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LIVE BLOG: United vs Real Sociedad



  1. reddevil says:

    Where the fuck is moyes out bandwagom.
    And that sucker of almighty proportions ” the truth”.
    I have never met a more bitter and disgntled man om internet. The true epitome of insanity and supidity

  2. Sushi says:

    Hes a cunt of the highest order that’s for sure. Fucking hypocrite contradicting himself at every turn.

  3. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Matty – perhaps but you could argue young’s played in a 442 for villa and was decent for them but from the minute he was linked to united, it.made no sense. I think.the rigid system is holding partly holding.players back but looking at young, at 28 and at his peak, he should be hitting his best consistently but just don’t think he has the overrall quality and maybe the mentality to grab a game for united and maybe i’m being unfair and he is just a squad player and has something to offer but you could argue he is blocking the squad place of another top younger player. He is not bad, his level is probably westham etc….

  4. Sushi says:

    As for Rooney ABU scum need to shut the fuck up and Rooney should just tell them to fuck off next time they bring up this shit again.

  5. martin the Nairobian says:

    Anyone else notice how we create numerous chances when kagawa is on the pitch? leverkusen sociedad,Liverpool cup?
    This kid could be the answer to all our final third problems. Januzaj and kagawa combination makes my mouth water.His deft touch ,swift turns, vision and control are a beauty to watch.
    He MUST start behind the striker vs stoke.Build his confidence. Big question is, does moyes have the balls to rest either Rooney or RVP?? We have had the Rooney n rvp combination for a few games and simply it doesn’t click.
    Time to try something new.

  6. Fibes says:


    I agree 100% – while we’ve started slowly #21 really isn’t that far away. We’re progressing, and for all the lacklustre results there have been some excellent moments. I fully expect Arsenal to slip up a plenty as the season wears on, City I don’t think have the character to go on and do it. Spurs have spent the Bale money well but I wonder if they really have the steel to push on. Chelsea are perhaps a dark horse but only if they sort out their striking problem in January. Oh, and not forgetting the scousers. It’s always their year.

  7. WeAreUnited says:

    @united till i die

    “I Can live with the missed chances Ina game like this as the goals willI come eventually. I can’t live with NOT creating any chances in games ”

    exactly, patient people, we have a lot of talented players, rvp rooney kagawa nani januzaj carrick valencia etc who can decide games


  8. WeAreUnited says:

    @samuel I agree about Young, he I think was ery good for AV, for us he started well, and ended ok, but your quote sums it all about Young.

    “he is just a squad player and has something to offer but you could argue he is blocking the squad place of another top younger player. He is not bad, his level is probably westham etc…”

    and he’s blocking for another top younger player is spot on!

    until he’s left, lets hope he hits top-gear for the last time for us.

  9. WilliamAR says:

    I’m not going to get carried away and start thinking moyes has realised his best team or anything like that because it was just one game against poor opposition. I don’t believe moyes is the right guy for the job but that’s just my view. hopefully i’m proved wrong and I would willingly put my hand up and admit it but in all honesty I don’t think I am wrong, however felt we created a lot of chances tonight but was alarmed that we didn’t put a few of them away. I felt shinji proved a point to Moyes tonight so I was glad for him.

    As I said before in earlier threads, I know we have very good players who are capable of beating top sides and winning trophies, but Moyes has to realise that in the league his approach isn’t working and that he is not Everton manager anymore. I’m glad he didn’t play fellaini today and I think even the guys who were rating fellaini before would admit that he really isn’t the class for a top team. he’s lazy slow and sluggish as i said quite a while back and I think so far i’m being proved right unfortunately as we all want new signing to do well. hopefully moyes realises how much slower fellaini is to united’s game soon. hopefully Shinji will get more games now and hopefully moyes in January will stop chasing bargains and just stump up the appropriate offers for good players.

  10. John says:

    Top 4 is not out of reach if we can build on todays’ “performance” but I think stoke game will give us the clue in the league..Shinji Kagawa today showed why Moyes was clueless to sideline him!!..may be we won’t be 8 points behind Arsenal had Dithering Dave used Kagawa and chica well..zaha is the other one..

  11. FletchTHEMAN says:

    The Truth.

    Agreed. Fergie never said Rooney put in a “formal request” from what I have seen. But Rooney has not denied that he never went in and said he wanted off. So there is room for improved transparency on both sides it would seem.

    Rooney has always been half right but Totally wrong for me about the entire fiasco.
    Getting terrible advice from Stretford hasn’t helped.

    Does this puts a glimmer of hope that Rooney can really push on? Who knows.
    Contract up this year. Could leave on a free this summer.

    Personally hope he develops a bond with Moyes and buries the hatchet and apologizes to the dressing room.
    Be brilliant if we could get games like today and a smile on his face.

    Know that’s not everyones cuppa. Just my opinion.

