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LIVE BLOG: Sunderland vs United



  1. Frankie says:


    Great post mate. You said with much more sophistication what I think is wrong with the way we are playing!

  2. ini says:

    rooney,rvp,degea,rafeal,carrick the only midfielder with the highest pass last season evra,vidic.all this guys are world class players it’s this same team saf used in carrying the champions league in 2008 and even carried several league trophies like it’s he’s father’s property.moyes does not believe in him self how does he want us to believe in him.he said he can’t carry the champions league with these set of player then what he’s he stil doing there.he should leave for someone else who is capable of doing the saying these based on what i have seen if you don’t like it ignore please nobody should insult me especially eric

  3. DreadedRed says:

    ini – you are a fucking cunt, and a moron to boot.

    You’re not the only one on this site. In fact, it’s scum like you that makes United supporters worthy of ridicule. You would destroy the fabric of our club, given half a chance.

    You are a liar. You are plastic. You are selfish. You are NOT a club man. Not at all.
    You’re a fucking cunt.

  4. warringtonred says:

    We played against Sunderland exactly the same way we always play away v Sunderland, on the edge. It must be 6 or 7 years since we won there comfortably. Yesterday another defensive mistake was punished as we were v Shakhtar and the same with WBA.

    The early goal gave them belief. they haven’t scored against us in a long while at their ground so that early mistake gifted to them gave them the spirit to take the game to us and to fight for every ball. Add to that the new manager syndrome and Sunderland players fighting for their careers and being bottom of the table then this was never going to be a cakewalk.

    Our last 3 visits have been 1-0s to us and nervy affairs. last season an own goal won it 1-0 for us so lets please stop with the idea that we should be battering them.

    We got the points and at this stage that is all that matters. We will play ourselves into form. The hard start was bad enough without it being littered with International breaks. Hopefully these next few home games will see us start to pick up some momentum.

    We have a team of Champions. Lets give them the support they deserve.

  5. ini says:

    @dreaded hey dump ass i said don’t insult me, what part of the english don’t you understand. Moyes out

  6. Random says:

    A good win.

    De Gea – kept us in the game, and was good with the aerial balls. MoM.
    Rafael – we need more Rafaels on the pitch to give us some bite and urgency.
    Jones, Vidic – ok.
    Evra – Whats with him hoofing long balls to RVP tactic? I hope we stick either to ground crosses across/behind the defence, or aerial balls with good pace on them. I would much rather give the ball to a winger and let him lose it while dribbling. Some thing for the manager to think about.

    Janujaz – he is better than what I thought, that’s because I haven’t seen much of him. He is assured, unperturbed and thinks he belongs there on the pitch as much as RVP, Rooney et al. Gave us another Macheda moment.
    Nani- promised a lot but delivered less. But that’s always the gamble with flair players. One of the two wingers should have a good day, and Janujaz was fucking good. A lot more to come from Nani.
    Carrick, Cleverley- kept the ball rolling nicely. Cleverley added some good pressing and bite to our midfield. Carrick looked a bit shaken at times, but grew into the game. In the last ten minutes when we planned to see the game out, Carrick showed his experience immensely.

    Rooney- disappointing, but thats maybe because I expect him to perform every game. Work-rate was there, but the quality was missing. First touch needs to be perfect for a modern number 10.

    RVP- he is entitled to a few bad games from him, just that it is important in this difficult situation for people to stand up and be counted and I hope he shows that he is a leader.

    Welbeck- showed great maturity for his age when he came on the field as a sub. Have to thank him a lot.
    Valencia- did the usual business, was solid, and created one good chance for RVP. Played to his strengths well.

    Moyes – good. It is a step in the right direction. Of course, it was not plain sailing, but this should help his confidence. Full marks for trying out Janujaz and Nani both in the field. The substitutions appeared to be negative, but to me they were just what we needed, and they worked – Welbeck and Valencia did their job very well.

    Sunderland- they pressed us really hard, and the hunger of their players to nick the ball from us was admirable. Fair play.

