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LIVE BLOG: Sir Alex Ferguson’s press conference – England job, Keane on MUTV, Rooney’s request, Ozil

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. The Truth says:


    I’m not saying that FFS. I’m talking specifically about bitter, jaded, past-his-best Keane from 2005. If people don’t understand how ditching this incredibly negative influence on the squad led directly to us playing the best football we’d played in years, the blossoming of Ronaldo into the best player in the world and the team sweeping up trophies galore, I can’t help you.

  2. Tommy says:


    I agree that he was finished but him leaving in my view had no effect whatsoever on Uniteds success after he had left, Simply Ronaldo had developed into the player he was to become, Evra and Vidic were brought in were 3 major reasons

    You could argue that a season playing alongside Keane helped Ronaldo become a winner, Your calling him bitter well judging by your comments about him pot kettle and black come to mind!!

  3. matty says:

    Anderson is not a bad player, fergie ruined him! Like he nearly did to fletch playing him as a right winger earlier in his career. Infact fletch was the brunt of 60% of keano’s age-old mutv rant. Fletch recieved so much stick from fans back then, i feared he wuld end up mentally scarred for life. Tough skin that boy got though.

  4. matty says:

    Tommy oh yes it had. You clearly under-estimate the power of the dressing room government.

  5. Tommy says:


    Chances are he would have retired at the end of the season anyway, considering the teams been getting stick on here all season, its too faced to be critical of them on here but branding keane a senile, biter man for doing the exact same thing back then, He was saying the same stuff no doubt in the late 90s but none of use minded when he was carrying the team to a champions league final!!

  6. Tommy says:

    Respect is something that must be earned but, apparently Roy Keane doesnt deserve any from certain fans Keane epitomised everything fergie wanted from his team and players. Attitude, commitment, heart and passion and was hugely integral to Uniteds dominance when he first signed in ’93. Im absolutely shocked by some of the negative comments here about Keane from United fans, The man WAS Fergie on the pitch and practically single handedly won the ’99 CL..

  7. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Tommy – that would depend on keane adapting his game but as fergie said, he wasn’t willing to, he still wanted to be that dynamic driving force added with tough tackling but the modern game says keane had to curb some of the exubberance, I don’t think he was willing to change. Don’t get me wrong, he was a top central midfielder, a dominant force in there but he would have to adapt his style, doubt he would want to… It’s all hypothetical I suppose but his contribution was immense, i’m not knocking him for that at all. I think he and fergie should settle their differences but keane seems the one unwilling to let go, fergie has moved on and got along with players he fell.out with. This book won’t help matters but it would be unlike fergie to come out with fairy tales. It had to be cold and harsh, i’ve enjoyed reading the excerpts.

  8. The Truth says:


    What am I bitter about? I loved Keane in his prime and enjoyed all the successes he brought us. When he passed his use by date he was replaced and our success continued. What exactly do you think I’m bitter about? I was simply defending our players who were mocked as “bedwetters and babies” by mcjRED.

    If you think our team’s turnaround in 2006 and return to the top of football had nothing to do with the negative influence of Keane (and Van Nistelrooy) being removed then you’re out of your mind. Ronaldo only flourished once he was free from the pressure of being barked at every day by the likes of Keane and Ruud. Evra and Vidic were huge factors but you missed one: Michael Carrick. Who did he replace again? Oh yeah, Roy Keane. But I suppose you could be right and we might have won that title in 06/07 playing the same old shite 4-5-1 with two runners alongside Keane to do his legwork, Ronaldo, Rooney, Fletcher, O’Shea and others still afraid to come out of their shells for fear of being berated by cranky old man Keane. Yeah, the result probably would have been the same. Course it would.

  9. Tommy says:


    He was at the end of his career, of course he wasn’t going to change at that stage, but if he was starting out now he would adapt his game to the era he was in and he would be the first name on Moyes team sheet.


    Your making out Keano is a complete nutter when in reality he used loved to win and hated to lose and as I have said previously he would have retired at the end of the season anyway! I seem to remember for years carrick was receiving abuse from fans left right and centre and as good as micheal has been in my view hes not half the player Keano was in his prime! So stop being fucking disrespectful to a man who by the way in his prime was the first name on Fergies team sheet!! Keanes attitude on the pitch puts the players currently wearing the shirt to fucking shame!!

  10. dragon_beast_false prophet (PROONEY) says:

    Everything Keane ever did was justified im my book. His lashing out at our players in the public domain only ever made all aggrieved parties grab the bull’s horns. He was quite the Machiavellian was our Keano.

  11. tony says:


  12. Tommy says:

    Strong rumors tonight that Mike Phelon tonight that Mike Phelon is set to be Middlesbroughs new manager and he has been rumored to be taking Rene with him. That awkward moment when a championship club has better staff than Moyes!

  13. englebert says:

    @ Blacksocks “I would argue his performance against Juve (Zidane et al) in 1999 was one of if not the best midfield performance I have ever witnessed.”

