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LIVE BLOG: United vs Bayer Leverkusen



  1. Brendan says:

    Kagawa has be poor since he came to utd ,way overrated doesn’t do enough in final third .would let him go back to Dortmund and hopefully we could do a deal for reus or lewandowski .

  2. orez says:


    So the way you call “spade a spade “is “old owners sucked so don’t hate the current bad owners” ? I don’t hate Glazers and I don’t think of them as good owners but your argument is just wrong. The debt issue itself is much stronger reason not to like them, then the family’s origin will ever be. Let’s call a spade a spade “United fans hate Glazers not because they are Jews or Americans, but because they are greedy bustards, who will jeopardize the clubs standing if it’s in their business interests ”.

  3. zibbie says:

    MUFC the goose who laied the golden eggs!!! one of the few like BM who can compete with oil nations billionaire pimp daddy’s!!!! GO Gmen!!!!!!!!!!!! The four Jewish horsemen of the apocolyps!!!

  4. Traffordium says:

    Vote mates vote!Scholesy no question.Looks like the scousers are voting in droves…

  5. zibbie says:

    orez? make sence how is the club jepordized? Give a lucid reason please?? How?? It if so finacialy healthy breaking records in transfers spent getting RVP and Kags to leage MVPS a huge get In FellHead in Zaha wtf you want please explain?

  6. zibbie says:

    Montana well said!

  7. wayne says:

    Xyz I know the small shareholders had no control mate,the takeover I believe took around 2 yrs so the big shareholders knew exactly what was going on.Don’t remember at the time any ‘Red Knight’ stepping in trying to stop Glazers getting control yet once it happened a massive uproar and hate campaign

  8. zibbie says:

    OH horned one, I luv me some good cold Goat the day after a hang over!! If he and RVP can cary on!!! The oppsing team in game planing, well we face RVP and Wazza we must score 5 goals today cuse were fucked if we don’t! WOW what a pair to contend with!!

  9. zibbie says:

    Hi Wayne, if people do not like talk from MUFC in the windows now, vote in a new Pes with shareholdes ever 3 years, like Barca or Real all the shit is public, if you vote for me I will poach this guy and that guy!!!

  10. zibbie says:

    Wayne maybe just maybe the big haired on will be OT folk lore….. we saw he had good feet, now surounde by MUFC players he shall shine !

  11. coomy says:

    @ wayne says
    completely agree u cant hate the buyers and completely ignore the sellers.

  12. Traffordium says:

    Shinji will step up this season though I doubt wether he’ll ever play in the hole at this rate.

  13. Cool Goat HOT POTATOE! says:

    Dave Mack

    I dont understand the logic of someone coming on here on a day of financial celebration and try and upset the apple cart by coming on with obvious half cocked financial figures.
    Who hear would buy a business or buy shares without a FULL years financial figure especially when debt is involved. Yet Gorse Hill is prepared to use his ill informed or not complete information to drum up support for a battle without any command of the facts or really knowing what he is talking about. He like so many on here that hate the Glazers are just sheep. Just like those that hate George Bush jnr or the Iraq war or Nuclear power or the Syria issue or any other issue that has such a clear black or white side to it. There are so many who have an opinion on things but have never done the research themselves rather nodding and agreeing with the clap trap they hear from friends who themselves have passed on the bullshit in some strange game of Chinese whispers. I call these people the Sky News brigade. Sad twats with a populist view who want to wave at the camera when Sky News ask the “man on the street” their well informed views on a subject.
    Lets face it Manchester is 90% socialist, The United states is 85% capitalist in one form or another. The Mancs are generally of working class (in %) and the United states are of mixed classes but without restrictions to break out of their predicament. The higher education band in the US is far higher than anything that has come from Manchester. Mancs in the two world war mainly fought in infantry possitions whilst the yanks wandered into war at leisure – something that will no doubt piss off any working class people. This is yank hatred, Im not so sure of the jew hatred per se but US and jew seems to go hand in hand especially when financial success is measured. The Mancs and the yanks are chalk and cheese. Simple as.
    I cant listen to MUST, they alienated me and a large amount of supporters and turned a supporter organisation into a militant almost union-esque style organisation that gets my back up.

  14. zibbie says:

    So much talent on this squad, and so much of it 24 and under.

  15. DreadedRed says:

    The crux of the matter brought here by Gorse Hill Red is: If we had no debt, would those funds currently allocated to servicing the debt, be spent on players?

    The answer is simply: No.

  16. zibbie says:

    Well said Goat well said…

  17. zibbie says:

    Some people here as intelegent as Alex.

