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LIVE BLOG: Sunderland vs United



  1. Fletch™ says:

    Maintain our Success? Without a single signing? :lol: :lol:

    That is the thinking what got Liverpool to a mid table team.

    Read anything Sir Alex ever said or wrote. You always need to be rebuilding.

    In 2 years we have brought in
    RvP, Kags and Fellaini.

    RvP notoriously out injured his entire career.

  2. Orez says:

    I like some of the DM-s defenders arguments. He’s fierce, he’s tactically well versed, he has a superhuman work ethic and Everton’s home form and such. Toni Pulis was like this too. Stoke had a great home form. Should we bring him now. Promoting youth? Who? Rooney In 6 years? He persuaded Arteta to join Everton. Yes the best CM of his generation lol. What I would like my fellow fans to do is imagine those excuses coming from a Pool or Shity fan. Now it sounds funny isn’t it?

  3. Tommy says:


    You think hes playing the long ball? Hes not really, what is happening is the midfields lack of movement isd forcing a more direct style, You see it every game the defenders are looking and shouting to the midfield to make space but when they dont give them an option of a pass the long ball is forced. The subs against Sunderland I think you mean. Evans went off injuired so Smalling comes on, Cleverley was ineffective so on came Fletcher who used the ball better and ok some may argue Hernandez came on to late but with still 90 mins to go in the tie why go gung ho when Adnan was the biggest threat and was less of a threat when Hernandez entered the pitch.


    Your an idiot comparing Moyes and Pulis, mind you at least Pulis has never been relegated like a certain manager who keeps getting bummed on here

  4. NBI Red 21 says:

    Last 2 yrs: RVP, Kags, Zaha, Fellani & Januzaj promoted. Anyway our shambles of a transfer season has been discussed to bits.

    This is straight from the master SAF: “Ferguson said: ‘We’ve always had priorities obviously and David is aware of that but I hope he achieves it. ‘The key for David is to MAINTAIN – not do anything better or less – just maintain what the club has done for the last 20-odd years.”

    Right so that is what the Club expected from him so lets get that clear.

  5. NBI Red 21 says:

    SAF also bought that LB from SAmerica who has gone back on loan.

  6. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ Tommy – Fair enough. But imo the reason the MF is static is because of the fact we play 442 every game and we don’t have good enough MF for that against most teams. When Rooney dropped back and we were 451 we played our best.

    If Moyes thinks our 2 MF players don’t cut it and we are so poor we have to play the percentage long ball game why not play 3 or 5 in MF and instruct players in how to pass and move better. Carrick – Kagawa – Fletcher are a decent enough MF 3.

  7. Tommy says:


    “I’d also like to remind you that when we had bad times here, the club stood by me, all my staff stood by me, the players stood by me. Your job now is to stand by our new manager. That is important.”

    He clearly knew it was going to be a struggle at first

  8. Maltamanc says:


    You won’t be sorry mate…. Cisk is the best…. I’ll even share one with you if you ever come to the rock…. Would be an honour sharing a pint with a Royal Marine : )

  9. NBI Red 21 says:

    Very harsh scores. How can you give Zaha 1/10 when he has hardly played. Buttner 3/10, Kags 2/10 , Smalling 3/10 none of them have blown anyone away but they are definately not that bad.

  10. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ Tommy – I maintain my point, I will eat my hat if SAF thought it would be this bad. Ofcourse he had to ask for support but he would be the first to say there is a point you need to be ruthless in the Clubs interests. As mentioned I am pretty sure SAF thought we may have a trophless season or two but we would compete, falling out of contention like this was surely not in the bounds of expectation and I don’t believe for a minute the Board are anything other than shocked and dismayed at where we are.

  11. Fletch™ says:

    Obviously dropped as a child.
    Obviously NBI knows better than me, but my guess is Moyes will be the manager for the start of the 14/15 season come what may.

