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LIVE BLOG: United vs Sevilla – Rio’s testimonial

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:40

And with that, I bid you all farewell. Thanks for reading my debut live blog. Hope I didn’t bore you too much.

And make sure that you continue using Republik of Mancunia for all your United blog-reading needs :)

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:36

United will look a different side at Wembley, make no mistake.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:35

We must also remember that Rafael, Vidic, Evra, Nani, Chicharito, RVP and Rooney were all absent tonight

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:32

Some positives to take from the game – Januzaj’s performance, no injuries, the fact that Sevilla played very well at times (not much to do about that). I’m clutching at straws, I know.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:29

We must remember that it is just a testimonial and, but for the final goal, fans may have been a little more upbeat given the second half showing.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:28

Rio does not look happy. Neither does David Moyes.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:28

FULL TIME. United 1-3 Sevilla

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:27

Nearly 4 there. A mis-hit shot the only thing separating us from a three goal advantage for Sevilla.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:26

Henriquez’s compatriot Bryan Rabello with the goal. Looked like it might be offside but it’s a great call from the assistant.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:25

GOAL! 3-1 Sevilla.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:25

Approaching the 90th minute here. United hardly laying siege on the Sevilla goal.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:23

Zaha does brilliantly to fashion himself a chance from 20 yards out. His shot is just dragged wide.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:20

Free kick is straight through to De Gea.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:20

Sevilla keeping hold of the ball well here. Winning fouls to eat up time. They have a free kick on the near side which they are taking their time over.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:17

Rio is off for Jonny Evans. He gets a huge standing ovation.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:16

Corner makes it’s way through where De Gea saves a shot and Sevilla miss an open goal from 3-4 yards out.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:15

Sevilla making a change and they now have a corner. Just under ten mins to go.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:15

Januzaj looking so good. Can’t praise the lad enough for his performance tonight.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:14

Chances galore for United now. Zaha has a shot saved, Januzaj does wonderfully well to get past defenders in the box and plays the ball back to Buttner who has a shot blocked, as does Carrick.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:11

15 minutes to go here.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:11

Some great play by United but a ball across goal is just beyond the reach of Jesse Lingard.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:09

Zaha plays a decent ball out wide to Buttner but his shot goes over the bar.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:08

Sevilla have made another change.

Bacca has an attempt but it is blazed over the crossbar.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:06

Valencia appeared to dedicate his goal to his compatriot Christian Benitez, who was killed last week in a car crash.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:04

Great ball from Januzaj again but Lingard heads wide.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:03

Incidentally, Januzaj is exactly ten years younger than Ronaldo to the day.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:03

Januzaj looking very good. Not quite the excitement that came from Ronaldo ten years ago but similarities for certain.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:01

Goalscorer Valencia off, along with Anderson and Kagawa I believe.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:01

Zaha, Carrick and Giggs on.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:00

A mass of changes from United here before the restart.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201321:00

Terrific play from Januzaj in the build up. Has a shot saved by Beto, picks up the rebound, skips past the defender and plays a great ball across to Valencia who finishes with aplomb.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:59

GOAL! 2-1. Valencia!

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:58

Wilf Zaha is about to come on! I’m all excited again.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:58

Buttner does wonderfully well on the left hand side and gets the ball across into the area where efforts are blocked.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:55

Anderson gets forward again but Kondogbia makes a wonderful challenge. Moyes should sign him up, yes?

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:53

Marin gets into another great position but his effort is well wide.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:53

Not much really happening at the moment. Sevilla have made a change.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:50

United playing some pretty passes in midfield where they work it out to the right. Valencia’s delivery is poor though.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:48

Corner comes to nothing.

Must admit that Anderson hasn’t looked too bad, particularly in the early minutes of the second half.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:47

Anderson plays a ball out wide to Valencia who then wins United a corner.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:46

Januzaj receives the ball on the edge of the penalty area and tries to bend one past Beto. The ball goes just over the crossbar.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:45

Owen Hargreaves having a little moan on BT Sport that lesser squad players don’t receive medals at the end of the season. Wonder why that is close to his heart?

