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LIVE BLOG: Newcastle 3-0 United

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Julio Laker says:

    I can’t believe some of the comments on here, just 3 points behind citeh, only half way through the season, Giggs past it? He was your best player tonight. Can’t really blame your keeper for anything but just look at how quickly we chased you down for everything. More committed, more passion, more deserving. Agreed Rio is a liability, I only noticed Park once or twice…he’s supposed to be your work horse, why isn’t he everywhere like Guttierez? As for not scoring any better goals until 2020 if you didn’t have your head up your own arse you’d have noticed we already have! HWTL

  2. Sandeep1878 says:


    I recall in other thread the other u were telling u have had a bad feeling about this game,

    how true u turned out :(

    Goodnight pal, catch u tmrw..

    KingOfStretfordEnd ,

    Regulars are away for coupla hours coz we want to stay away from Match day WUMs..

    See u on the morrow fella, nearly 4 AM here

    Good night

    We will keep the red flag flyin high coz Man United will never die..

  3. Vadim says:

    I donot care about citeh, I donot care about league position – I want United of old! When teams were afraid of playing us! Now we play Mourinho style – safocate the opponent and wait for them to make a mistake, we do not trash teams!

  4. altyred says:

    Great comment Fibes, although that performance made me nostalgic for the djemba djemba years in parts. Absolutely ridiculous own goal that gave me the same feeling when watching city hammer us – utter disbelief that Man Utd could sink to such comedy levels, that was an Arsenal style capitulation.

    Not confident at all for sunday. If we get away with a face-saving 1-0 loss I’ll take it.

    Fair play to Newcastle though, their two goals were ridiculously good and I wish we had the midfield that they do

  5. Fibes says:


    Damn right you’re wrong. It’s only just gone Christmas. Ando is still slowing coming back, so essentially we’re still without our first choice midfield pairing from the beginning of the season (add Young to that, who linked up so brilliantly with Clevs).

    We buy someone now, a Schneijder/Martinez/Modric whatever, we wreck everything we’re trying to do. Clevs doesn’t get the games he needs to become a legend, Morrison/Pogba/Tunnicliffe don’t get the platform to push for their places. Now, more than ever, we need to trust in SAF and get behind the side, home and away. He needs to prove NOTHING to any true red.

  6. WillieRedNut says:

    Got our asses well and truly spanked tonight! Seen it coming from early on. No heart, or hunger for the battle. Midfield got exposed. Tiote and Cabbage run the show. I don’t blame Giggs though. I know he was poor, but Fergie has neglected that area for too long. This is the result of playing a former winger in CM. Said it before, I ain’t convinced of Jones in central defense. Looks better at RB, or in midfield. Nani had another off day. Wayne Rooney was even worse. One of the worst displays in a United shirt. First touch of a elephant. How Berba got brought off before Rooney, is a mystery. I was hoping for a response from United. We didn’t get that sadly. The boss will have to get the lads up for Sunday. Then again, why would you need to be motivated for a derby game? We’ll never die! 19

    ps Sorry if I sound pissed off. Just really down when we lose like that.

  7. ahjs says:

    daveob82 says:

    “Do we have any world class players anymore?”



    And presumably Berabtov getting subbed was a tactical decision. Him and Rooney aren’t a good partnership as both are better as second strikers behind the CF.

  8. welovethereds says:

    no squad depth- as shown by our lack of quality coming in.
    nothing in midfield- as shown by the fact carrick hasnt played well in 3 years now, park is no world beater, giggs is past it, anderson should be sold, fletcher is dead and cleverley hasnt even showed anyone he has the ability to do it just yet
    evra- horrendous. over heated, over used, over run and now is looking over rated
    rio- passed it
    jones- definite midfielder, cant head the ball to save his life
    rooney- looks so desperate. he even comes deeper than carrick to get the ball.. says everything about his confidence in the midfield.
    berbatov- needs to get sold we dont need him anymore. welbeck does his job but more efficiently.
    hernandez- offers nothing apart from poach play

    all in all… we cant use injuries as an excuse cos apparently we have the greatest squad in the league which would surely mean you neeed to be able to rely on squad players when your first teamers are out! our 2 best youth products can leave on frees this summer. fergie is lying to everyone saying we have money- im embarassed to think anyone disagrees. he is losing credability by not buying anyone in midfield. sell gibson for 5 mil. buy ANYONE. even if it is just a stop gap!!!!! look at scotty parker and what he is doing at spurs. harry has built a better team in 3 years than fergie has done in 10!!!!! stop living in the past and get with it! fergies track record has come about because we have NEVER had direct competitors to the title. the one time we did… in 03 04…. we got dominated by chelsea. then mourinho left!!!! look at the facts people.

