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Live blog: Southampton vs Manchester United – Fastest Updates On The Net!

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  1. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    anderson to score anytime

    todays the day i know it

  2. King Eric says:

    All you Berba doubters. The man is fuckin quality!

  3. TonyBee says:

    anyone got a site to watych live?

  4. King Eric says:

    Yes Tony I am watching on Only prob is the commentary is in French but excellent picture.

  5. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    what do i know

  6. invertedquestionmark says:

    I think Berbatov is great but you can’t judge his class on his performance against Southampton.

  7. Kings says:

    Berbatov – great feet and superb touch, the man is quality.

  8. five says:

    Can you judge Berbatov on having the highest amount of assists in our team?

    I still stand by the fact that Berbatov was bought in here to make things happen for those around him not scored goals and I think he’s done that job very well.

  9. rooney_thebest says:

    Totally agree with King Eric and Kings..Berba is class..Five is right..He ws bought to get others around him involved in the game…isnt he doin that brilliantly…holds the ball well…makes space…can wriggle his way out of tight spaces…good two feet…and his passing is brilliant to the extent that he can create smthing outta nothin….nt to forget that 360 degree flip ..moment of pure genius earlier in the season…how many players have the audacity to even attempt that sort of a thing…and he is providing assists…lots of em…what else …he will score….but if we are expectin another Ruud then its a bit far fetched coz this guy is more than just goals(although he can cerainly score 25+ if he wants)…come on Berba!!!

  10. rooney_thebest says:

    Also IMO Anderson plays very well with Carrick…He should be given more chances than Fletch…not slating Fletch…but Ando is a class above him…

  11. King Eric says:

    Rooneythebest: Yeah I agree I thought Anderson played well today alongside Carrick but then we have to think about the genius that is Paul Scholes. Think Fletch has played very well this season and I am a fan of his, however he just lacks that creativity and killer pass. Where was Scholesy today?

  12. Drew Vader says:

    His first touch and ability to execute cute little flicks and tricks is there for everyone to see, but just once I would like to see him be a little selfish in the box. Just once take a crack at goal instead of the extra touch or the extra pass. I really don’t think he took one shot today.

  13. rooney_thebest says:

    King Eric: Scholesey is in a league of his own..Best english midfielder of his generation by quite some distance…ofcourse he is the first choice and with him we need someone to work his socks off and also compensate for the lack of …shall we say the….a good tackle:)….but he is still head and shoulders above anyone else..Legend..Fletch is someone who will alwas have his detractors….Even if has a single bad game people are ready to slate him…With Anderson I just feel that the kind of passing he brings to the game along with his pace and ability to get past one or two players..time has come for Sir Alex to give him a little more playing time to take that step up because he has tremendous amount of promise and maybe I just want to see it being fulfilled that much sooner…Cheers!!

    Drew Vader: yeah mate Berba needs to be a wee bit more selfish but then again we kept sayin that about Rooney too…Being selfish is something that maybe just comes naturally to a player..its more instintive than anything else…also if he bangs in a couple more then maybe that would the spring board Berba needs to get that confidence in front of goal..I repeat..He can smash in 25+ goals a season for us ….Cheers!!

  14. rooney_thebest says:

    sorry for the bad spellings:)…and king eric…why dont you use sopcast to stream the matches…you can get english commentary easily mate…

  15. miele says:

    Thank you so much again for the liveblog. Really makes up for having to stay up till 1.45 am on a working day. Good job yeah!

    Are u doing one for the Derby match? Please do, as here in Malaysia the game is at 3.45 am. Guh. Thank you in advance!

  16. jamos9 says:

    Berba’s class, but we needed a Pure Striker as Tevez and Rooney drop in the whole and so does the Berb, only time will tell if as too whether Tevez is sacrificed for a more out and out striker!?

  17. King Eric says:

    Rooney: Cheers mate will try that next time. I just refuse to pay for Setanta.


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