  12. WeAreUnited says:


    what you rambling about eh?

    top four is not out of reach? ohh shut up already. top 2 is not out of reach. Arsenal will not continue their form like always and chelski with city are not far off 5 and 6 points behind. City already lost to cardiff and AV.

    yes shinji showed moyes how to play, but instead of Kagawa we have seen Januzaj, though I agree that kagawa should play more and as a 10, but it’s a dilemma.

    AS FOR Zaha, what has Zaha shown that he should have picked? okey fair, he’s not had chances, BUT instead of Zaha we have seen Januzaj, why don’t you talk about that? why don’t you praise Moyes about Januzaj ? so better shut it before you make a fool out of yourself (too late)

  13. Raging Bull says:

    United lose….we are shit. United win…we are shit. Welcome to 2013.

  14. Dazbomber says:

    Went tonight loved it a great atmosphere we did alright , we could not score in a brothel though . Get behind you team and your manager Mr David Moyes Show some respect.

  15. United till I die says:

    @ fletch

    Rooney still has 2 years left on his current contract. He couldn’t sign a pre contract with another team until January 2015.

    As for the interview Wayne handled the questions well so he deserves some credit fir that. He sounded more mature for taking the high road and not responding to SAF book comments.

  16. mara says:

    We didnt play bad, but not even close like we did it wit SAF. All big clubs scoreing few goals, only we score once against one of the easiest clubs.

  17. FletchTHEMAN says:

    United til I die.

    Quite right mate. Jun 30 2015. But something about the Bosman suggests he could go next year.
    Maybe not on a free so I stand corrected

    I agree with you about the interview. Sounds fairly level headed. But I am done making predictions about Rooney’s future after this year.

    I said last summer that I was confident Wayne would stay. I make no such predictions about next year.

  18. orez says:

    @ The Truth

    Keep up the posts man, one of the few rational people on this blog. I would have done the same, I am just too lazy to deal with so much delusion, just wanted to write a support post .

    The game wasn’t good at all and our finishing was abysmal. I am on the bandwagon that thinks that Moyes should be given at least 1 year, but man it’s becoming really hard to watch our games.

  19. martin the Nairobian says:

    Shinji kagawa voted the MOM on twitter and man united website poll.beating Rooney and Valencia to it.
    The fans really love this boy.
    Moyes open your eyes please and give him a run of 4-5 games in his preferred position and watch him wreck havoc like the likes of ozil Silva and mata.

  20. United till I die says:

    @ fletch

    Might be something about him being able to buy out his last year of his contract because of his age and number of years at the club.

    Anyway he had another great game tonight linking well with Kagawa. I said earlier that RVP being injured might be a bit if a blessing allowing kagawa to get more playing time and letting Rooney play up as a striker. Tough decision for the boss at the weekend if RVP is cleared to play.

  21. The Truth says:


    Cheers mate.

  22. wayne says:

    John just give it a fucking rest,Kagawa played most of the summer came back late and had injuries to deal with plus Utd have a big squad that will always get rotated these constant attacks on Moyes is just becoming boring and the reasons making no sense

  23. wayne says:

    Plus because of Internationals Kagawa been flying half way around the world .the only clueless one is you Utd normally don’t get into the grove till those fucking games are done

  24. John says:

    @wayne..look today it was an improved performance as we all agree and it is 1 game after a set of games after leverkusen your excitment itself indicates we are performing badly on we have to look forward after another set of 7 or 8 match to see where the new average will come you can keep your judgmenj and i’ll keep mine…as for kagawa what you just said is what moyes told, so to counter your take i’ll say that Rooney too didn’t played preseason matches and came from Thailand injured!!

  25. wayne says:

    Not excited at all your assessment of why Kagawa hasn’t been getting games and Moyes being clueless is just wrong and shows how stupid and clueless you are

  26. Squeaky says:

    Good performance, yet another game where we created enough to score a lot more than we did. We’re s-l-o-w-l-y getting better. It’s 2 steps forward and 1 back at times but there you go. Moyes is learning more about the squad with each game. Everybody did themselves proud. Valencia was MOTM for me, he was class and the way he started the match was a big reason why we dominated the match. Giggs was a close second, he played the same role v Liverpool in the Cup. People writing him off don’t have a clue – his passing, work rate and leadership on the pitch is top drawer.

    I also liked the fact Moyes mentioned shouting at Rooney for giving the ball away towards the end. Lets say we conceded a sloppy late equaliser tonight, how fair would it have been to (jump on the ABU bandwagon and) blame Moyes when the team he selected (and their performance) warranted more goals? Said it the other day, better defending against a set piece and we’d be sitting more comfortably in the league.

    Im personally bored by the whole debate about the manager now – although I was never worked up about it in the first place. The odds of replacing Fergie & Gill without skipping a beat were always stacked against us, and Moyes was always going to be excessively criticised as well. But when you look at it objectively, we’ll be a force to reckon with once we get some BIG results behind us.

    And it will happen. We’ve got youngsters in every position and players yet to hit form. Our squad doesn’t get enough credit. As supporters, patience is key right now. Ferguson didn’t give that big speech for no bloody reason!