  18. zibbie says:

    Google, types of inteligence. In 83 this guy released a study he first had 8 type the, 7 or nine. Look for the 83 studie with 8 types. Some real smart fucking blokes float these waves.

  19. zibbie says:

    Sir Giles, the old MG and to many to mention.

  20. zibbie says:

    Goat with FellHead it gives space to Carrick and lets Rooney be more in the final third!!!

  21. coomy says:

    the question i would like to ask is if u were given the opportunity to buy shares in MUFC in a business point of view, will u do it, if the ANS is yes then the Glazer is doing a good job. We have a successful club which is financially booming also, lots of company would have love to be where we are. one day all this mega transfer will come to an end coz it wont be sustainable in the long run for this sugar daddies to keep pumping money and when that day come we will be unstoppable.

  22. DreadedRed says:

    ‘Manchester United’s owners set in motion the possible sale of up to 23m shares as the club announced record income and a revenue forecast for this season of between £420m and £430m.’

    ‘The Glazer family could offer up to $400m worth of shares for sale after a so-called “shelf” filing with regulators. The club’s flotation last year raised $110.3m. United’s revenue forecast for 2013-14 is based on the club finishing third in the Premier League and reaching the quarter finals of the Champions League and domestic cup competitions.’

  23. Marq says:


    Unfortunately, even if we become debt free someday, our cycle of debt will come again when the Glazers eventually sell it to someone, and that someone does the same thing of borrowing. Whilst in this cycle we are relatively safe, the next cycle could be very dangerous if we do fall into one, because I don’t see how this sports can continue to grow at the rate it is going. At some point it will hit a ceiling and the potential of growth will be less than the interest rates. What MUST is doing is just propeganda, because they wanted to be in for the 2nd cycle while the potential for growth is still there.

    If there is a group out there that really wants to keep United safe, they should be fighting the regulations of classifying United like an asset that can be bought the way the Glazers did. The moment any group comes out and say they want to overthrow the Glazers without first fighting against the regulations, you know they are after the profits themselves, so I’m not buying it.

  24. mara says:

    Chelsea also own money to Abramovich s company. So in the keys he want to go out, club need to give him back his money.

    In the other words Glazers…they, bought club with banks money, every year takeing money/profit, and went public and took 10times more money then a year profit, still takeing every year profit, dont paying debt (just interest) and if anything goes wrong, they will leave a club to bank or fans to finance the debt, because they earnd a billion on United back. How is that good owner? But to Wayne and other comprendes here, they are good owners, because there are even worse owners. Great attitude!

  25. CC says:

    @Marq – United had no debt.
    The Glazers loaded it with enormous debt.
    Over half a billion Dollars has been taken OUT of the club to pay the interest on the debt.
    Instead of the club funding the Glazers to own it, the club could have been buying players, investing in facilities, reducing costs to fans etc etc


    Anybody who says “The Glazers are great owners” is either an idiot or being handsomely paid to say that.
    SAF sank in the estimation of many during the last few years with comments like that and also his part in the “no spend policy” – It pains me to say it but there is nothing but lies coming out of our club and the fans are just mug punters as far as they are all concerned.

  26. CC says:

    and by the way, WHO was the banker who masterminded the leveraged purchase of the club and constructed the deal ?………………………… Ed Woodward.

  27. CC says:

    I just want to add to all the people who say the club is “financially booming” – So what ? how the fuck does that do us any good ? Are we buying lots of new players with all this money ?
    It all gets taken away to America for the 53 Glazer family members including one referred to as “Glazer infant” on the balance sheet.
    It makes no difference to any fans whether we have big sponsors or little sponsors, whether we have a new kit deal, airline partner or any of the other “great news stories”
    The club is being milked by the Glazers and all the others that have their nose in the trough that MUFC has become.
    It sickens me – all they do is fucking lie.

  28. FletchTHEMAN says:

    One can hope that the Glazers continue to pay down the debt as they have promised.
    They did do on their last sale of stock and would be expected to continue with that.

    Dont have any positives for how it was done initially and we have very little understanding of how much they are earning. We can but stand vigilant that the manager continues to get what he is asking for and that the fan experience improves when fans request specific changes, eg the singing section, possibly safe standing as well.

  29. Marq says:


    Find me where did I say the Glazers are good for United, if you cant do so, dont ever quote me ever again

  30. Marq says:

    In fact, find me anyone who said here that the Glazers are good for United, if you cant, dont quote anyone ever again. Dare?

  31. King Eric says:

    Oh it’s Mr positive CC. You’re getting boring pal.

