honest, the whole of Europe has declined from last season’s form. Which is exactly why SAF is making do with what he has this season before splurging for the next.

  10. Costas says:


    Congrats mate. I hope you make him/her a red. :)

  11. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    oh bad luck Rai. Only joking congrats, its not all plain sailing and contary to what people say its not all wonderful, alot of it is shit (literally) But like a horsey looking lass with big front teeth and shes chomping on you John Terry, it hurts, but you wouldnt change it for the

  12. willierednut says:

    Rai – Nice one mate.

  13. Mes says:

    Rai – congrats

    Mattbw7 – That’s ace. Mewling Paranoia. Mewling is a great word to take the piss out of someone with. I’ve never thought of applying it to City fans. Brilliant. That’s my response to any Manchester is Blue banter from now on. It’s just mewling paranoia.


  14. smartalex says:

    Congratulations Rai! And what does Marseilles?

  15. willierednut says:

    Ride Fergies dick? Tell ya what mate, you’re a wormy cocksucker. It’s dickheads like you, when Ferige does go and United stop winning trophies on a regular basis, that will be calling for him to come back.

  16. Malcolm Tesla says:


    i don’t insult people, so i won’t stoop to your level and trade insults :)

    this is a f***ing blog, and i believe we are all passionate man utd supporters, so i refuse to go into the gutter. and quite frankly, i have a life and could care less about what some children have to say in response to my comments.

    “calling for [my] head”? that’s laughable. again, i’m not as worked up as you are about blog comments.

    i ALREADY said, i wrote that comment out of frustration, and do not believe that Sir Alex is trying to take the club down with him. yes that was a provocative comment, and probably unnecessary on my part. if you choose to dwell on that, be my guest (i suggest).

    you can’t counter the points i made that Sir Alex is becoming complacent or delusional. otherwise, explain to me why he plays a 4-3-3 with Gibson, carrick, and Fletcher, despite the fact that its failed TIME and TIME again….

    listen to his press conferences and post match analysis – it’s almost like he didn’t see the same game that we watched. get my point?? i am saying the great man seems to be complacent.

    remember what happened to Arsene Wenger when he got complacent and clung to his dying soldiers? (Vieira, Campbell, etc).. and some below average kids (Aliadiere, Senderos). he failed to replenish the squad with new talent, and it took arsenal almost 3 seasons to recover and now they’re bouncing back.

    MANCHESTER UNITED CANNOT afford to slip off in the near future because our great legendary manager got a little complacent (or delusional)..

    he overlooked the chance to sign Sneijder last summer, and Van der vaart as well. In January, he could have brought it one or two midfielders, even on loan.

    Hell, even David Beckham would do better than Gibson and Carrick in midfield. But he said his squad was “great” and there was no need for changes. WELLLLL……………

  17. imactuallyclass says:

    @Malcolm Tesla

    sorry excuse for a trolling C*nt

  18. mattbw7 says:

    Nice one Rai, I feel old my eldest is 19 and youngest 16 but she comes with me to OT

  19. imactuallyclass says:

    btw part exchange carrick for modric please

  20. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    @Malcom Tesla look at my explanation the reason why Fergie persists with 4-3-3 and 4-5-1 is because you name me fit wingers and full backs that can allow us to play 4-4-2 on a weekly basis.
    Giggs cannot play every match. Nani must be completely fucked, no park, No fabio so Evra cant play in midfield to fill in, No Valencia, Obertan not ready nor Bebe, Cleverley could do a job there but hes out on loan and also not ready. Rafael is often injured, Gary Neville retired. There is just no cover. fergie has to pace those players he has available and fit to last the course not just the next match. All matches at this time of year are vital, not just away to marsielles.

  21. Rai says:

    Cheers guys – they’ll be a born red :) As long as the little one is healthy and we make it 19 this year that’s all I want!!! And of course I still wanna go on my away days :)

  22. Malcolm Tesla says:

    @ willierednut

    you’re obviously 13 years old or intellectually void, so i’ll ignore you.

    SAF will have to go someday, i hope you realize that. and that does NOT mean that Man Utd will stop winning trophies.

    SAF is the only manager most of us have ever known, and he is the greatest manager that the game. (if not all of sports) has ever seen.

    that being said, he will not live forever. and Man Utd WILL NOT STOP winning when SAF eventually leaves. it all depends on what state he leaves the squad in, and who replaces him.

    if a new manager came in with our current squad, he would have to make major changes, and HALF of the squad will be sold or retired. which will lead to possible instability. i can bet my money on that.

    that’s why SAF has to really wake up and make major changes, otherwise the next 3 or 4 seasons could be consequential.


  23. fergie is the boss says:

    King Eric – I think losing anderson has been underrated by allot of PPL.

  24. smartalex says:

    Fortunately his posts have his name at the top, otherwise we’d never know it was him.

    Feeble wum Tesla has not supported United for long, if ever. Someone he admires very much claims to be a United fan, but runs down Sir Alex. So wum Tesla brings snippets of overheard tirades to RoM, hoping to hone his arse penetration techniques in preparation for his big insertion into his idol’s rectum.