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:44

Anderson harries Kondogbia on the edge of the Sevilla box. The latter loses the ball leaving Kagawa in on goal but referee deems Anderson’s ‘challenge’ a foul.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:43

At least this means Kagawa is playing in a more familiar role.

Buttner is clattered on the near side. 48th minute.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:40

Januzaj appears to be playing as the lone front man with Kagawa just off him.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:40

Not 100% that leaves us with a striker…

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:39

They will replace Henriquez and Cleverley.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:39

Lingard and Jones coming on.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:30

Edwin van der Sar is on the screen. Can’t see his face without thinking of his screams of ‘Ja!’ after his save from Anelka in the European Cup penalty shootout.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:25

A break for a few minutes from me. I will grab myself a brew and freshen up. See you in 5 :)

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:24

A really poor opening half from United. Very few chances and when we have had chances, they have been wasted. Hopefully a Moyes team talk will have a galvanising effect on the side.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:21

HALF TIME. United 0-2 Sevilla.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:21

Anderson’s cross comes all the way through to Valencia on the right side of the penalty area. Valencia then hits a poor effort high into the crowd after cutting inside. Should have done better.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:20

Back to Kagawa, I remember hearing an interview with Dortmund manager Jurgen Klopp a while back where he expressed his dismay at the lad being played out wide.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:19

United exposed again on that right side. Sevilla work it down there again and Bacca hits a terrible effort over the bar.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:18

Shinji Kagawa is a wonderful footballer but just doesn’t look comfortable on the left.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:17

Henriquez looking isolated up front when Januzaj drops deep. Kagawa seems wasted out on the left.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:17

Considering the ability within this United side, none of the players (bar Januzaj) have done themselves any justice.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:16

Marin has been very bright for Sevilla. United’s best player has probably been Januzaj. Only player who seems to have had any fight within him.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:15

Sevilla work the ball out wide. The ball is played to Marin who has an attempt saved by De Gea onto the crossbar. Unlucky.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:14

This is pretty drab. Not much happening at the moment. Half time can’t come quick enough for United and David Moyes.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:12

Kagawa works the ball out to Buttner and his cross falls to Valencia who plays it back in and Kagawa’s header from six yards out is saved by Beto. He should have scored.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:09

Just over ten minutes until half time. Moyes going to have to make some changes here. United’s midfield completely overrun. Kagawa having no influence on the game.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:08

United have a free kick.

…which Anderson takes. Nothing comes of it.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:07

Kondogbia with some beautiful skill…in his own box.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:05

United break and Fabio’s ball into Kagawa isn’t controlled well and United win a corner that is subsequently played short and wasted.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:04

United seemingly missing Carrick’s methodical passing in midfield. Just can’t seem to get any hold on the game.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:03

Sevilla go close again soon after. Worrying signs here. Atmosphere is a little flatter now.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:02

Great interplay by the aforementioned three for that goal. Vitolo squared to Marin in front of goal. The Chelsea loanee made no mistake.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:01

A poor goal to concede. Great play by Marin, Bacca and Vitolo but United’s defence should be good enough to prevent a goal like that.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201320:00

GOAL! Marin. 2-0 Sevilla.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:58

Sevilla pressing again. But they concede a free kick on the edge of United’s 18 yard box.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:57

Very cool finish from Perotti there. De Gea perhaps at fault. Slow to get off his line.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:56

GOAL! Perotti. Sevilla lead 1-0.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:55

Sevilla holding onto the ball now and having a relatively decent amount of possession in the United half.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:54

Bacca gets into the box for Sevilla. He is brought down, no penalty given. Looked suspect. Clumsy challenge from Kagawa.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:53

Buttner gets forward immediately after but a poor ball from him goes out for a goal kick.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:52

Long range strike from Buttner is almost spilled by Beto but he hangs on.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:51

Another ball into the box from Sevilla is cleared again and United work the ball out wide to Valencia. His cross is poor and the ball is back in United’s midfield.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:50

Approaching the 15 minute mark here. Still 0-0.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:49

United attempt to work it into the box via Cleverley and Kagawa but it rolls out for a goal kick.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:48

United having a healthy amount of possession on the edge of Sevilla’s box here. Anderson wins a free kick approximately 25 yards from goal.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:47