    Some updates for the fans:
    New Injuries
    Out: Rio & Jones (knee) Young(Shoulder) Nani (Hamstring) Fellaini(back) Fabio (ban):
    Fit Test: Rooney
    Training: RvP

    Also Foy will be the referee on Saturday v Swansea:
    Referee: Chris Foy, Assistants: Kirkup & Flynn,
    4th Official: Madley.

  12. Fletch™ says:


    *** No New Injuries****

  13. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ Fletch – relax mate, no need to get arsey, you have oscilated between being critical of Moyes and then backing him. Chill.

  14. Tommy says:


    Oh no not Foy, mind you I could say that about all the referees, hate them all, Brian Clough used to call them little hitlers, spot on


    Some people picked United to finish around 8th this year, I wasnt one of those btw and still think we will get 4th, Its gonna take 12 – 18 months to put right and re build, All our better players minus De Gea are either old, injury prone, dont want to be here or a combination of some or all of them, Dont you be jumping on the bandwagen when he has the team he wants in place and is winning things haha

  15. Fletch™ says:

    I was critical of Sir Alex when he made bad choices and there were loads of them in the last few years.

    I never called for a manager to be sacked. Not even O’Farrell Docerty Sexton or Atkinson.
    I did sense we had been coasting with the squad for several years and wondered whether Fergie had it in him to rebuild again. Said the same about Sir Matt his last year.

    Clubs need change. Our squad has been neglected. That isn’t what I’m talking about thought.
    I just find it criminal of Woodward to piss about and fail on all our major targets last summer. It left a near imposible situation for Moyes.

    If some of you don’t agree, well, I really don’t care at all. :lol:

  16. Fletch™ says:

    Tommy Bit harsh from Cloughie, prefer to keep the mass murder comparisons out of sport. Just saying.


  17. Sigmund Vestergaard says:

    NBI Red 21 says:
    This is @ Scott’s view –

    Is that our Scott?? Why oh why does he write for the dark forces at The Daily Heil. I’ll have to miss the article then.

  18. Tommy says:


    Dont shoot the messenger haha

  19. Orez says:

    You are the type of the fun that come on this blog, yells loud for 6 months to a year and goes back to obscurity. I have seen so many like you. The same message and insults and tone and then they are gone. If you are here 1 year from now I will personally apologize to you.

  20. Tommy says:


    I Dont really insult people (And if I do its unintentional), Its more banter than insulting, I am here to stay pal!

  21. Fletch™ says:

    What you lads think of the Marchiso link? Would be a better shout than Fellaini was.
    Just not sure this is a real story or part of something that has been doing the rumor mill for a few months.

  22. Fletch™ says:

    Todays rumors:

    £20m bid for Claudio Marchisio [ ],
    €18m bid for Coentrao [@GoncaloLopes].

    I’ll wait til ink is dry, but think we might see some movement by Feb 1. Loads of chatter.

    My motto, Support United, Stay positive. That’s me then.

  23. Dara Gilligan says:

    I have not posted in a while wanted to see how the season would progress so far it has been more painful then I thought it would be. Obviously the whole squad needs an overall. And everyone needs to take responsibility for the disappointing season so far.

    I think fans have been blowing on about cleverly and why is he playing? He isn’t United quality but notes hardly has loads of options Fletcher and Carrick are making there way back, Jones and fellaini are out. He could have gave Anderson a run but I don’t think he’d be any better than cleves so fans really need to take this on board. Are squad is massive but not full of quality simple as.
    Moyes and the team really have not been getting the breaks that we got last year you can call it luck or whatever but we simply haven’t been getting breaks and a team low on confidence needs these breaks this does not excuse are tactics or general play which has been very poor lately.
    The board also underestimated how important a big money signing was look at ozil for arsenal one big signing gives everyone believe and also unlike arsenal are injury list is once again massive and any team with no RVP or Roo will struggle.