  9. Best68 says:

    @ fibes, I totally agree pal. Many people crying out for signings are the same ones calling for the emergence of youth. In football there will always be transitional periods. The money is not as available under the glazers like years previous so you have to expect days like this. Of course we could have played better but tonight it didn’t happen. Head up, look forward to bouncing back against citeh.

  10. Touché says:

    Yup, cannot understand why Rafa doesn’t get any games and instead we play Valencia out of position. Can’t be good for his confidence either.

  11. rat1p says:

    same opinion as costas why was our in form striker taken off
    sorry to say but rooney was pathetic no excuse there either why berba was substituted and for nani how on earth can someone lose his form like this,maybe its because of his silly haircut.
    but the questions of the day is why was valencia rb again when rafa is on the bench. rafa in nani(maybe he needs some rest because he gets in the lineup witohout showing anything lately)out valencia rw.
    i dont know what happened to rooney but he plays like he did at the worl cup

  12. Dela says:

    “Anyone who, after 2 losses on the trot, would like Fergie to sign a whole new team in the January transfer window – there’s another team called Manchester, they play in blue, and they were created JUST FOR YOU. Fucking do one.”

    Easy. Stop biting the other fish in your own pond, OK? I agree that we do not need signings (though if I’m honest, I’d great a proven defender if nemanja is to be out for a year) but at the same time, it’s 100% fine.. and HEALTHY.. to recognize when you’re hitting the bottom relative to your average. Yes, it’s only two losses BUT consider the opposition. Blackburn should not have had a chance at netting three at OT, simple as that. As for tonight, like I said in my post above, they couldn’t even string passes together for a large part of the game. It was a very bizarre performance from United. It also also a good performance from Newcastle, but worthy of a 3-0 scoreline? My arse. I defend United repeatedly here against undeserved attacks by some fans when we drop points, but if you look at the past week and write it off as injury crisis or nothing out of the norm, then you’re settling for less than United’s average, simple.

    “How’s that? Lindegaard didn’t “ship” any goals today.
    The first goal he conceded he did everything right. It was just a very well struck shot. If anything the defence should have done more to stop that ball getting through to Ba.
    The second goal he concede perhaps he could have done better but he did get a hand to it.
    The third goal wasn’t even his fault.
    Lindegaard is still a better goal keeper although not “miles” better as some may want you to believe.”

    The first, you are right, not his fault.
    The second shouldn’t have went in. I know it was “wind assisted” but still, he managed to actually reach it but not stop it. He should have done better.
    The third you are wrong, it WAS his fault. He should have SCREAMED at Jones to leave it like all goalkeeper should, but Jones obviously didn’t get any message from him since he tried to soften it and direct it back to the keeper, who wasn’t in position.

    I won’t condemn him though. Lindegaard has had next to no Premier League time. I’m reminded of De Gea’s two conceded goals in the community shield and then the goal he left in at West Brom. It’s the Premier League, you get here you have to adjust, you can’t do that on the bench.

  13. Hans says:

    Totally gutted. The performance tonight was even worse than the one against Blackburn. After these defeats I cannot see us recovering. What an opportunity missed.

    If Fergie thought that his squad does not need improving, he better think again. [A word class keeper, a right back, a defending midfielder, a creative midfielder, a left footed left winger to say the least] This is a pale shadow of what United used to be. Teams would shit themselves not only at OT but in their grounds as well. Now, they are looking forward to playing us, knowing they’ve got a chance.

    Fergie should play tonight’s tape to players and use Newcastle players as an example of how you try and give all for your club. I thing, for quite a while now, that we have an attitude problem. Sometimes I cannot believe how complacent they are. At other times you wonder if anybody forced them to be there! Tonight hardly anybody came out with any credit [Giggsy maybe].

    It hurts to say, but we are gift-wrapping Shitty the title ourselves!!! [I would love to be proven wrong at the end of the season, but with pathetic performances like this I am hopeless as much as I would like to BELIEVE.]

