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LIVE BLOG: Swansea City v Manchester United



  1. Rukky says:

    As much as i’d like to see roo gone i just cant come around the prospect of selling to rent boys. The debate about him is becoming really boring;yes, its obvious he has lost love for the club and some fans likewise feel the same and want him gone- a notion i strongly support. But We still have 50 plus matches in 4 different competitions(not to mention international matches) coming up in a pretty long season. If roo cant be sold abroad then he should remain and do whatever he is told to do on professional basis. NBI i dont really understand what you want concerning roo,you seem to be one person taking things alot personal without looking at the bigger picture, i wont be judging our potential season’s display based on one epl match, and we know danny and rvp have been unlucky with injuries and with the european competition coming around i rather have roo on my bench than in maureens team. We saw the effect a semi-fit roo yesterday. Imo the only real topic worth arguing much should be how the full team(including young stars) could be utilised this season; but like i said its a very long season. Peace

  2. In David We Trust says:

    WOW glen hoddle and souness talking more garbage, especially hoddle, shitty and chelsea will fight it out for the title, and they are the teams to beat. Any side that has rooney RVP and co are title contenders, what is chelsea’s frontline, torres BA, and another, compare it to rooney RVP hernandez welbeck, they are not a touch on united on that front, oh I forgot mourinho plays upfront for them

  3. Costas says:


    That’s what I was thinking too. Wait and see how he develops over the next couple of years. Fans are too impatient with young players. And it’s even worse with the press as you know. I feel the real indication about a player’s glass ceiling is 23-24. Even Welbeck isn’t the finished article yet..

    As for Tunni, it’s something I like teasing King Eric about because he kept raving about him a couple of years ago. I used to do the same with Petrucci. :D But honestly, I didn’t have any idea what’s the deal with him and why he hasn’t been involved with the first team yet. I’ll take your word for it and hope that he does improve. Going by what I heard, he’s the type of midfielder that would fit in nicely with our other options.

  4. Daniel88 says:

    Tactically unaware starting line up, players out of position, lacked rhythm, outnumbered in the middle but coming back to Manchester with the 3 points its like Sir Alex never left.

    It’s hard to imagine such a hard fixture going so well.

    I think this will be Danny Wellbeck’s year.
    Our bench was extremely strong.
    Sir Ryan Giggs was truly awful.

    What can you say about Robin ? … not even going to bother.

  5. In David We Trust says:

    samuel – If united signed that top class midfielder, I would see united easily winning the league. Rooney is not ronaldo, I think over a course of the season, rooney regains his fitness and rustyness, gets games, scores goals I think he will stay long term. Rooney felt he has gone stale at united, perhaps a change in manager was what rooney needs, not a new club.

  6. Brooka says:

    You know what, I’ve quite enjoyed this pre-season with Utd being written off by all and sundry.

    To be honest,despite our numerous recent titles, even when we’d won three in a row, you’d still get journalists and rival fan-tasists claiming that Utd were finished and that it was their team’s year.

    Yet, season in, season out, it is Utd who are the most consistent side and end up with the biggest prize of the lot, and I expect this season to be no different.

    If we can keep the core of the side fit for the majority of the season, something that didn’t happen when Ancelotti’s Chelsea pipped us by a point and the bitters spawned the title from the jaws of embarrassment, then it quite conceivably could have been seven in a row with an eighth to come.

    Let everyone else do their talking off the pitch. We’ll do what we’ve always done. Keep winning.

  7. Proverb says:

    Great stuff by the lads last night, just the sort of performance to entice complacency, the way team was set up is something out of pure imagination, likely the professionals in our books spelled accordingly considering the short time DM is with them, still room for improvement though.
    Also nice to see abit of enthusiasm on the touch lines, that bench is lively :D pals, the smile on my face when seeing DM instruct Rooney just before he came.
    A substitution in 60mnts, that’s unlike us, in good way though, mind you.
    But my point is, the enthusiasm from the gaffer, the passion, he certainly like it here. Liked seeing have a go at ref for booking carrick for that unintentional foul on the swans player, that was fergie’s esque, love it.
    I love it when everybody start hating on us, I want be the hated so wins can feel all sweeter when I rub it on wounded scum bitters or anyone who decides to go against us in that case. Okay enough with personal bollocks before I sound like that nut collymore.

