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LIVE BLOG: United vs Chelsea

Tom Coast August 26, 201321:57

That’s it from me for tonight. Thanks for putting up with me through this. I hope I managed to keep you vaguely interested. I’ll be back soon, hopefully for a game with goals in it! Goodnight.

Tom Coast August 26, 201321:55

Wherever you are, take solace in knowing that you didn’t miss much. 7 shots on target all game and none of those were from inside the box.

Tom Coast August 26, 201321:53

2nd half was a bit more entertaining than the 1st (most things would have been) but I think most fans will be happy with the point and the clean sheet against a very attacking Chelsea.

Tom Coast August 26, 201321:51

Full time: 0-0.

Tom Coast August 26, 201321:50

30 seconds left. Corner for United after a counter attack. Mourinho tries to slow things down by bringing on Azpilicueta for Hazard.

Tom Coast August 26, 201321:47

Chelsea’s poor attempt to clear across falls to Evra, who attempts a volley but… well… It’s a Patrice Evra volley.

Tom Coast August 26, 201321:42

85th minute. Game seems to be petering out. John Obi Mikel about to come on for Chelsea. Mourinho will take the 0-0.

Tom Coast August 26, 201321:36

Welbeck off, Giggs on.

Tom Coast August 26, 201321:35

Giggs preparing himself to come on. Meanwhile, Rooney has yet another fierce long shot, forcing a good save from Cech.

Tom Coast August 26, 201321:29

Ashley Cole nutmegs Jones on the edge of the box, goes past him and then collapses looking for a penalty. Minimal contact and should have been booked.

Tom Coast August 26, 201321:26

We’re approaching the 70th minute mark and the game has definitely livened up nicely. This game has a goal in it, somewhere.

Tom Coast August 26, 201321:25

After viewing the replay of the Lampard hand ball, it seems that Lampard’s hand was indeed out and it probably should have been a penalty. A bit frustrating, that.

Tom Coast August 26, 201321:24

Valencia coming for Ashley Young for United

Tom Coast August 26, 201321:23

Rooney has another shot from far out after a very good touch and turn. Cech saves with ease.

Tom Coast August 26, 201321:20

Huge claims for handball by the United players after Cleverley tries a volley from the edge of the box, which hits Frank Lampard. Atkinson says no.

Tom Coast August 26, 201321:18

De Bruyne has come off, Torres has come on. Chelsea finally have a striker on the pitch. Schurrle has moved out to the right to accommodate the Spaniard.

Tom Coast August 26, 201321:18

This game seems to have livened up. Chelsea break 2 on 1 and Schurrle smacks the bar but it doesn’t matter as he was flagged offside prior to the shot.

Tom Coast August 26, 201321:17

Cahill. Yes, Gary Cahill, has a shot from 30 yards out. Saved by De Gea to his left.

Tom Coast August 26, 201321:14

Lovely work from Wayne Rooney on the edge of the box, who faints to pass it wide but sneakily slots it through to Welbeck. Danny controls, turns and manages to hit it over the bar from about 10 yards out. This is better.

Tom Coast August 26, 201321:09

And as I write that, Chelsea attempt to break. It comes to Hazard who shoots along the ground from 25 yards. De Gea drops down and hugs the ball safe and sound.

Tom Coast August 26, 201321:08

United seemingly up for this 2nd half. 90% of the first 5 minutes has been spent around the Chelsea box.

Tom Coast August 26, 201321:04

And we’re underway for the 2nd half.

Tom Coast August 26, 201320:57

The midfield has coped rather well. Lots of 1st time passing but no breakthrough. Valencia seems to be far more confident this season and actually look threatening when on the ball. Something needs to change, though.

Tom Coast August 26, 201320:54

Possession: United 56% – 44% Chelsea

Shots: United 4-4 Chelsea

On target: United 1-2 Chelsea

Tom Coast August 26, 201320:53

1st half stats coming up. Don’t get too excited.

Tom Coast August 26, 201320:47

And there’s half-time. Not a lot to talk about other than whatever you’re doing at work/home/wherever is probably a tad more exciting than this game.

Tom Coast August 26, 201320:47

Only 1 minute of added time (as nothing’s actually happened).

Tom Coast August 26, 201320:45

Oscar seems to be the only one willing to shoot in the Chelsea team. Has another low shot from the edge of the box saved by De Gea. Nothing to worry about.