Wonderful ball from Januzaj to Henriquez. One on one with the goalkeeper, but Beto comes out on top against the young Chilean.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:45

Every time United get beyond the halfway line, the crowd appear to be up on their feet.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:45

Marin breaks down the right for Sevilla and floats a ball into the box, nothing comes of it though.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:43

Not too much action here in the opening minutes of this game.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:42

Januzaj appears to be playing quite far forward, almost alongside Henriquez in attack.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:41

BT Sport appear to have a ‘Moyes Watch’ camera which appears at the bottom left of the screen. A little strange.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:41

Sevilla have a free kick which eventually results in Perotti placing another poor attempt wide.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:39

That corner leads to another corner, which is once again cleared.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:38

Corner cleared. Sevilla play the ball around at the back and bring it forward. Marin with some skill in the box which has resulted in another corner.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:37

Sevilla break on the left, Perotti has a tame shot that has deflected off Rio for a Sevilla corner.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:36

And we’re off. United kicking from left to right on the screen. Which leaves United attacking the Stretford End in the second half. Business as usual.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:34

So, three minutes past 7:30 and still no kick-off. Rio being presented with commemorative shields galore by the looks of it.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:33

If my ‘#ITK’ sources are correct, the ‘half-time surprise’ will not be a new signing/return of Ronaldo/a giant spaceship.

I’m told magician Dynamo, Boris Becker and Jimmy Nesbitt will be gracing OT with their respective presences. Not what was expected/hoped for, but a ‘half-time surprise’ it will remain.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:28

Sevilla actually played last night in a Europa League qualifier. They won 6-1.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:27

Sevilla lost Jesus Navas and Alvaro Negredo in the summer to our city rivals.

Marko Marin starts for Sevilla tonight. He is on loan from Chelsea after having very few chances last season for them.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:24

Sevilla side for tonight – Beto, Figueiras, Fazio, Pareja, Alberto, Medel, Kondogbia, Marin, Perotti, Vitolo, Bacca

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:20

My personal favourite Rio moments (and probably the favourites of most United fans) have to be his goals against Liverpool in two separate games at Old Trafford in 2006.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:18

So many times his defensive ability has got United out of crisis situations and his partnership with Nemanja Vidic has formed, arguably, the best central defence United have ever had.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:17

Rio has divided opinion amongst a lot of Reds for years. I must confess to being a huge fan.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:16

He’s helped United to win five titles, a European Cup, an FA Cup and three League Cups since then.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:15

So, now to the man of the moment. Rio signed back in 2002 and made an instant impact as we wrestled the title back from an excellent Arsenal side that next season.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:14

I’m assuming that the first game of the season against Swansea will see Carrick line up alongside either Anderson, Cleverley or *insert new signing’s name here*

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:11

Kick off is in 20 mins.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:10

Subs appear to be – Lindegaard, M.Keane, Evans, Jones, Carrick, Lingard, Bebe, Giggs and Zaha.

Not confirmed on BT Sport yet though.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:08

Anderson, who has looked leaner and much better this pre-season, will be one of the players most eager to impress.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:07

David De Gea aside, that is.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:06

Rio looks to be the only player who would be considered a certain starter for the opening game of the season.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201319:05

United’s line up – De Gea, Fabio, Smalling, Ferdinand, Buttner, Valencia, Anderson, Cleverley, Januzaj, Kagawa, Henriquez.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201318:59

United drew 1-1 last time out with AIK. It was a drab affair but young Angelo Henriquez impressed and bagged himself a goal in the process.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201318:54

United’s pre-season has been a mixed bag so far. 2 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses.

Unbeaten in last three though, so that’s a plus point.

Daniel Stapleton August 9, 201318:50

Hi there! Welcome to the live blog of Rio Ferdinand’s testimonial. 40 minutes until kick-off, so team news will follow shortly.



  1. Wee Toms Ligaments says:

    Rooney looking for a competitive match? I am starting to think that @Goat is correct in that United will sell Rooney to Chelsea on deadline day.

