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LIVE BLOG: Shakhtar Donetsk vs United



  1. Random says:

    @ The Truth

    In Champions League dear, since that is the context.

  2. geogeo says:

    I agree with Mara :-)

  3. Al4Christ says:

    @Samuel ..really like reading your posts. miss Stateside Aussie, Costas and co. please would you allow fellow fans to air their views and stop the back and forth trading of insults? @The Truth ..beginning to like your views. Personally, its only Valencia I cant bear to watch in the team …I just dont appreciate his style of play. He plays like a programmed bot. He’s so unbelievably one-dimensional ..and he can no longer beat his man so he’s quite useless. Carrick gets away with a lot I think. He lacks presence. He is almost Pirlo-like when everyone is playing well, but always invisible when the going gets tough. He lacks mobility which makes it difficult for any midfielder he’s paired with. We can really do with a De Jong or Gargano kind of battler in the middle. Dont get why Cleverley is constantly slugged ..agree he can improve but that kid is a hustler and constantly in the face of opposing players, while Carrick and co do their crap face-offs calling for trouble. We all love this great club so please stop the unnecessary name calling. you expect us to vent on rival sites? where else other than home where you must be tolerated. How can Moyes say “I heard Kagawa is a good player”? Really?? The less said the better. I really cant enjoy my great team play now because its quite obvious Moyes prefers to play a certain style which is not easy for some of us who prefer playing with highly technical players for flexible and expressive football. I only pray we keep on winning no matter the lineup. De Gea – Rafael Vidic Evans Fabio – Nani Cleverley ? Kagawa – RVP Rooney. My best lineup …no matter how excellent has been he is a better 9 ..never seen a better striker when he played 9 three seasons ago. There are better playmakers in the team. Cheers @Diego and Matty.

  4. Maltamanc says:

    Random…. Nowhere did I mention the words away from home…. And home or away makes no difference to great teams…. Also it’s better to expect 4-0 wins than tepid draws and ultra defensive football where RVP was our holding midfielder and saying that it was a good performance/result…. Speaks volumes about the esteem some people have for United if 1-1 against Shaktar is a good result… For Accrington Stanley, it’s a magnificent result, for Liverpool it would be good, for United not good enough…. Sorry, but I expected victory especially since Shaktar only started playing for the last 20 or so minutes, meaning we had 70 minutes where we could have eaten them had we played properly, but we were happy staying back, waiting for the blows to start raining, asking to concede a goal and handing over every initiative to the opponent instead keeping up constant pressure on them and trying to knock them out of the game.

  5. The Truth says:

    I’m with Maltamanc. Shakhtar Donetsk are fucking minnows of the European game compared to THE GREAT Manchester United and we should be wiping the floor with them no matter what the circumstances, regardless of current form, current management or however many second rate Brazilians they have in their team. If that isn’t what we aspire to then we may as well pack it in now and not bother entering the Champions League anymore.

    It’s exactly like I was saying in the summer about not being content with losing to complete mugs and nobodies in pre-season friendlies. Some of our fans lack the winning mentality that was exemplified in Sir Alex Ferguson and Roy Keane. We should never settle for second best, and if you don’t get that I’m afraid you just don’t get Manchester United Football Club.

    “At United we strive for perfection. If we fail we might just have to settle for excellence.” Sir Matt Busby

  6. midfield-man says:

    @Random – group stages shit boring, I guess it depends on who plays.
    If you watched any other game besides the united one, you may start to like the group stages.

  7. midfield-man says:

    @The truth.

    “Some of our fans lack the winning mentality that was exemplified in Sir Alex Ferguson and Roy Keane. We should never settle for second best, and if you don’t get that I’m afraid you just don’t get Manchester United Football Club”

    Yes. Some mistake this mentality for being spoiled, glory hunters etc, etc.

    Personally, I would be happier with United to play like Bayern did tonight, and lose, then to go through a game with 1:0 and wonder how the fuck we were able to win that ..

  8. The Truth says:


    Exactly mate. Nice to find someone else on here who gets it. Cheers.

  9. CTRED says:

    Can’t complain about the tactics for an away draw in Ukraine in UCL. The fact is with 5 in midfield we should have been able to hold the ball more and should have won 2-0. Would have preferred an actual 5th MF though rather than welbeck in that role, not that he didn’t do OK. Fellaini killed any hope of this tactic working because he could not hold the ball, couldn’t build the play, and frankly does not have enough quality to even play football with the other United players.

    The fact Moyes had to sub in 40 yr old Giggs for his only signing is a real indictment. If we were only going to make 1 signing, it had to be world class. That he went for Fellaini and not Ozil is simply stunning. Remember the boost RVP gave the team last year ? What a lost opportunity.

  10. midfield-man says:

    “And home or away makes no difference to great teams…”
    agree on this point as well.

  11. midfield-man says:

    bayoRed says:
    No Wazza and still Kagawa doesn’t get a look in! I give up!


  12. stpercival says:

    If Fergie asks me to jump of a bridge…I’de jump……………BUT FIRST I WOULD SERIOUSLY ASK WHY? It is possible to criticize and still be supportive. In all honesty Moyesie has made a mess out of things (as some of you have pointed out). But the questions is…will he be able to to adapt ? There are those that can and those stubborn that can’t. Which one will Moyesie be ? If he comes good, I would like to be the first to get credit for the name Moyesie it tribute to Fergie

  13. myter says:

    @mara – agreed with your comment dude…so sad watching my team playing today…

  14. WeAreUnited says:

    @thetruth I don’t know why I am answering to you, a man who betted against his club and glows when we lose.

    Sugarcoding? naaah mate, it’s supporting, I see the positives more than the negatives and I try to point them out in a good manner and not in a gloom and doom way, so naaah mate, no sugarcoding, it’s called supporting.



  15. billerg says:

    @theradlegion, its good that we are voicing our disappointments early. We are definitely not used to being second best. Now i know how liver… must have felt. I agree with all the Kagawa sentiments as i do not think he has gotten a fair run in the side. Look at what the lil German in doing for Vengers’ team C’mon David, give us a reason to be happy


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