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LIVE BLOG: United vs Newcastle United



  1. sir matt martin says:

    that was what the bookies are saying, so is just a retweet. if u cheak their tweeter handle you we see it there. so i repost it here to see what u guys think about the bookies?

  2. CTRED says:

    @wayne, re: other teams treating United like it’s a cup final, that is for sure and point taken. I would expect Villa to be well up for it at home and slightly different proposition to what Fulham faced at their patch.

  3. wayne barker says:

    erm i’m confused thought a tweet was 140 characters not 6 sentences lol,just one lie after another

  4. sir matt martin says:

    offcos vila will be up for it after all its the rite time to play united under moyes.

  5. wayne barker says:

    just like any troll avoid answering the questions there’s been some despicable cunts on here but no one who’s gone after anyone’s family
    Answer the fucking question a tweet isn’t 6 sentences

  6. wayne barker says:

    hey fucktard want to explain how a retweet can turn into 6 sentences,still waiting here

  7. Sparkz says:

    You can slate Moyes – and yes he has made mistakes – but there are some underlying problems with this squad. Our standards have been slipping for a few years and only now we can’t paper over it.

    And forget this “oh but we won the League by 11 points last season” – there were 3 key reasons we won the title last year:

    1) The genius of Fergie….no longer there
    2) Fortunate that RVP and, in particular, Carrick, stayed fit all season….no longer the case
    3) The fight and will to win that our players had….no longer there.

    That last point is the most damning for me. We just don’t have that intensity about us. In particular the senior experienced guys. Note how our best players this season (Rooney, Adnan, Jones, De Gea) have all been the guys who had something to prove. Whereas guys like Evra, Vidic, Rio and Carrick (when he was fit) seem to have eased off. No heart whatsoever. They’ve won a shitload of trophies, and now they’re in a comfort zone. We never saw it before because they had the fear of Fergie behind them but since he’s left they’ve taken their foot off the gas.

    Now maybe Moyes deserves some blame for that. Maybe he’s unable to get them motivated and to a high intensity i.e. AVB when he was at Chelsea. But these senior guys need to take responsibility too.

    I also feel Moyes was shafted by people who needed to back him. He was shafted by Fergie, who left him a squad that had some glaring issues. No way should Manchester United go SIX YEARS without signing a centre mid, esp when that’s our weak spot. No way should Manchester United be in a position where we have to keep playing a left back who can’t defend any more because we have no quality replacement. No way should Manchester United be in a position where an injury to Carrick turns our midfield to dust. Fergie wanted a smooth transition for the new manager? Then he should have sorted this a while ago (and as great as he was – if RVP and Carrick had been injured last year, I don’t think we would have won the League). In his last home game, in the programme notes he wrote that it was important to leave behind an organisation in the best possible shape. Commercially maybe but not footballing wise. Look who we brought off the bench to save the game yesterday – 2 average players + a youngster fresh out of the Championship!

    Credit to Moyes who actually recognised these issues and attempted to do something about it. He went after quality midfielders, he went after left backs who aren’t washed up and over the hill like Evra. Through a combination of shoddy work by Woodward, and possibly indecisiveness from him – he didn’t get them.

    Yes Moyes has questions to answer – is he able to motivate well enough? Are his tactics too rigid? Are his training methods too intense for the over 30′s (note how Rio, Vidic, Carrick and RVP all picking up constant injuries). But there are others that need blame directed at them too, and atm Moyes needs support.

    The only good thing about this wretched season is that some of the plastics will jump off the bandwagon. And the Glazers will recognise that investment is needed. And I know January signings are a risk but we need new blood ASAP otherwise we could miss out on the top 4.

  8. sir matt martin says:

    Yea thanks mate@united am goin true it now what a low life that grandpa truly is. this is what i saw
    NBI Red Onion says:
    @ wayne – you are moron, lonely
    old man in Canada with no life
    always trying to beat people up
    and being a cyber warrior, last
    time you attacked Denton and the
    list is endless, seriously grandpa,
    you need to get off the happy pills
    and relax, I have been on this site
    a lot longer than you and your
    thug type of keyboard warrior who
    thinks their opinion is right. Go get
    your prostrate checked. I have to
    admit, I do feel sorry for you.
    And fuk you if you think fans can’t
    be upset Rene is leaving, that does
    not mean they don’t rate Moyes,
    and if its true he wanted Rene to
    stay then he rates him too, MOST
    real United fans – go on any blog –
    appreciate what our back room
    staff did and no one is happy to
    see our backroom staff go, Phelan
    may have divided opinion but
    Steele was class what he did with
    De Gea, even learning Spanish, and
    turning him into the top keeper in
    the league. What the hell is your
    problem is people support our
    staff and appreciate them – have
    you read the topic on this thread
    you freak???