Tom Coast August 26, 201320:40

Cleverley has a pop from 20 yards with his left foot after some passing in and around the Chelsea box from United. As per with most Cleverley shots, it’s not on target

Tom Coast August 26, 201320:34

And there it is. De Bruyne is the first player to go into Atkinson’s book after tripping up Van Persie. However, the young Belgian is bleeding from the lower lip after his challenge.

Tom Coast August 26, 201320:32

Valencia lucky to get away without a yellow after a slide tackle on Oscar. That’s one let off for each team from Martin Atkinson. The 1st yellow isn’t far away.

Tom Coast August 26, 201320:30

Rooney has a pop from the edge of the box but the ball is too close to his body and he can’t generate much power. Comfortable for Cech. Great first touch from Wayne prior to the shot, though.

Tom Coast August 26, 201320:25

Robin van Persie tries a venomous shot from a tight angle but hits the side netting. Despite Chelsea’s shots, United look the more likely to make something happen.

Tom Coast August 26, 201320:23

Chelsea have their 3rd shot of the game (forgot a very speculative Ivanovic 35 yard attempt). Oscar from distance but it goes well wide.

Tom Coast August 26, 201320:22

20 mins in and only the 1 shot. United have had 57% of the possession. Quite dull at the moment.

Tom Coast August 26, 201320:17

Very late challenge by Ashley Cole on RVP. Martin Atkinson trying to keep things civil and just has a word with him. Probably was a yellow card.

Tom Coast August 26, 201320:13

First corner of the game for Manchester United. RVP whips it in but Terry heads the ball away.

Tom Coast August 26, 201320:12

We have our first shot. Oscar with the attempt after De Bruyne whips the ball in and Ferdinand clumsily clears it out to the Brazilian. He shoots straight at De Gea and the goalkeeper comfortably catches it.

Tom Coast August 26, 201320:10

We’re into the 9th minute and not a lot has happened. Rooney, however, looks very up for this, tracking down most balls.

Tom Coast August 26, 201320:07

The home fans singing “Sit Down Mourinho”. José acknowledges the chant with a cool wave from the touchline.

Tom Coast August 26, 201320:04

Fantastic to see from Welbeck. Loses the ball with a sloppy pass after a good spell of possession but he tracks back and tackles Oscar to win back the ball.

Tom Coast August 26, 201320:01

Chelsea have the kick off. Oscar and Schürrle get the game under way, and we’re off!

Tom Coast August 26, 201320:00

If you weren’t aware of it yet, a “The Chosen One” banner has been put up. Needless to say, it looks a bit naff.

Tom Coast August 26, 201319:58

Moyes walks onto the pitch to a fantastic reception.

Tom Coast August 26, 201319:56

United bench: Lindegaard, Smalling, Buttner, Anderson, Giggs, Young, Kagawa

Chelsea bench: Schwarzer, Azpilicueta, Essien, Mikel, Mata, Lukaku, Torres

Tom Coast August 26, 201319:55

No recognised striker in the Chelsea team. Schurrle will probably end up as the most forward of the 3.

Tom Coast August 26, 201319:54

Chelsea XI: Cech, Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry, Cole, Ramires, Lampard, De Bruyne, Oscar, Hazard, Schurrle

Tom Coast August 26, 201319:54

The news everyone had been waiting for. Rooney starts. Big statement from David Moyes, especially after the week of Mourinho mind games regarding the player’s situation at the club.

Tom Coast August 26, 201319:53

United starting XI: De Gea; Jones, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra; Valencia, Cleverley, Carrick, Welbeck; Rooney, Van Persie

Tom Coast August 26, 201319:50

Apologies for the delay. Technical issues. If you’re stuck at work and can’t watch the game, I’ll be your host tonight. Kick off in 10 minutes. Team news to follow.

Tom Coast August 26, 201319:47

Hello and welcome to Manchester United’s first game of the season at Old Trafford! I hope you’re excited because, well, you should be!



  1. scholes says:

    Situation of our ecquador winger has perplexed many. there are whole panorama of views regarding whether he has regressed, is one trick pony or oppositions have found a way to tackle our RW. in my view valencia is same barring confidence. other points of concern are

    1) Our legend a certain guy who used to wear 18 shirt is gone. without his quick diagonals valencia’ s speed (his most potent weapon) is not utilized
    2) from sometime, valencia has stopped putting hopeful crosses (majority of crosses are hopeful)
    3) he is getting double teamed due to lack of pace
    4) valencia now seems to have developed belief in ‘blasting’ crosses (no trajectory) and overusing it
    5) i think he has been asked to retain possession

    most important and abundantly visible is lack of confidence. hopefully AV25 would get it back and early

  2. WeAreUnited says:


    Look I get what you’re saying and I know you have championed him and supported him and know his abilities, but since Klopp tapping him, you’ve been “against” him. Yes he has and probably is fighting for his place cause he’s a winner, the thing why I am saying this and having no influence obviously on team selections, but I truly hope that Moyes does not get blinded by Rooney and remembered there’s others waiting for their moments. I think Moyes has handled the WR-saga very well but I talk for the future.

