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LIVE BLOG: Norwich City vs United



  1. John says:

    @Gingerprince18…yup, shame on us missing on Ozil!!..esp since bald headed fat man (Rooney) seems bigger than our manager!!

  2. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    OT looked half empty during the game, does anyone know how many fans attended?

  3. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    I can now see why Maureen bought so many MF players, he wants to win everything. The MF he put out in the Carling cup was ridiculous, Mata Essien Willian and Eto on strike… he has two fairly even teams for every competition. Their depth is ridiculous.

  4. Raging Bull says:

    NBI… There could be legs with the Cleverley observations. He looks a lot stronger defensively and whilst his offensive work us neat and tidy when upfront it is often congested.

  5. John says:

    @NBI Red…mate, maureen can easily put out 1 other team to challenge top 4, isn’t it??. he is short in strike force compared to ours but he has riches where it matters, midfield!!

  6. John says:

    @Raging Bull…cleverly gets consistent stick from most fans but i actually think he is a simple neat short passing midfielder…just a decent effective player..

  7. zaha says:

    That could work if Cleverley could actually defend….

  8. zaha says:

    I’m sorry but at Manchester Utd a player who has no attributes apart from 5 yard backwards and sideways passing and he can’t defend then imo that is not good enough even for a player who isn’t a regular.

  9. John says:

    @zaha…what to do mate?? midfield we have to be contained with even that at the moment..haha, other big haired carthorse doesn’t do that and nearly broke our transfer record!!..anyway, you put it right, i have to admit..

  10. Tope99 says:

    i said all this about jones in midfield because he has pace and can track back if needed or can catch up to players who are fast which carrick can’t do. and i didnt say at this point in time he is but with some time he can be that good and can offer more

  11. matty says:

    Hate john or the truth but these lads know their worth in football even more than the usually die-hard personified fans. And they obviously passionate about our united, i just think they sometimes let emotions get into what they type. That said, cleverly is a very descent player, who would even get game time in the best teams europe has to offer. How do you all explain us doing exceptionally well in all the big games he played last season? the problem is that everybody expects him to drive through barriers and spray 50yard passes against the smaller teams. Not saying he cant, but the more adventurous clevz has been put in chains just to patch up carricks deficiencies as a MF. Go take a look at the early 2011/2012 season when cleverly and ando where first choice, it was champaigne football, but suspect at the back. We simply trashed teams then, put 3 past city in the shield, 5past the defensively astute bolton, 5past fulham, 8past arsenal etc. Then clevz got injured and the 6-1 derby loss changed fergie’s cravings for attacking footie to the more stabilized conservative play, hence scholes was recalled. At the beginning of last season clevz had recovered but his carrier was now been tailor-made to make up the perfect midfield combo with carrick. He was moulded to use his energy to make up for carricks dwindling mobility, and always be a recieving outlet for our new midfield linchpin. He was like the dummy sale for the real weapon, which curtailed his creative juices and more adventurous side. Same thing happened to xavi and deco. . .lets hope our clevz matures with age just like xavi did. He’s a wonderful player, one of own, and judging by his performances in his early united career and big games, can cut it with the best but he will flourish more in a midfield 3.

  12. eltb99 says:

    Ashley Young looking like he wants to keep his £130K or however much a week. Much improved

  13. SirAlex'sSon says:

    There are some on here whining constatantly about the midfield pair of Cleverley and Jones, but won’t give them credit on their good deeds e.g constantly closing people down and Cleverleys quick forward passes. These lots are so blind and stupid that they won’t admit and give praise where it’s due (NBI). Whinny fucker!


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