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LIVE BLOG: Tottenham Hotspur vs United



  1. Marko Maric says:

    This season the best way to get some money, is to bet against United…

  2. Tommy says:

    13 games gone and the team who cantered to the title are lieing in 8th spot, dress it up how you like, its not good enough, I am not fickle enough to be asking for the managers head but the proff is thir its not good enough, The players attitudes should and deserve to be questioned! You dont go from cantering to thne titlle to struggling to win 2 games in a row it just does not happen without a reason, either way it needs sorting and quickly, to be honest we are not great at home by any stretch and Everton are a better team than Spurs so i wouldnt be shocked if we drop even more points on weds, I have no confidence at the moment in time in the team!

  3. Matt Martin says:

    if we cant find a win then our unbeaten record means
    nothing to me. It is better to lose
    one and win two then draw two
    and win one. Moyes need to learn
    fast how to get victories out of this
    team as at United draws are not
    good enough.

  4. Matt Martin says:

    If only we can get a player like Mata.

  5. samuel - united WE stand says:

    UnitedFaithful – you won’t find a ready made complete central mid in january (gundogan etc won’t move in january) but you can find younger potential players that can come in and develop, you can unearth gems if the scouts are doing their jobs right. The key is purchasing players with the right attributes. A lot of people have confused fellaini’s height and strenghth as bringing steel but ignore the technical side, the mobility, dynamism and defensive awareness.

  6. Matt Martin says:

    Wait a minute, is this not thesame team that won the lesgue with 11 points last season.. howcome thay have all gone bad over Night the mind boggles.

  7. Tommy says:

    Breaking news, Renes replaced Jol! Told ppl om here a couple of weeks ago, jol was gone as soon as Rene come in and its been proven right

  8. Matt Martin says:

    Old News.. mate.

  9. Matt Martin says:

    if we cant find a win then our
    unbeaten record means
    nothing to me. It is better to lose
    one and win two then draw two
    and win one. Moyes need to learn
    fast how to get victories out of this
    team as at United draws are not
    good enough.

  10. Redfrog says:

    After 13 games we have 6 wins in the league. It doesn’t look that bad as the only team which has actually capitalize is Arsenal. But it is a very bad record. It is very painful to see the likes of Everton, Newcastle and Southampton above of us. We should not press the panic button just yet, but saying everything is all right, that Arsenal will bottle it is not seeing the situation. We have a lot of teams above of us. Not every team will just crash to give us the edge. Look at the goal difference and you’ll see that is very worrying. +5 for fucking sake, it is shit after 13 games for us (look at City’s goal difference, and for some they are not better then us). How long time should we waiting to hitting form ? It will be very difficult to finish above Arsenal, City or Chelsea this year. and if we are fourth it will be the first time in EPL era . But I assume for Moyes it will be a fantastic result to finish fourth the second time in his career.
    For thus saying, Sir Alex need time then just look at the situation when he took the club in his hand(we didn’t won something for a long time).Moyes took over the champions. He could have had some new players but had no idea who to bring in and looked for unrealistic targets(fabregas) and bring in the end on his fucking evertonian puppet.
    If we were on to bring a manager without experience I would have preferred Ole Gunnar, at least he knows our mentality and already won something as a manager.
    The time Moyes learn how to be a United manager, we will not be in position to win something. I’m already tired of his excuses.

  11. iamMatty says:

    Loooool somebody said kagawa played middle, just so he could justify his technical incapabilities. Foooools!!! Kagawa played wide left!!! Welbeck played as the 2nd 1 in the 4-4-1-1 formation. Kagawa fucking played wide left again, and as in previous game we created nada. Rooney was isolated up top while welbeck mostly got the ball with his back to goal, in contrast to what kagawa did midweek. You english air heads should stop making up invincible tactics, you all stink at it. Prolly you’d never smell the worldcup or the semifinals of any major tourney in the meantime.

  12. Tommy says:

    Fucking great city and chelsea both winning, we get punished when we fail to win and people on here claiming a draw with spurs is a good result in the situation we are in!! Cardiff lost at home to Arsenal yessterday 3 0 yet we struggle for large parts and draw the game 2 2. 6 wins in 13 is a horrendous start to Moyes career at United and anyone who thinks hes doing well at this points needs to realise Everton, Saints and fucking Newcastle are all above us in the table after a third of the season!

  13. iamMatty says:

    My greatest fear is what would become of perierra and the other foreign talented lads in our youth setup. Our manager looks on course to ruin all the goodwork dear old rene took the best part of 6yrs to build. He already gave up the best midfield protege we had last year(matts daehli) without a fight last summer.
    I am afraid for my babies, petrucci is surely outta the picture now. Its operation the british players must play no matter how shitty they are.

  14. iamMatty says:

    Tommy some people think turning a blind eye to facts makes you a real fan. Nope! People like wayne are retarded!!!!!! in every imaginative ounce of the term retarded. I am not calling for moyes head since we dug our own grave with that 6yrs contract, but anybody expecting us to hold hands and sing kumbaya to a setting of the sun setting is retarded too. I refuse to be dumb or rose tinted. Fans have been clamouring for one(just one) tactical switch all season, we do it and trashed the team that matched bayern in a game this year 5 ferking zero. He basks in the euphoria of a master tactician for a move laymen figured out months ago. Next match our out of his depths midtable manager returns to his brain-dead best and we are rejoicing for dropping 2points to a shitty spurs team. Who among you can honestly say spurs played well today? the game was there for the taken but we ferk shit up as usual.

  15. John says:

    4 points dropped after win against Arsenal and both confidence and belief could get flushed out from us if we don’t win against Everton. Anyway, we will fight it out with Southampton, Spurs, Liverpool and Everton, and be there or thereabouts the 4th place in the end.

  16. Tommy says:

    I know its early days under Moyes but I have got a feeling we will become a cup team capable of winning a big game in a one off game but not able to summount a serious challenge, My question is say if United finish 3rd this season will David be gutted we have failed to win the league? I dont think he will because hes used to summers with no silverware so the summer would just be like any other year for him


    Waynes not retarded he provides some great posts and has done for a long time!

  17. iamMatty says:

    I have been on here for roughly 6months and all i see is wayne threatening people with physical assaults, cyber bullying the truth and plain sentences with the word cu’nt in them. No tactical input, when he infact does its so awful its hard to look at.

  18. Matt Martin says:

    That Wanye is realy retad, he pokes is nose into another mans ass.. And this is not his first time of doin it. he is realy retard.

  19. John says:

    @iamMatty and @Matt Martin…I think @Wayne barker has seen lot of Ups and Downs in his life like any man in his 60s and it seems he finds it premature when we criticise anything related to team esp he has seen even George Best play and we won fuck all for lot of years. So seeing the impatience from us must feel ridiculous to him which is fair and understandable from his point of view. But from most of us born in early 90s or late 80s it is absolutely ok to expect much more from our team this season. As far as I know he is true red like thousands and thousands of others..Thats all I can say, re whether he is retarded or not and whether he pokes his nose into another man’s ass, that is for you 3 to sort out!!

  20. Redfrog says:

    @John, nice perspective to fight with Liverpool, Tottenham, Newcastle, Southampton for fourth place.

  21. Matt Martin says:

    Thanks John u rite mate.. i will just let him be. but he shud stop atterkin people.


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