  2. King Eric says:

    Jorge. Why do you keep bringing that cunt Mourinho up? How’s he doing? Last I saw his nemesis Ronnie was putting a brace past his side. Why the constant question about Mourinho? Odd to say the least when they’ve hardly been pulling up trees pre season.

    To be fair NBI HAS been on here years and till other week never had a cross word with him.

  3. Greek (MU)djahiddin says:

    Pre-season is pre-season. Competitive games are a totally different story. We have to trust in Moyes and the players. We will watch a different United in few days, be sure about it. The truth is that, for the last three seasons, we have not been as good as we were back in 2010 and before. The post Ronaldo United is not the same, not exclusively because of missing CR. There are other reasons as well. Saying that, we have been and still are better than anyone else. It is entirely up to us to go and win it again.

  4. FletchTHEMAN says:

    NBI…. You may be right about reasons he isn’t in squad, but I can’t see us selling to Chelsea.
    Even IF it was to Chelsea, I feel 40m is no where near close what is needed.

    Wayne has won everything, he is guaranteed 20+ goals if played up front. But the piece nobody is considering is the value of an England man like rooney to Chavs bottom line. Rooney will englands headliner in next years WC and that alone will be worth 10m plus. If a pariah like Suarez is worth 40m to Arsenal, then Wayne is worth 50+ easily.

    That gets you to a valuation, but the side of it that should worry United much more is adding 20 goals to a rival like Chelsea and potenially loosing those yourself.

    Personally, I think we keep Wayne unless he goes to the continent. That’s my view on it.

    I’m with Gary Neville on this one:
    Gaz: “I don’t think there is a hope in hell that Wayne Rooney will be sold to Chelsea by Manchester United” this morning on Sky Sports

  5. Costas says:


    Nani was probably too eager to impress and stretched himself more than he should have. Hence, he got injured wthin 30 minutes. Just a theory on why he looked fresh in his first game back and why it didn’t last.

    Anyway, no arguement about Tom and Ando. Nothing wrong with their fitness. They don’t seem to click well togeter. Both need Carrick playing next to them. Just another illustration of how much we need him.

  6. King Eric says:

    Fletch. Alright mate. Is that what Rooney’s said about Ingerlund. On about being appreciated etc? Clearly a dig at United. Getting fucking sick of this cunt. Woy is on about ” banning” him talking to Rentboy players. What a joke. Way he’s behaving and behaved he’ll be right at home with his best pal Cole and Captain Leader Legend Cunt. Having said that I actually think he’ll still be at United next season. Aren’t gonna sell him to Chelsea for that derisory sum they offered. The media have mentioned Rooneys name everyday and frankly it’s pissed my summer off and winning number 20.

    Regards Janujaz was listening to Tom Thorpe and Vermilje saying how he has got much stronger. They teased him in his early part at United about how weak he was and say now he’s dishing it out to defenders. The kid is an unbelievable talent. Naturally gifted. Sure even Fergie said he’s best player he’s seen in academy and under 21 for years.

  7. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    @ Fletch – I am hoping Gaz is right. Hopefully his brother is giving him the inside line on this so it’s more than a feeling.

    With Rooney the one positive we can take is that by playing with the youth team he is at least in the right mental age group.

    One thing which I have always found odd about Wazza and I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but he rarely makes a fist, when he plays, hugs players etc, his hands are always open, floppy and fingers loosely apart, almost delicate and artistic. Always struck me as odd on such a squat beefy man.

    @ KE – OK lets call a truce.

  8. King Eric says:

    There is every chance Adnan WILL get a chance this season. He’s played a lot on pre season and been absolute class. Only reason he didn’t travel to Sweden is because he was playing in Under 21 Lancashire cup final. Another game where he was quality. Seems a great lad too.

  9. Dwaza1985 says:

    A lot of negativity here this evening. Just reading through Facebook just noticed this gem from one Wayne Rooney on his squad selection for the Scotland game…’big thanks to Roy Hodgson for selecting me and showing his faith and support, appreciate it.’ Maybe I’m reading into this too much, but is this a thinly veiled attack on Moyes? I have never seen Rooney comment on getting selected before. Is he having a go at a perceived lack of support from United? Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.