    As for the style of play, of course players have to adapt, but simetimes football eevolves and we need to use players properly, so maybe change style is not the right way to say it, but then again Moyes is doing slowly doing the change so we just have to wait and see.

    @IDWT I think we’re missing Kagawa and a winger.

    Look, I always backed rooney , and will do it again if stays and respects the shirt, but as great as rooney has been, his 2 seasons of over 25 goals have come when played as a lone striker and that’s occupied, when he’s been second striker he’s aa 10-12 goals a season player, nothing that Kagawa is not able too, and both can assist aswell.

    But that being said, I would prefer a line-up of kagawa rooney and rvp if they can click then tht’ s the best way. But to say we would overlying on rvp if kagawa plays is an overstatement, because kagawa provided so much at dortmund for lewandowski and he can do that to any of our strikers, but one thing I admit is that at the moment there’s only one place which is available for him and it’s the left spot.

  3. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Morning reds.

    If Fellaini signs for Man United’s, he will become Utds tallest ever outfield player. Let’s hope he proves me wrong about his ball skills. Hope it’s all a fabrication. But if not, then so be it. s

  4. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Lonestar – not saying throw them in that type of game but that they’re ready to be in the first team, getting games here and there and challenging. Nick powell can be that box to box central midfielder. 6ft plus, pretty good aerially, very mobile and can get up and down the pitch, passing is good too. His general technique is superb, he’s also a goal threat with his shooting and late runs. I think united need to accelerate his development along with the likes of januzaj, cole, lingard. They all have belief and confidence, they are ready to at least give senior players a run for their money. Henriquez looks top notch but has a battle breaking in as a centreforward, will keane still isn’t fit i’m presuming, any updates?. Tom thorpe looks like he might be ready for some cup games, maybe cameo appearances for starters. Andreas perriera is pushing too, I think these younger players are the best batch since the scholesy’s, their next steps is to prove it at an higher level.

  5. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Fergie has grafted to make sure a solid foundation is left to give the club a chance to preserve their stay at the club and to do that will be heavily influenced by younger players breaking through, united have so many.

  6. samuel - united WE stand says:

    WeAreUnited – hardly against him, I just say it how I see it, all the klopp situation didn’t seem right to me, having discussions with his former manager is fair enough but one that seems to want to try influence how united utilise a player they bought for 17mill is beyond me. Kagawa has only spent one season at united, he had a mis-match one filled with quality but he was also adapting to this league which is a lot tougher. He should focus and believe in himself, if he is good enough and top class consistently then he will play regularly. Yes, he did well for dortmund that’s the past, he needs to kick on and be influential. Personally think he should be given his share of opportunities and hopefully that will be as a kagawa at his best will benefit united. Rooney is a proven performer at the highest level, kagawa still has some way to go to even get close.

    When you say use players properly, I don’t get that. Do you think kagawa was going to come in from germany and waltz in easily to play as a number 10? Does he need to play there to be effective?. Kagawa can still be on the left but show quality, he will have license to roam about even though tactically, he will need to be on the left. I think he could even play deeper, kagawa can play several roles. He could improve his defensive side and shift out cleverly. Anyway, he needs to knuckle down and get on with it, pressure at united is always high and i’m sure he knew that when he turned up.

  7. glory Glory Holy Trin says:

    Fellaini – Situation when a massive hairball gets stuck in throat while performing fellatio.

    That guy is nothing but a giant hairball, comical stick. I dread the very imagination of this hairball bobbing around Old Trafford. Everyone’s eyes will be blinded by this thick mass of ugly hair which will engulf the universe.

    If man u sign this hairball, i hope they shave and eradicate its very existence.

  8. WeAreUnited says:


    I don’t know, you see the klopp tapping differently than me so we have to agree to disagree on tht.

    As for using him, no I did not expect it, why? Because we had rooney and rvp on top, so I always knew he’d be on the left roaming, using him means giving him the ball and a certain freedom that he needs, and I also agree that he can play a different role also.