    As feeble wum Tesla’s idol only speaks shite, he will become fodder for future vomit.

  25. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    @fergie is the boss
    Again with my point about lack of cover in the wide parts if you play 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 you play one extra midfielder. If you CM cover starts to get injured then your really in th eshit because then Gibbo Carrick Fletcher and Scholes will be involved at some point every single match without a break. Plus the fact Ando plays his bloody socks off and has real value in his own right.

  26. Malcolm Tesla says:

    @ GoatinaUnitedShirt

    you make great points. thanks for talking like an adult :)

    at christmas, we all saw this coming and the man really had to sign at least 2 players in the winter window. or at least offload a Gibson or Carrick in exchange for a quality midfielder.

    again, he said he wouldnt sign anyone because the sqaud he had was “fine” , even after the terrible string of performances we all witnessed… which makes no sense to any sane observer.

    there was a time we had the likes of Veron, Nicky Butt as backups for Keano and Scholesy. the talent we have now is lacking, and SAF doesn’t seem to realize this.

    that’s why i’m worried, and yes, angry.

  27. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    @Balaji Sivaraman
    Im sorry for my outburst to you earlier. I generally dont blog that often afetr matches as i like to get over the disapointment of the match so I havent witnessed Malcom Tesla that much before. He does seem a bit of a twat so let him have it. I was writing from a perspective of having continuous abuse thrown at me the past couple of days and I snapped. I appologise unreservedly and I hope we can be at peace.

  28. King Eric says:

    Rai. Congrats mate.

    Fuck me some people really are clueless. Just heard someone say spurs have better attackers. Fucking defoe hasn’t scored a league goal. We have scored twenty more goals at home. Who arte these fans? Everyone has their opinions but I would NEVER go on a radio or tv show and publically slag united. We have some proper idiots following this club. If all the other premier league teams have better attacks and midfield then how come we are top of the pile with key wingers out.

    Tesla. What has four five one acheived? Err a great european record including back to back finals.

    See what I mean. Idiots.

  29. fergie is the boss says:

    GoatinaUnitedShirt – I still say we should put evra on the left has it gives evra the freedom to get forward and stick oshea at LB

  30. King Eric says:

    Oh and tesla if you seriously think fergie is complacent and losing it its you that’s delusional you prick. First in carrington at seven every day. Spends sat morns watching academy lads even when united are playing. Spends tue at crawley game. Wed watching youth cup. Watches reserves. Delusional? The great man is two years in advance of clowns like you and I would put my mortgage on it over the next couple of years he will once again have the last laugh.

  31. willierednut says:

    You haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about. You think you know better than the manager? Us fans have opinions, that’s all Bob. I shouldn’t have called you a cocksucker, but I hate fans calling for Fergies head. You lied before, so that was red flag right away for me. Some fans have the same concerns, as you do, but we are were we are, in terms of personnel.

    Again, you say Fergie doesn’t know the squad could be better? Of course he knows. You called him a great manager and then say he doesn’t know the squad could be better. Contradiction there, me thinks. Also, calling someone 13, is the talk of a child. :D

  32. smartalex says:

    Rectal implant Tesla vibrates indignantly, preening in his filthy hovel as he imagines a tornado of internet fury sucking his vapid spook.

  33. smartalex says:

    Spook vapid his sucking fury, internet of tornado, a imagines he as hovel.
    Filthy his in preening, indignantly vibrates Tesla implant – rectal.

    Anyway you look at it.

  34. Malcolm Tesla says:

    @smartalex @kingeric @willie

    you guys are pathetic human beings, to start foolish namecalling when i simply made a point. you can agree or disagree, but why do some of you sit behind your computers and trash someone you’ve never met like a bunch of stupid internet punks?

    so a united fan watches his team produce yet another terrible performance, and makes his opinion known, and then you suddenly start to insult and call names.

    you don’t own this site, you’re not the moderators. i did not insult anyone, i was not disrespectful in any way.

    i simply called out Sir Alex and its PERFECTLY legitimate to do so.

    i never said anything about 4-5-1 or 4-3-3.. i’m simply saying he is losing it, and that is my opinion. you can disagree, and that’s fine. but why the ugly name calling??

    NONE of you can actually respond to my point that Sir Alex’s post match commentary for most of this season suggests that he’s somewhat satisfied with the current squad. In January, we were hoping for a new signing to boost our depleted (and failing) midfield, and all we got was Fergie talking about whether or not Giggsy, Scholes, and Neville will be getting contract extensions or not.

    This squad is simply inadequate, by Man Utd standards, and i am not reading Sir Alex’s mind here. In January he said for himself that he is very happy with the current squad and doesnt need to make any changes.