  14. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Anderson is still slowly coming back? don’t FUCKING crack me up, he’s been coming for the past 5 years now, i’ve always supported him but if he is to be the saviour of our midfield then i think we’ll be having nights like this more often.

    I can take FUCKING defeats but when a united team hardly put up a fight then i start to worry. Fergie is the best football manager of all time, these bastards keep letting him down.

  15. Wes Bison says:

    @ Whiteside:

    I agree pal, we have a lot of injuries but really only defenders.. we shipped 3 today but we didn’t score… we basically had our pick of attackers today and hardly got a sniff…

    When our defenders are fit again we are good in that department but we really need new faces in midfield… our current crop are too predictable… a proper holding midfielder and Christian Erikson from Ajax…

    Why didn’t Rafa play RB, Valencia RM, Nani LM, Ando and Carrick CM… no balance to the way we set up.. dont think we are making the best of what we have.. .. We’re just picking names first then trying to fit them in somehow

  16. Costas says:

    With this being a Fergie team, I am hopeful that a spirited side will line up on Sunday. It’s usually how we respond. If we get a performance similar to the last two, then personally I’ll have to start wondering how much influence Fergie has on some of these players anymore.

    Of course spirit alone won’t be enough. We have to stop defending like Leeds.


    Lol, that’s you pissed off? Don’t whip out the bazooka just yet. ;)


    Yeah mate, I wasn’t that confident. Among other things, we are not playing a settled side these days and that doesn’t help.

  17. Jumping Jesus says:

    Shocking. Sell our entire midfield and buy 4 new ones, minimum. Start with Rodwell & Sneijder & Goetze

  18. Costas says:


    Don’t know what it is. As if Fergie is afraid that Rafa will get injured again? He played 90 minutes for the reserves a few weeks back. Looking back at this season, we’ve played 30 games and I doubt we played a regular RB (meaning either one of the twins) for half of them.

  19. WillieRedNut says:

    Costas – I’ll give an honest opinion mate. Others can overreact lol.

  20. Einsi says:

    3 things:

    Lack of solid midfield. There is one settled MF in this team at the moment and that’s Carrick. Master Giggs? Spare me; this is not his ideal role. Good yes, but average too many times in this position.

    Vidic’s absence. We’ve got Rio, Jones, Smalling and Evans. Why does the injury of Vidic count for so much? Jones can´t play all games all the time. He is on the verge of greatness. But he is 19. 6 goals in two games really says it all, doesn’t it?

    Goal-keeper confusion. Who is number one? De Gea? Lindegaard? How does anyone expect a defense to gel with its keeper if it isn’t pretty clear who is going to be there? Stick with one of them! We are half way through the season and we are still experimenting with keepers!? The third goal was a classic lack of communication between a defender and goalkeeper.

    We have to deal with this.

  21. Whiteside says:

    Yeah fair enough Wes, a reasoned comment which criticises the team set up is fine, and often I wouldn’t set the team up the same way either, but you know the boss sees the players in training, abd he doesn’t just plan for one game, he plans for the whole season, so the squad builds up confidence and form at just the right time, and he nearly always gets it right. I for one prefer Jonesy in midfield cos hes so dynamic from there.

  22. Bring Back Ruud says:

    Are we becoming Arsenal?

  23. Daveob82 says:

    Ahjs – that is without a doubt but considering he is gone for the season I decided to overlook him. I pray he comes back the old Vida.

    I am all for giving youth a chance as opposed to buying but for that to work you need to play them. Otherwise they leave ala Pique, shawcross, rossi.

    Play Pogba if he is so good. Midfield can’t get any worse

  24. 83684 says:

    Rooney has had problems with his first touch for a long time now. Most of our players, besides Berbatov, wasn’t composed with the ball today. That’s why we lost.

  25. Wes Bison says:

    Familiarity breeds Complacency, I think some of this team have played together for too long.. you just need to look at AC Milan to see what in the post for United over the next few years.

    We need new faces, simple as that… our aging players could be replaced easily with younger models with equal ability… I think we need a few players in with something to prove.