  9. Marko Maric says:

    Allegedly, we want Strootman for 35 millions euro. Last time our biggest fans King Eric and Wayne, said he is shit, not good, “who is he” bla bla bla…now he is good, and playing in “stupid league, slow, not strong like PL….but from once he is good enough…
    Unfortunately, we have scouts like those 2 our fans, who cant recognize good from bad player …we buy when price go up. We could buy him for 17 milions

  10. Walata10 says:

    @ Sparkz

    Upfront i’ll declare that i think Moyes is the reason why we are in the spot we are in & i think he should go for many reasons. I am curious to know why you think he should stay other than “Sir Alex told us to support him” & “We are Manchester United; we don’t sack a manager mid-season”.

  11. wayne barker says:

    Marko Maric i never pass comments on foreign players so you want to come after me post the quotes,another fucktard making his way onto the blog.Why do all you cunts have to lie and then made out to be just fucking idiots with an agenda

  12. sir matt martin says:

    @ Marko Maric
    that is what thy truely are. u cant blame wayne he is old anyway not his fourt. old grany with no shame.

  13. CTRED says:

    @Sparkz, I am with you on the idea that the manager needs support. Regardless of how you feel about him, it is not going to do anyone any good to ramp up the pressure and make his job harder. Agree or disagree with him, he should be back for now, or at the very least not subject to boos or more pressure.

    That said, I think it is not correct to suggest that he has been shafted, least of all by Fergie. The club drew up a list of targets to strengthen that they had been working on for the previous 2-months, which included due diligence items such as making sure it was actually a player that would sign, and also ensuring they had the right mentality. That list included CMs, RB and CBs. Moyes chose to not pursue any of them because he “wanted to get to know the players” before making any major signings. He said that himself. Not to mention the hubris of chasing Fabregas. Secondly, Moyes dispensed with the entire backroom staff that Fergie recommended he keep. These are just two items but there are many more. His signings were all his own as well.

    No, the fact is Moyes is an independent man and wanted to succeed or fail on his own terms. He made these decisions and now he has to live and be judged by them. He likes to claim that he is managing the champions and that he has not changed anything, but that is not correct. Sure, give the manager time, but once he took these decisions the clock should be shorter in my opinion. The old saying “you broke it, you own it” applies here.

  14. wayne barker says:

    dumb ass you’ve said you’re a Utd fan before i was born now you’re calling me a granny.Lol you thick cunt.If you’re going to lie all the time maybe have a script in place instead of making yourself out to be a total cunt,just couldn’t make up how fucking stupid you are

  15. sir matt martin says:

    I think we shuld try and get strootman next surmmer.

  16. Sparkz says:

    @CTRED – Yes but those positions should have been sorted out long before. Shouldn’t be in a situation where targets have been identified but can only be implemented when Fergie has retired and a new manager (who may have his own ideas) will come in.

    Moyes shouldn’t have been in a position where he came in, looked at the squad, and had to make major signings. As I said – six years between us signing centre mids. A left back who’s been seriously on the wane for a number of years. A style of football that’s been deteriorating since 2008. That’s not down to Moyes or even Woodward. That’s down to the men who were in their positions previously.

    Moyes has made mistakes, no question. There’s question marks over his signing of Fellaini, his tactics, his motivation. But in all honesty, I think everybody expected him to make mistakes early on in his reign. What he needed was full support from the board and senior players – which he hasn’t got. What he needed was a smooth transition rather than the hole filled squad Fergie left him.

  17. sir matt martin says:

    @ Sparkz
    i think people still blame moyes for sacking the whole tecnica crew, at old traford.. one of the best in the world these are people who help to shape united been the best in the world.. and coming in with his championship tecnica crew. and an average mid table team mentality now what do u call that.

  18. Tommy says:


    I must reply to one of your comments when you said Rafa and Valencia were to blame for Evertons winner, Rafa was off the pich and Valencia was moved to RB halfway through the 2nd half

  19. sir matt martin says:

    Valencia was ballwatchin too.

  20. icebergtz says:

    So Jonny Evans says the squad lacks confidence. That’s not good!
    Moyes was never my first or second choice but he is here now so let’s all get behind the team.

  21. losomanutd says:

    A fan in my country committed suicide after the loss to newcastle, he threw himself off the 7th floor of a building landing on his head.Guess it was too much to bear


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