  35. wayne says:

    @Malcolm its only naming calling if it isn’t the truth otherwise its just telling the truth.first i had you pegged as a troll some dumbass who pretends to be utd because doesn’t have the kahunas to show true colours.then i thought maybe mentally challenged because you’d forgot that in january pretty well posted the same shit except this time nani needed to be gone.
    finally figured it out, nani has been a top performer all year and is becoming world class,then you suggest sir alex is going to bring utd down before he retires.2 totally stupid comments but they have to be don’t they malcom.the only reason you come on hear is for attention a normal comment or even semi outrageous might not get a response.this way people respond and gives you a sense of importance.think theres a good chance you’re some sad lonely bastard who jacks off to internet porn and visits many different sites being a wum,who knows you could’ve been jacking off while writing the a compulsive masterbator “a” malcom.look if you want to be a loony tune and write shit to get attention fuck off and do it somewere else.

  36. Dave Malaysia says:

    @Rai : Congratulations yo! Go forth and multiply more Manutd bethren.
    P.s: Hope your wife is a Red Nut as well.

  37. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    @Goat, Glad we got that settled. I hope it did not get too personal. I actually don’t like to take things personal in a public forum like this one.

    The reason it got too personal with this Malcolm guy is for facts I have already mentioned. Imagine going into America and saying Lincoln wanted to take America down with him. For sure, all Americans will get outraged. That is the same scenario here. Sure, you can doubt Sir Alex’s team selection always, but, as I said, to question his intentions for taking the club forward is a whole different issue. Anyways, I don’t realize why I took it so personally because he is obviously someone who doesn’t understand the ethos this club is built upon.

    Anyways, glad that is cleared up between us and there is no bad blood.

    As for Malcolm, see, no one is bigger than Manchester United. But if there are two people who come close, they would be Sir Matt Busby and Sir Alex Ferguson. These two guys are the reason you even have a club to talk about. Otherwise, you would probably be cheering on some second division team with no-name players. Anyways, that is all I am going to say about this issue because I see no reason arguing with someone like you.

    @Rai, Congrats Man!

  38. AK says:

    im not gonna blame carrick on this one. I’m a carrick advocate because of his defensive capabilities. he covers a lot for our fullbacks that a lot of people don’t notice. but to be fair there really isn’t much movement in front of carrick and that was due to the fact that we were missing a true left winger. I hate it when rooney plays the left. its just not his position. i’d rather him play in an advanced CM role. once we get park, valencia, and giggs back, then we will see the real united, hopefully. Anderson would have played if he was fit. his driving runs into the opposing defense cause problems and is very useful in away games.

  39. 90+Until we Score says:

    Congrats mate…..
    Dude everyone has a right to give an opinion but when you call Fergie delusional and complacent, I suggest go read Managing My Life. If not that go see his reaction after 4-3 against City or when Scholesy scored. I don’t think we could have played a better midfield yesterday, and yeah we played badly…Suck it up…

  40. willierednut says:

    Malcolm – Fergie said in his programme notes, before the City game, that he tried to sign an un – named player. Various papers had, different players. Some thought It was Rodwell, others said Ashley Young. This was widely reported by all the media out – lets. Try and keep up, eh?

  41. smartalex says:

    Malcolm Tesla said “Sir Alex … seems willing to take the club down with him. He’s become complacent, delusional, and almost callous with his team selections. Major changes need to happen this summer. Sir Alex included.”

    Malcolm Tesla is a name. Calling a person a ‘Malcolm Tesla’ will forever be synonymous with a lying, rude, wind-up merchant.

    He asks “why do some of you sit behind your computers and trash someone you’ve never met like a bunch of stupid internet punks?”

    Malcolm Tesla, have you met Sir Alex? You trash him here, I will never forgive you for that. You are a coward. Until you understand and apologise unreservedly you will be hated by people all over the world. Of course, that’s what you want. Well, you are going to get it. It’s war you want . Well, the war that I was in was full of death.

    You may not comment in any way, without me running you down in response, until I have seen your clear recognition and unreserved apology.

  42. willierednut says:

    To be honest, I couldn’t give a shit what people call me on here, but I won’t have so called fans running SAF down. He deserves more respect, no?

  43. smartalex says:

    That’s right willierednut. And if a wum disrespects Sir Alex on RoM, we must smash that wum repeatedly, until they learn, apologise and reform; or leave.

    Malcolm Tesla disrespects Sir Alex.

  44. Malcolm Tesla says:

    @smartalex @wayne did you see my second comment?


    FEBRUARY 23, 2011 AT 21:57
    Malcolm Tesla says:
    @baraji @ kash @90

    okay, maybe i was a little over the top there about saying sir alex is doing it on purpose. apologies if i offended you..


    look, i already said i was upset after the game and apologized. if you guys really want to continue trashtalking, be my guest.

    people who sit behind their computers and threaten people and talk tough and ugly are usually little children or punks who still live in their parents house and have nothing really going for them in life. not saying that you are……

  45. smartalex says:

    In the ‘apology’ that Tesla refers to he also says

    “fergie needs some criticism too… his decisions over the past 4 months have been a disturbing pattern. mike phelan, assistant coach is a joke compared to carlos quieroz or steve mclaren… most of our “young” central midfielders would not even make the starting lineup in most top 10 teams in the premiership… sir alex needs to wake up. he is not bigger than man utd. period!”

    You rude cunt. That’s not an apology. That is not recognising that you were wrong to disrespect Sir Alex. Wake up or fuck off.


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