    The new look on this team had me wonder if I wasn’t dreaming. I’m was actually delirious, its unreal we dispatched swansea as if they weren’t there, despite the shift they putted in degea hardly had a ball to deal with, which is an improvement from our awful defending last season.
    - btw, am I the only one struggling to understand what kind of system we used lastnight? I mean how did cleverley find himself defending in the left back’s evra position to get booked after that careless mistake by danny welbeck, isn’t he supposed to be in midfield anchoring things alongside carrick, oh, where evra?
    Interesting to note also that evra started the move for danny’s first and second goal respectively and was involved through out for the 4 goals, how’s is he being used? Has he got park’s double lungs or on pills as the last time I checked he had lost all his drive to go up and down whilst being effective on both ends.
    Have any of you noticed how moyes has used him the last few games? No winger and letting him come forward to cross to RVP. Its really, really effective so far. Another one of moyes tactical masterstroke.

    David de gea had few to non crap to deal with throughout the whole match, his handling of the has improved quite dramatically, has beefed up a lot, you can’t say he’s the same kid being made fun of by the media anymore, looks quite handful now to the bullies of the league.

    Jones was good, He is obviously not able to compensate wholly for the rafa’s attacking threat, but respected his limits and capably guarded his side of the pitch until the swans player slipped through for their goal.

    Ferdy and vida were rocks enough said

    Evra was impressive
    That said, he did look a bit stretched during Swans’s more telling attacks down his flank. Understandable he was played out of his comfort zone, I can see why moyes is acquiring for banes.

    Valencia was tonyV25 of old, I’m seeing a revitalized lad this season going by last nights showing he was a constant threat bagged an assist which is any improvements from last year disappointing campaign for him, I was proved right for wanting him ahead of zaha.

    Cleverley did fine, still has a lot of improvement to do but got on with his job without much hassle, lost ball very easily at times but recovered well in the second exchanges. I’m looking to seeing a lot of involvement up top from him although won’t hold him ineffective for that, bound to improve.

    Giggs, sir giggs self picked himself again haha which is becoming very consistent :D , at first he was in mood “mood I’m gonna make every possible careless play but at end I’m gonna pop up with a goal or an assist” and that’s exactly how it panned out, he was frustrating at time but as the game wore on he started demonstrating why he’s such a classy one off player and bagged an assist for him with an inch perfect pass for the opener haha. giggy love him.

    RVP & Danny welbeck
    -If anyone topped Danny Welbeck’s show at the Liberty, it could only have been Robin van Persie.
    The kid is fantastic, I expect some big things from this kid, has all needed to become a world bitter, his chip oh, words can’t describe it, his touch skills, vision and ability to thread through defenders with easy he’s easily my man of the match.
    RVP at the other hand still quite unmatched nice professional, everything about is just pure magic. Thank you sir alex for sir an outstanding buy.

    We’ll retain it, believe!!!!!!

  8. denton davey says:

    Wayne @ 01:12: “I hate Rooney with a passion but i’d rather Utd keep him and teach the selfish baby a lesson than sell him to Maureen.”

    I understand your passionate hatred and desire to teach TheWayneBoy a less – “do it once shame on you, do it twice shame on me” – but you have to remember that this is also a business. Money talks. So, the question for me would be when do we hear it talking – in other words, how much would CSKALondon have to fork over to make UTD change their tune ? Also, if UTD can sign – just saying ! – Cesc for 45 million, then would 45 million be sufficient to off-load TheWayneBoy. Would UTD be a better team with Cesc – and without Rooney ? or, to put it differently, if UTD sign – just saying ! – Cesc for 45 million would it be worthwhile to cut off our noses to spite Wazza’s face ? (By the way, I don’t think that this scenario is likely AND I don’t think that UTD would sell TheWayneBoy to CSKALondon for anything south of – just saying ! – sixty million.)

    This next week leading up to the match on Monday-next @ OT promises to be rife with rumours, innuendo and “exclusive stories”. Keep your powder dry, m8.