    I myself learnt that while I was crying out for Nani – Janujaz and all, clearly in the first half there were some shortcomings to the ‘dream’ line-up. Nani and Janujaz both took a lot of shots and service to RVP was ZERO. At least, one of two should have been dedicated to servicing RVP, maybe Nani since his crossing is brilliant when he is on it. On the other hand, I liked that the team had a balance between hunger/urgency and calmness. Maybe we need to be a bit more on the hunger/urgency side sometimes since Sunderland were pressing us like hell.

    In the end, there were more positives than negatives. I agree this will not satisfy the majority of the posters here who ‘expect’ ‘high standards’ from United, but this will do for me, given the situation. We came out through a sticky situation SOMEHOW, we needed to survive the game and we did cross the line. Hopefully, we will be in a better flow as the time progresses, and as we realize our true potential.

  7. DreadedRed says:

    “hey dump ass i said don’t insult me, what part of the english don’t you understand”

    This is a very good example of English that I struggle to understand. Perhaps try:
    “Hey dumb-ass! I said: ‘Don’t insult me.’ Which part of that English language statement do you not understand?”

    My answer to that is:
    I described you accurately. If you consider it an insult, then your first step to redemption has been taken. Now that you know you are a cunt, you can work on ‘de-cuntifying’ yourself.

  8. DreadedRed says:

    Why would anyone take instructions from you? I’d bet that there not even one human being on this planet that takes orders from you. You’re a soft-cock. A stain on humanity that dissolves when you log off.

  9. parryheid says:


    Retire gracefully my man.You’re on a verbal doing to nothing there.

  10. Random says:


    “can work on ‘de-cuntifying’ yourself ”

    I have just added a very useful word to my vocabulary. Please keep up the ‘de-cuntification’.

  11. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    @ Jones well said re Kagwa.

    I thought both MF players were very poor neither looked comfortable in possession, played a penetrating ball or created a chance. Both were easily hustled off the ball and pushed back. There was no urgency or precision to our passing or attacks through the middle.

    @ ini – I don’t think any United fan was happy to hear Moyes say we cannot win the CL and don’t have 5/6 world class players, even if he thinks it that was firstly, not true, secondly damages morale and the players weren’t exactly playing with motivation, after all if your manager thinks you are losers….Hopefully it was something he will learn from, he needs to be more careful with what he says as United manager.

  12. friveluss says:

    I do certainly agree with you to a certain extent but there’s also a point at which I strongly disagree. I can’t help but feel for me to say we played well is to expect much less than I should of defending champions. Sunderland have acrued 1point this season and united were coming off back to back league defeats. Not that I expect us to obliterate sunderland 6-2. I do however expect to see players looking far more comfortable. I expect us to pose a constant attacking threat throughout the game on multiple fronts. Is this too much to ask for as a response to back to back league defeats?

    Moyes does often acknowledge the need for improvement but he’s having to do it so often it seems as though he’s taking small positives and making them out to be title winning traits. It also worries me that he fails to illicit a response from the players. After a dire first half performance at city there was no 2nd half response. We reacted to that game by losing to WBA and then stumbled past sunderland.

    A discerning fan will see that SAF somehow over achieved with our squad but the one thing that’s most important to our success is completely missing from moyes. Its that tenacious attitute. That militant industrious mentality to fight for every inch you gain. This is my concern. Bar one or two players I don’t see that hunger. This trait under SAF was most apparent when united needed to respond to poor performances. Under Moyes the players seem to get a pat on the back for mediocrity and this doesn’t sit well with me. Most of our squad need to play above their natural level to compete with the best sides and I’m yet to see this level of performance. I simply can’t bring myself to accept that yesterdays performance was a good one for champions coming off 2 league defeats against a side with an interim manager that’s rock bottom of the league.

    I don’t care who we might sign, I don’t care who we need, I love united for its essence. I’m scared that essence is becoming increasingly less apparent under moyes and I refuse to give our team a pat on the back for performances that would fall short of challenging the likes of arsenal. I will continue to support the team in hopes that I see that inherent united nature apparent on the field again. When that time comes it won’t matter if we win or lose, I’ll cheer knowing I’m content seeing and feeling the same united under a new man.