  32. King Eric says:

    The whole Green and Gold thing was fucking embarrassing three seasons back. Looking like Norwich City fans. Really did the trick that didn’t it? Red Knights my fucking arse. Cringeworthy.

  33. Mav says:

    I just glanced at the comments, yes Kagawa was average but Jesus Christ, everyone here was saying how he wasn’t fit and to trust the coaches, so how the hell can people come now and slag him after one game when he clearly isn’t fully fit.

  34. mjcRED says:

    Sick and tired of all the fucking club debt merchants, constantly droning on about the woes of the balance sheet. If this really is the sum total of your worries, you my friends lead a fucking charmed life.

    Tie another knot in your green and golds and go try newtons law of gravity from the nearest suspension bridge you boring bastards.

  35. RedSenna says:

    Haha Magic Messiah Mou showing his true excellence with a opening loss home against Basel. Are they going the same fate as United did when we had the easy group? It’s the Basel curse!

  36. Squeaky says:

    All I can do is take Ferguson’s word. He looked at it and said they were good owners. Full stop. If they really were destroying the club I can’t see Sir Alex fucking Ferguson not kicking up a fussand going public. That man is Manchester United through and through. For sure he was paid well, but he sacrificed time away from his wife and family, delayed medical operations, etc, just to put 100% into OUR club.

    If his word isn’t good enough re the Glazers I don’t know what to say? Some mugs reckoned he was just keeping his job but considering how soon he planned to retire that makes fuck all sense now. Didn’t make fuck all sense then either. Its a disrespectful thing to casually allege.

    All I know is our financial situation is better than any of our rivals including Barca & Real. We’re not semi-nationalised institutions propped up with tax payers money, we don’t have a sugar daddy, & we don’t have a bunch of rival multi-millionare shareholders holding up every single decision/transfer depending on how it effects their dividends.

    All this financial stuff is way over my head anyway, I don’t have a fucking clue. Its very complex. But if Alex Ferguson didn’t have a problem with them, neither do I.

  37. mara says:

    I watched Napoli-Borussia…great football. Two players were great. Inigne from Napoli, was like from other planet. All players they bought were fantastic. Higuain is real force. and Aubeyamang is fast like light, cant belive, he overran player like he is standing.

    Hihihi Chelski lost from Basel

  38. MAN to the UNITED says:

    @Jesr Olsen

    Can people not read what im fucking saying or something!!

    Jesr Olsen says:
    @Man to the United……If you think Kagawa is an average player then you’re off your trolly…….Smashing player who posses skill and ability far greater than most in his position…….He had a poor game last night IMO but that hardly makes him average now does it….

    I agree with everything you have said and you have said pretty much exactly what i said in my post!
    This is what i said’

    MAN to the UNITED says:
    @ costas

    I think you miss understood what I was saying. Before the game several people were giving Moyes stick for not playing Kagawa so far. (Although there were genuine reasons for this)
    For him to then play and come out with a performance like that, he had a poor game and underperformed to what he is really capable of. U said it yourself he’s short of match fitness as well. I know as much as the next person he is a great player, and at no point did I say Young should start over him.

    So I’m not talking shit and to anyone that thinks Kagawa had anything more than an average game needs there eyes tested.

    But to make my point clear Kagawa is a great player and I believe he will be a key to our success this year.

    So in what point in this post did i ever say Kagawa was an average player?! He had a below average performance game but that does NOT make him an average player overall!

  39. Axeman says:

    Whoever thinks our club is financially in danger is deluded and has no clue of how big business is run.

    EVERY successful company in the world carries debt on the books. Its efficient financing. You don’t want it to get out of hand where your debt is greater than equity, but a reasonable amount makes sense. When we had the PIKs it was slightly risky if we started failing on the pitch. Now the debt is easily under control and is a mere formality.

    And these morons who babble about money being taken out of the club. What the f&$^ do you think dividends are? That was money being taken out of the club when we were a PLC. Nothing has changed on that front. Our revenue has skyrocketed, but no the MUST propaganda just wants to spread negative BS.

  40. Gorse Hill Red says:


    1. No, a public company does not have to pay out dividends if it does not want to. In fact the equity that United sold off to the public had no dividends with. Ryanair and Apple operate the same way.

    2. United with there revenues and profits does not need a sugar daddy, instead off a vast proportion of the profit siphoning to the bank this can be reinvested back in the club.

    3. Your right there, if you Glaziers do sell then we are at the mercy of a new buyer and thus risky.

    You only have to look at the last seasons adventures in the transfer market to see we are not competing with other top teams around Europe and domestically. We have been advantaged to have the greatest manager in football but I fear financial constrains will start to show on the pitch.


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