    Sparkz @ 03:11: ” if you want proof of why we shouldn’t sell him to Chelsea, and why he can still be a huge player for us….look at how he came on for half an hour, not fully fit (physically or mentally) – and still got 2 assists.”

    True that. BUT every player has a price – the question is: what’s the price at which selling TheWayneBoy becomes a “no-brainer” ? Sixty million ? or Eighty million – like CR7 ? also, cash-on-the-barrell-head !

    TheRedderDevil @ 07:55: ” Sir Alex came out publicly on Rooney’s desire to leave was to protect the ship at old Trafford in light of a new manager taking over. Imagine what would have happened had Fergie left quietly and DM came in to encounter Rooney’s request to leave? Its more likely Rooney would have managed to force a transfer in those circumstances. Then what for the remaining players, would they continue in the same old mood, what of the ability to bring in new players?
    That announcement by Ferguson was a Masterstroke of a Genius!”

    I completely agree with that. But you could spice up that comment by mentioning how SAF got to display his “revenge is best eaten cold” mentality, too.

    King Eric @ 08:47: “Ross Barclay is looking a beast. Was deemed the next big thing then seemed to stall. By god was he good yesterday. A fucking great potential. Tough as fuck but technically sound. Runs at players. Can become a great.”

    D’ya reckon that all the rumours about Baines and Fellaini were just shadow-moves to keep the press away from Moyes’ real target @ Everton ?

    Also, I’m with you on man-love for NinjaEvra – what a beast. He may not be “positionally responsible” but, OMG, the guy plays with so much passion and such incredible physical courage that the very idea of replacing him with a milquetoast like Leighton Baines is laughable.

    That’s it guys, time for brekkie in Toronto. Looking foward to a week of craziness before the titanic struggle a week-Monday.

  9. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Costas – Players’ development are different, some will waltz into the bright lights and some will take gentle steps and that’s what we are seeing with welbeck, you can see the all round technical quality (priceless) but the next steps is to continue building his decisiveness and composure and with time, he’ll reach the very top. Tunni does possess that aggression that united lack but at the top, you need to also have finesse and quality, tunni was the grafter and grit behind pogba and morrison, he was bigger and stronger at that level but players inevitably caught up with him, maybe he won’t be as brilliant as scholes but he could watch fletcher and see that he can still make it at united but time will tell and his 3rd loan spell is key.

    Regarding petrucci, I’m as baffled as you as to why he’s yet to step up. Maybe it’s a physical thing but he’s got the all round central mid quality, he’s capable of controlling games and at 21, surely it is now for him? But injuries don’t help, has not even gone on pre season but doesn’t seem like he’ll be released, i’m not sure but i’m still holding out for him to step up, perhaps in the league cup but he has to fight his way to contention, the likes of adnan, powell (when he returns), cole, lingard etc are ahead, he has to show more. Seems like macheda is on his way out, amazing how he was ahead of danny at one point, scoring for fun in the reserves, looked to have had a brilliant debut but maybe didn’t show enough commitment, danny edges based on all round technique and work rate. Talent isn’t enough, attitude and mentality is a big part of the game.

  10. samuel - united WE stand says:

    IDWT – depends on the quality of the midfield of course but I agree, a stronger midfield would push united further.

    On rooney, I don’t know what his objectives are but I do know a lot of things have been fabricated. We’ll see but he’s a quality experienced player and I wouldn’t like chelsea being handed any iniatives, rooney at united is better for the club.

    Some say players have a price, fair enough but manchester united do not sell key players to rivals, not even if the mythical cesc or ronaldo turn up. Simple

  11. glory Glory Holy Trin says:

    anyone watching chelsea vs hull? The game is being played in hull’s half, chelsea created 15-20 goal opportunities(1st half only), 75% possession and really good passing, playmaking.

    Chelsea midfielders are very close to Barca/Real Madrid.
    Boy, I wonder when did our ManU ever manage such stats in 5-6 years? ManU don;t play attacking-passing football anymore.

    I feel sad watching our team rely on long balls and no linkup passes. They should take a leaf from Chelsea MF to learn how to play passing/attacking football and it looks attractive too.

  12. vinnyacardo86 says:

    fuck off…


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