    Anyway, for what its worth, in an ideal world were ALL our players really are happy to be at Old Trafford (ahem WAZZA), im looking forward to seeing something like this some day this season.



    Januzaj Rooney Kagawa Nani


    Evra Evans Jones//Smalling Rafa


    or maybe 4-2-3-1


    ………Januzaj Kagawa Nani

    ……………..Carrick Fellani

    Evra Evans Jones//Smalling Rafa


    Our players know how to move around and cover for each other, so as long as everybody is giving their all, we have the talent to get results. Moyes is still getting a good look at the team and trying out his own game plan. We’ll soon start putting more goals past opposition. People & the press keep saying we’ve lost our fear factor but I bet at the back of their minds other teams are hoping they aren’t the ones to take that first battering under Moyes. It’s coming, and somebody is going to get it. The club will hit form sooner or later, too much talent in our squad not to, and Moyes isn’t a mug.

    But hey, if you feel the need to keep worrying, or ranting about the manager, or doubting our players – don’t mind me, we’ve all got our own opinions. Oh yeah, still undefeated in Europe.


  27. John says:

    @wayne.. So all it takes you is just 1 game to go over the roof or hide in your hole??

  28. TraffordLord says:

    The man looked at the squad he was left and said he would need 2 seasons to get thinks going. We should all try and support that.

    But if he tries to go back to form….that is 11 yrs of conservative play with 4-4-2 at Everton. Then please make room for unsatisfied fans.

    We got the win, yes the Spanish team we played are not pulling up trees in La Liga, and none of our attackers actually scored. But we got the point, we put in players with limited playing time, didn’t pick up any new injury. So all is well in line for Stoke.

  29. TraffordLord says:

    points..not point.

  30. wayne says:

    Again not making any sense

  31. John says: are a bastard!!

  32. Moringe says:

    Giggs was immense today,,really ? He did oky more than I expected I admit but still no warranted a regular place in the team,,

  33. The Truth says:


    “The man looked at the squad he was left and said he would need 2 seasons to get thinks going. We should all try and support that.”

    Why should we support that? What kind of manager looks at a squad of champions and says he’ll need two years to get things going? I won’t support such a pathetic attitude.

  34. wayne says:

    More than a bastard and Red through and through and don’t go into holes been coming on here for years been a Red since the 60′s and have no respect for phony little cunts like you

  35. Ash says:

    Truth John Orez

    You always find how to criticize our team and Moyes. Its no longer a mystery that you dont support Man utd. So pls stop with this bull shit and come say the real truth. Just rambling like you guys care about United so much that your lives depend on it. Stop it, its getting boring from you lot.

    Every fan today will appreciate our teams performance but you come here and say we were lucky to win, we would have drawn had it not been for an own goal. Fucking joke of a guys you lot are. By the way I was surprised you lot didnt show up during the match eventhough in all previous matches you guys have done, But then I realised we were playing well so you guys decided to hide. Earlier I used to get irritated seeing you lot post but now I find you guys funny. Its amazing we do have guys like you in our world.

    Keep on hating Moyes coz Moyes doesnt give a fuck about fans like you neither do real man united fans.

  36. scholes says:

    i hope our team fro now on will be


    rafa vida/rio evans/smalling evra

    carrick/fellaini ando/cleverly/jones

    nani/valencia kagawa(may be januzaj) rooney/januzaj

    rooney/rvp/ chicha

    and i have purposefully used single names where i see no better alternatives

    i am always of opinion that giggs should retire but today he played well (still a concern to use him in 2 man midfield, looked better when roo got behind)

    never been a kagawa apologist but he looked class. in some parts of the game we played like borussia dortmund (find them most exciting from past 3 years) because of kagawa. he looked like an elated and overjoyed kid when he was given central role. feel for the lad.

    chicha pressurized their keeper and played extremely well. his hold up play, ability to draw fouls were top notch. hopefully or wingers will use his penchant for running at near post better next time.

  37. Maltamanc says:

    Not a bad performance…. The result may be a bit misleading… Finally, at least we’ve seen some attacking football throughout the game even after we scored…. And we got glimpses of what Kagawa could do if he was played more often as an OM… Just needs to improve his finishing… Also good game for Giggs and Tony Valencia… Giggs did pretty well and Valencia was one of our best players on the pitch… I know I criticize them a lot, but credit where it’s due.

  38. Bobby Charlton's Combover says:

    At last some urgency about our play and some intensity and I think all players can say they had a decent game. We’re still poor in front of goal though and the referee was really poor. It’s shame that at this level there are still such poor displays of refereeing. The man was completely incompetent.

  39. mjcRED says:

    For the first time we’ve had a glimpse of a style of play that should give us the right blend of energy, subtlety and skill factor to pose a real real challenge. I think for now, RVP should be the controversial omission for our greater good. With him and Rooney, there are too many feeders and not enough suppliers. Rooney is the man in greater form and a wider array of general flexibility for the team. The key will be building on the Rooney/Kagawa axis. Get this right and the rest should hopefully fall into place.




  40. keanoisdaman says:

    john,orez the truth = boring bastards


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