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LIVE BLOG: United vs Crystal Palace



  1. mjcRED says:

    No intensity, dull, insipid and gutless. I realise we won 2-0, but come on? Where is the intensity and extra fitness that Moyes’ teams are renowned for. The speed of ball recycling and moving it around was abysmal. Once again the gulf in class and ability of the triumvirate of Carrick, Rooney and RVP is vast.

    Anderson was awful. I Must admit, I’ve been in the camp that has said give him more time, he’ll come good etc.. But today he was slow, ponderous and so off the pace it’s untrue. Equally shown up for being woefully out of depth was Valencia and Young. I’ve seen less predictability in route taken by a scalextric car. The guy fails to beat the first man every single time. Finally Ashley Young. What more can be said about this sly, cheating lightweight sack of shit. His on field antics and ‘gamesmanship’ is an absolute joke. That he continues to do it even after the bollocking from Fergie and embarrassment of last season is inexcusable. That he continues to walk into the team gives the most clear indication of how limited our options are.
    Once again, beyond the consistency of the top quality of the usual trio mentioned previously, another plus was the brief show of brilliance and excitement shown by Januzaj. This kid has that quality to w excite that very few in this squad will ever have.

    Is it me or do our performances seem more and more like Ingerlands with each passing one? So far things are going the same way as last season with the central themes of bland, passionless football reigning supreme. FFS United, show some intensity?!

    On the evidence shown so far, Leverkusen will be a difficult task to scrape a draw on Tuesday.

  2. mjcRED says:

    Team for Tuesday.
    This would offer pace, creativity, power and experience.
    There can be no room for Young, Valencia, Giggs, Cleverley or Anderson.





  3. Why dive? says:

    Young’s diving is fucking disgusting,,,time some one put a boot up his arse an sorted it out

  4. Red Devil Disciple says:

    Anyone know why Nani wasn’t playing or on the bench.

  5. The One says:


    A host of posters on here have selective vision that’s dictated by their personal preferences and biases, so they’ll choose to see what their heart tells them to see. You’ve got a really valid point there. Besides, It’s a long season and Moyes needs to use the squad and rotate players according to the opponents (like Ferguson used to) and make sure we’re still the freshest come the run-in. I believe we’ve been more successful than the rest over the past 3 decades because we’ve utilised the squad rather then rely on just the best players all the time.

  6. The One says:

    Mr C, the haters….yes, most people here have selective vision based on their personal preferences and biases….it’s been like this all along, you need to just ignore them or your blood pressure will certainly rise. And, I’m with you as regards that fat scouse tart; I’d rather see the back of him but not to any of our closest opponents though.

  7. Mr C says:

    @The One…I don’t rate either Rooney in his recent guise or our Premier League ‘closest rivals’ highly enough to be bothered where he fucked off too, decent player that he is. I think we’ve seen the best of Wayne. We have quality front players in some depth at the club and youngsters coming through. This would more than make up for the loss of Wayne’s services, such are they are, as well as his antics. I genuinely can’t see us making any significant progress in Europe if we rely on the likes of Rooney (and one or two others) as his game simply does not have sufficient craft or intelligence for the upgrade. Shame as the younger Rooney really was a prodigy. No surprise really that no European sides o/s the EPL made a bid for him, but hopefully it will serve as a wake up call to him and his agent.

  8. The One says:

    @Mr C, hahaha, looks like we’re not exactly on the same wavelength but it’s ok, we can always agree to disagree…

    While I agree with you that our main rivals are not quite as fearsome as the media would have people believe, I believe that our own position isn’t exactly optimal; we’ve just appointed a new manager who’s still getting to know his players and still in the process of stamping his mark. Overall, it makes for a more dicy situation than I would’ve like.

    I think shitty would have been more of a threat had they kept Mancini but as long as they keep chopping and changing managers, they can sign all the players they want and still won’t be a force at all. CSKA London, to me, has the potential to be real threat and for me, they are our main threat this term, so I wouldn’t want fat tart scouse to join them lest the new challenge might kick-start his form and tip the balance in their favour. Arsenal, with their acquisition of Ozil are the dark horses; to me, their main weakness is their defence which, if sorted, can make them a bigger threat than CSKA London. Spurs have just lost bale (whom they had been very reliant on last term) and have bought a host of players; I think they’ll be inconsistent and it’ll take a season or so for them gel. Liverpool = no chance at all right now; they be top of the table right now but it’s gonna be short-lived, so I won’t begrudge those scousers enjoying what is but a small thrill of hitting the dizzy heights, something they haven’t experienced for 2 decades.


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