    We keep trying to play down the wings but we don’t have inform wingers it is up to moyes to sort this out personally I would have liked to see januzaj kagawa link up and play more centrally we played one threw ball last night and that’s the first one I had seen in a while with kags and adnan the likes of Danny would get better service and they are both capable of crossing a ball. Of course very United fan knows by now are main problem is we didn’t replace scholes hence we have no one to control the tempo of the game or fire those pin point crossfield balls only Rooney looks like doing it in this current squad. And trying to find someone to do it now won’t be easy pirlo is that only one that jumps to mind currently playing that can come close to what scholes can do and he’s too old but if he was available I’d take him for the short-term.

    We need reinforcements everywhere I’d like Coleman at Everton over Baines any day and get coantrao from Madrid. I’d Love to see Vidal signed we need experience too this is why like might be a risk Herrera also would appear to be a risk but I personally havnt seen much of him. Diego Costa looks good but a more proven striker would be better imo reus or barcas Sanchez would b great signings.

    We need to sort out quite a lot but im still behind moyes as I said b4 the summer transfer window will tell us much more he needs to stop the rut. So thank God we have roo and RVP to come back it will change the team and hopefully push us into the top 4 keep faith as hard as it is right now.

    My original username was nanisgranny

  24. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ Sigmund Vestergaard – Yes Scott Patterson of ROM – our Scott whose blog we doth on as we speaketh. Its not just Scott GNev also writes for the Daily Mail.

  25. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ Fletch – Given the A-Z we were linked to in summer, I no longer believe any of the rumours, saying that Fellani rumour was true but Everton leaked that one. 23 days ish to end of transfer window, a long time to get something done. I am hoping we get a player or two in who can start to make an impact pretty sharpish and that strengthens us.

    For me Reus would be great and may also boost Kags.
    Moyes said there was no Coentrao deal but who knows
    Klopp may come in :) .

  26. NBI Red 21 says:

    City 1-0 v West Ham. Come on Morrison do us a favour and knock the cheeky bastards out.

    Pleased to see Ole bring 2 youth reds to the EPL. Nice one. Maybe we can nick them if they’re any good.

    One thing that is a plus is we do have Powell, Lingard to come back. I think they are the two most likely to make the step up if given the chance though looking at Zaha not so sure they will get chances with the manager under pressure he will probably stick with the known entity as he has.

  27. Fletch™ says:

    NBI, @20:53 Exactly right about the A-Z now being twisted to a growing list of top players that somehow Moyes didn’t think were good enough. It’s laughable really.

    I call it the Scouse/cockney Index, If it smells ABU, it probably has a Scouser or Landon connection to it and starts with an ABU agenda.

    Just toss em all in the bin and move on.

    Trying times, but don’t expect anything to be easy and you’ll be more successful.
    Still expect we get to the final in the CapitalOne cup, but there is still a game to win.

  28. NBI Red 21 says:

    Friggin 2-0 to City, bloody Negredo scoring twice.

    OK if we get through to the CC final we will face City 4sho, no upset here. Hopefully we will do so with fit strikers and two hot new MF players. Or one hot MF player one top left winger. I would love to beat City so they remember we are alive and can spank them even while 7th. May the oil run out soon, City won’t look the same when funded in cement mix.

  29. Marko Maric says:

    I ask myself how come Sanabria choose Roma over Arsenal? How come he wants to come to Rome, but not London? We need to do something to became attractive again. Barcelona had the same problem when Kluivert era finished and they start to get rid of tulipans. They had to convince new players in their new project. We have to do the same.

  30. Tommy says:

    Any one wondering what the board thinks of Maureen just read this in the mirror, Well, Charlton was vehemently opposed to ­Mourinho coming to United, publicly remarking after the Tito Vilanova eye-gouging incident that a “Manchester United manager wouldn’t do that”.