  13. TheCANTONA says:

    NBI Red Moyesy says:

    @ ini – I don’t think any United fan was happy to hear Moyes say we cannot win the CL and don’t have 5/6 world class players, even if he thinks it that was firstly, not true, secondly damages morale and the players weren’t exactly playing with motivation, after all if your manager thinks you are losers….Hopefully it was something he will learn from, he needs to be more careful with what he says as United manager.

    the funny thing is that if moyes said that we can win the UCL this season with this current team the media people and his “supposed” fan would deliberately labelled him as being deluded fool, as we’re struggling in premier league let alone talk about winning the UCL. now moyes said the truth, something that people with rational mind could see and people are moaning that he was trying to demoralize the team? jeez, u simply just cant argue with idiot can u??

  14. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    @ the Cantona – chill baby, firstly, no one knows yet how well we will do in the Champions League, we gave RM a good run and while I doubt we would have beaten Bayern, as SAF says if you are in it you have a chance, anything can happen. I think the criticism makes perfect sense, as a manager of United you cannot say we can’t win the CL when we are in the competition even if that’s what you think, firstly because, we might and while we are in it there is a chance, secondly you can’t say we don’t have five world class players when actually we do. SAF always build players up to feel superior and BELIEVE, United is built on believe, when SAF said he would know Liverpool off its perch that was belief an ambition, it is in United’s DNA and Moyes needs to understand that United are expected to believe, fight and never give up.

  15. King Cantona says:

    @ the Cantona is the village idiot, LOL!!!! :) Well put NBI, United is built on BELIEVE!!!!! It’s written in the bloody stadium, the Theatre of DREAMS!!!! You can’t friggin change that, we are not a Club of quitters, we are a Club that BEAT the odds and BELIEVE, it’s in our history, it is United. Bad mistake from Moyes, he doesn’t get it yet, how this Club works and thinks. You are not paid to be an objective analyst, you are paid to dream big and BELIEVE to put FIRE in the players and make DREAMS come true, that is the Legend of United. If the manager of United does not believe….???? Well fuck that.

  16. King Cantona says:

    SAF -

    “I will knock Liverpool of their fucking perch” – no on else BELIEVED, the manager believed.

    “You win nothing with kids” – no one else BELIEVED, the manager believed.

    Everyone thought we would lose the CL 99 final – the manager BELIEVED, the team therefore BELIEVED

    UNITED – fight, fight, believe, never give up, never give in. How many times have others written us off and we proved them wrong? And then a new bloody manager does it?

    Fuck this shit with Moyes saying we can’t win the CL, yes we fucking can, this is not bloody Everton, this is MANCHESTER UNITED!!!!!! Get a book and READ our history.

    Yes Moyes gets a chance, but he does not get to fuck up United’s entire ethos and history, none of which he seems to get.

  17. King Cantona says:

    My Old Man was around when SAF said that we would knock Liverpool off their fucking perch and as he puts it, everyone else laughed, but that’s when he KNEW we had a manager we could BELIEVE in. That’s a fucking target. What Moyes should have said about CL is he is here to knock Real Madrid of their fucking perch. Period. That is a United manager.

  18. ini says:

    @king cantona and red moyesi i love you guys you are true guys have spoken the truth.i remember last 2 season when mancity carried the league saf came bold and say the trophy is coming back home and he did what a great coach you saf.even before buying rvp he promised him the league and he did(saf)

  19. foxinthebox says:

    @King Eric: think abt it – Real Madrid 6 wins and 1 draw and 1 defeat. Strong showing in the Champions League. And Roma have gone unbeaten so far. Both these teams have new managers. Its not cr@p to have lofty standards at Manutd – its the default expectation.

    I completely agree that replacing someone who’s 25 years into a job is gonna be a helluva tough ask – But Moyes isn’t a newbie. And he knew what he was getting into – Why did he replace the whole back room ? Don’t u think it has an impact? He could have eased them out or kept the most crucial ones for a season or two in order to “get to know the players” . now that’s bullshit talk.

    He enters with sweeping changes just like the rest of these managers bringing their own back room staff. And he is expecting that we live the fact that Manutd are gonna underperform for a season or two in PL and Europe – I am not buying that. Nothing in his approach has convinced me so far that we are progressing to the next level in Football. And he is not a tactical genius !

  20. ini says:

    @foxinthebox good talk lad you are a real fan.i thought i was the only one complaining.


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