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LIVE BLOG: United vs Bayern In Audi Cup Final

Scott is in Munich for the Audi Cup so Joe Davies will cover the United game tonight, kick off 7.45.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. aig alex is god says:

    good game and least bothered about the defeat.

    we need fletcher to play in the defensive role.hargo was brought bcoz we were found wanting against milan 2 years back.whenever Hargo played in the big games in the 07-08 season we were comfortable.we get lot of the ball against weak sides as they are happy to sit back,but wen teams attack our mid fielders we give the ball away too easily.fletch has to play the big gtames bcoz he is good at defensive work.

    But if possible a Defensive midfielder would do.otherwise we will struggle in the big games.

  2. Kings says:

    Just to let you guys know that I phoned up the SUN newspaper to express my annoynace at their insistance on calling Sir Alex Ferguson, ‘Alex Ferguson’. I said the following: ‘I’ve got some news for you, Alex Ferguson is actually ‘Sir Alex Ferguson’, something that your bastard editors seem to forget when they write a piece on United’. The guy said he wasn’t best pleased that I referred to them as bastards, to which I replid: ‘Well then don’t incorrectly refer to Sir Alex Ferguson as Alex Ferguson’. I felt it necessary to make that point – fucking disrespectful cunts. They are the only newspaper to refer to him as that.

  3. Isaidso says:

    @Devilton, couldn’t agree with you more mate! Our MF does not hold up to playing against the very top teams. Top teams can find so much space and can overwhelm us in MF. Pre Season or not, it is happening with all too frequent regularity, and was seen a lot during the last 2 seasons. Truly wish we had those 2 great players you talked about LOL! For the record, unlike you, I will be surprised if we win the PL for 4th time with that MF and the final pass all too often absent. I hope we can though!

  4. aig alex is god says:

    fergie plzzz sign a defensive mid.pllzzzzz

  5. wakey says:

    I see the Sun is reporting we will launch a £35million bid for Ribery in 2 weeks. Ribery atm doesn’t want to push for a transfer as he is due a Loyalty bonus in 2 weeks time but once he gets that he will hand a transfer request in.

    Seems that maybe by enquiring once and then not pushing it after being told no may have been a master stroke. If a transfer request is put in they are apparently willing to take less from us as we have been respectful where as both Real and Chelsea have been told no and have kept putting in bids (I hear as well Real have done what they are doing with Alonso and did with Villa and putting in one bid, having it turned down and then a few weeks later putting in a Lower bid as if the first bid was simply to unsettle a player) and have both apparently spoken or leaked stories to the media. Bayern will apparently keep asking for £80mill from Real and Chelsea and will ask £50mill from us. No doubt we would get an agreement in between the 35mill and the 50mill mark. Still maybe a little high but much better than it being over £50mill

  6. aig alex is god says:


    If real have failed with a bid in excess of 40 million and he wants to go there,is SAF a fool to bid for him wen he wants to play for madrid.

    we have half a dozen wingers.rather go for a CDM .that is what we need to control games

  7. Anon says:

    I think our midfield frailties are being blown out of proportion, even if only slightly.
    The only reason our midfield looked frail last night, and indeed in the CL final was the absence of Fletch from his normal position. He us our engine room, he is our new Keane. And though we don’t have much cover for him, I like the De Laet, and think he can do a job in case DF needs a rest. And lets remain positive about Hargo. If he can come back by Oct-Nov, we have one of the best midfields in the League, albeit not as threatening as Barca’s, but still pretty robust.
    But if, and this is a big if, Anderson-son can up his game suddenly, like Ronny did 3 seasons ago, and find a bit of consistency with his through balls, even the Catalonians will be biting our dust! He can be our lynchpin, just hope he steps up!!

  8. Marq says:

    Valencia looks good from wat we’ve seen so far, strong & fast. Nani looks to be growing in confidence as well, looking forward to see Nani on the left & Valencia on the right! When will the day come when we can see Hargreaves, Carrick holding deep, Nani & Valencia bombing the flanks, with Rooney in the hole and Berba out front.
    Hargreaves breaking up an attack, passes to Carrick, who delivers a long raking ball down to the flank for Valencia to pick up. Valencia drifts past the defender and picks out a perfect cross to Berbatov at the centre, who in turn, lays it down with the most delicate of touches for Rooney to smack home!

  9. Anon says:

    Ribery will be surplus, but as Hughes or somebody said, you can’t have too many good players on your side.
    And remember Park and Valencia BOTH are supposed to be players who do very well when played through the centre. Both play a central role for their national teams, and Valencia scores a fair few for Ecuador, as does Park for SK. Wouldn’t be bad idea to get a left winger like Ribery, pair him up with Nani on the right, with Rooney and Owen, or Berba and Macheda in the middle, we have a killer combo…

  10. Anon says:

    off topic: looks like Dinho did pretty neetly for AC though they still lost… he is one plyaer outside United whom i really want to do well. He epitomises everything great about the game. At least on the field. :D

  11. mhihrh says:


    Agreed mate.We have done badly wen fletch has been missing but if you look carefully neither do we have a proper defensive mid nor an attacking one.all the players are CM not CAM or CDM.except hargo who is a proper defensive mid.thats why we also have to rely on our Wing play a lot more.i have confidence in valencia and nani

  12. King Eric says:

    Kings – Ha ha nice one fella. Show some fucking respect you cunts!

    The Ribery bid may have some legs. It is all over the rags this morning. Notive he was sat behind Sir Bobby last night.

  13. King Eric says:

    Anon – Spot on about the midfield mate. people need to relax. It was overpowered against the dippers and Barca as they were both “off” days. When else has it been overpowered? Like you say Fletch will be the new Keane. For fuck sake last night we were missing Fletch in the DM role, Carrick, Valencia and Park. Also Gibbo who is good enough was out on the flank. If Rio wasn’t such a good defender he would make a great holding midfielder!

  14. Kings says:

    King Eric – Hello mate. Do you think there’s some substance to the Ribery rumour then?

  15. King Eric says:

    Kings – Not sure mate. It is just someone on here yesterday was convinced it was happening then lo and behold its in all the papers. Personally I don’t see it as we have bought enough wingers and I don’t particularly like the little cunt.

    Funniest thing is the dippers arguing on, I think, the Mail site over Alonso. Trying to convince themselves that Michael Turner and Cattermole will be adequate replacement for Alonso! Even funnier is someone from the media on talkshite this morning said that they will fall out of the top four. Furious they were!!

  16. Kings says:

    King Eric – I don’t like the little cunt either because of his love of Madrid, in fact, anyone who declares their love for that club immediately loses my respect. Silly deluded dipper cunts. I cannot understand the fuss with Cattermole to be honest, I think he is just an average Premiership player. It would be funny if they fell out of the top 4, but unfortunately I cannot see that happening as they will more than likely finish in the top 3. Arsenal will be the likely team to finish out of the top 4 I reckon, probably making way for the massive club known as Citeh. You can just imagine it can’t you, they will truly believe they are one step away from greatness if they achieve that this season!

  17. Frank says:

    Methink we need a mobile yet creative MFer; Yaya toure’ll fit d bill.


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