    Later on, he said of the ­Portuguese: “He pontificates too much for my liking. He’s a good coach but that’s as far as I would go really,” before confiding that Ferguson admires Mourinho but “he doesn’t like him too much”.

    Spot on really, I dislike him myself immensily

  31. shaan says:

    The problem also lies in not signing someone the highlighted targets. SAF had prepared a list and made approaches to the targets but Moyes was not confident and was not sure if they are the right ones or the ones he needs.

    I can understand his point of view, must be difficult to trust a man who has been in the system for the past 27 years and knows the team in and out.

  32. John says:

    United says:

    Jokes apart, I think “john” should be banned from this blog cause of his agenda against moyes so that we can have healthy debate on this blog. John, I am Matty and Top Red 123 also Matty Musiq and Sir Matt Martin should be BANNED from this blog suchy that we can concentrate on as real united fans. JOHN has been the major culprit of this blog, full of negativity and vomits agenda against moyes always in every post and even made innocent posters like me deflected to believe it subconsciously. @JOHN IS BETTER IF @SCOTT BAN THIS POSTER PERMANENTLY. Sorry @JOHN n NBI RED you got to go from this blog for harmony of this blog. I am surry John and NBI RED the moyes out brigade leaders like Matty Musiq. Bye BYe.

    Wt u thinks guys here?


    Pal, I can easily dig previous threads and shame you ruthlessly BUT I won’t do that coz I don’t want to embaress you and disturb concentration of other posters from United issues and related topics.

    Yeah, you vomited a lot re nationality here. Norway is a GREAT country, I have visited few times there from Chicago, USA where I reside when it was essential for my job of driving through air sitting on the cockpit.

    So, what I can say is CARRY ON ;)

  33. John says:

    warrored says:

    @United…….will you give it a rest. Posters like you are the reason Scott changed the log in.
    You post nonsense and pick childish fights. In fact you are just like TheTruth. I think you are it. Your boring tiresome a fucking waste of time on here.

    Well said, mate.

  34. John says:

    wayne barker says:

    “lol Stella index in Canada around 1pound 50 pence
    I’d like to point out there’s certain posters i’m not giving the time of day to because i don’t rate them as Utd fans and only come on here to be negative,i’m convinced most of you are the same person or a couple of people,always seem to show up together preach from the same pray book and are always patting each other on the back
    Sir Matt Martin,United,John,I am Matty,Top Red 123,Matty Musig
    you lot can be as childish as you want i’m just not giving you the time of day because i just don’t rate any of you”

    Here goes Wayne barker again? did you come here drunk again? Thats all you have to talk about the thread?

    For the record, I post only through username and thats “John”. However, if some poster posts the opinions honestly that falls on the wavelength on mine that you can say they agree but NOT the same posters. Coz we can accuse wayne barker, tommy and united as same posters with that sort of childish reasoning. As well as others can be grouped accordingly too. As for timing, I don’t have time for the crap to obseve who posts at what time as its irrelevant.

    I don’t even need to address you mate. Earn Respect or you are just one of the posters for me, no matter who the fuck you are. Alright? Got it? ;)

  35. John says:

    What a shame re nationality. The main reason we post here under different username is for the objective of our comments getting treated EQUALLY by ALL POSTERS. Of Course, we can socialize here as well BUT I prefer not to. Nationality is CHEAP TALK people. Its ok to take pride of your nations from wherever you come from but RoM = Republic of Mancunia, GO THROUGH THE explanation by @scott re UMBRELLA THIS BLOG PROVIDES for ans. Its for United fans all over the world with ONLY MUFC on top.

    I am from USA, chicago, country of immigrants. Born and grown up there. I have watched United play several times and visited OT as well. My love from United dates back to 15 years as it was the time I can remember watching them play as its my parents fault I was born lil late to only experience winning days. Unfortunately, that deprives me of the agenda for keeping moyes above united reminding others of bad old trophyless days like @wayne barker does here and many deluded reds like him without any reason to support them.


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