    When you were a kid at school did you ever play footie with the older ones and knock your balls in to try and show you could play… but when you’re playing with your mates you start fucking about with the showboating etc……….. just a thought

  26. Thad says:

    We were unlucky three goals, 2 wonder goals and an own goal, other than the score line which I know is the most important we pretty much dominated the game, they created nothing. Players are coming back and I fully expect a big reaction from Utd on Sunday and a change in luck would help too.

  27. Costas says:


    Well I liked reading it for one. The line about Rooney and the elephant had me laughing.

  28. Utd4life says:

    We missed Vidic big time, didn’t we?? Surely, he could have dealt with Ba better then Rio and Jones but what’s happened is happened and we move on.

  29. ahjs says:

    Daveob82 says:

    Fair enough. I wasn’t being funny, just posted his name as a way of agreeing with you that we haven’t got much in the way of world class talent.

    And hopefully Pogba isn’t the next one to leave at the end of the season.

  30. Bring Back Ruud says:

    One thing Fergie got spot on tonight was putting Lingeaard in goal. Wouldn’t have fancied De Gae tonight at all

  31. seanmthered says:

    @Fibes. Backing him blindly doesn’t make you anymore of a red pal. It’s not as if we’re bedding in any of the youngsters you’ve mentioned are we i’m not bothered anymore arguing to be honest I love Sir Alex and this football club but if you want to disagree that’s fine I believe we need one world class midfielder at least if that makes me a bad fan I couldn’t care less I know myself how much this club means to me and it’s one of the reasons I want a new central midfielder because watching a United team like that tonight give me no pride whatsoever. UNITED

  32. Football1st says:

    We need to find some kind of consistency.

    He needs to try and get a back four playing regular even with the injuries we have.

    Stop changing the keeper, doesnt help an already makeshift defence which changes from game to game.

    Sort out the center of midfield. Get us passing again, shifting the ball quckly.

    Alot will change when we have cleverly, young, anderson, smalling fully fit.

  33. slim says:


    ” If we get a performance similar to the last two, then personally I’ll have to start wondering how much influence Fergie has on some of these players anymore”

    Thats a bold assertion, but i’m inclined to think that way myself. I mean its not even about formations or tactics. The lads just can’t seem to come up with the goods. Sad thing is i see it that way now. There’s sure to be another performance like this, maybe not the same scoreline, heck we could even win. This is a big test for the gaffer. The players are there, been there, done it, its become a worldwide cliche. Looks like its gaffers very own squeaky bum time

  34. captaink9 says:

    Willyrednut is from Muckamore

  35. Wes Bison says:


    my previous post

    “Familiarity breeds Complacency, I think some of this team have played together for too long.. you just need to look at AC Milan to see what in the post for United over the next few years.

    We need new faces, simple as that… our aging players could be replaced easily with younger models with equal ability… I think we need a few players in with something to prove.

    When you were a kid at school did you ever play footie with the older ones and knock your balls in to try and show you could play… but when you’re playing with your mates you start fucking about with the showboating etc……….. just a thought”

    Kind of ties in with what you’re saying…

    Can’t believe some people are calling for Fergies head on you’re on skysports phone in… it’s the players who are underperforming… man for man we still had a better team than Newcastle tonight… the club defo needs a shake up but I don’t think it starts with Fergie

  36. WillieRedNut says:

    Captain boring? Don’t be a clown mate. You live there, don’t ya? Dribbling like a mofo.

  37. Football1st says:

    Wishful thinking that id like to see Ravel play centrally with his ability and confidence on the ball and maybe Pogba given so prem minutes now.

    Things need a bit of feshning up, some invention, points to prove.

    Relying on Giggs and Park in midfield and Rafeal last week obviously seems to be not doing the trick.

    Im sure we will be back tho.

  38. Wes Bison says:

    Play Morrison or another of the young guns in midfield,

    Even if he does nothing he will have matched Parks contribution

  39. redbilly says:

    Fuck me. yes two back to back embarrassing/infuriating losses and people want fergie out. When your angry (and I dont blame any fan for that), withhold comments until you cool down please. even if I thought it I would never give the opposition the pleasure of hearing/ reading me slag my own manager off. Short memories.

  40. redbilly says:

    And lets not take anything away from Newcasle, played well so congratulaions.

  41. smartalex says:

    redbilly – ‘embarrassing’ is not the word. How you appear is not relevant.

  42. Lexandre says:

    Disappointing game! Another 3 points gone. How sad.


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