  10. King Eric says:

    NBI. No worries. As I say you’ve been on here years and only had one or two cross words. Never had a problem with you to be honest. Oh I agree and said same to Kings, Rooney being the scouse cunt he is, is playing the victim card. Total disrespect as you say to the likes of Sir Bobby.

  11. soccerisfootbal says:

    right, positives.

    we need to sign adnan on a longer deal. he’s looked real quality out there but i’m sure he was the youngest player on the pitch tonight. tender age of 18. i hope people got a good look at kongdogbia. big strong confident player. sort of skillful but he’s got a long ways to go before he’s a top player. he held his own out there, and during the u20 world cup for france. i’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot about him in the near future.

    i think ando’s fitness is coming along nicely. he put in a few 90 minute games so far and now he’s got 60+ minutes again today. cant say the same for the big guns, and i am a little worried they will be mostly going into the season unfit despite the really difficult start.

    valencia with a goal. yeah it’s a tap in and yeah he missed an open-looking net with a left foot effort but it’s good he’s getting into the good positions around the box to score. He also put one on a plate for shinji, which is nice. he still looks awfully predictable and he may have lost a bit of acceleration but im glad he’s gotten some minutes under his belt.

    i think we put out a slightly weaker side because of the Com shield but also because so many of our players will be off on international duty again midweek. i’m really starting to hate the english FA and fifa and whoever else is in charge of these stupid friendlies right before the start of the season when teams need to put final touches on preparations.

  12. King Eric says:

    NBI. Ha. Amusing comment about Rooney’s hands. Hadn’t noticed that, will watch for it now.

  13. Tom says:

    Dear Moyes if reading this please buy a DM because it’s embarrassing to see a team of united calibre being exposed at the back due to lack of protection

  14. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Wonder what “triple play” bet odds you can get for Rooney, Suarez and Bale to all stay at current clubs.

    Just sayin, might be worth a punt.

    Right so Boris Becker was the big surprise? :roll:
    Help us! I need footy bad!

  15. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Tom McDermott ‏ says Arsenal will bit for Rooney now that the Uruguayan is off the menu.
    We will see.

  16. FletchTHEMAN says:

    It would be absolutely mint if we exchange best players (Rooney for RvP) and they fall out of CL & top 4.

    Right you red beauties. I’m off for some kip.

  17. LexxytheRed says:

    Few points to note

    One, I hope Moyes is not buying this “its pre-season bull. The alarm bells are ringing loud for those who have hears! Fergie would have seen the level of levity we are approaching games, hope Moyes is watching too.

    Two, only one positive from today’s match, just one and that’s Adnan Januzaj. That kid can play and he MUST be in the first team this year or else we can just lock up the academy.

    Three, if we play like this on sunday! A motivated Wigan team will have us simple, also I was furious why Fergie wasn’t playing Cleverley a lot last season but it is crystal clear now, he just isn’t good enough and that Kondogbia kid gave him and Ando a footballing lesson today like every other midfielder we’ve played so far.

    Roll on Sunday


  18. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    @ Fletch – I can’t see us selling to Chelsea. Arsenal for £40mn cash plus £10mn add ons….??? But they are a rival too. Problem is we have no time to buy. Moyes said in a recent press conference that we will see new players come in. Those can only be MF or possibly a defensive signing. Fellani is a buyable, Baines I don’t think they will sell or that he wants to move. Fellani’s possession stats have put me off a bit though. No way will RM really pay £100mn for Bale. If they do they are nuts. They may soften up Spurs and go for him next year. Ideal would be a Rooney swap for Bale but that won’t happen.

  19. roflater says:

    Such a ‘open’ nod-and-wink disrespect to the club from Wayne. Sell the —-. Don’t even care if it’s to Chelsea at this point (we don’t worry about other clubs, that’s not our style – we focus on ourselves and winning the next game, that’s how we win title after title – it doesn’t matter how strong a rival is, or the nominal disgrace to selling to a rival – just get rid of him).

    Use the money (along with the rest of the millions we have, catching dust in the transfer kitty) to buy some real re-enforcements (one’s that are obtainable – I’m not talking fanciful advances to settled players like Schweinsteiger and a embarrassing charade with players like Fabregas).

    This is looking up to be a frustrating transitional season.