    Great performance by keano. But I don’t think you were there when Bryan Robson – Captain Marvel – the best player I have ever seen at Old Trafford (seriously) played against Barcelona (including Maradona)

  14. dragon_beast_false prophet (PROONEY) says:

    Of all our current players the only one whose predicament upset me if I may be so bold in castigating management is welbz. This was a lad I believed would be our Andy Cole Reloaded when he returned from his loan spell at Sunderland. This guy, in my eyes, had to be our answer to chelsea’s drogba. He is the best striker to pair with any of tje rest in a 442. The only way he can gain the confidence he requires to get to the top is if rvp gets less playing time. We just have to get welbz into the box and not pounding every blade of grass on the park. Wazza must be disappointed having to pair with sturridge instead for England. He and chicha should be used from the bench more often. I don’t want to see him on the flanks anymore before he becomes the new Wayne Rooney, another willing workhorse.

  15. Tommy says:


    Pay me £250k a week and I would be a willing workhorse, you make out its poor rooney oh didums being paid a paltry sum to do a job for the team, Lets all feel sorry for poor Wayne

  16. Treble2015 says:

    Toyally agree tommy. Rooney has very poorvtechnical ability for a #10. Ship him out

  17. dragon_beast_false prophet (PROONEY) says:

    Wazza was gonna be damned if he didn’t squeeze the club for as much quid as possible given the retardation to the natural development of his game brought about by his being utilised nonspecifically. Wazza, whether you choose to remember or not, was once classed alongside the likes of the messis and ronaldos ot this world. Only difference being those guys stayed selfishly true to their natural game whereas wazza was never averse to taking ” one for the team”. Talking of selfish play, sturridge has shafted welbz to the flanks for England primarily coz of his tendencies to take totally outrageous shots from impossible angles and distances even when there are better options. Invariably, statistically speaking, a few are bound to go in. Guess welbz will do well to borrow a leaf frm the liverpudlian and bring his utd striking career back on track.

  18. Denise Williams says:

    Personally I don’t have any issues with what SAF has said as in my view all he has done is tell the truth. Sadly a lot of people cannot take the truth. I well remember a phrase on The Likely Lads “don’t tell the truth none of us are ready for it”. Keane, Rooney and Beckham deserved what he said. Keane is a vile toxic individual, Rooney won’t tell the truth about asking for a transfer as he wouldn’t get his loyalty bonuses and as we all know he is obsessed with money. As for Beckham he did change once he became involved with Posh Spice. He now craves publicity. I was pleased he criticised St Stevie of Me and said he is not a top player. The truth is he will never be as good as he thinks he is. I see the media are slagging off Fergie well they have always been strangers to the truth. I for one will be buying the book>

  19. mjcRED says:

    We’ll rightly remember Fergie as a great manager who brought a level of sustained success to our club, the likes of which we’ll probably never see again. This much is obvious and for this we should and will always be greatful.

    At the same time, through believing everything he says is, I think a mistake. Yesterday and with the publication of his book, he has seemed to enjoy expelling an awful lot of venom that has been festering over the years on a core of players who each played defining roles in enabling him to be the successful manager he will rightly be remembered as.

    On this occasion, I am more inclined to go along with Roy’s opinion that where loyalty is concerned, it’s a one way street in the eyes of Fergie. Keane has been guilty of tarnishing his memory and legend status on numerous occasions since leaving the club, but to castigate, dismiss and completely underestimate not just his, but the other legends and key contributors of our glorious recent past, largely because they had an opinion and chose to stand up to the boss, whilst at the same time swallowing everything wholesale that comes from the mouth of Fergie is both foolish, misguided and indeed wrong.

    A more honest reflection of the man, where honest questions were asked by a journalist who is not afraid to ask the necessary and difficult questions was done by channel 4′s Jon Snow. Away from the cosy love in at Sky, this interview revealed a Fergie that couldn’t control everything and for once couldn’t remain in his comfort zone and for much of it he was put on the back foot with some of his theories, reasons and ideas looking paper thin. It’s worth watching.

    As people, both Fergie and Keane have obvious flaws and contradictions that define them as people, which has played a key part in defining both their success and the more unpleasant sides to their character. In many ways they’re two sides of the same coin and probably never again will such a combined synergy and embodiment of the winning attributes and mentality ever take to a football field.

    That they are flawed, like so many of our heroes is what makes them more real and even more special.

  20. sdoc99 says:

    @the truth .. like i said before you’re a complete muppet,.. you’re one of (what saddens me to say) alot of the so-called supporters of this club that forgets what roy keane contributed to our success and history. The most successfull captain in the history of this club by a country mile and for him to be painted in this light by ferguson is nothing short of disgraceful. Great and all a manager sir alex was i would’nt like to think how things would have went had we not had roy fighting tooth and nail for the manager,the team and us the supporters on the field. He was the heart that drove fergusons teams in his most successful years. Eaten bread is soon forgotten.

  21. mara says:

    It s not Rooney s job, but he was right about Oezil. We can see it now in Arsenal. But in the other hand, 99% of players in Europe, if they have to decide RM or United or any other club, they would choose Real Madrid.


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