    Best thing is that both of us want him on the team cause we know he’s a gem and can decide games, past is the past but we saw those glimpses. Maybe what irritated me the most is him not getting his chance against chelski, BUT. It’s only 2 games in and as I said earlier if Moyes can make Pienaar a decent player play/look like Iniesta, imagine what he can do to Kagawa.

  9. Ash says:

    glory Trin- Why dont you fuck off. You have nothing good to contribute. Just saying some rubbish things.
    Fellaini may not be Fabregas but he will be vet valuable to our team, especially in those european games where strength matters very much. I will be happy if we buy him

  10. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    @King Eric ok granted he’s not the finished product right now but He’s looked decent the few times I’ve watched him and I heard he was available for just 8 million pounds. Nah mate I won’t be losing sleep but I would have been happy if we at least made Monaco pay higher for him by showing some kind of interest. He’s a good midfielder and is just 20.

    As far as the whole Monaco mercenary thing, that is primarily being driven by his agent who wants maximum amount of fees from any move and seeing as Monaco was desperate, he was only too happy to push through negotiations with them.

  11. MAN to the UNITED says:

    @Glory Glory Holy Trin

    Another pointless comment you have made.
    I put stats on her about a week ago about Fellaini and how they are very similar to Fabregas. As much as i don’t like things that he has done in football, I think he would be a great asset to our team. Some people have said that he wouldn’t suit the type of football that we play, if he didn’t then we would mold him into the type of player we need.
    Patrice Evra was a Striker/Winger when he played in France, now look at him he is 1 of if not the best left back in the PL.
    Rafael Da Silva was a Right Midfielder before we bought him, and again now i would say he is 1 of if not the best right back in the PL.
    Wayne Rooney is a Striker but will easily put in a great performance anywhere in midfield.
    Phil Jones is a natural Center Back but is a great Defensive Midfielder.
    These are all things that we have molded in players, yes it might not be there favorite position or the style that they like to play but when needed they perform in those positions and get on with it.

    Fellaini would be a great asset to our team as he brings something different which can help in certain games but also could be molded if needed to play differently.

    Just because he isn’t a world class big worldwide name doesnt mean hes not worth buying. Again look at the Evra’s, Vidic’s, RONALDO’S, no one had even heard of them before they came to Manchester United, and look at them now……

  12. Little che says:

    I’ll say one thing for the late/lack of transfer business, it’ll make for one hell of a day on transfer deadline day. Being off work that day makes it ven sweeter. I’d much rather we had sorted everything out already, but it does make the last day a bit of a cliff hanger day.

  13. Chris says:

    I think Wayne was bang on with his summary of the game, while it wasn’t a bore fest it was obviously one of those matches neither team wanted to lose and lacked the intensity and sparkle of a game between two favourites for the title played later in the season.

    I thought that we looked pretty solid and didn’t really have any scares in defence which was great because Moyes will be trying to implement his own ideas and like the Fergie of old seems to want to start from a solid platform. Give it time and hopefully we will see the play become more expansive with players having learnt their roles and Moyes having learnt how best to deploy his team.

    I don’t get the hating of Shinji on here, he has had ONE injury hit season in the Prem, every man and his dog knows it takes players time to settle in in England. OK the German league is probably the closest to the Premier League in terms of its physicality but the lad needs, and should be given, time to settle in properly before we judge whether he will be a bust or flush. I don’t think SAF deployed Kagawa in his most effective position, i.e. behind RVP, and he did seem isolated shunted out to the wing, but if Rooney does go we do have his replacement sat there warming the bench IMO.

  14. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Don’t count fellaini as an unknown player, he’s been hyped up for the past 2 seasons despite him only getting rave reviews as a forward and not the central midfield he’s being bought for. I’ve debated fellajni to no end, personally don’t see what the fuss is, not bothered about it anymore, just like ashley young, I accept his arrival.

  15. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Kagawa can play anywhere across the forward line, how was he shunted there?. He plays there for japan with honda playing behind the striker yet he makes an impact, he’s given the license to roam, to get the best out of kagawa, he has to roam. People seem to think the team will evolve to adapt to kagawa but he is no ronaldo, he needs to get on with it.

  16. Chris says:

    It’s fine putting Kagawa out on the left if you then provide him with service which is not something we did with any great effect last season IMO.

  17. The One says:

    Gundogan bid?….Don’t believe all the trash you read; the media is very good at deriving their own conclusion from the most tenuous of hints (perceived or real) and the result is that United are “close to a bid for” or “preparing a bid for” or “eyeing” every seemingly good player from around the world. Mind you, if the media were even a fraction correct, we’d probably have signed a couple of players by now!!


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