  20. Random says:

    Daniel Stapleton 5 hours ago
    Owen Hargreaves having a little moan on BT Sport that lesser squad players don’t receive medals at the end of the season. Wonder why that is close to his heart?

    Nice one. The guy has two Champions League medals, lets not forget that too.

    Whatever be the negativity around Owen Hargreaves, the guy was an extremely talented and gifted player and athlete, had the work-ethic to match and a huge desire to succeed. Ticks every fucking box for me. I hate people shitting on him, in general.

    And his commentary was quite good. Good to have insight from someone who has played at the very top level.

  21. samuel - united WE stand says:

    “very talented and gifted” calm the hype around hargo. He was energetic and strong, box to box good midfielder, mainly a destroyer on the pitch. Let’s not get carried away now and he does have slight bitterness in him for whatever reason.

  22. samuel - united WE stand says:

    And I agree with those words about adna, the lad is a class act and looks like one those very talented players that get quickly fast-tracked to the first team. He’s blended in brilliantly with the senior players. Such a beautifully balanced player, as technically gifted as it gets. First touch is superb, passing is inventive and creative, he can ping them.long or short, he can threaded an eye of the needle one. He’s not blistering fast but still got a burst of pace, a guile that gets players struggling to catch up with him. Very skillful and intelligent on and off the ball. He will create or score, the lad can control games as a playmaker further forward. I think as he gets more experience, his confidence will grow, his performance vs sevilla, a proper good team in spain. I think united to solidify that midfield in order to get the likes of januzaj playing freely, he’s a playmaking star in the making. The lad also has a terrific work-rate too, bumping players off the ball that are possibly stronger, closing opponents down. He’s been schooled with the united mentality, he won’t get carried away and will hopefully be ready for his next chance. Think he’s given himself a big chance of game time against wigan, definitely will give some so called senior players a run for their money. Alongside zaha, lingard, cole, powell, henriquez. These lads have quality in abundance and self belief, they may not start regularly this season but they’ll get games and get stronger.

    Another word for anderson too. People complain about his defensive side but that’s not really been his game, he’s more efficient breaking forward and creating but suppose he does need to work harder tracking back, he has to do his fair share.

  23. samuel - united WE stand says:

    One thing which I have always found odd about Wazza and I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but he rarely makes a fist, when he plays, hugs players etc, his hands are always open, floppy and fingers loosely apart, almost delicate and artistic. Always struck me as odd on such a squat beefy man”

    You might as wel release a documentary on wayne rooney NBI, you’re reading too much into things.

  24. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Hoping ED gets it going and nail januzaj to a new long term deal. No time to waste.

  25. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    On twitter – fake Ed Woodward account – “@fellainiM text me back, mate. Please.”

  26. Rukky says:

    I beg to differ from the opinion that Adjan is a box to box mf(yaya toure,ramires kinda role ) because he isn’t; he basically is a ‘trequartista ‘a free role just behind the main striker, where the player is given freedom to roam the picth thereby, he can both create goals and score (the rooney,kagawa,mata, del pelrio role). I strongly believe he would be better than kagawa . NBI, look lexxyred just ended his post with ‘peace’. I dont really know why You’ll put your self in a low position, i believe we’ve got grown men on this site and i dont see y you will try to undermine my post with such comment about weareunited been me. Show respect and you’ll get it back. Peace

  27. Red4ever says:

    Im just laughing at the comments of the noobs wrighting us off even before the start of the season is a fucking joke

    I will wait till the real thing begins tommorw should be a great idea how our team will be for the next season some intresting selection from moyesy to be seen

    Till then for the noobs wait till we win the league again then you can smack your candy coated monkey arse


  28. soccerisfootbal says:
    adnan vs sevilla. our next star from the academy!
    kondogbia kid i was talking about earlier for sevilla. he’s only 19 but he’s got the physical and technical skill to be a very good CDM. needs to work on passing range and perhaps needs to show a bit more going forward but he’s going to be on everyone’s radar in a couple of seasons, if he isn’t all ready. he’s not yet ready for a big move but the first club to go after him reap the benefits later on.

  29. Robin van gora says:

    We need a defensiue midfielder and we are not pursuing gustavo. Unbelievable

  30. soccerisfootbal says:

    why are my comments being moderated? this is nonsense. i was only showing individual player highlights of januzaj and kondogbia for sevilla.

  31. Kings says:

    Januzaj was superb in an otherwise disappointing night. Played much better second half. Chelsea fans wanking over Marin’s performance last night. Fucking cunts. Speaking of fucking cunts, good to see Rooney true to form – making sly digs at Moyes and showing appreciation to Woy for showing faith in him. Oh bless. Do yourself a favour and take that bullet for your gay lover Ashley, preferably through the spine so it will finish your career, you fat ungrateful self pitying cunt.

  32. enzophonics says:

    I know some fans on here don’t like to hear about sign this player or that but lovely player Kondogbia is – hope we look at such players now before he moves to a bigger club and price goes up (currently valued at about £8m).

    Physicality of Adnan is being over analysed in my opinion – young Ronaldo at 19 was not the beast he is now – its the potential and effectiveness, say against European teams and in latter stages of the game, throw him in. Zaha at what 18 is ahead of a Cristiano at the same age physically, still will need to develop other areas.

    Wayne Roooney. Limo for monsieur Wayne sent by Abramovich, sign the cheque, 50m plus add-ons. Wait till Bale hands in a request for The Virus and slap in a 87m bid plus add-ons (90m) straight cash and see how the mighty los Blancos really are (spanish ones not the Londoners).

    Buttner needs to knuckle down and learn to defend – noises from his agent – thinks he should be getting games to get in the Oranje. Fairly unkown when we signed him, now at Utd expense we should put him ahead of an experienced match winner in Patrice – like fuck we should. Learn the game first lad. All these players moaning to get games so they play in Rio next year is getting ridiculous.

    Just wondering but is the whole world of football’s total sum of midfielders only made up of Luka Modric, Fellaini (whom I rate)? All we seem to read is ‘Utd will turn to player x, y, z.’ Spurs have signed Capoue – talented, under the radar. Sandro was virtually unknown but tidy unit. We signed Vida, Solsjkaer and so many other unknowns and look at what they did. Time for Edward and Moyes to use our scouting network in South America, etc and get a player instead of the usual media hyped dross.

  33. diablored says:

    I think Moyes needs help. Fergie would really help especially in terms of man management. Maybe even bring in Carlos Quieroz to assist with player purchasing issues.

  34. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Enzo – already spoke about kondogbia. He had a terrific last season and is carrying that form into this one. The lad is powerful, skillful and dominant. His defensive awareness is getting stronger too. Box to box. He’s just 20 and certainly not a flash in the pan. He’s got big potential and can develop even further. At 8mill, it would be a bargain, I wonder if united are even looking at him, he certainly would’ve been under fergie’s radar. I think his contract is complex, 3rd party ownership apparently but I would snap him up, at united, the club builds players like him up, they don’t always buy ready made.

  35. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Enzo – fellaini, modric are the most obvious, the media roll out the most predictable lines, the likes of daily-mail, The sun, mirror, daily star, all with incompetent journalists and it’s tedious. It’s clear moyes is not really interested, perhaps it’s time to quit chasimg unrealistic targets and sign central mids with huge potential, players with the right characteristics.

  36. King Eric says:

    Diablored. Moyes doesn’t need help. He’s been managing for years, admittedly not United but he’s no mug. Only yesterday RVP said he loves working for him.

    Rukky. Don’t think anyone’s said Adnan is a box to box midfielder because he obviously isn’t.

    Samuel. Spot on regards Adnan.

    Kings. Alright mate. Ha quality post.

  37. RedHarry4Life says:

    Totally agree about the kid Kondogbia. Seen him a couple of times last season and he looks like a monster. 1st time i’d never heard of him but he was the best midfielder on the pitch looked awesome and I made a note of his name. For £8million well worth a punt.

  38. spidey says:

    Kondogbia would easily waltz into the current united line up but I haven’t heard much chatter about us interested in him.. I am sick of all this transfer talks and all, waiting for the football to start..

  39. GENTLEKEZ says:

    Thank you all for all posts, well said. Honourable mention to Dela, Rukky, NBI, FLETCHTHEMAN,king eric, we are united. The future is bright because we are UNITED
    Pls I don’t want anybody to comment again I want to be the last, no more comment needed. Enough said!

  40. nairobired says:

    To be honest I’v been wondering about it too. I even suggested that someone should have just watched the under21 and picked the best that were on offer. TF is wrong with the scouting and player purchase at this club? It’s just getting a midfielder who can do a decent job, not a top10 player in the world, just a guy who can move the ball from defence to attack and do his part in defence.
    Hell, just raid one of the many average teams that have out muscled our midfield in the last 3 years.
    On the same note, how is carrick considered world class when he is part of this mediocre midfield that is consistently overeran?

  41. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Nairobi – how exactly is that a logical reason to judge michael carrick? He’s carried that midfield, especially defensively for a long while, how can he be judged if he isn’t alongside more quality?

  42. Daniel Stapleton says:

    To the guy believing I was harsh on Owen Hargreaves – I think the problem with him is the way in which he left United. He went out all guns blazing, blaming United for his injuries. He had a history of injury problems and I felt it was a little bit of a get-out for him to blame United in order to bag a money-centric move to City. I’m actually of the belief that he is the best midfielder United have signed in the last ten years and I also think his defensive midfield performances in Europe really helped us to win the European Cup/League double in ’08. But my criticism was of his belief that players who play fewer than 10 games should get medals. Of course HE thinks that. His commentary was okay and a breath of fresh air from people like Quinn and Smith on Sky.

  43. Andromeda says:

    As usual too much negative speech on a day where we all suppose to take it easily, it’s testimonial and we are on verge of a serious encounter at Wembley directly after three days!!!!why there is so much worries I don’t really get it, Moyes was already thinking about giving freshness to everyone, so this load of pessimism just doesn’t make any sense for shield is the real game we are waiting for to see what the lads are capable of, in fact it’s also too early to judge united’sform on this one either.

  44. Dred says:

    Even though it`s still pre-season and some fans on here don`t like to read negative comments I still think everyone is entitled to call it as they see it. What`s the point of having an open forum if only one view is accepted?
    Apart from one or two numskulls, I believe most fans on here are genuine through and through and are worried about what they are seeing. Granted it`s not the first game against Swansea yet and tbh I don`t think we are playing bad but we seem to be lacking in our approach. We can`t just say “it`ll be alright on the night”, we really have to start showing now because I really think we might be in for a rude awaking against a good looking Swansea side.

  45. Rukky says:

    Enzophonics at 08:560 you hit the nail hard. What happened to buying players before they ‘Officially’ become superstars? Spurs spot them and go for them. ‘Unproven’ Players that we seem to ignore include the likes of dembele, sandro, kongdobia, capuoe and paulinho( talk about the missing part of the jigsaw, exactly what we need) now chesky are reportedly interested in willian of anzi and gustavo and we are still looking for that ‘marquee signing’. Honestly ,i prefered the days when we absolutely dominated a team and won by great margins but with our current crop of midfielders, we will be matched in almost every game even if we eventually win, and that don’t do your blood pressure any good.

  46. ini says:

    moyes is no good coach for manu the useless man is trying to ruin manu he has no future ambition for manu what he brings to the club is conflict between the players take a look at rooneys saga which all started because of his foolish statement on rooney.he has not won any trophy yet but he is proud of his foolishself.moyes is going to ruin manu if something is not done

  47. ini says:

    if moyes is finding it difficult winning a pre season match whatelse does he want’s to win.i hope somebody can remind him that manu is not everton.he as be given enough funds to get good players up till now the confused man does not know what he wants.I DON’T LIKE DAVID MOYES.

  48. Rukky says:

    Ini from your post i understand you’re not just critisizing moyes but you also want him out after the just conclude preseason. Ok, you dont sound too bright for any argument, so lemme put things the easy way: 1. Roo’s saga started a long time ago. 2. Critisize but Support the team please.

  49. Dred says:

    Ignore the troll “Ini”. No true United fan refer to us as Manu

  50. ini says:

    thanks rukky for your concern but am really very scared of moyes


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